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October 31, 2019

How To Protect NY-NJ From Storm Surges (That's a Question)

Is there an expert consensus on the ability of storm surge barriers to keep the NY-NJ harbor area safe from future flooding?

Wait, Wait, Don't Go

Book Review: The Climate Crisis And The New Great Migration

Is managed retreat from coastal areas the best + fairest solution to the crisis of sea level rise looming over many millions of people

UK: Boris' Fracking Ban

UK Prime Minister Johnson is expected to ban new fracking projects as part of his re-election campaign

October 30, 2019

Bronx: Award-Winning Energy Efficient Building

Park Avenue Green is a new super energy efficient, multi-family building in the Bronx, wins a NYSERDA Buildings of Excellence award

False Promises

Think higher seawalls will keep at-risk communities safe from storm surges + sea level rise? Think again

Doing Better Than The Rats

Trash eating rats will be losers if NYC passes a new law to reform how a large part of its waste is hauled away

October 29, 2019

5 Legal Limits To Urban Climate Policy-Making

While many US cities are praised as climate policy innovators, there are serious legal constraints on what they can do on their own

"Other News"

Under the column header "Other News" read the projections for coastal cities that could be erased due to rising sea levels by 2050. "Other news", really?

October 28, 2019

7 Years After Sandy: Flood Insurance

Access to homeowners' flood insurance remains turbid 7 years after Superstorm Sandy inundated NYC

Mass Transit: NY's Powerful Climate Action Asset

Reliable public transit in NY, is critical both to protect existing riders against climate disruptions as well as encourage more people out of cars + onto trains + buses

An Environmental History of Brooklyn

Brooklyn's environmental history in photos + maps, a treat (not the pollution though)

Trump Power Threatens Offshore Wind Power

While east coast states are embracing offshore wind power, the Trump administration could kill it off through regulatory review

Make California Safer

Calculating Climate Crisis Costs: Property Insurance

How will property insurers confront these 3 emerging climate risks: rising insurance prices, plunging property values + loss of financial stability?

October 25, 2019

NJ Cities: 7 Years After Sandy

Prioritizing resiliency + climate adaptations must be priorities for New Jersey cities like Hoboken, Elizabeth + Newark

UK: Brexit's Not The Only Problem

Facing the Heat

Signs point to rising heat dangers for NYers, what de-risking steps should we start taking now?

October 24, 2019

Sydney: Welcome Walkers

Air Pollution Rises

After decades of improving air quality, air pollution - the kind that gets deep into the lungs - has started to rise

The Cost Of Wind Power

New Yorker's utility bills will go up a whopping 73 cents a month to cover the cost of new offshore wind power projects

October 23, 2019

NYC: Alternative Paths To Green Retrofits Compliance

Microtransit Pilot For Staten Island

Will MTA undertake a pilot project to find out if targeted microtransit options can ease traffic congestion on Staten Island?

The Climate Crisis: It'll Cost You Nearly Everything

The real costs of the climate crisis could be catastrophic, here's why

October 22, 2019

Trade Wars Worry Wind Industry

Tariffs could damage the global supply chains the wind power industry rely on for bringing down costs

Ending Climate Silence - A Work In Progress

Here are some climate crisis questions that could have been posed during October's Democratic Presidential debate, but none were

Attribution Science - It's Not Just Academic

With high-stakes climate lawsuits against fossil fuel giants like Exxon about to begin, get acquainted with 'attribution science', a method for identifying the world's biggest carbon emitters

October 21, 2019

The People Of The State of NYl v Exxon

Australia: Engineers Just Say 'No'

Professional engineers are taking a pledge to turn down work on Australian fossil fuel projects

Another Kind Of Superstorm Sandy Cost

Evidence starts to emerge about gentrification + displacement in the long wake of Superstorm Sandy's impacts

October 18, 2019

Keep Composting NYC

If Elected President..

...What are the top actions would today's Democratic candidates take regarding fossil fuel companies' + executives' accountability for our climate crisis?

France: Blood And Soil Green

What kind of environmentalism appeals to the French right wing?

October 17, 2019

5 Building R's For investing In Resilience

Developers, insurers + mortgage lenders should adopt these 5 future-facing resilience investment criteria: reinforce, rebuild, rebound, restrict + retreat.

Just When You Thought Subway Service Was Improving

Faster NYC subway speeds could mean more accidents in the still-decrepit tunnels

Exxon On Trial

It's well-known Exxon is cooking the planet. Is it also cooking its books?

Global Climate Vandals

Exxon + other fossil fuel biggies vent + burn off large + growing quantities of natural gas directly into the air

October 16, 2019

Making Steel With Sunlight

The Last Trolley

What's the transit back story on the abandoned trolley in Red Hook?

October 15, 2019

Just 2 More Weekends Left

Climate Campaigners Tagret Investment Capital

In London, the Extinction Rebellion demands BlackRock stop investing in fossil fuels, with activists staging a mock dinner party with rolled-up banknotes on their plates

Another Hot One

Real Estate Down On Energy Efficiency Law

Efforts to cool the climate with NYC's building energy retrofit law, make real estate biz hot under the collar

October 11, 2019

IMF: What The World Needs Now

Fees of $75 per ton of CO2 emissions must be become national policies by 2030 to meet the global threat of the climate crisis

Fossil Fuelers And Tobacco - Both Blow Smoke

The fossil fuel industry took a leaf from tobacco lobbyists who succeeded for years in obscuring the grave harm inflicted by their products i

Transit Deserts Heat Up

When developers start building in NYC neighborhoods poorly served by mass transit, will affordable housing get squeezed?

October 10, 2019

Copenhagen: Mega-City Climate Conference

Big city leaders convene in Copenhagen + network on ways local strategies can cut greenhouse gas emissions

Lighting Up California's Tomorrows

California's massive, multi-day electric power shutdown could be the turning point for renewable + locally generated energy as utility vulnerabilities become clear

Fashion's Hottest Trend - Sustainability

Then - Yeohlee, 2016 + now - everyone else, 2019

October 09, 2019

Nuke Power: Too Expensive To Matter

Nuclear power has no direct carbon emissions, but new plant price tags make it a non-starter for a decarbonized future

A Heated Exchange About Electing Biden

Are these two questions linked? Is Biden the most electable Democratic Presidential contender? Would Biden be a strong climates-leading President?

Warren Announces Enviro Justice Policy

Elizabeth Warren's got a plan for advancing environmental justice around the US + helping fossil fuel industry workers find a place in a greener country

A Tale Of Two Power Grids

NYISO, manager of NY's electric power grid examines starkly different geographic 2019 conditions to ground recommended actions for ensuring transmission reliability while advancing decarbonization

October 08, 2019

Giant Index Funds Don't Give A Damn

BlackRock + the Vanguard Group, the biggest stock index funds in the US, oppose most climate proposals when casting their shareholder votes

Australia: Sea Level Rise Threat Rises

With predictions of more extreme sea level events, Australia, where most people lives near the coasts, must expect big trouble

Friends Of Joe

Here's a snapshot of pro-Biden climate-concerned voters along with well-heeled donors to his Presidential campaign

Ghost Forests Are Climate-Caused

Rapid sea level rise on the east coast is killing trees far from the ocean's edge, leaving only ghost forests

October 07, 2019

Keywords For A New Climate

Sign Of The Times

Governors Island: Climate Lab/Revenue Stream

NYC's got an idea for a climate change "living lab" on Governors Island that's also a major source of Island maintenance revenue

October 04, 2019

The Envelope Please...

Fossil-Fuel Brexit x 2050

The UK vows a net-zero carbon future, how's it doing?

October 03, 2019

NYC Climate Week Video

14th Street Shuns Cars

Will October 3, 2019 mark the beginning of the end for cars on 14th Street?

Promises, Promises

Do investment banks that make sustainability pledges take their money out of fossil fuel assets?

October 01, 2019

UN Climate Summit: No Offsetting This Faiure

Count the ways the UN Climate Summits failed us all

Milan: Update On Iconic Green High-Rise

Investigative Reporter Investigates Amazon Delivery

Environmental journalist reports on her effort to figure out if her Amazon Prime freezer delivery bag could be recycled