Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

More Good Green Jobs For OneNYC

With a tip of the hat to Jane Austen, let me tweak her famous observation "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of ...

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Arnaud Brohé & Thomas HuberlandSnapshot

How Passive Houses Took Over Brussels

The Brussels Capital Region has experienced an energy revolution in the last ten years, transforming it into a lodestar in the passive house movement.

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In the Media

Defending Climate Science By Representing Climate Scientists

Lauren Kurtz, author of a guest Snapshot in 2015, Climate Scientists in the Crosshairs made the case for why she helped establish the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund. Now, she's is featured in a New York Times article showing why legal defense for US climate scientists is more urgent than ever.

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Subway Reading

Where Climate's In Trump's Crosshairs

Proposed budget cuts for the Energy Department are an epicenter of undoing US climate action

Climate Risk/Bond Risks For Cities

Should bondholders of coastal cities' debt reconsider given the financial risks related to climate vulnerabilities?

NY 1 Exxon 0

Exxon won't be able to withhold auditor records from the NY Attorney General's climate fraud investigation


Merkel: Responsible For Each Other

The chasm between German + US climate directions is clearer than ever

Welcome To The Vatican

NATO: Allies Worry About US Climate Retreat

National security worries rise for NATO members fearing Trump climate inaction

In The Carbon Age

Mind The Energy Performance Gap

Are there solutions to horror stories about buildings modeled to be energy efficient but aren't?

Think Big On Passivhaus

Get active on Passivhaus, check out this study about implementing Passivehaus standards for tall residential buildings

Renewable NY

Think California is the only state taking big bold steps towards a decarbonized future? Think again

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Next Of Kin: Seeing Extinction Through The Artist’s Lens
16 Jul
Right now, an alarming array of plants + animals struggle to exist in a world that is increasingly dominated + altered by an exploding human population. This exhibit presents a new perspective on the biodiversity extinction crisis to generate an exchange between the viewer + animal kingdom + evoke empathy with our “next of kin” Now thru July 16
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