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Sallan challenges the NYT's architecture critic and Pulitzer Prize short-lister for writing about the new Hunters Point Community Library in Long Island City Queens on the waterfront without mentioning  whether it was designed to withstand the ravages of climate change or the size of its carbon footprint.

Read Michael Kimmelman Critic's Notebook, Why Can't New York City Build More Gems Like This Queens Library?

Nancy Anderson's comment on Kimmelman's column in The New York Times appears in full below.

The Sallan Foundation
I always read M. Kimmelman's essays. Much to learn. But the last paragraph of this column, "New York deserves an engaged and mindful government that grasps the virtues of good design and what it can do for communities" isn't built on a foundation that includes a 21 century good design consideration of the presence or absence of library features which are both climate resilient + climate friendly.

Given NYC has sited a $40 million tax payer-funded public amenity right on the edge of the East River, Mr. Kimmelman's omission does us a disservice.

Photo Credit: amazon pixels
Photo: amazon pixels