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It's Pretty Basic — But It's Not Easy

Stroll down any New York City street to catch a glimpse of the climate challenge embedded in our buildings. And it is a challenge because we cannot get anywhere near the City's 30% target for reducing the size of its carbon footprint by the year 2030 if these buildings aren't transformed into high performance, energy-saving green machines. Since all that brick, glass and steel can last 50, 80 or a 100 years, the impact of what we have now becomes the legacy for our great-grandchildren.

The only way to make a deep and durable impact on this City's patchwork array of 950,000 buildings is by changing the rules, not just the options, for going green. The rules that matter most are the NYC Building Code and the State's Energy Conservation Construction Code and it is an article of faith that amending them is never easy.

What's in our tool kit and what are our choices?

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