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Forging partnerships in the City's dense civic and environmental networks is crucial to meeting Sallan's goals. Partnering is a powerful tool for educating the public about the paths leading to high performance cities. It is also the best tool in the kit for cultivating effective action because fruitful partnerships can give birth to something new by bringing together experts with opinion and decision makers and by drawing in both advocates and skeptics.


The Sallan Foundation is pleased to be partnering with the following organizations who have a shared sense of mission.

The New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects
Committee on the Environment (COTE)

The AIA NY Chapter Committee on the Environment aims to lead, inspire and educate our members towards the dual objectives of Design + Sustainability. COTE organizes a series of engaging activities and monthly events which focus on leading architects, outstanding green buildings, current technologies and product research, and sustainable design practices.

Our efforts are based on the belief that sustainability should be an essential part of the design process and fully integrated with all aspects of a building, including form, function, site, structure, systems and construction.

The New York Academy of Sciences

Since 1817, the New York Academy of Sciences has been bringing together scientists of different disciplines from around the world. Their purpose is to advance the understanding of science, technology, and medicine, and to stimulate new ways to think about how their research is applied in society and the world.

An independent, nonprofit, membership-based organization, the Academy has always relied on the generous support of its members and partnering institutions for its vitality. Today the Academy is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost organizers of scientific conferences and symposia.

The Municipal Art Society

The Municipal Art Society of NY is a private, non-profit membership organization that aggressively champions excellence in urban design and planning and the preservation of the best of New York's past. The Society believes that the physical city — its light, air, land and open spaces — and its sensible development are critical to New York's continued economic health and social well-being.

The MAS has long been the leader of advocacy efforts to preserve the best of New York City's past, achieve sound planning, and promote excellence in urban design.

The New York Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) is a source for information on the dynamic field of energy efficiency, utility deregulation, facility management, plant engineering, and environmental compliance. With a full array of information outreach programs from technical seminars, conferences, books to critical buyer-seller networking tradeshows, job listings, and certification programs, AEE offers a variety of information resource tools.

New York City Apollo

NYC Apollo, a coalition of unions, environmental justice advocates, businesses, community organizations, and educators, works to transform the way NYC is powered in order to create jobs, improve residents' health and productivity, promote equity, and ensure that New York maintains its status as the preeminent global city.

NYC Apollo is fostering a market for "high performance" and green building technology, promoting energy efficiency, advancing sustainable employment opportunities.

The Apollo Alliance is a joint project of the Institute for America's Future and the Center on Wisconsin Strategy.

New York League of Conservation Voters

The New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV) was founded in 1989 as a nonpartisan, policy making and political action organization that works to make environmental protection a top priority with elected officials, decision makers, and voters by evaluating incumbent performance and endorsing and electing environmental leaders to office in New York State.

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Sallan Sponsored Event
Do No Harm: Achieving Net Zero Buildings
25 Sep
Join us for this NY Climate Week event on the role of urban, high-density, net-zero-energy projects in meeting the demands of our climate crisis.
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Around Town
Climate And Migration From The Sahel: Causality Under Changing Skies
20 Sep
Senegalese farmers cross the Sahara toward Europe. Along the way many are taken captive, robbed, sold as slave labor, held for ransom or beaten. Many die in the desert + drown at sea. Yet, knowing the dangers, they choose to go. Don't miss this talk
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Around Town
Global Climate Strike
20 Sep
At the request of the young people who have been staging school strikes around the world, we’re walking out of our workplaces + homes to spend the day demanding action on the climate crisis. New Yorkers - join us at Foley Square Noon-5 PM Also Coffey Park Red Hook
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Around Town
80 Flatbush: Passive School, Active Towers
2 Oct
What's up in Brooklyn? 80 Flatbush. Featuring 200 units of affordable housing, 2 schools + 2 towers, the project incorporates a pair of existing buildings. With insight into the NYC project approval process as well as the challenges + benefits of pursuing Passive House certification—the presentation is not to be missed.
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Around Town
Taking Action
27 Oct
Young people everywhere are demanding society confront the climate crisis with a new level of urgency + this inspires an exhibit featuring hands-on learning about solutions June 1 – October 27
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