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December 31, 2020

Germany: Merkel - The Climate Chancellor

Is it a fact that Germany's long serving leader, Angela Merkel, has lived up to her reputation as the "Climate Chancellor"?

December 30, 2020

Made In NY

A NY architect uses NY funding to help an old NY apartment building excel in energy efficiency with an innovative approach

December 29, 2020

Biden's Climate Team Leaders

Joe Biden's top advisors have a track record of climate dedication. Stay tuned in for what they'll be able to accomplish

A Time For Climate Science Heros

Hats off to the scientists who took up the cudgels of research findings to resist the Trump Administration's assault on American health, safety + climate security

December 28, 2020

2020: Very Weird Weather

2020's weather shattered records, on to 2021

Relaunching Superfund

Are there any challenges to a Biden Administration climate upgrade + relaunch of the EPA's venerable Superfund toxics clean up program?

When It Comes To Energy Efficiency, NYC's No Star

Now, with a law requiring larger NYC buildings to publicly post their Energy Star efficiency letter grades, there are lots of C's + D's around

December 25, 2020

Cli-Fi Review

Bill McKibben has a lot to say about The Ministry for the Future, the new climate-crisis novel by Kim Stanley Robinson

December 24, 2020

Climate-Friendlier Congress

Assuming it becomes law, the COVID relief bill Congress passed by wide margins advances a broad array of clean energy/climate friendly provisions. Here's your primer

December 23, 2020

Deep Geothermal

Drill deep down into the potential for geothermal energy to play a key role in a renewable energy world

Weird Weather, Natural Disasters

Predicting a rise in natural disasters based on the rising climate crisis

December 22, 2020

Process Matters

Yes We Can -- Save Our Cities

The coronavirus does not have to kill cities, just the stale, old idea of what cities are, how they work + who they're for

December 21, 2020

I Love New York

The glorious glass roof of the Surrogates Court building in lower Manhattan has been restored

December 18, 2020

China: Fossil Fuel Force Could Sink Climate Pledge

China's promise to achieve net-zero carbon pollution by 2060 could be undermined by utilities + industries seeking economic growth now

Forget Gold, Pave NYC Streets With Innovation

The pandemic showed that New Yorkers welcomed Open Streets + Open Restaurants, an emerging healthy city should both learn from + accelerate them

December 17, 2020

Mayor's Race 2021

NYC Mayoral hopeful Shaun Donovan lays down his marker on climate + greener cities

Better Building Ventilation

Admit it, before COVID, who was nerdy enough to think about residential building ventilation systems? But now...

Hydrogen Goes Boom

Investors are placing their bets on hydrogen as a star in the renewable energy universe

The Energy Storage Battery Revolution Is Just Beginning

NY Utilities Should Disclose Climate Financial Risks

The Public Service Commission, which regulates NY's utilities, seeks disclosure of financial risks facing utilities due to the climate crisis. This would help the financial sector interpret what utilities are or are not doing + adjust accordingly

December 16, 2020

Capitalizing On The Climate Crisis

Russia is one of the only countries that could come out ahead in the global climate crisis. Why's that?

EV Battery Prices Plunge

In just 10 years, the price of electric vehicle batteries has dropped by 89%

China: Renewable Energy Goals Energize Tech Developers

Energy storage companies see big opportunities in China's renewable energy commitments

Something's Fishy

Who can explain a December recurrence of the great fish die off of summer 2020 in the Hudson River?

2020: Hot, Hot, Hot

2020 is on track to tie with 2016 as the hottest year on record

McCarthy — Biden Climate Pick

Gina McCarthy is tapped by Joe Biden to be his domestic climate coordinator. In 2018, she keynoted the Sallan panel Fighting Back Against Attacks on Climate Change

December 15, 2020

Buying "Earth Friendly" Stuff

Does MoMA cross the line from exhibiting green design to encouraging unneeded consumption?

Seeing Through The Exxon Spin

What's the substance behind Exxon's headline-grabbing announcement about cutting its GHG emissions?

The Banking Times They Are a Changin'

The Federal Reserve announces that it is joining a climate -focused central bankers' network

December 14, 2020

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

This Women For Natural Gas campaign is real, but the ladies who profess their love aren't

December 11, 2020

I Love Paris In The Winter

A district geothermal heat system keeps Paris warm in the winter without carbon pollution

Don't Inhale

December 10, 2020

Good Actuary News For Renewables

End time for fossil fuel power plants by 2035 + the era of clean energy as the new normal are realistic if you calculate like an actuary

December 09, 2020

Protecting NYC From Sea Level Rise: Take 2

Congress may soon pass a law to require the Army Corps of Engineers to rethink + fix flaws in its stalled plan to defend NYC from sea level rise + flooding

Weekly Climate Recap + Read

Climate news + books for you

Starting On January 20, 2021

NY Greens Its Pension Fund

NY Comptroller DiNapoli commits the state's $226.4 billion pension fund investments to carbon neutrality by 2040. Bill McKibben hails this as a 'huge win' for climate action

Moral Money 101

The International Capital Markets Association has developed Green Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles, Sustainability Bond Guidelines + Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles that establish a global framework for sustainable bond issuance

December 08, 2020

Congestion Query

Is Trump holding congestion pricing in NYC hostage? Does bear poop in the woods?

December 07, 2020

Environmental Health On The Biden Agenda

With the nomination of Xavier Becerra as head of the Health + Human Services Department, environmental health justice gets spotlighted for the Biden Administration

Expanding Decarbonizaion Options

What's the point of a geothermal microgrid? Two Massachusetts pilot projects will answer that question

Much-Disputed Gas Pipeline Nears Completion

A fracked-gas pipeline project is almost complete in North Brooklyn, but the final phase is delayed. Is local project opposition the cause?

NYC Comptroller Stringer: Biking By the Numbers

"The bicycling boom that began in June continued through October...During the month of October, bike volume on the four East River bridges in DOT’s count totaled 638,042, an increase of more than 173,000 from last year.
The number of bikes crossing the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge rose 50% to nearly 174,000 this October, as volume rose 40% on the Williamsburg Bridge and 36% on the Manhattan Bridge.
Volume was up by 7% on the Brooklyn Bridge in October, reversing year-over-year declines in the prior three months."

December 04, 2020

Holiday Season, Virus-Safe Musical Interlude

Bach + Paul Simon, as melded by The Knights of NYC

Electrify Everything

To act on the mantra "electrify everything", its costs must be made affordable for all homes, but how?

A Not-Quite-Yet-There Renewable Energy Supply

Isn't it time to wave hello to tide power?

December 03, 2020


Are there pathways toward changing hearts + minds in communities opposed to hosting renewable energy facilities?

Our Climate Future

The Obama way is not the way for Biden to undo Trump's climate chaos

December 01, 2020

Quebec: From All-Hydro To Zero-Carbon

What's the fastest track to economy-wide decarbonization for Quebec, a province that already gets its electricity from carbon-free hydropower?