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October 30, 2020

Transit Tech — Help On The Way

These 8 transit tech innovation ideas could make life better for NYC commuters

One Legacy of Extreme Weather

NYC's epic Blizzard of 1888 led to the relocation of electric power lines underground.

Dear Financial Institution

New York's banking regulator, DFS, sends a letter to the state's financial institutions to "commence a dialogue as to how DFS can best support our Regulated Organizations' efforts to manage the financial risks from climate change."

October 29, 2020

If You Think...

...knowing about flood insurance is a bore, you'd be wrong in this era of rising climate risk

Hudson Tubes v Hudson Gateway

Which major rail project most merits federal funding? If Democrats win the 2020 election, here's the Daily News choice

Needed: Trains To Planes

Looking ahead to the day when airline travel becomes normal again, NY-NJ Port Authority, with federal assistance, should create the LaGuardia AirTrain

Singapore: Going Very Green

From a climate POV, cities everywhere have a lot to learn from Singapore's new Tengah

Signs of the Times

COVID masking and brand new building energy efficient ratings inform everyone at the front door

October 27, 2020

How To Pluck Out America's Eyes

Sandbag Those Inconvenient Truths

Trump's Department of Energy buries dozens of its own clean energy studies

Test, Learn, Repeat

NY's building energy retrofit program has lessons learned by doing for getting affordable, multi-family buildings into tip-top, climate-friendly shape

October 23, 2020

The Sounds Of Lockdown

Hear a different urban soundscape, sometimes lovely, sometimes neutral, sometimes dreadful

EU: Stop Subsidizing Fossil Fuels

The EU wants its member states to stop subsidizing fossil fuels, still totaling billion of euros annually

Better Ways To Measure Urban Climate Footprints

To measure is to manage, an adage taken onboard by scientific improvements in measuring the size of cities' carbon footprints

Progress Report On Urban Climate Action

The Brookings Institute finds lots of lag between the climate promises of 100 largest US cities + progress to date

October 22, 2020

Enough Already With The 2020 Election

Climate advocacy is starting to heat up NYC's 2021 election

NYC: GHG Pollution Spikes

Leuven: Advancing Citizen Climate Engagement

Leuven, Belgium is an EU innovation leader with its program to boost resident engagement in urban decision making, particularly with experiments around reducing greenhouse-gas emissions

Bloomberg's Energy Predicitons

Need some (relatively) good news? Watch this preview of the annual Bloomberg New Energy Finance analysis

Green Library In Greenpoint

Funded in part by settlement of an Exxon pollution case, a new high performance public library + environmental education center opens in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood

Tribute To A Harlem Environmental Hero

Here's why Cecil Corbin-Mark was a Harlem environmental hero to us all

October 21, 2020

Geothermal Energy 101

Ever ask yourself "what is geothermal energy?" Here's the answer

Power To The People

Meet BlocPower, a local company that brings all electric heating + cooling to affordable NYC multi-family buildings


What will our climate future hold if Amy Coney Barrett becomes a Supreme Court Justice?

See Answers To Polling Question 36

How are voters responding to Bidens $2 trillion climate action plan?

Small Nuke Plants Could Replace Coal - Maybe

October 20, 2020

China: 'Carbon Neutral' Pre-2060

Plug into the current for a Chinese path to energy generation 'carbon neutrality' before 2060

Advancing A NYC Green New Deal

A broad, progressive coalition to release a $16.2 billion plan for green economic development, depending largely on major capital investments in infrastructure projects to benefit all New Yorkers,

There's No Place Like Home

A heartfelt plea to make saving our Earth home from the worst of the climate crisis our #1 priority

October 19, 2020

COVID Zaps Energy Efficiency

Three big ways the COVID pandemic is playing havoc with energy efficiency

NY: 70 By 30

New York State ups its clean energy standard to getting 70% of its electric power from clean sources by 2030, will be a big plus for NYC air quality


Hear this, urban bird calls really did sound louder during the COVID lockdown

Hear The Climate Roar

October 18, 2020

True Or False: Our Climate Crisis Can Accelerate Political Crisis

What's the evidence that wildfires + other weird weather are heating up US political instability?

October 16, 2020

New York Times v Donald Trump

"Worst President ever", just sayin"

Cecil Corbin-Mark Dies

It is with tremendous grief and sadness that we share the loss of our friend and colleague Cecil Corbin-Mark, the Deputy Director and Director of Policy Initiatives at WE ACT for Environmental Justice. Having suffered a stroke, Cecil was hospitalized in critical condition until the evening of October 15, when he passed on with his family by his side.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Cecil and his family. He is survived by his Mother Winnifred Corbin, his second Mother Merlyn Corbin, his father Luces Mark, his Godson Nigel Holder, and other family members. We will share information regarding the memorial and funeral services as they become available.

It cannot be overstated what a painful loss this is to both WE ACT + the environmental justice movement. He joined our organization in its infancy, and over the next 26 years grew to become one of the most recognized + respected leaders in the movement. His leadership + advocacy improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, not just in Harlem but all across the country.

We ask that you all take a moment and reflect on the magnificent life of Cecil Corbin-Mark. Celebrate the individual, and his body of work. The bills passed, + the people mentored. Remember his laughter + his smile. And then follow in his footsteps, fearlessly fighting to protect + uplift the health + well-being of frontline communities. Honor his memory by continuing to battle environmental racism + champion health + justice for all.

Feds OK Pricing Carbon In Electricity Buys

FERC, the federal agency that regulates the interstate electricity market, will allow states to set carbon prices on their imports

October 09, 2020

Trees, As TIme Goes By

Look Under The Hood: Exxon's Carbon Tax Support

Here's why Exxon supports a per ton of CO2 pollution tax of $40, here's why you should not

Antarctic: Melting More

Viewed from both above + below, science finds evidence of the crisis of melting Antarctic ice + a future of accelerated global sea level rise

The Jets v The Sharks - The Eco Rumble

Waste Side Story follows plastics from cradle to grave through trashion photography

Making Historical Amends

Eunice Foote, born in 1819, was a climate scientist before there was climate science.

October 08, 2020

Connecting Air Quality To Social Equity

Four strategies for securing the connection between urban air quality + social equity

Boston: Making EV Sharing Affordable

An income-linked EV share program will be piloted in Boston

Your City's Green Rating

Google Vows To Be 24/7 Carbon-Free

Wrap your head around Google's pledge to end its operational carbon emissions around the clock by 2030

October 07, 2020

Biden's Green Gang And More

Who's on first when it comes to shaping a Biden climate/ energy agenda? + then there's the question of rebuilding in fire-prone areas

October 06, 2020

Here We Go Again