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July 31, 2020

Most Polluted Then, Most Polluted Now

The most air-polluted US communities in 1981 are likely still the most polluted today when it comes to health-risking fine particles

Heat Pumps Are Electrifying

Will the goal of climate-friendly buildings be best served by installing electric pumps that both heat + provide hot water

July 30, 2020

A City That Doesn't Love Its Greenway

Help Wanted: Senior Associate, Projects

The Building Energy Exchange (BE-EX) is searching for a Senior Associate, Projects

EV's On The Move

Price parity predicted for electric cars compared to gas-powered vehicles by 2025, as electric trucks + agricultural equipment start advancing

Bangladesh: Cyclones, Floods, Poverty

With 25% of the nation flooded, Bangladeshis suffer from weird weather + climate conditions not of their making

July 29, 2020

A Philadelphia Story: Fighting Back Against Killer Pollution

Killer pollution literally took the lives of black residents of a Philadelphia neighborhood until they took up the fight of their lives

Local Law 84 Reporting Still Required, Letter Grades Next

Due to the pandemic, NYC has delayed, but not postposed, the date for filing 2019 building energy benchmark reports. Coming soon, Energy efficiency letter grades

The All-Electric Future's On The Way

In 2022, California will require new home construction to be all-electric. What does this mean for utilities?

Climate/Race Intersectionality

The path to successful climate action runs through the path to racial justice, Rhiana Gunn-Wright

July 28, 2020

NY Botanic Garden Reopens

With its acres of lush greenery, the NY Botanic garden re-opens on July 28. Face coverings + social distancing a must, of course

NYC's Unmanaged Climate Retreat

Sea level rise + a variety urban policy failures are making mincemeat of NYC's plan to Build It Back post Superstorm Sandy, now 8 years in the past

If Biden Wins The Election...

...he should rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, but that's just the beginning. What else is climate critical at at the global scale?

Loving Parks To Death

A sliver lining of the pandemic, New Yorkers explore more of their parks + nature spaces, the downside is visitor numbers rise as maintenance funding plummets

July 27, 2020

Ain't It The Truth

Trump Makes Green New Deal A Campaign Punching Bag

Punch back. Organize. Vote.

Psst, NY Has A Green Bond Act On The Ballot

Just in case you thought there was only one important item on the ballot this November, here's a second item, a NY State $3 billion environmental bond act

July 24, 2020

Cheering For Splitsville

Why are Big Greens calling for Big Techs to end their romance with Big Fossils?

The Brooklyn Bridge Make-Over

By July 30, cast your vote for the best Brooklyn Bridge post COVID walkway re-design in the Van Allen Institute competition

No What We Signed On For

July 23, 2020

Post-COVID: Build Cities Back Better

Bold, broad ideas to advance green innovations for building back US cities post-COVID, it's not just about the money, it's how it gets invested

Guatamala: Climate Migration Now, Other Places Soon

While projections for 2070 climate migration are terrifying, climate displacement has already started in nations like Guatamala

July 22, 2020

Australia: Student Sues Government Over Risky Climate Conduct

Australian courts will have the chance to rule whether the government put investors at risk by failing to disclose its own climate-risky behavior

Executive Path To Advance EJ Goals

There's a lot a President can do to advance racial + environmental justice, even absent federal legislation. Find out more

Labor Cheers A Greener NY

Organized labor supports Governor Cuomo's announcement of big investment in offshore wind infrastructure + a big renewable energy solicitation for NY

Tech Giants Have To Do More Than Plant Trees

Apple, Mircrosoft, Facebook + Amazon are making various promises about going carbon neutral, should you take any of them seriously?

July 21, 2020

Profile: Jamie Margolin

18-year old Jamie Margolin is a prime mover of Zero Hour, a nation-wide climate action mobilizing youth group

Said It Before, Say It Again

July 20, 2020

Let's Not Cook Ourselves

Unless air conditioning get doable upgrades, today's models will heat up the climate crisis

Boosting Park Access Equity

On re-opening, Governors Island plans on becoming a greater resources for New Yorkers who most need parks + open space. A great start, but nowhere near enough

Focus: Environmental Justice Now

News about the fight against environmental racism, for climate action around the nation + against the Trump Administration's pushback

Bus Drivers Face Maskless Risk

Over500 NYC bus drivers have been threatened by riders who refused to don face coverings

Quote Of The Day/Week/Month/Year/Decade

July 17, 2020

Paris. Yes. London. Yes. NYC. No

Scooter Violations Soar

1,000 Revel scooter renters in the NY area had their privileges suspended over the last month for safety violations

Cash For Coal Clunkers

Instead of long-term "capacity payments" to prop up coal burning power plants, spend that money now to buy them out + shut them down

NY OK's $700 M for EV Recharge Network

NY electric utility regulators approve $700 million to prepare for a network of 55,000 EV recharging stations around the state

Obituary: David Kaiser

Scion of the Rockefeller family + bold climate challenger of Exxon, David Kaiser dies at 50

July 16, 2020

Meet Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects' Nemesis

The Trump Administration

Book Review: Apocalypse Never

Author Michael Shellenberger claims environmental problems can be eliminated by just pursuing aggressive economic growth, simple technological advances + increased tapping of abundant natural resources. Um. No.

July 15, 2020

Decongestion Delay

The federal government holds up the roll-out of — and revenue from — NYC's congestion pricing program by at least a year

Potent Greenhouse Gas Levels Grow

Global methane emissions hit record highs

July 14, 2020

Making Subways Virus-Safe

What are the top ideas for making subway riders COVID-19-safe beyond daily car disinfections?

NYC's Green Programs Bleed Out In Budget

NYC's new budget does a hatchet job on environmental programs, including plans to cut car use + expand bus lanes

Greening A Greenwich Village History Map

Explore women's, African American's, social justice + LGBT history of Greenwich Village. Now, suggest map locations for eco-activists + their history

Energy Insecurity Accelerants

Economic devastation caused by the pandemic, combined with summer heat waves, puts people in danger of heat-illness when utilities shut off power due to unpaid bills

Deep Greening

Why work from home when you can work in a climate-smart green office building that's providing extra eco-benefits?

More Mobility For People

July 13, 2020

Mind The Gap

A gap gaping hole on climate change is illustrated in this dialog between an 18 year-old climate activist and a 68 year old GOP Governor

July 11, 2020

Forecast: Sunny And Sweet

What makes a great eco-pair? Solar panels in fields of pollinator friendly plants

July 10, 2020

Paris Climate Agreement: Falling Far Short

Nations falling far short of meeting their Paris climate commitments, upping risk of breaching tolerable temperature increases

AOC Tweets

July 09, 2020

Move Over Cars, Make Way For Bikes

A passionate plea for making NY a biking city + putting cars in the rear view mirror

July 08, 2020

Peak Money

What are 'peaker' power plants + why are New Yorkers paying so much -- in money + environmental health -- to have them run as little as 90 hours a year?

Making History

Science At Work: Snow Melt + Mega-Droughts

Why climate signals worry scientists about snow melt data +and mega-droughts in Colorado

July 07, 2020

Reinventing Our Streets - Paused

A study about how to boost buses + bikes on NYC streets loses out in NYC's pandemic-starved budget

Good News Here

Good climate energy news, more than just one item!

July 06, 2020

The Alps: Think Pink

A type of algae that turns Alpine snows pink could hasten climate-linked glacial melting

VW Penalty To Fund Clean Trucks

NYC to dedicate $9.8 million from the Volkswagen emissions cheating settlement to encourage private sector purchases of electric or other clean fuel trucks

When Climate Denial Fails, Some Try Delay

Bus Boom

With pandemic bus ridership surging past subway ridership, is this a new mass transit modality morning?

July 03, 2020

Biking - Beyond The Spin Cycle

What would it take to make NYC's pandemic bike boomlet into a mainstream transit choice?

July 02, 2020

Can't Have One Without The Other

True or false? Successful climate protection + obtaining social justice are inseparable

Linear's Not Enough

To avoid the climate crisis, renewable energy growth has to be beyond linear, it has to be exponential

MappIng And Noshing

Looking for some outdoor dining options in NYC? Here's a map

Antarctica: Hotter, Faster

Over the last 3 decades, Antarctica has warmed at three-times the average global rate

Lunar Special