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June 30, 2020

Belgium: Offshore WInd Contender

2010-2020: The US Climate Movement

Has everything or nothing changed in the last 10 years for US climate justice movement?

First, Green The House

House Democrat's Select Committee issues its climate action report. Is it up to the challenge facing the nation? Is the nation up to the challenge it faces?

June 29, 2020

China: This Trend Is No One's Friend

Smashing Open Streets

Some don't wear face masks, others put their neighbors at risk by driving through "open streets" barriers in NYC

Flood Risks Rising

A new flood risk map of the US shows many more areas in harm's way than US government maps indicate

June 27, 2020

Northeast: Hot States

Northeastern states are becoming temperature hot spots among the lower 48

June 26, 2020

Climate Double Whammy

Places + people most affected by climate change will face higher barriers to get financing + investment. The money will simply leave.

Green Grannies Protect Their Young

The Society of Fearless Grandmothers stands up for young Bay Area climate activists

Public Opinion: Persistent Patterns For Climate

3 persistent patterns in US public opinion about climate change + clean energy that point to paths for action

June 25, 2020

Urban Parks: Needed More Than Ever

Former NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe is right, "Parks have never been more used, nor appreciated at any time in the nation’s history, but at the same time, they’ve never been under greater threat.”

June 23, 2020

Bullsh* Detection

Carl Sagan died before the climate crisis hit, but he bequeathed us an evergreen Baloney Detection Kit

Climate Crisis Hits Your Taxes

Think failing to take big climate action will save on your tax bill + the federal debt? You'd be wrong

Wish I'd Tweeted This

June 22, 2020

GreenBIz: Greener Twentysomethings

Meet 30 rising sustainable business innovators under the age of 30

June 19, 2020

Show Your Stripes NY

#ShowYourStripes FAQ's

Delays In NYC Climate Resilience Work

NYC will be doing less to become climate resilient due to delays + COVID19-related budget cuts, but the pandemic doesn't bear all the responsibility for desalts missed goals

Re-Open A Fairer And Greener NYC

Five practical proposals for cutting NYC's waste + saving good green jobs

Australia: Ikea's Solar Self-Assembly

A Do-It-Yourself solar power + battery storage installation is planned for an Australian Ikea megastore

Here's Our Chance To Do The Right Transit Thing

Rebuilding our economy should be propelled by climate-smart transportation investments

Picture This

June 18, 2020

Summer Scorcher

Whether you're in a blue, purple or red state, expect a real hot summer

Big Oil Hasn't Saved For Retirement...

....Guess who'll foot its clean up + closure bills

Milan: Sidewalk Smarts

June 17, 2020

Think Concretely

Look down + you will see broken sidewalks, the urban infrastructure crisis under your feet

June 16, 2020

Aspire To Be Prepared

Superstorm Sandy inundated NYC in 2012. As of 2020, it hasn't set a comprehensive resilience plan in motion, it hasn't even built a sea wall

Line Up

June 15, 2020

Help Wanted: Development Manager

The NY League of Conservation Voters is hiring a development manager. Reporting to the VP of Development, s/he will support a range of fundraising efforts for general operations + programs

Pandemic's Transit Plunge

For the record, the March - May 2020 data on mass transit use + more in comparison to 2019's

Unilever: Billions For Climate Change

Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch consumer products giant, pledges 10 billion euros to reduce to net zero greenhouse gas emissions from all its products by 2039

COVID's Impact On Clean Enegy

10 trends spotted for impacts of the pandemic on clean energy progress. Not bleak, but nowhere near good

Climate Action/Racial Justice

It must be climate action and racial justice, never either/or

Where The Sunrise Movement Is Moving

The Sunrise Movement's Washington DC hub aims at integrating racial justice into all its work on climate change + the Green New Deal

June 12, 2020

Needed Now, More Than Ever, Environmental Justice

June 11, 2020

Help Wanted: Energy and Environment Legislative Assistant

Northeastern Democratic Senator seeks an experienced Legislative Assistant to manage the Senator’s robust energy + environment portfolio + advance relevant key policy priorities. Previous Senate or Congressional experience preferred, but not required. Office is an equal opportunity employer. Email resume + cover letter to

Europe Must Lead A Global Green Recovery

Leadership is great, but followership is what really matters because it is total planet-wide GHG emissions that cumulatively create the climate crisis

June 10, 2020

Another Casualty Of COVID-19

With its role in federal pandemic response financing, the meaning of giant investment firm Blackrock's climate pledges gets fuzzier

Ending The Fossil Fuel Era

The decline + fall of the global fossil fuel economy will entail epic disruptions. Now's the time to put policies in place for an orderly wind-down of assets for a sustainable energy transition

Arctic: Bye-Bye Big Chill

June 09, 2020

Cheap At Last

Climate Justice Now

Elizabeth Yeampierre, a veteran NYC climate justice leader, calls out a history of social + environmental inequalities + offers specific links for making solar + offshore wind development a reality that's good for all

June 08, 2020

New Plastics Plant For 'Cancer Alley'

Louisiana's 'cancer alley', is set to get a fossil fuel-reliant factory for making virgin plastic products

Needed Now: Bus Lanes

What's Bill De Blasio done to meet the MTA demand to install 60 miles of dedicated bus lanes as a key to reopening NYC?

Paris: Mayor Makes It Move

NYC Traffic 'Unpaused'

June 04, 2020

How Biden Can Run Greenly, Cleanly And Justly

Hot off the presses, Democratic National Committee recommendations for Joe Biden's climate + environmental platform, with promises for a just transition + building a green economy with millions of new, family-sustaining jobs.

June 03, 2020

Go Off-Peak

Renewable energy + battery storage provide reliable electricity, healthy for all New Yorkers. Time to pull the plug on dirty peaker power plants

A Heated Interview With Al Gore

Is Al Gore woke? What's his environmental justice track record + what's he doing now to advance climate justice for all?

June 01, 2020

June: National Pollinator Month

Something to buzz about

Living Through Michael

Even wonder what it's like to live through a Category 5 hurricane?

End Climate Justice Silence

UK: COVID Recovery Must Be Liked To Climate Action

Over 200 UK companies call on the Prime Minister to align post-pandemeic economic recovery with climate goals