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March 27, 2020

A Quote From Then, For Now

Let's have something magnificent to look forward to when this is all over — so that we may, like Dante Alighieri, 'leave hell and again behold the stars'

Michael Liebreich, BNEF, Twitter, March 27, 2020

March 23, 2020

FR: Citizens' Climate Convention

Aux powerpoints, citoyens! France asks its citizens — a representative sample of the French population, selected by randomly generated telephone numbers — how to meet its climate-change targets

Opportunity Knocks

Giving Up Carbon for Lent

Lenten activists believe that a willingness to make personal sacrifices encourages us to conceive of ourselves in the context of the larger system that needs to change.

Suffering Newts, Harbingers of What's to Come

As climate change messes with temperature and precipitation, California newts lose twenty percent of body mass

March 12, 2020

Sidewalks For The People, Not Rats

The Sanitation Department proposes rule changes that would ban stinky, oozy trash bags from city sidewalks

March 11, 2020

Japan: Post Nuclear Coal Addiction

By embracing coal after the Fukushima nuclear power disaster, Japan has made the transition to renewable energy very hard

Trump Administration Is In Climate Denial...

...But it's executing a policy forcing states to evict people from their homes in flood zones or forgo federal climate funding

March 10, 2020

50 Eco-History Makers

Honolulu Sues Big Oil For Climate Nuisance

Honolulu sues 8 oil companies for creating a public nuisance by hiding knowledge about their role in causing climate damage

Los Angeles: 1st In Line For Hydrogen Power

Los Angeles aims to become the first US city to get its electricity from renewable hydrogen

Bridging The Blue-Green New Deal Gap

The climate + the labor movements need to find fast-working ways to overcome disruption worries arising from ending our economy's fossil fuel addiction

March 09, 2020

Time After Time: Our Own Worst Enemy

Germany: Greener Post-Merkel

What might accelerate in German environmental politics once the Age of Merkel ends?

March 06, 2020

Germany: Becoming A Climate Laggard

Germany is off course for meeting its 2030 targeted GHG emissions cuts, with energy + transport the biggest problem sectors

March 05, 2020

Help Wanted: 2 Jobs In NYC Resiliency Office

The NYC Mayor's Office seeks Senior Policy Advisor, Social Resiliency to be a key member of the team which develops + implements initiatives to a) strengthen community + small business climate preparedness, b) support and expand sustainability programming + c) promote social cohesion

MOR also seeks a Senior Policy Advisor, Buildings Focus to develop + manage policies + programs that increase the resilience of New York City’s existing buildings, new construction + communities. building technologies, construction methods, adaptation measures + financing strategies relevant for the New York City context

She Persists

'For every person alarmed by the speed with which climate change is bearing down upon us, this fight goes on' Elizabeth Warren announcing the end of her Presidential campaign

Europe: Hottest, Fastest

Not only has Europe had the hottest winter on record, but it's gotten hotter, faster

Australia: No Koalas

From Milk Bottling Plant...

...To forgotten nuke test lab at Columbia University. Take a virtual tour

Big Climate Worry Over Tropical Rainforests

Scientists discover that tropical rainforests, a major sponge for soaking up carbon dioxide emissions, aren't doing as well now + could quickly turn into sources of global heating CO 2 emissions

March 04, 2020

Charting Promises

Inside The Shell

What is the Shell Oil plan for profiting from generational change in a carbon-constrained future?

Quote Of The Day

"[O]verall the problem is that the [Big Fossil] shareholder base of the U.S. companies is neither insisting on nor rewarding a move away from the core business," David Goldwyn. Source: Ben German, Axios

EU Reveals New Climate Law

Greta Thunburg's not a fan

Sunrise For Constantinides

The Green New Deal advocacy group, the Sunrise Movement, endorses NYC Councilmember Constantinides for Queens Borough President

What Money Can Buy

Upscale ski resorts pay to make it snow on their slopes. As for those who can't afford luxury climate adaptation...

The Fossil Fuel Curriculum

Think climate curriculums belong in our schools? So does the fossil fuel industry, but with its own lesson agenda

Seoul: Composting Champ

Seoul composts 95% of its food waste, what are the lessons for US cities like New York?

March 03, 2020

How Oil And Soda Mix

March 02, 2020

Australia: (Almost) Endless Summer

Bad news from down under, Australian summers lengthen

Pricing Carbon. No Silver Bullet...

...But it is a key part of the right climate policy tool box

Environmental Scoring For The NYC Council

Who's an eco-star, who's not? The NYLCV's annual scorecard for the 59- member NYC Council shines a light on green law-making

March Madness Sanity

Igniting An Electric Truck Revolution

Proterra, a leading electric bus maker, deploys its technology in a partnership to make electric-powered heavy-duty trucks