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February 18, 2020

Global Temperature: Still Setting Records

The Latest In Solar Tech - Quantum Dots

University researchers say a new flexible solar skin technology could be deployed on personal gear shortly

Carbon Budgeting - There's An App For That

Is carbon rationing a workable/fair way to cut society's carbon footprint?

Truth In Labeling

Many plastics with a recycling logo actually aren't recyclable. Greenpeace finds "plastic #3 through 7 waste across the country 'is being sent to landfills or incinerated.'"

February 14, 2020

Banking On Climate Change

In the Climate Crisis Era this report adds up lending + underwriting from 33 global banks to the fossil fuel industry

Climate Change And Americans' Diet

A survey of 1,043 US adults finds people say they're willing to eat less meat, but concerned about cost, taste + convenience

Resiliency Roll-Out In Red Hook

More than 7 years after Superstorm Sandy, City government starts the Red Hook community engagement part of its flood protection design process

Citi Bike Advances In The Bronx

Rolling out Citi Bike access in the Bronx gets into first gear

Amber Light For Zapping Fuel Efficiency Rule

Trump's drive to zap progress on vehicle fuel efficiency rules could hit a dead end

February 13, 2020

Australia: Climate Crisis Victim

Insurance company profits getting burned in Australia

Faking The Facts

The (un)making of federal fuel economy rules for cars, light trucks + SUV's

21st Century Mortal Sin: Food Waste

Election Prediction

Trump's active climate denialism could be his biggest re-election vulnerability

Renenwable Power Charges Ahead

10 years of trends reveal the insurgency of US renewable energy

February 12, 2020

Ain't It The Truth

Emissions Matter

How companies define the 'scope' of their carbon emissions matters a lot for cutting them

Tools For Ending Climate Silence

Inventory the new media tool box for climate journalists

Feds Undermine Offshore Wind Project

Want to kill a green energy project? Tie it up in red tape

February 11, 2020

Federal OK Needed For Congestion Pricing

Chances are the Federal Highway Administration will OK NY's congestion plan, but in time to cover the MTA's capital plan?

Putting An End To Plastic

Australia: Climate Denialism Lingers

Not every Australian whose lived through recent bush fire disasters sees the climate changing

Here's A Solar Surprise

Cincinnati will be home to the biggest municipal solar farm in the US

Demark: Energy Company's Carbon Goal

Danish offshore wind leader, Orsted, pledges to be carbon neutral by 2025

2019: GHG Emissions Hold Steady

After a 3-year rise, global GHG emissions stayed flat in 2019, a sustainable trend or a hiccup in the climate crisis?

After The Wildfires

The environmental + health impacts of wildfires don't end when the flames are doused

February 10, 2020

World Isn't Running Out Of Oil But...

...the oil industry is running low on economic rationales to keep drilling + fracking

How To Cope With An Inconvenient Truth

Some Florida coastal home owners just ignore flood maps' handwriting on the wall

February 07, 2020

Mayor's Climate Agenda

Mayor De Blasio makes 7 climate action pledges in his 2020 State of the City address

If You're Feeling Blue...

...Clothes shopping is not a sustainable pick-me-up. Why is it so hard to resist?

NY's Top Environmental Protector

Basil Seggos, Commissioner of NY's Department of Environmental Conservation, has a lot on his plate

A New Composter In Town

NYC-based Re-Nuble takes food distributer + processor waste + converts it into compost for use at hydroponic farms

February 06, 2020

Broadcasting An End To Climate Silence

An Environmental Win

Permeable pavements make snowy streets safer while cutting environmental harm + costly infrastructure corrosion caused by the use salt for de-icing

The Latest In Transit Controversies

Sparks fly over an MTA proposal to pay for ride-hailing services for commuters during late night hours whose destinations are remote from mass transit

NYC: 100 x 40

100% of NYC's municipal vehicles will be all-electric by 2040, per new executive order. That's up from 8.5% now

Coming On Fast - Big Oil v Big Battery

The zero-emissions race is on. The global battery storage industry is challenging the oil industry in terms of investment + market growth

Microsoft Makes Big Climate Moves

Pledging a $1 billion investment to suck carbon directly from the air is the headline, but not the whole story, of Microsoft's climate action campaign

February 05, 2020

RIP - Shortly

Iowa: Candidates on Climate

Both Buttegieg + Sanders spoke with Iowa Democrats about the impacts of weird weather + a proposed oil pipeline

Scotland: Climate Action Pioneer

To meet it's 2045 net-zero carbon goal, Scotland is taking its climate future into its own hands

Science At Work: Clouds

With growing insight into clouds climate scientists project an even hotter future

Ceaseless Sea Level Rise

Worried about seal level rise? You're right.

The Middle East: Climate Is The Looming Threat

Climate crisis, not political canoodling will be the major force shaping the future of the Mid East

February 04, 2020

2019: Another Year Of Smashed Records

20219 offered no let up from the escalating realities of global climate chaos

.8 C Warming Translates to 1.44 F

Street Fight

Manhattan's Community Board 7 will discuss a resolution supporting a study to examine limits on free street parking for private vehicles. Expect a rumble.

Coal Blooded

A report issued by the NAACP finds
"Nearly six million Americans live within three miles of a coal power plant....coal power plants tend to be disproportionately located in low-income communities + communities of color" Where's the justice in that?

Utrecht: Up With Feet/Bikes, Down With Cars

Urban design for walking + biking, not driving, takes shape in the Dutch city of Utrecht

The All-Electric Race Scramble

Insurgent urban climate policy calls for all-electric buildings, how are developers, contractors + industry associations coping?

February 03, 2020

Sanders Urges Public Utility Ownership

Sanders calls for 100% federal ownership of the electric power supply to fast-forward national renewable energy goal