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January 31, 2020

The Press: Ending Its Fossil Fuel Ad Addiction

Solar Power For Public Safety

NYC-based Solar One acts to improve public safety during disasters with solar powered ambulances + public facilities for sheltering in place

NY Ponders Pension Fund Exit From Coal

What are the key points in the NY Comptroller's research into State pension funds disinvest from coal?

Brexit: Impact On Climate Goals

Will England's net-zero emissions goals get side-lined as the country adapts to Brexit?

January 30, 2020

Greenpeace: Help Wanted

Greenpeace is hiring for four positions: California Senior Climate Campaigner; Gulf Coast Senior Campaigner; Senior Climate Campaigner; Climate Campaign Manager

Finding Hope In Climate Tipping Points

Making the case for the power of pressing on 6 tipping points to solve the climate crisis. Persuaded?

Weather Report Does Climate Fact Check

England: News Says No To Fossil Fuel Ads

The Guardian will ban fossil fuel ads + forego the revenue they bring in

Solving The Climate Crisis Equation

Tech Innovation (TC) + government regulation (GR)= Solution? Comment: at least better than where we are hurtling now

Why EV Sales Stalled

What's the key to moving electric car sales out of neutral?

If Dairy Milk's Bad For The Climate...

...what to put in your coffee intstead?

January 29, 2020

Help Wanted: Development Manager

The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund -- which assists climate + other scientists who find themselves increasingly under fire for doing their jobs -- is looking for a Development Manager

Berkeley Student Teaches Popular Climate Course

A solutions-facing course about climate change is taught by a Berkeley undergrad. Here's her syllabus

The A Train Meets Its Match - The E Bus

Copenhagen: Sustainable Fashion Now

Copenhagen's Fashion week has designs on sustainability

January 28, 2020

True Or False: Urban Density Is Destructive

Read this. Draw your own conclusions, which might be "It depends"

The Arctic: Melting There Means...

Melting Arctic sea ice may be altering Pacific Ocean El Ninos, finds new climate research. Findings call for more research

Antarctica: Melting There Means...

A Futurist's Climate Future

Based on today's trends, here's what to expect -- an Era of climate emergency

January 27, 2020

Meet The CMA

NYC's Climate Mobilization Act demands a lot + if successful will accomplish a great deal

Today's Climate Questions

Is having children bad for the planet? Is it bad for kids, as they'll have to live with climate chaos?

Vietnam Rocks Renewables

Quote Of The Week

"I love craft beers but would only buy them in bottles. After a visit to SIMS Recycling plant in Brooklyn and learning that there is little or no aftermarket value in recycled glass, I switched to beer in cans which are HIGHLY recyclable!" Thanks to It's Easy Being Green, Upper West Side, Aha! Moments

New Jersey: Leverage Land Use Rules To Become A Climate Leader

Permits for new development now require developers in New Jersey to take climate change, including rising sea levels, + emissions limits, into account when filing their plans

Reason For EV Optimism

The real world magic of 'exponential growth' + how it could rapidly lead to a triumph of electric vehicles over the internal combustion engine

January 24, 2020

Finland's Got A Climate Plan

What must Finland do to meet its goal of becoming carbon-neutral in 15 years?

Gore on Climate Crisis: Overcome Or Else

What is this climate crisis? “This is Thermopylae. This is Agincourt. This is the Battle of the Bulge. This is Dunkirk. This is 9/11”, Al Gore

More MTA Rail For Brooklyn, Maybe

Old, disused rail freight lines being eyed for new MTA passenger service between Bayridge + Astoria

January 23, 2020

First Ever Benchmarking Results

With first ever energy benchmarking data on hand for medium-sized NYC buildings, what are the top findings?

The Arctic: What Happens There Won't Stay There

Melting Arctic permafrost begin to make drastic changes

Silicon Valley's Big Mistake

Why hasn't Silicon Valley moved into green tech since there's lots of money to be made there?

Byford's Out

The Meaning Of Rejecting Rooftop Solar Panels

Why do people resist climate action? The answer can't be reduced to climate denials or corporate greed

Central Bankers Sound A Climate Crisis Alarm

The worlds major banking institutions are gravely concerned about financial meltdown risks linked to the climate crisis. US bankers are MIA

January 22, 2020

NY: Accelerate Renewable Energy Projects

NY's Governor Cuomo orders state agencies to identify 'shovel ready' sites to speed up renewable energy project development

Florida Real Estate: No Sure Thing

Climate chaos is making Florida home ownership a risky business, think $30 - 80 billion in losses

Davos: The Biggest Risk To The Global Economy...

...Our climate crisis, both by likelihood + impact

January 21, 2020

NYC Drives Air Pollution Monitoring

NYC plans to test for air pollution with sensors mounted on cars

NYC Drives Air Pollution Monitoring

NYC plans to test for air pollution with sensors mounted on cars

CO2 Levels Reach New Highs

The last time atmospheric CO2 concentrations reached today's levels was before modern humans evolved

Barriers To Climate Resilience

From giant flood barriers to buy-outs for homes in flood prone areas, NYC seems stuck at the start line of its race for climate resilience

30 Green Innovators For 2020

Bloomberg Green launches with an introduction to pioneers, leaders + ideas aimed at solving the climate crisis

The Climate Museum: Fellowships

Apply for a pre-doctoral fellowship or, if appropriate a post-doctoral fellowship for scholars at the Climate Museum

Getting Around Our Neighborhood

Mobility choices near the Sallan Foundation in 1910

The Cost Of Climate Risks

Systemic economic risks posed by the climate crisis are here, now.

Green Data Dashboard

Air Source Heat Pumps 101

There may be an air source heat pump in your future, so you'll want to know how it works

January 18, 2020

UK: Green Economy Shrinks

The number of business + jobs in the UK's green economy have dropped since 2014

January 17, 2020

Germany: No Rush On Coal

2038 is the year Germany will stop burning coal for electric power

Bloomberg's Climate Platform

If Mike Bloomberg was elected President here's what he'd do about clean buildings + here's his pledge on decarbonizing transport (scroll down)

China: Life And Breath

Cleaner air for China that comes with curtailing coal burning will mean longer lives, citizen demands lead the way

Australia: The Climate And The Fires

Are there links between climate change + Australia's unprecedented bush fire season?

Court Won't Protect Our Kids' Future

What A Sea Wall Will Do...

...or what a sea wall won't do to protect NYC from storm surge, high tide flooding or storm runoff. Then there's sea level rise, not part of current design considerations

January 16, 2020

Shell Confesses

Help Wanted: Communications Officer

Oil Change International seeks a communications officer to help produce analysis of true costs of fossil fuels + couple that analysis with campaigns to shift the narrative + pressure decision-makers to stand up to the fossil fuel industry

Climate Protection - An Infrastructure Asset

Think climate protection costs too much? Here's what the lack of climate maintenance will cost

January 03, 2020

Portugal: Floating Wind Farm Fanfare

The world's largest offshore floating wind farm starts up in 2020, the first of its kind opened in Scotland in 2017

Oh, Australia

Enough With Climate Optimism

A-list climate writer Dave Roberts does a demolition job on climate optimism. What to do? Keep things from getting more awful, expand empathy + get adaptation done

Climate Risks For 8.5 Million New Yorkers Who Eat

The food supply chain sustaining NYC faces real climate risks, is anything being done to make millions more food secure?

Amazon Threatens Its Climate Activists

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice who publicly demanded greater corporate climate-responsible action, get a warning

Cities On Climate And Equity Front Lines

True in 2019, truer in 2020, cities are the global climate action innovators + wellbeing-for-all is integral to innovation

More Stuck In Traffic

You'll have extra time for this story if you're in a ride share car, which makes traffic congestion + slow commutes even worse

Climate Proofing NYC Mass Transit

Update on NYC plans to protect its mass transit system from the rising risk of inundation

January 02, 2020

The Weather Report

Scientists detect human-made climate change signals in the noise of daily weather

Denmark: Powered By Wind

47% of Denmark's electricity came from wind power in 2019

Climate Crisis In 7 Numbers

Just waking up to the climate crisis or need a refresher? Here's a nifty accounting in 7 numbers

Media Climate Coverage Now

While there were meaningful gains for mass media climate coverage in 2019, three nodes of denial or silence get called out