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November 29, 2019


Germany: Not So Hot On Climate Action

Climate activists challenge Germany's reputation as a global climate leader + demand real progress

South Korea: Winter Coal Shutdown At Home

Korean air pollution's so bad, that wintertime shutdowns of coal-burning power plants announced, but the nation still invests more than $1 billion a year in overseas coal-fired power plants

A Fish Tale

What NYC skyscraper had an underground goldfish pond heated by the building boiler?

November 27, 2019

Moving On

Accidental Art In The Subway

Reporting on a good 'accident' in the NYC subway system

Los Angeles' Road Map To Fossil Fuel Free Transit

Imagine a Los Angeles that isn't car dependent, that's just what the city is planning to do by 2028

Starchitect Vows To Design Carbon Neutral Only

NY Energy Plan Is Late

Waiting for NY's 2019 energy plan update? Keep waiting, spokesperson says it's being folded into a new climate action plan

November 26, 2019

Baby, Don't Drill, Retrofit Instead

Alarming climate science numbers don't lie. Time to shut off the fossil fuel supply + spotlight bold energy demand cuts like NYC's building retrofit law

World: Trouble In Mind

Although the world has the know-how to make big cuts in its carbon footprint, GHG emissions are growing, not slowing, per UN climate status report

November 25, 2019

Phila: Building Tune-Up Mandate

Tune up your energy system + improve your building energy efficiency is the message of of a new Philadelphia mandate

Offshore Wind Can Power A Regional Green New Deal

With big offshore wind projects coming to NY + other northeast states, growth of good paying jobs + the local economy are projected, so intersectional!

November 22, 2019

California Enrages Trump

California's climate policies rank high in firing up Trump's animus. NY, where are you?

Underpricing Our Climate Future

Economists can disagree when predicting the future cost of climate change, but they agree the cost of adaptation to unmitigated climate change will be immense

November 21, 2019

The Subway Car Breakdown

What's up with the new R-179 subway car that costs $2 million a pop + breaks down more often than older models?

Build The Barrier - Or Not

The proposal to build a storm surge barrier across NY Harbor is almost as controversial as Trump's Build the Wall chant - but for very different reasons

Making The Grade

November 20, 2019

Now, More Endangered Than Ever

Almost every critter on the endangered species list may be unable to adapt to climate change

China: No Good Climate News Here

China's coal-burning power plant capacity soars

The Best Things In Life May Be Free...

...but that doesn't mean parking cars on NYC streets should be

Why Science Failed

Once upon a time, climate scientists thought if they did their jobs, politicians would act upon the information. Wrong. What happened?

Q: How Long, Oh How Long...

Damaged by Superstorm Sandy crucial East River Long Island railroad tunnels still await repairs.

November 19, 2019

Child's Play For Healthy, Sustainable Cities

India: Heat Will Kill

It's well know, heat's a killer, now a study projects numbers for climate induced heat mortality in India

Our Climate Heros: Kate Marvel

"Climate change is inevitable; it’s already happening. But there is a difference between bad, disruptive + completely catastrophic. And we still have time to prevent that catastrophe." - Kate Marvel

Australia: Big Battery To Get Bigger

Tesla's giant energy storage battery in South Australia will be expanded from 100 MW capacity to 150 MW, that's huge

An Unexpected Climate Headline

"As Climate Risk Grows, Cities Test a Tough Strategy, Saying 'No' to Developers"

November 18, 2019

Congestion Pricing In The Dark

The still-to-be-named members of NY's Traffic Mobility Review Board won't have to comply with the state's open meeting law requirements

415 Acres Where The Future's Up For Grabs

What are the future options for the 415 acre Rikers Island do-over once its prisons are shut?

GND: First Victory

Whatever the long term outcomes for the Green New Deal, its first year victory is transforming the core parameter of climate action by "turn(ing) the question from polar bears and icebergs to political economy.”

Bike Lessons From Old Amsterdam For New

November 15, 2019

Science At Work: Climate Risk Interactions

One leading edge of climate research examines how multiple climate risks interact + the real world consequences

Help Wanted x Three

The Sierra Club seeks a National Director of Policy, Advocacy + Legal as well as a National Director of Campaigns + a National Director of Grassroots Power Building

Indonesia: Tofu With A Side Of Dioxin

Just think, the plastic you recycle could be burned in Indonesia to prepare tofu + create super-toxic dioxin

A Green New Deal For Public Housing

First takes on the Sanders/AOC Green New Deal for public housing bill

Europe: End Fossil Fuel Loans

The European Investment Bank will stop making loans to fossil fuel project in 2021, with certain "new tech" exceptions for natural gas projects

November 14, 2019

Weird Weather a/k/a Climate Whiplash

Whatever the name, the rise in wild swings of extreme weather is harmful, costly + becoming a new normal

An Urban Transit Landmark

India: Cleaning Urban Air

The Funnies: Laughing Through Your Tears

Will love save the planet?

Big Bucks For Shoreline Resilience

The NYC Council Land Use Committee okays $1.45 billion for rebuilding a Lower East Side shorefront park to make it more storm resilient, full Council vote this week

November 13, 2019

Take A Break From the Impeachment Hearings

Here's your chance to learn about 6 industrial processes to capture, use + store carbon from industrial processes

Penn Station Archaeology

When Penn station was built in 1910, it had amenities just being rediscovered today

Taking Sides On The Green New Deal: Yes

Taking Sides On The Green New Deal: No

An open letter from Jerry Taylor

November 12, 2019

Next Stop - Climate Resilience

The MTA gets rolling on a climate resilience, carbon efficient future for urban mass transit

Central Brooklyn Food-Co-op On Tap

NYC's first black-led, consumer-owned, food co-op will be opening in Central Brooklyn

55 x35

Study this roadmap to a transportation policy that will cut NY's motor vehicle emissions 55% by 2035

Saving Lower Manhattan

While everyone agrees about the urgency of protecting lower Manhattan from rising sea levels, the current pace of rolling out real-world solutions is very, very slow

Europe: Right-Wingers Fan Flames Of Climate Denialism

How? Why?

Australia's Burning

With blistering heat + raging bush fires, Australia's deputy prime minister, "said that only leftist 'lunatics' were linking the blazes to climate change". Not helpful

November 08, 2019

No Flood Control Plan For NYC Food Hub

Hunts Point Market, the center of NYC's food distribution system for 22 million people, has no flood protection plan. Where's the Mayor?

Ending Climate Silence - An Update

Advocacy for media coverage of our climate crisis is being heard

Science At Work: Why Permafrost Melt Matters

School Bus Lesssons

Listen up, get smart, plug in

November 07, 2019

It's Not Cow Farts...

...It's oil +gas drilling that's the major source of climate-heating methane in Texas

Climate Activism: Meet The Rising Generation

Xiye Bastida Patrick is a NYC-based student climate activist. Catch up with what her generation demands because it's not going away

Putting A Price Tag On Our Climate Crisis

November 06, 2019

Ciao Italia: Una Porca Miseria

Next 14th Streeet Bus Amenity

Platforms for making bus-boarding easier are being installed along 14th Street

Green Building Faces Rejection

A proposed green mixed-use building gets nixed by a Brooklyn community board that objects to a lack of parking slots

NY v Exxon: What They're Saying

What must NY's Attorney General prove to win its climate case, based on charges of investor fraud by Exxon?

Italy: Teaching Climate ABC's

Italian students to get climate instruction throughout the curriculum + at every grade level

November 05, 2019

Paris, Schmaris

Holding onto hope that the Paris Climate Accord can help reverse the world's climate emergency? then don't read this

Help Wanted: Campaign Director - Eastern Region

The Sierra Club is hiring a campaign director to create +implement a highly strategic plan to advance the objectives of the Beyond Coal Campaign

Champions Of Better Lightbulbs

Trump's rollback of Obama-era energy efficient light bulb rules is being challenged in court

It Is Not What We Do, But Also What We Do Not Do, For Which We Are Accountable

The US starts the clock ticking to exit the Paris Climate Accord, now what?

November 04, 2019

The Inslee Effect

While the climate crisis Presidential candidacy of Governor Jay Inslee was short-lived, the impact of his policy focus endures in the ongoing campaign

Getting a Jump On Congestion Pricing

What are northern Manhattan's plans to control the spill over effects of mid-town congestion pricing?

If You Wear Clothes, Try This On For Size

The apparel industry creates 8% of the world's GHG emissions, what can it do + what can you do to cut the size of its carbon footprint?

November 01, 2019

Needed: Grown Ups In the Utility Room