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September 27, 2019

Ask Gina McCarthy

Is US climate activism about to rise up + save the day?

China: The Long March Gets Longer

Is China's transition to renewable energy stalling out?

Mother Earth Day

September 25, 2019

McArthur Climate Geniuses

Of the MacArthur geniuses named in 2019, 4 of them are climate geniuses

The Onion — Still Making You Laugh And Cry

NY's Green Job Trends

Clean energy jobs in NY are on the rise in NY, but the biggest job growth is in the energy efficiency industry

Oceans Of Distress: Climate Crisis Alarm Rises

Virtually unknown in 2013, the new UN IPCC report flags the rise of ocean heat waves as an accelerating climate crisis with alarming implications. But wait, there are more alarms sounding

Heard More At Paying For It Conference

"California will do a deep dive into its $70 billion pension funds portfolio to identify both climate risks and opportunities in order to realign its investment decisions." — Kate Gordon, California Governor's Office #CostOfInaction

Heard At Paying For It Conference

"Risky Business — A 4 degree rise in global temperatures will make the world uninsurable. As of now, we persist in investing in ocean-front construction or in areas the have recurrent fires. Time to make climate disclosure risks mandatory in such transactions." — Alice Hill, Council on Foreign Relations #CostOfInaction

September 24, 2019

The Future Of Climate Justice Looms

Expect key climate action law suits to be heard at this federal courthouse at Foley Square.

Photo Credit: Nancy Anderson

September 23, 2019

Go Greta

Q: What Stands Between Us And A Big Climate Victory

A: 2020, 2022 + 2024 elections breaking bad but take this onboard, "Any good movement organizer acknowledges the need for both an outside + an inside game: people on the outside organizing strikes + nonviolent civil protest in the streets, + people on the inside making deals, fighting for inches, + getting incremental progress in every appropriations bill + amendment fight."

Coal At The UN

Climate Week at the UN still has big coal burners in attendance

September 20, 2019

City's Nature At Climate Risk

NYC's diverse natural areas + creatures are at rising risk of harm from changing climate conditions

September 19, 2019

London: A New Role For The Underground

Waste not, want not. London plans to warm buildings + provide them hot water by using waste heat from its subway system

The Urgency Of A Green New Deal

Naomi Klein makes the case for a Green New Deal beyond analogies with FDR's New Deal, World War II or the Marshall Plan. It's something new + but just as much a fight for our lives as those historic campaigns

Home Insurance And The Climate Crisis

For NYC home owners living in “high risk flood zones,”, changes to flood maps + their flood insurance pose questions without easy answers

The Question

Making Buildings Bird Friendly

A NYC bill to require installing glass birds can see, so they won't have lethal building collisions, gains support

September 18, 2019

Dancing The Climate Dance At The Water's Edge

A site-specific dance performance takes steps to consider the Whitney Museum's climate stance

7 Years After Sandy: Rebuilding/Resiliency

What rebuilding efforts have worked? What resilience measures remain on NYC's drawing board?

"Climate Change Is Not World War"

Love it or hate it, agree or spit bullets, this Op- Ed's part the climate action national conversation we're having now

Thunberg Meets Obama, Hear Her Live On Friday

September 17, 2019

Follow The Money, Lead It Far From Fossil Fuels

Imagine if investors stopped investing in, lenders stopped lending to + insurers stopped insuring the world's fossil fuel industry. Things would change fast

Climate Impacts Happening Faster

The more science understands climate change, the more we learn how fast it's happening, including the slowdown of a crucial North Atlantic ocean current

September 16, 2019

Act As If It Matters

Making the case for hope in the teeth of the global climate crisis. Starting now

A Word For Our Times

Climigration, what happens when climate change causes extreme weather to become chronic, thus potentially rendering some communities nonviable

Why Trust Matters

How weather forecasters derisked a NYC skyscraper's hurricane calamity potential

Eat The Right Thing

Climate Reveille For The Media

The times they are a changing for mass media coverage of our climate crisis, but delay-inducing roadblocks linger

September 13, 2019

To Manage Urban Heat Islands, Measure Them

Citizen scientist volunteers do front line research to measure + map heat disparities in US cities to help address extreme heat threats neighborhood-by-neighborhood

OK Coming For Buildings' Batteries

Using batteries for building energy backups is on the way as NYC's Fire Department resolves its flammability risk concerns

September 12, 2019

The Nation's First Bikes-Only Lane

Brooklyn's Ocean Parkway opened the first dedicated bike lane in 1894

Why Young People Care About The Climate Crisis

Transit Scarring

The birth of car culture left permanent scars on the historical fabric of lower Manhattan, painful. Subway construction too

Light The Night With Darkness

Intrigued? Leaarn about the illuminating potential of radiative cooling

China: Climate Leadership Contender

If China delivers on its climate action promises, it will be a global 21 century leader but "if" could turn out differently

For Women's Climate Action

Time Magazine devotes an entire issue to climate change, here's a feature on women's climate activism

Affordable Housing Squeezed In Power Play

With National Grid imposing a moratorium on new residential customer gas hook ups in Brooklyn, new affordable housing sits vacant. See how power works in NY

Jay Inslee Gets Heated

Jay Inslee, Governor of Washinton + former Democratic Presidential hopeful, weighs in on tonight's debate, the role of climate for the 2020 Presidential race + his wins + losses as a state-level climate leader

September 11, 2019

How To Find Money

If you know your zip code, this database will list the renewable energy + efficiency incentive programs available to you

Oakland: Turning Off Natural Gas

Oakland's got a plan for transitioning off of natural gases as it welcomes maturing green technologies + social equity-oriented economic growth

Climate Investments Make Dollars And Sense

Time to highlight the returns to be made from climate adaptation investments such as early warning systems, infrastructure for withstanding rising sea levels + extreme weather + agriculture to cope with droughts

September 10, 2019

Canada: You Should Move

Don't rebuild after a flood, in Canada the government limits disaster aid + will pay homeowners to relocate

In Case Your Missed The 7 Hour TV Climate Marathon

Here's a write up of what 10 democratic Presidential hopefuls said about their climate action plans

ICYMI - It's Not Too Late

September 09, 2019

Help Wanted: Fundraising/Finance/Operations

350 Seattle is hiring a Fundraising/Finance/Operations Lead + Staff Collective Member

Act As If It Matters

Are you confident that NYC can ready itself to withstand the next Superstorm Sandy?

September 06, 2019

The Nuke Power Debate And The Climate Crisis

Nuclear power raises different implications when viewed through the climate crisis lens, is this altering the decades-old pro/con fight?

Germany: Where The Wind Dies

What explains the steep slump in German wind energy projects?

NYC Misses The Bus

NYC was supposed to have kid-healthy electric school buses this year, but they’re nowhere to be found What's up with that?

Redhook: Resilient, For Now

Consider Redhook, a community in post-Sandy recovery, but rising tides means more trouble ahead

September 05, 2019

Seattle: Power Company Could Power Mobility

Imagine a city where the electric power utility powers a clean transportation system, that could be Seattle

"Unluckiest" Island In The US

Alabama's Dauphin Island gets slammed with repeated storms + floods, but how "unlucky" are property owners who keep getting federal aid + insurance payouts to keep rebuilding?

September 04, 2019

Climate Action/Job Growth - A Skeptical Approach

Putting numbers on green job growth is probably as inexact as putting economics numbers on most future activities (Comment: it's not a crushing flaw)

Prep For CNN Climate Marathon

Harris + Buttigieg, the latest CNN climate marathoners to release climate action plans. How do Democrats' plans stack up against the Green New Deal?

September 03, 2019

Idea Of The Day - And Days

NY: City Of Seasons + Sustainability

If you grew up in NYC or even if you didn't, enjoy a love letter to its seasons + the vital importance of sustainability

Hurricane Science

Weird hurricane conduct is pushing the leading edge of climate science to find explanations