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June 28, 2019

Google's New Urban Search Function

Now you can search Google Maps for info on subway + bus crowding

UN: Climate Talks Sputter Out

With Saudi Arabia rejecting the science underpinning the latest IPCC report, UN talks won't result in new climate action commitments

Help Wanted: Distributed Organizing Associate Director

The Sierra Club is looking for someone to join their team who is a leader with experience developing distributed organizing models + strong management + project management skills. Understanding + commitment to practicing equity, inclusion + justice + championing anti-racist policies are core values + required job skills. Salary range: $68,500-128,000

Finland: Elections Matter

With its ascendant Green Party, Finland warns the EU of the high political consequences if it fails to deliver on climate action

France: Heat Emergency

June 27, 2019

Quote Of The Day

“We have reached a point where the best-case outcome is widespread death + suffering by the end of this century, + the worst case puts humanity on the brink of extinction.” Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty + human rights, warning in a new report that the planet faces a “climate apartheid.”

NYC Green House Gas Inventory

Using data from buildings, transport + waste water treatment plants NYC issues its latest deep dive Greenhouse Gas Inventory + sheds light on progress toward cutting its climate-changing emissions 80% by 2050

How Jet Travel Speeds Climate Disruption

Jet plane contrails are air pollutants that add to climate change, increased air travel will make things worse

Greenland: The Big Melt

What to expect now that Greenland is melting in human time, no longer in geological time?

Charging Up Around Town

The City will install 100 street-accessible electric vehicle chargers, 6 of them in Park Slope, in 2019

The Media, The Candidates, The Climate

"The first Democratic debate failed the planet" sums up both media questions + candidate remarks on our climate crisis

June 26, 2019

Activists Call For 'Climate Emergency' Declaration

Activists call on the NYC Council to pass a 'climate emergency' resolution as it holds hearings on 7 renewable energy + energy storage bills

Science At Work: Climate Attribution Studies

Absence + Evidence is a serious long form piece by a climate scientist examining a climate skeptic's op-ed column," To claim or imply that something is disproved by systematically ignoring evidence to the contrary is another thing entirely. To do so is to undermine discourse. It’s simply misleading and irresponsible."

How To Decarbonize And Thrive

Here's one pathway for California to decarbonize both its building stock + vehicles cost-effectively, but no done-deal

Coal-Lover Leaving EPA

Bill Wehrum, who helped write the Trump administration’s most significant rules zapping climate change protections + supporting the coal industry, resigns. Guess he thinks "mission accomplished"

June 25, 2019

Florida Media To Partner On Climate Coverage

Six Florida newsrooms will work together + partner to better cover climate change in the state

Climate Emergency Is A Health Emergency

Why are health professionals calling climate disruption an emergency + demanding solutions rank high for political action?

June 24, 2019

The Da Vinci Climate Code

Learn lessons from Da Vinci drawings about today's climate catastrophe, a new book claims

First The Cheers, Now The Sweat

Now that NY has a big climate action law, it's time to do the nitty gritty work of putting it into action + making sure it succeeds

Setting The Climate Bar High And Wide

Presidential contender Jay Inslee releases a five-prong plan for phasing out US fossil fuel production

Investing In 20 Century Tech Is A Loser Strategy

The states investing in greenhouse gas reduction are really investing in the modernization of their energy systems

June 21, 2019

How Climate Disruption Disrupts

Climate disruption has been called a global threat multiplier by the US Defense Department

The New Interboro Rapid Transit

The old IRT opened in 1904, now a NY Assemblymember introduces a bill calling for the study of a new transit line connecting the Bronx, Queens + Brooklyn

June 20, 2019

Yes, Congress Can Protect Climate Science

Nitty gritty suggestions for how Congress can wield its budget powers beyond appropriations to protect climate science activities

Congestion Pricing Update

The MTA + NYC's Department of Transportation are taking the first necessary steps to rolling out a congestion pricing program

The EJ Take On NY's New Climate Law

NY's Climate Leadership + Community Protection Act does a lot, but climate justice activists call out the missing pieces + the need for vigilance around necessary funding

Urban Climate Triage

Live in a US coastal city? What will it cost to have a future?

June 19, 2019

Make America Coal Again

The EPA overturns federal rules to limit carbon emissions from power plants + gives states the authority to let dirty plants stay open longer

June 18, 2019

For The Birds

On The Mayor's Don't Do List

Mayor de Blasio gives a thumbs down to a City Council proposal to create a NYC Department of Sustainability + Climate Change

Lenders Seek To Sink Carbon

11 major lenders agree to make carbon emissions metrics part of their loan decisions to the shipping industry

June 17, 2019

The Stripes Tell The Story

Le Mot Juste

There's a crisis in Canadian journalism about calling what's happening now a climate crisis

NY Legislature Goes Greener

The Climate + Communities Protection Act, a bill setting a 2050 carbon neutrality goal for NY, will be passed in the State legislature this week

Ireland: Decouple Carbon Emissions From Economic Growth

With 180 recommended actions Ireland sets its sights on becoming a growing economy with net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

Australia: Elections Matter

Once voters opted to keep Australian conservatives in power, the government approved construction of a fiercely-contested coal mine

June 14, 2019

Facing The Future: What NYC Can Learn From San Francisco

San Francisco's search for lost waterways can help this coastal city boost its defenses against climate chaos

Interactive Urban Flooding Map

An on-line map that shows areas vulnerable to floods in Charleston, South Carolina + allows resident input

Putting Building Energy Info To Work

Toronto's got building energy use data, here's a guide for the commercial building market to put it to work

June 12, 2019

The Weird Weather Forecast

Under The Sea: Living Things In Hot Water

As rising temperatures heat up the oceans, 17% of marine life could die off by 2100, life on Earth won't be the same

Making Queens More Climate Secure

Here's a plan, which engaged a comprehensive community engagement process, for making the diverse Corona, Jackson Heights + East Elmhurst neighborhoods more climate resilient

Dire Financial Risks Of Climate Disruption

Climate disruption impacts could harm the economy as much as the mortgage meltdown of 2008, US financial system regulator warns

June 11, 2019

Renewing Rikers With Renewables

Closing NYC's Rikers Island jail is an opportunity to open a large-scale solar power array, Councilmember Constantinides leads the way

Congressional Testimony: 8 Takeaways On Economic Impacts Of Climate Change

Public Policy Professor Solomon Hsiang tells the Congressional budget committee, "Because we now understand that human actions are affecting the climate of the United States, it is in the nation’s best economic interest that we consider whether our actions increase or decrease the value of this national asset."

Don't Forget - 2018 Fossil-Fueled Pollution Soared

In 2018, emissions from fossil fuel burning increased at the fastest rate in 7 years, expect confirmation of this preliminary analysis soon

New Delhi: 48 Degrees C, 118.4 Degrees F

June 10, 2019

CT: Onboard With Offshore Wind

The latest east coast state to get into offshore wind power is Connecticut, which will buy up to 30% of its electricity from this renewable energy source

Philly Plugs Into The Electric Bus

25 electric buses will hit the streets of Philadelphia this week

Hawaii - Unlocking Access To Energy Upgrades

Hawaii's GEM$ program makes it easy for everyone to fund home energy upgrades with on-bill financing

June 07, 2019

Union Support For GND

The Service Employees International Union, a Democratic-aligned union powerhouse, throws its weight behind the Green New Deal

Amsterdam: See Street Parking Vanish

Amsterdam is cutting 10,000 on-street parking spaces, see the difference

De Blasio Vision Zero Plan -- Too Slow

While the number of NYC traffic deaths has gone down with the Mayor's Zero Vision Plan, it's not zero + we still need to change the culture around ownership of the city’s streets

Hey DNC - Don't Muffle The Climate Crisis

True or false? The Democratic National Committee is wrong to reject a climate change-focused debate among the Party's Presidential contenders

June 06, 2019

Arctic Ice-Southern Heat Waves

Scientists find a link between declining arctic sea ice + heat waves in the southern US

UK: Climate Crisis Alarms

Uber Copters To JFK

One way to cut traffic congestion, but it's not cheap

NY Climate Legislation Forecast

Without the Governor's support, what are the prospects for NY's sweeping climate action legislation?

Climate-Saving Is Life-Saving

Limiting global temperature increases to 1.5°C could avoid between 110 and 2,720 annual heat-related deaths

Answering Your Battery Questions

Are rechargeable batteries always the better choice + what's the right way to dispose of dead batteries?

June 05, 2019

Plastic Waste Isn't Beautiful

Next time you put on makeup, look at all the ugly plastic packing + waste you're paying for + switch to more attractive alternatives

No Ignoring The Green New Deal Now

With each day bringing another Green New Deal-like proposal from Democratic Presidential hopefuls, climate awareness for action is mainstreaming

Atlanta: Goal. Yes. Plan...

Atlanta has a goal of using 100% 'green' electricity by 2035, but does it have a plan to get there?

What A World

June 04, 2019

Interviewing A Sunrise Movement Founder

Varshini Prakash is animating the new generation of climate activism. What does she want + when does she want it?

Modern Mobility

Congestion pricing is just one step toward improving urban mobility. For safe-street sharing + clean air, there's so much more that can be done

Climate's Corporate Impact: The Bottom Line

Expect disrupted financial impacts for corporations stemming from climate disruptions

June 03, 2019

CEQR: It's Broken. Fix It

NYC's environmental review process isn't doing its job, according to the Municipal Arts Society, what are the fixes needed now?

New Rooftop Solar Fee Proposed

With drops in new installations, what's the logic of imposing new fees on NY's rooftop solar power now?