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May 31, 2019

Lessons From London's Congestion Pricing

Since 2003, London's traffic's been tamed with congestion pricing, what are the lessons for NYC?

Yellow Cabs Are Greener Than Uber/Lyft

Look into the legal loophole that allows rideshare vehicles to pollute the air + your lungs more than yellow cabs

What People Share With Volcanoes

Over the last 140 years, fossil fuel emissions + volcanoes caused nearly all of the world's heating

If Eating Is Your Thing...

...This year's weird weather should worry you, here's why

Disaster Response - YOYO

With America's badly-frayed disaster response safety net, expect the human toll of climate disruptions to rise

May 30, 2019

Gowanus: Keeping It Clean

A fight between the EPA + NYC pivots around a rezoning plan for the newly cleaned-up Gowanus Canal neighborhood

The Greening Of Senior Housing

May 29, 2019

Stay Tuned

EU: Persistent Tailpipe Scandal

33 million diesel cars still on European roads, four years after auto makers' emissions test cheating scandal was revealed

Electric Mobility Now

While one NYC company puts 1,000 electric mopeds on Brooklyn + Queens streets, the NY legislature isn't legalizing electric-powered scooters for street use

NYC Energy Storage Batteries Rules

The public comment period begins May 30 for rules governing outdoor energy storage batteries proposed by the NYC Fire Department

May 28, 2019

Public Transit - Here (Bad) And There (Better)

Why US mass transit doesn't work, while European + Canadian mass transit does

State Of the Climate: 2019

Climate disruption-wise, this is the data for the first quarter of 2019

Ferry Service Sinks

NYC's expanded ferry service, a de Blasio signature public transit option, makes riders queasy over long service delays

Trump's War On Climate Science

The campaign to discredit + destroy US climate science + climate action policy ratchets up

May 24, 2019

Climate Candidate Not Lifted By Rising Climate Concern

Why isn't Jay Inslee, running for President on a sweeping climate action agenda, getting a boost from rising public alarm over our disrupted climate?

For NY'ers From Transit Deserts...

...Congestion pricing is not refreshing

Too Close For Comfort

Congestion Pricing: London Lessons

London launched congestion pricing in 2003, what are the lessons for NYC?

May 23, 2019

It's Official

The Earth has entered the Anthropocene Epoch, per an influential scientific panel, here's why

More Reasons To Love City Parks

With temperatures on the rise, parks are a reliable respite from the city heat + Washinton DC tops the ParkScore Index for 2019

May 22, 2019

FERC: Powerful Power Agency

Care about climate change? Then, read up on FERC, a little-known federal agency with a big impact on US energy policies

Info On NYC Climate Action Law

FAQ's on Local Law 97, NYC's brand new building energy retrofit statute

EU Elections And Green Momentum

Could climate protection + sustainability be the losers in the upcoming European Parliament elections?

Renewable Electricity - Promises Kept

29 states have clean electricity standards, here's proof they're working + now are price-competitive too

May 21, 2019

Re-Making City Streets

The City Council Speaker's legislation aims for 150 miles of new dedicated bus lanes + 250 miles of protected bike lanes within 5 years

India: The Cooling Challenge

Is there a way to break the vicious circle of a hotter world + more air conditioning making it hotter still?

A Climate Convert's Story

What changed one conservative think tanker's position on climate disruption?

The Climate Front Line In Illinois

Today, cars + trucks are the biggest sources of Illinois' GHG emissions + this demands a refocusing of climate protections plans

Bi-Partisan Climate Action That's Doable Now

May 17, 2019

NY Green Bank 2019 Update

What is the NY Green Bank investing in now?

The Plastic Peril

What could spew as many GHG's as 600 coal-burning power plants by 2030?

Climate Crisis Meets Journalism Crisis

Getting climate disruption reporting right or getting it at all, is a crisis confronting contemporary journalism, which is having its own crisis

NY's Offshore Wind: Where Green Meets Blue

Union jobs will be hard-wired into New York's offshore wind infrastructure development

May 16, 2019

Mexico City: Air Pollution Emergency

The air schmutz blanketing Mexcio City creates an an environmental emergency as pollution reaches levels potentially dangerous to human health.

100 Ideas From Project Drawdown

Looking for educational resources that can help reverse the risk of climate chaos? Project Drawdown's got 100 solutions

The Pipeline's Been Stopped - For Now

NY rejects an application by the developer of a cross-harbor pipeline designed to carry fracked natural gas to NYC + Long Island. However, since this was a rejection, not a denial, the developer can resubmit its application

Attention Must Be Paid

Noted writer Jared Diamond describes the message of his new book Upheaval as "the risk we are facing is of the collapse of the whole world." + pegs the probability of collapse by 2050 at 49%

May 15, 2019

The L Train Slowdown - Before And After

How well do predictions about commuting impacts of the L train slowdown match MTA survey findings?

Helpful Housekeeping Tips

It's easy to clean green, here's how

Key Climate Standard Endangered

The Endangerment Finding, the legal foundation of EPA's authority for protecting the climate, is under assault by way of attacking the process by which it was made

May 14, 2019

Offshore Wind Wins Key Permit

An 800 MW offshore wind project clears a crucial Massachusetts regulatory hurdle

Fusion Power

It's a long, long shot, but fusion power developers seek financial backing to forestall climate calamities

And The Winner Of The EV Revolution...

...will be China, not the US + here's why

May 13, 2019

CO2 Keeps Rising

Inslee's Presidential Race - Why It Matters

May 10, 2019

Price-Gouging On LED's

Energy efficient LED light bulbs can cost double in low income parts of Detroit than their price in more affluent nearby areas

City Centers Banning Cars

A host of metropolises take a stand for clean air with center city vehicle bans or charging high entry fees to the dirtiest ones

Energy Efficiency Star In Cleveland

This Cleveland office building is a standout energy efficiency innovator, using PACE financing + green leases

May 09, 2019

Repair Coastal Wetlands, Add To Resilience

Repairing damaged Delaware wetlands provides a living lab for boosting climate resilience

New Zealand: Carbon Neutral By 2050

What are the detailed actions for New Zealand to meet a 2050 target date for going carbon neutral?

May 08, 2019

The Big Three

Indonesia, Saudi Arabia + the US rank as the biggest climate-science deniers on Earth

May 07, 2019

Bill Would Ban NYC Gas Pipelines

A bill in the NY legislature seeks to block construction of any natural gas pipeline entering NYC + end fossil fuel use for creating electricity by 2040

Derisking Urban Biking

What simple measures can make urban biking safer + more stress-free?

Australia: Climate-Changing Politics

Upcoming elections will reveal whether climate change is disrupting Australian politics

It's Not Just Plastic Bags

Plastics are common in clothes, but until now were not recognized as a source of pervasive micro pollutants

Notes On Camp + Climate Catastrophe

Imagine, climate-influencer Grist channels its inner Susan Sontag

May 06, 2019

Make The Retrofit Road By Walking

There's no roadmap for how to make NYC's 50,000 biggest buildings energy efficient. Stakehoders need to figure out how to meet the new law's big goals

Putting The GOAT In Gotham

Every week deserves some good news

Paving NY

Today's bikes + scooters might have a hard time with Belgian paving blocks, but this vestige 1850's NY is a reminder of a different low-carbon transportation era

Sandbag Salvation, As If

For now, sandbags are what stands between New Yorkers + the next Superstorm

All Hands On Deck

The Inslee Climate Rx, Part 1

Presidential candidate Jay Inslee issues a detailed climate policy for getting to reach net zero carbon emissions for electricity, new cars + new buildings. How will it inform the Presidential race?

May 03, 2019

From Journalist To Climate Activist

Canada: Sad Sap Story

Warmer winters + less snowpack threaten the Canadian maple syrup industry + even its maple trees

From Academia To Climate Activist

One man's journey from scholar to climate activist film maker

Inslee: Kill Coal

Running as the climate candidate, Presidential hopeful Jay Inslee would end coal use + strive for a 'just transition' toward fossil fuel free power supply

Constance: We've Got A Climate Emergency

May 02, 2019

Sunrise Movement's Bright Lights

Meet the folks who launched the Sunrise Movement + made AOC a political star. What's next?

Making Climate History Now

As Bill McKibben observes, we're in a remarkable political moment for climate action, things could get interesting - or dire

Rezoning For Resilience

Kelp Helps

Good for your health + the ocean's, kelp's the thing, said to taste good too

May 01, 2019

Human Impact On Climate From Early 20 C

Your Diet And The Climate

Take the quiz. Discover the climate impact of your food choices

Follow The Retrofit Leaders

Yes you can energy retrofit your building without getting lost, learn from these early adopters

Stop Cookin' With Gas

It's not cool to cook with gas, heat pumps can help 'electrify everything' in new homes

Pelosi + Schumer Add Climate To Infrastucture Agenda

Democratic leaders talks with Trump about an infrastructure agenda, said to include demands for climate funding


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