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January 31, 2019

True. True. True

Generation Climate

Masses of European students + their supporters take to the streets + online petitions in climate protests

Fighting POTUS Climate Misinformation

What's the best way to fight the President's climate misinformation? "I would frankly ignore him, and I would talk about the facts of climate change. Really, what we should be debating is a solution.”

Community Gardens Give So Much

An East Harlem community garden gives many good things to its neighborhood

LED Streetlight Grant

Now, NY cities can get state grants to install energy-saving LED street lights

Why Trump Scorns His National Security Advisors

US Intelligence officials cite climate disruptions as threats to global security, yet again

Canada: Climate Performance Gap Grows

The gap between Canada's Paris climate action pledge + actual cuts in GHG emissions is gappier due to the fossil fuel extraction industry

Washington DC: Rx For Energy Slurping

As the first city in the US to pass a law requiring cuts to GHG emissions with provisions for building energy retrofits, how is Washington DC tackling the details of getting it done?

January 30, 2019

Cuomo: Congestion Pricing Or Else...

Congestion pricing or steeper fare hikes are the only options for funding the MTA, according to Governor Cuomo

January 29, 2019

Bringing Climate Policy To Life

Renewed + rising attention to climate change is no guarantee of political success for a Green New Deal

Boston 0x50

Boston has a zero carbon emissions goal for its electric power supply by 2050 + a carbon neutrality goal for its transportation sector, how will it get there?

Buffalo Roots For A Plastic Bag Ban

A NY State ban on plastic bags gets Buffalo editorial support

A Ferry Loveletter

January 28, 2019

The Times They Are A Changin'

Lyrics for the 21st century climate movement "Don't stand in the doorway, don't block up the hall, for he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled, there's a battle outside and it is ragin'"

When Politics Derails Mass Transit

NY politics is a disaster for mass transit, some thoughts on how to fix the MTA

January 25, 2019

Virginia Beach: Plan For Rising Waters

Faced with the risk of both fast sea level rise + estuary flooding, Virginia Beach, VA has a plan for mitigation + adaptation with dozens of specific action proposals

Spain: Prime Minster Praises Green New Deal

At Davos, Spain's Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, says a Green New Deal is an idea who's time has come + he's a fan

The Sports Page: Super Bowl Ads

Wind power scores in a Budweiser ad to be aired during the Super Bowl

Creating A Climate Positive Toronto

For your consideration, Sidewalks Toronto sees the opportunity to aim for the climate positive in the waterfront Quayside development

America's A Big Climate Loser

Help Wanted: Climate Investigative Reporter

The New York Times seeks an investigative reporter who deeply understands the complexities of climate science + policy. Candidates should demonstrate that they can shape important investigative stories, write them with clarity + have a clear record of high-impact journalism

January 24, 2019

Mass Transit Planning - Mind The Gap

What happens when a metro area tries to plan for mass transit now, anticipating high rise population density coming later?

Ride Hailing Companies Cut Into Mass Transit Use

In cities round the US, ride hailing services reduce mass transit ridership. NY data is highlighted in the report

Climate Change - Sickening

8 reasons why climate change is a global public health emergency

This Caught My Eye: Distributed Energy Batteries

"Sustainable CUNY’s Smart DG Hub will continue its collaborative efforts to create a pathway to the marketplace for energy storage with new guidance documents in development for Lithium-Ion battery permitting. This is one of several CUNY-led works in progress on energy storage that include working with UL, FDNY, NYC DOB and other City agencies to establish criteria that will help speed up approvals. These initiatives support Mayor de Blasio’s goal of 100 MWh of energy storage in NYC by 2020 and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recently announced goal of deploying 3,000 MW of energy storage in New York State by 2030." Source: CUNY Building Performance Lab

Oslo: Reclaiming The Street

January 23, 2019

Advancing Electrification

Urban Green Council convenes an advisory committee to look at the current capabilities of heat pumps + the technical challenges of installing them in large existing residential buildings. Here's why: electrification of heat + hot water will play a critical role in NYC’s long-term emissions reductions + meeting its 80x50 climate action goal.

The Arctic: Don't Go There

Just because tourism + shipping in the Arctic are becoming possible doesn't mean anyone should actually go

Science At Work: Measuring Ocean Heat

Dive into the scientific research behind the headlines about rising ocean temperatures driven by a changing climate

More Climate Polling Results

New polling finds 70% of Americans see climate change as a reality, but only 34% support coupling a carbon tax with cutting back current fuel efficiency + emissions regulations

January 22, 2019

Flood, Rebuild, Repeat

Either we learn from past mistakes or we'll be doomed to repeat them. Start here

JFK Going Solar

Solar panels to create 13 MW of electricity to be installed at JFK, some of it for airport use, some of it for low-cost power in nearby neighborhoods

Congestion Pricing Gains Friends

Climate Change: It's Real, It's Happening Now And It's Disturbing

New polling finds a sharp upswing in Americans who think climate change is real, it's happening now + it's worrying

Spain: Rebooting Climate Action/Social Equity

After languishing for a decade, Spain vows to reboot its climate action plans + make them 'socially just'

India: Climate Change Changes Monsoons

The climate impact on monsoons, along with the impact of more local pollutants, will have an immense impact both inside India + beyond

January 18, 2019

What's Happening In Siberia

Won't stay in Siberia, when it comes to the melting permafrost/climate feedback loop. PS: it's not just Siberia

Andrew Wheeler: Candidate for EPA Chief

It's looking likely that Andrew Wheeler, a BFF of the coal industry, will run the EPA

Stop Climate Change With A Food Change

Eat less meat + transform how farmers grow crops

Healthy, Greener Urban Communities

Explore the overlaps between designing healthier cities + greener ones

Climate: Don't Give Up

Yes, there are climate + energy strategies that can make things better

Australia: Shatters Heat Records

Australians asking, "Hot enough for you? instead of saying, "Gidday mate"

If Elected...

What are the green plans of candidates running for the office of NYC Public Advocate?

All That's Air Melts Into Solid

January 17, 2019

How Economists Think About Climate Change Costs

Some Economics 101 for calculating the costs of what's happening to the planet + to us

January 16, 2019

Rooftop Solar: Very White

Racial + ethnic disparities characterize the distribution of US rooftop solar installations

!0 Climate-Important Predictions For 2019

Land Use Rules To The Rescue

Urban land use rules are a power tool for creating a Green New Deal

Keeping Miami Beach Dry

Meet Susanne Torriente, the Miami Beach policy wonk who directs the city's climate resilience efforts

An Environmental Holy Grail

Solving the plastics recycling problem

Help Wanted: Legislative Director

The League of Conservation Voters seeks a Legislative Director to steer advocacy work on a broad suite of environmental policy issues. The applicant should have a proven track record in federal government relations, command of national climate policy, experience with many environmental issues, good political judgement + committed to racial + environmental justice

How To Fix The L Train

One thing's for sure, Governor Cuomo's ideas for L train repair + how the MTA makes big decisions stir up controversy + questions

January 15, 2019

Cities Improve Quality Of Life...

...even when lawmakers don't call it climate action when amending land use rules + transportation patterns

Do The Right Congestion Pricing Thing

Green New Deal: Defining Goals

Is a 100% renewable energy goal the best way to make the Green New Deal a reality?

January 14, 2019

Green Group's Top Priorities For NY

Leading with congestion pricing + climate change, the NY League of Conservation Voters publishes its agenda for 2019 NY State green policy

Blown Away

More Than A Token Headline

"The Transcendent Incompetence of the L Train Fiasco", NY Times

Mainstreaming Climate Finance

Innovative finance guidelines + products point to the possibility of climate-friendly finance getting mainstreamed

Cuomo: Ban Plastic Bags/Redeem Bottles

Are the days numbered, finally, for plastic bags with Governor Cuomo's latest move? BTW, he's also looking to expand NY's"Bottle Bill"

January 11, 2019

Petitioning For a 'Bike Mayor'

NY transit advocates petition Bill de Blasio to appoint a “Bike Mayor” to encourage coordinated cycling policies across City government

De Blasio - Silent On Climate

In his 2019 State-of-the-City address, Mayor de Blasio had nothing to say about taking new climate actions

China: Energy Geo-Politics

China could be the century's renewable energy superpower, while undermining last century's fossil fuel-exporting nations

January 10, 2019

We're In Hot Water Now

New research finds that oceans are heating up 40% faster than predicted just 5 years ago

State-By-State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

The 12th annual ACEEE report with state-by-state energy efficiency scorecards is here

Getting To Yes On Home Energy Efficiency Upgrades

EnergyFit, a pilot project launched in 2016 by the Pratt Center, sought to grow the number of energy efficiency upgrades in 1-2 family homes in Brooklyn. What's the takeaway?

Irrigating NYC's Transit Deserts

Outer boroughs have the train tracks, what's needed is train service to provide rider relief

Subway Chief Not Sold On Gov's L Train Plan

NYC Transit chief, Andy Byford, publicly lists his not-yet-resolved concerns about Governor Cuomo's no-shutdown-fix for the L train

2019: One Good Start

The Sierra Club And The Green New Deal

The Sierra Club fleshes out what a Green New Deal with 5 bi ideas

The Green New Deal And The Grassroots

Not the first to demand a Green New Deal, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez needs to spend time with long-standing grass roots activists

January 09, 2019

Friedman's Green New Deal

"I like the urgency and energy she (AOC) + groups like the Sunrise Movement are bringing to this task. So for now I say: Let a hundred Green New Deal ideas bloom! Let’s see what sticks and what falls by the wayside."

The Weekly Question

Why Cities Should Support A Green New Deal

Infrastructure. Mass transit. Resilience.

Sunsetting Fossil-Fueled Power Plants

Stay tuned for a NYC Council bill that would require the City to develop a plan by the end of 2019 for the phase out of all natural-gas fired power plants + replacing them with renewable energy generators

January 08, 2019

Climate Science For Climate Justice

Preview how climate science could impact Juliana v United States, a law suit brought by young people against the federal government, claiming the “nation’s climate system” is critical to their rights to life, liberty + property + asserting the federal government has violated their substantive due process rights by allowing fossil fuel production, consumption, + combustion at
'dangerous levels'

Today's Quote

"Imagine if our efforts, from community-driven renewable energy enterprises to climate policy, integrated a new kind of "emotional intelligence" - which can say, yep, we know, this is hard, scary, exciting, overwhelming, + you may be feeling x and y. Let's talk about it, let's figure it out together." Renee Lertzman, psychologist

Help Wanted: NJ Assistant Attorney General

The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General is hiring an Assitant Attorney General responsible for management of affirmative environmental litigation with a priority on civil enforcement actions, natural resource damage suits, litigation involving the federal government + promoting environmental justice.

World: Heritage Sites Threatened

UNESCO World Heritage sites with "outstanding universal value" are at risk from climate disruption impacts

Carbon Emissions Spiral Up

US carbon dioxide emissions rose 3.4% in 2018, per new expert report

January 07, 2019

Unpacking The GND

What's the deal with the Green New Deal? Not at all definitive, but a place to start

Congestion Pricing, What It Is And Isn't

Here's what congestion pricing is - a map to a fairer + more rational transportation system - not a death threat to taxi drivers or an arbitrary tax

Lahore: Where Inhaling Is Ugly

Clean Energy Innovation - It's Not Magic

Take a closer look at what the GOP calls "innovation" for solving our climate crisis + what's well known about how it actually works effectively + large scale

January 04, 2019

A Green New Deal For NY

First takes on what a Green New Deal for NY could mean, including some legislative + policy ideas already on the table

Euro-Banks: Low Carbon Loans

5 major European banks adopt low-carbon lending practices + collaborate on means to track their progress + determine where to cut investments

116th Congress - First Climate Hearings

The House Energy + Commerce Committee will devote its first hearing to the economic + environmental impacts of climate change

January 03, 2019

Japan: Cold-Shouldering Coal

A Japanese steel maker/utility consortium scraps plans for a coal-burning power plant after government signals environmental concerns

New York Politics - The L Train

Gov. Cuomo derails de Blasio's 15 month L train repair shut down by announcing a no-shut down fix

Help Wanted: Environmental Legal Fellow

Reinventing Climate Finance

What are the top financing levers for driving decarbonization across critical industry stocks?

Belt And Road And Coal

If you think China's global Belt + Road infrastructure plan won't affect you, you'd be wrong

UK: No Place For Chimney Sweeps

Double good news for UK electricity, generating levels at their lowest since 1994 + renewables producing 33% of that power. BTW, population is up + economy's doing OK

January 02, 2019

A Third Space

How to transform buildings + other urban conditions into instruments for environmental sustainability by working with the biosphere -- an essay by urbanist Saskia Sassen

NY's 2019 Energy Agenda

What are top items on New York's energy to-do list for 2019?

Community Solar Shines In Brooklyn

A 1.2 MW community solar array now lighting up Brooklyn homes + small businesses

Climate Change Meets The Press

The beginning of the end for climate silence on TV news shows

Mercurial Threats

Think cost-benefit analysis is just for nerds? Here's how the EPA is weaponizing it to undermine limits on emissions of mercury, a neurotoxin

Norway: Free Parking For Some

High Rises In Wood

What's all this about wooden construction for high + mid-rise buildings?