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November 30, 2018

Alarmist, Extreme, "I Don't Believe It"

The climate-denialist Trump administration disses the 2018 National Climate Assessment

Become A Climate Island

Some think buying climate-safe property will solve the climate crisis, at least for them

The Math Behind The Headline

What's the source + reasons for for the headline-getting 2018 EPA climate assessment that predicts deep damage to the US economy resulting from a disrupted climate?

More Rain, More Stormwater, More Flooding, More Planning

Not every city is preparing yet, but a partnership in NY is creating a tool that shows the probabilities of different rain intensities out to 2099

Ikea: 80x30

Hey Kids, Don't Try This At Home

Ontario's new climate plan is low on ambition + sketchy on details

November 29, 2018

Climate Change Is Sickening

Time to take climate change personally because its effects can make you sick or even kill you

Climate, Coal, People And Politics

Here's a Twitter thread that's a sign-of-the-time in in US

Elections Matter For Climate Action

2018 election results improve chances for putting prices on carbon

Don't Guess. VeriFi

Thinking about upgrading your residential building utility systems? Here's a FREE interactive, online software application to calculate potential cost savings of energy efficiency improvements

November 26, 2018

It' Now Or Never

One Less Thing To Worry About

NY tackles EV range anxiety with a plan to create a high speed charging corridor on the Thruway + at hubs in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Yonkers+ JFK airport

Maine's Renewable Energy Reboot

After electing a new Governor + legislature, there's hope for Maine giving renewable energy some love

A Philosopher's Rx For Climate Skepticism

Explain climate science in terms of probabilities - rather than knowledge - to overcome skeptics' OCD-type thinking

November 23, 2018

Future Sea Level Rising And Rising

The Tragedy Of The Commons

Now, more relevant than ever

From Ikea To You By EV

Ikea's new center-city locational shift will come with home deliveries by EV

November 21, 2018

Think Outside Your Box

What's the draw to climate action for some young Evangelicals?

Watch Out Miami

We're All Islands When It Comes To Climate Change

Big Climate Bill For City Council

Expect the City Council to consider a bill that would require big energy efficiency upgrades for NYC buildings to make an epic advance on cutting the urban carbon footprint

November 20, 2018

A Shrunken Planet

What does Bill McKibben mean when he writes that the planet is shrinking?

How Scientists Cope With Grim Climate Science Report

The downbeat IPCC Special Report has personal resonance for climate scientists

Making Climate History

Archival research turns up oil industry documents from the 1950's that show knowledge of links between burning fossil fuels + climate change

November 19, 2018

The $26 Trillion Opportunity

Focused climate action could quickly yield a $26 trillion bonanza, with compact urban growth being high on the to-do list

Give Thanks

Climate Threatens US Fleet

Rising sea levels + extreme weather threatens the Naval Ship Yard in Norfolk VA with 'catastrophic' damage

Help Wanted: Campaign Coordinator

NY Renews is hiring a Campaign Coordinator to work with the Steering Committee fighting for groundbreaking climate policies grounded in equity + justice for communities + working people

They're Coming

E-scooters, a trending micro-transit option, works better in some cities than others, is it right for NYC?

Catching Up With AOC

Making her Washington debut, NY's high-energy new Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a subject of media fascination

NYCHA - Lead Paint Poisoning Denier

I. Can't, Even

November 16, 2018

LinkNYC Makes Walking More Interesting

Whether you've an urban history buff, or just a passer-by, site specific NYC histories are coming to a kiosk near you

These POPS Are For You

NYC's Privately Owned Public Spaces often fall under the radar screen, here's a way to find them+ engage

Big Greens + Enviro Justice Support NYC Fossil Fuel Suit

Help Wanted: Climate Campaigner

Greenpeace is hiring a Climate Campaigner to work with supporters + allies across the country. The Campaigner will work with our experts in communications, research + digital to craft campaigns + interventions that change the conversation on climate + spur action at the highest levels of government + corporations to secure a just, green and peaceful future for all.

Clean Water - Still A Work In Progress

With its old school pipes, NYC combines sewage + rainwater for disposal, so rainy days mean spills of untreated waste. The City is working for an answer that will meet State regulators standards + satisfy community concerns

November 14, 2018

Concrete Carbon Solutions

Concrete, one of the world's big CO2 emissions sources, could be reengineered to absorb + store this GHG

Science At Work: Coping With Error

Authors of a a scientific paper which found oceans warming much faster than predicted, acknowledge underestimating uncertainties in their conclusions

African Cities At 'Extreme' Climate Risk

86 of the world’s 100 fastest-growing cities are in Africa, experts warn of grave climate change impacts

On The Beach

See climate signals at Rockaway Beach

Switzerland: No Escaping Climate Disruption

November 13, 2018

Spain: 100 X 50

Aiming for 100% renewable electric power by 2050, Spain advances its overall decarbonization goal

Data For Decarbonizing

How cities can use targeted data to make the most effective emissions reductions decisions

The Future Of Air-Conditioning NY

NY's air conditioning needs could eat up 80% more electricity if it gets as hot as some climate change models project

November 12, 2018

NY: Left In the Decarbonization Dust

A hometown booster urges New York to catch up with California's big decarbonization goals + crucially, develop a funding + regulatory plan for meeting those goals

Help Wanted: Executive Director

Climate Hawks Vote Civic Action seeks a dynamic, entrepreneurial leader to take the helm of our feisty, growing organization, as it’s poised to make a bigger difference in the 2019-2020 election cycle. We believe that bold action today by public officials — at all levels of government — is essential to addressing the threat posed by climate change

When Low-C Is The Best Grade

Zero-Carbon-emitting electric school buses start to make the grade

40-Year Old Utility Law Up For Renewal

Should the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 be updated to advance the rise of renewable energy?

November 09, 2018

Germany: Battling For EV Independence

Germany earmarks $1.2 billion to ends its reliance on batteries made in Asia for electric vehicles made domestically + BMW announces a renewed move into EV's

Community-Owned Solar Coming To Brooklyn

What's not to like!

Adaptive Traffic Lights, Modular Sidewalks And More

Have a brain stretch, listen to these Sidewalk Labs podcasts

Seed Money For Energy Storage, Projects Sprout

Energy storage projects in Massachusetts starting up with help from state grants

Up From GOP Ashes

Democratic House leadership said to plan revival of a select committee focused on climate change

November 08, 2018

Very Weird Weather

Big Impact Climate Agenda

"The things to focus on: decarbonizing power plants, reducing transportation emissions, making buildings and factories more efficient, curbing pollution from industrial processes like steel + cement, + reducing deforestation in tropical countries." Brad Plumer, New York Times, Climate Fwd, 11.07.18

Help Wanted: Renewable Energy Advocate

NRDC seeks a renewable energy advocate to join our Climate + Clean Energy team, which focuses on advocacy in NY, NJ, PA, VA, NC + Puerto Rico. The position is located in NRDC’s NY office with significant travel. This is a limited term 2-year position.

November 07, 2018

Meet Eddie Bernice Johnson

With a Democratic-led House, Eddie Bernice Johnson, a former chief psychiatric nurse, is in line to chair the Committee on Science, Space + Technology, run by GOP science deniers since 2011

America Voted

The climate lost

Greenland: The Bg Melt

Photos of melting ice sheets covering Greenland must be seen to be believed

No Climate Wave In Election 2018

While not a total loss, climate-friendly ballot initiatives didn't do well on November 6

November 06, 2018

Mending Holes

Years of concerted global effort point to the healing of the ozone hole

Putting The Sun To Work In Buffalo

Signs Of The Times

For Everyone Under 30...

...Not a single month in their lifetime has fallen within the limited range of temperature, precipitation or storm activity that characterized Earth for the previous 10,000 years

Making Connections

Tom Steyer see links between hate groups + climate denialism - conspiracy theories could be a shared world view

November 05, 2018

What Governors Can Do About Climate Change

Imagine you're elected Governor! Now, what's your strategy for fixing the climate?

Climate Change: Truth, Not Belief

Solar Power Roils Arizona Election

A ballot initiative requiring Arizona electric utilities to use renewable energy for 50% of their power generation by 2035 is a multi-million dollar political battle ground

Making Energy Efficiency The Law - Or Not

Efforts to pass landmark legislation in NYC with ambitious building energy efficiency standards haven't yet solved the problem of incurring rent increases for affordable housing

November 02, 2018

Regulatory Rollbacks - Nothing To Celebrate

The Trump Administration war on environmental, health + consumer regulation means degradation + premature death, so who's actually benefitting?

Something Doesn't Add Up

Why are bond rating agencies still giving AAA grades to cities threatened by climate risks?

Quote Of The Day

"We have probed the earth, excavated it, burned it, ripped things from it, buried things in it, chopped down its forests, leveled its hills, muddied its waters, + dirtied its air. That does not fit my definition of a good tenant. If we were here on a month-to-month basis, we would have been evicted long ago." Rose Bird, Former Chief Justice of California Supreme Court

Teaching Climate Denial

Florida is becoming ground zero for conservative groups striving to control how climate science is taught in school

There Ought To Be A Map For That

November 01, 2018

The Persistence Of Memory Extremes

It's the persistence of summer weather weirdness, more than its extremeness, that will make climate disruptions so devastating

Our 75 Percent Problem

Making electricity accounts for 25% of the world's GHG emissions, Bill Gates has some ideas for tackling the other 75%

More Ways To Green Gotham

Urban forest managers have a plan for NYC