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October 31, 2018

Our Oceanic Climate Crisis

"Ocean shock" describes the impact of climate change on the animals + plants that live underwater + on which millions of people depend

The Environment Of The Florida Campaigns

Noxious environmental realities like the red algae tide, are forcing Florida's candidates to campaign on green issues, including the hotly-contested Senate race

The Climate Of The NY Governor's Race

Talk of climate change/climate action is MIA from the NY governor's race

Earth's In Hot Water

New research finds Earth’s oceans retain 60% more heat each year than scientists had predicted

The Rising Climate Generation

A Cornucopia Of NYC-Themed Podcasts

Enjoy these Gotham Center podcasts, Open House NY walking tours for your ears

Doubts About NYC's Drinking Water

Do officials know what's in NYC's rooftop drinking water tanks? City Council members ask

October 30, 2018

Local Weather In 2050

If you or anyone you know is around in 2050, here's what the weather is likely to be in US cities

Negative Emissions - Not The Rx

Why negative emissions technologies can't save us from climate chaos

Arts Inspire Climate Action

NY: All Renewables x 2050

Will New York pass legislation that sets a 2050 target year for 100% renewable energy to power everything?

Scotland: Utility Goes All-Wind Power

Scottish Power will replace all its gas + hydro electric power projects with offshore wind

Your Vote Counts

Where + why state-level election outcomes will have a big impact on energy policy

The Great Transportation Transition

For Dave Roberts, defending car fuel efficiency standards (CAFE) from Trump's attacks will become moot as electric vehicles take over

Australia: Politics Throws Shade On Renewables Glow

Political uncertainties threaten to sap Australia's surging renewable energy markets

October 29, 2018

Airport At Risk From Sea Level Rise

Don't Bet On Coal

What Money Can Buy

Can big-spending Fossil Fuel defeat a carbon fee ballot initiative in Washington State?

Climate Science And Public Responses

Marcia McNutt, President of the National Academy of Sciences talks about the state of climate science + the public's understanding of it

PACE Advocacy

A note from a sustainable architect colleague,
"As a member of the Architectural community of New York, I am writing to urge you and your colleagues to propose and pass PACE legislation this year. All of the internal issues and concerns about PACE have been addressed by city administrators, we only need to propose a local law and pass it through City Council.
Passing PACE legislation is critical to developing new financial markets to support the upgrading of existing buildings to be more energy efficient in order to meet our carbon use reduction goals, improve human health and air quality in the city, provide new construction jobs, and make the city safer and more resilient to major disruptions.
Any legislation must include commercial, institutional, and multifamily buildings in order to address the true needs of New Yorkers. At the state level, we need further advocacy to pass single family residential PACE as well."

October 26, 2018

Help Wanted: Deputy Chief-Of-Staff

The NYC Mayor's Office of Recovery + Resilience seeks a Chief-of- Staff to serve as a key member of the Director’s team, contributing to the day-to- day operations + execution of strategic goals and priorities

UK: Extinction Rebellion

Civil disobedience mobilizes UK climate activists

Australia: Go Green Against The Political Flow

October 25, 2018

The Race Against Climate Change Is A Race Against Time

Public attitudes + political mobilization will determine winning or losing this race

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Check out a brand new book about links among climate change, public health + environmental law

Dems Done With Dirty Fuel

Shifting to renewable energy emerges as a unifying theme among Democratic candidates

All That's Solid...

The wild creatures of Antarctica are facing dire disruptions due to climate change

Building EV's in Singapore

Singapore may not be an obvious choice as a place to build electric vehicles, buy Dyson sees it differently

Defending Truth In Science

Bruno Latour, a philosopher who views facts as arising from their social matrix, defends the scientific enterprise

MTA Shakes Its Tin Cup

What are the MTA's current ideas to fund a $40 billion/10 year subway + system fix?

October 24, 2018

How We Know We're Disrupting The Climate

No time to read learned reports about climate change? Here's the short version about what we've done + why we're sure it's us

NY Sues Exxon For Shareholder Deception

The NY Attorney General sues Exxon for deceiving its shareholders by downplaying the expected risk of climate change to its business

They Said It Couldn't Be Done...

...But now truck makers plan to roll out electric big rigs, starting in 2019

Energy Storage: Clear Goal But Means TBD

New York is committed to 1,500 - 3,000 MW of energy storage by 2025 , but the ways + means to that end are a work in progress

October 23, 2018

The Climate Comics - No Laughing Matter

Can climate science be pitched to conservatives?

Scientists Run For Congress

Scientists run for Congress, push back on attacks on climate science + Administration's evidence-denying policies

Israel: Teeny Solar Panels

Imagine having your home smart gear run on solar cells powered by indoor lighting

Australia: Superfast EV Charging

An inter-city network of 21 "ultra rapid" EV recharging stations is coming to Australia

Crash Looms For NJ Solar

Why the worries about a collapse of the New Jersey solar power market by 2020?

October 22, 2018

Let's Agree On Something

Climate activist Bill McKibben writes we should all agree on at least one thing, let's not kill one another, + how he responds to such threats

The Great Climate Persuader

Rising insurance premiums could be the thing that convinces Americans climate disruption risks are real

Meeting Urban Climate Challenges

Pittsburgh, Philadelphia Boston + Washington are Bloomberg Philanthropies' American Cities Climate Challenge award winners, what's happening there?

Sun Rising For NYC Solar

Solar power doubters are being proved wrong in NYC, here's how

Cementing Sustainability In The Bronx

Sustainable design helps a Bronx waterfront cement delivery terminal become an award winner

Lead Harms More Than IQ's

City To State - Decongestion Now

A broad NYC coalition is demanding the next State budget include congestion pricing, November election outcomes could be pivotal

Subway Ridership Sinks

Chronically troubled NYC subway service drives riders to take a hike

October 19, 2018

Saving Boston

The Mayor of Boston announces a waterfront plan for protecting the city from rising sea levels, which could swell 3 feet by 2070

Using The Sun For Racial Justice

Learn how a Minneapolis solar power entrepreneur advances solar power to power racial equality

Spend A Dollar To Save 4

In Michigan, utility customers participating in energy efficiency programs save $4 for every added $1 that goes to the utility

October 18, 2018

Florida Campaign: Environment Is One Thing, Climate Another

While both the Democratic + GOP candidates for Governor of Florida both seek the environmental vote, they don't agree on climate change

IPCC Climate Report - The Ultimate Wake-Up Call

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for a Green New Deal to mobilize the US economy + David Wallace-Wells, a New York Magazine journalist, sees climate genocide coming soon, unless the US mobilizes at a WW II preparation level

Reality Checking EPA GHG Claims

Scratch the surface of EPA data about a dip in GHG emissions + see what's happening

October 17, 2018

Closing Indian Point Without Sacrificing Climate Commitments

Big gains in NYC energy efficiency are the only hope for keeping on-course for big GHG emissions cuts once the Indian Point nuclear power plant closes

Easing The Pain Of Climate Chaos

The World Bank + Bill Gates launch a climate change adaption fund to help the world's most vulnerable people

Scotland: Ending Fossil Fuel Addiction

A Scottish power generator swears off fossil fuels + embraces 100% wind power, a UK first

"Complete Aberrations"

Newsworthy because it's so rare, weekend political talk show moderators were spurred to ask questions about climate change

End Climate Silence

The news, especially on TV, commits 'media malpractice' with its scant attention to climate change

October 16, 2018

Congestion Pricing, Key To Urban Climate Action

NYC's decaying mass transit system makes meeting climate goals even harder, time for congestion pricing to help finance a turn around

England: Banks Must Ensure Against Climate Risk

The Bank of England will make bank insurers plan for the financial impacts of climate change

Drawing Conclusions

The Two-Foot Transportation Solution

Climate Change Makes It To SNL

Why folks just don't care about the end of the world according to SNL's Jost + Che

Climate Change And Economics...

...Go together like a horse + carriage, a key insight of Nobel Prize winning economist Bill Nordhaus

October 15, 2018

Carbon Tax, Yes, Quid Pro Quo, No

A good carbon tax doesn't trade away legal liabilities or policy prescriptions

Denier Data

This might be a first-ever research data base for who's who in the climate denialist industry

Help Wanted: Electric Vehicles Communications Senior Manager

NYC-based Climate Nexus seeks an electric vehicles communications senior manager

Trump Still Denies What Climate Science Knows

Fact checking Trump's latest on climate change

Paris: Creating An Eco-District

A once run-down Paris neighborhood became a model of sustainable + inclusive urban transformation

Germany: Greens's Election Rise

The Green Party nearly doubles its votes, comes in second in Bavarian elections, potential national implications seen

October 14, 2018

Great Britain: Green GB Week

The first Green GB Week will take place 15–19 October 2018. Climate experts will advise the government on whether the UK should set a date for a net zero emissions target.

Germany: Bavarian Green Party Says No To Bullshit Bingo

Climate Change Needs Sustained Coverage

October 09, 2018

New UN Report Predicts Climate Crisis by 2040. Now What?

The Takeaway gives a snapshot of 2040 and then talks with two experts about solutions, Megan Mullin (Duke University) from the political and Mark Jacobson (Stanford University) weighs in on technological perspectives

All Eyes On Washington State

With the federal government AWOL on climate change, a Green New Deal is on the ballot this year in WA putting a price on CO2 ect — another state steps up

October 08, 2018

Australia: We'll Pass On Tipping Money Into The Fund

A spokesperson for the department of foreign affairs and trade said: "Australia does not currently plan to replenish the Green Climate Fund above our existing commitment of A$200m"

October 04, 2018

This Old House 2018 Premiere — Net-Zero Bungalow

Fortieth season owner and architect, Donald Powers, discusses the challenge of making a completely net-zero house out of an old house with a new addition

October 03, 2018

Age Of Air Taxis Getting Closer

"Think about a future in which you will have three-dimensional highways to relieve traffic congestion," said Boeing Co. CEO

IPCC Meeting In South Korea

Turin Electrifies

Fossil fuels are SO 20th Century, Turin accelerates the EV revolution

BlueTorino EV car-sharing program

The Business Case for Carbon Pricing

Is an economy-wide carbon price worth pursuing? Nonpartisan Citizens Climate Lobby makes the case for why they believe a bipartisan federal carbon bill can — and eventually will — get passed

October 02, 2018

Nobel Nonagenarian Plugging Away On Solar

Scientist Arthur Ashkin wins Nobel Prize in physics for old work with lasers. Oldest person to win a Nobel — retired from Bell Labs but still doing research. Currently working on ideas related to solar power, prompted by President Trump's decision to remove the U.S. from the Paris climate accord.

Few Candidates Running On Climate Change

Midterm election round-up — why are the candidates muted on environmental issues?