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September 26, 2018

Climate Emojis

Scotland: Island Ancient Treasures At Risk

Sea level rise jeopardizes antiquities on Scotland's Orkey Islands, can they be saved?

Paths To Fossil Fuel Disinvestment

Institutional investors are forging several pathways to financially-secure fossil fuel disinvestments

September 25, 2018

A Wonder Down Under

Ooh, Ooh Ooh, What Heatpumps Could Do

What are heatpumps + how can they help New York slash its carbon footprint?

China: Public Opinion On Climate Change

Surveys show Chinese attitudes to climate change driven by high-profile government-led campaigns + the public's air pollution concerns

From Fatalism To Climate Heroism

Forget about climate denialism, climate fatalism (think Eeyore) can be just as undermining for climate progress

Spanish Energy Giant Ups US Investment

Iberdrola sees big opportunities to invest in onshore + offshore electric power generation, transmission + distribution in the US

Now There's A Map For That

Mapping urban GHG emissions is being rolled out by Google

Arctic: Lakes Behaving Strangely

What's up with the bubbling, hissing Alaskan lake?

Defend Climate Action With Climate Science

September 24, 2018

Composting Paused

New Yorkers not big on composting yet

When 'Doing Your Best' Is Not Enough

September 21, 2018

London : UPS Delivers On EVs

What's green + brown + delivers packages around London?

Where Carbon Neutrality Is Tasty

What's one Brookllyn restaurant doing to go carbon neutral?

September 20, 2018

2nd City Is Better Than Gold

Walk The Walk

The long-derided Sheridan Expressway will be transformed into a Bronx boulevard welcoming to pedestrian + bike riders

Quote Of The Day

"Oil deposits + orebodies are finite assemblages of atoms; mining + dispersion deplete their negentropy,"...But energy efficiency resources are infinitely expandable assemblages of ideas that deplete nothing but stupidity — a very abundant if not expanding resource." Amoy Lovins

The Little Energy Innovation Engine That Could

Nimbly avoiding Trump's budget ax, ARPA-E continues to support leading-edge energy research, for example long term energy storage tech

September 19, 2018

Shortfall On NYC Climate Action

While NYC targeted a 50,000 metric ton cut in greenhouse gas emissions from its own buildings, it reduced them by just 38,662 metric tons in Fiscal Year 2018

September 18, 2018

Drafting The Energy Storage Roadmap

NY begins to chart a path for energy storage development, initial comments from service providers + energy consumers

Portland: "Gentle Density"

Bigger buildings + smaller homes is the planning recommendation to Portland, Oregon leaders for greater urban sustainability

Climate Action On The Streets

Look what the Society of Fearless Grandmothers created in San Francisco

Hospitals Pledge For Climate Health

17,000 hospitals + clinics pledge to cut their carbon emissions + reduce the greatest health threat of this century, climate chaos

It's Unnatural

September 17, 2018

London: Air Pollution And The Unborn

Research discovers air pollutants in pregnant moms' placentas

Something's Happening Here

When is the last time the words "electric vehicle" + "frenzy" appeared in the same sentence?

Help Wanted: Sustainable Finance Strategist

NRDC seeks a sustainable finance strategist for its American Cities Climate Challenge. The Challenge is an opportunity for 20 cities to deepen + accelerate efforts to tackle climate change + promote a sustainable future

Dutch Bank Looks To Link Loans To Climate Action

Dutch bank ING may rate corporate borrowers' climate engagement as part of their credit worthiness

Good Data On GHG Cuts Hard to Get

Make Climate Disclosure A Must

Senator Warren spearheads a legislative campaign to mandate corporate reporting on the financial risks of climate change

September 14, 2018

If Tish James Is Elected In November...

...What could this mean for climate + environmental justice litigation in NY?

Let's Hope This Is An EV Chart

Headline Of The Week

"You can't put America first if you put climate change last'

The "Swiss Army Knife" Of Climate Action

Seven tools that make building energy efficiency a versatile power tool for crating the climate procgress we need

Record-Setting Solar Summer

While Europe's heat set records this summer, so did its solar power output

Climate Activism - Outside And In

Keep-it-in-the-ground activists demonstrate outside the Global Climate Action Summit convened by Governor Jerry Brown

Primary Results And Congestion Pricing

September 13, 2018

Quote Of The Day

"Trump is not just AWOL on climate change, he has designated himself saboteur-in-charge. He has designated himself basically enemy of the people. I’m calling him out because climate change is a real threat of death, destruction and ultimate extinction." Jerry Brown, Governor of California

Climate Action, Get "Chahhged Up" Now

Play Now Or Pay Later

Insurance is a hedge against risk, a carbon tax is a key to risk reduction, so no tax will mean rising customer premiums

September 12, 2018

Speed Slow Kills

Hurricanes Florence + Harvey can be so destructive because they move so slowly + scientists find a 20% drop in hurricane movements since 1949

L.A. Plans For Zero-Emissions Transportation


And Now For The Good News

If You're Not In San Francisco

What to expect at the Global Climate Action Summit going on in San Francisco this week

September 11, 2018

New Search On Google Maps

Urban carbon footprints, in Beta testing now

Competence Could Clobber Climate

Guess Who'll Be Carbon Neutral By 2045

Governor Brown's Executive Order commits California to become carbon neutral in all its operations by 2045

September 10, 2018

How To Green Organizational Management

What is needed to embed sustainability in organizational management practices?

Climate Action - More Than Environmentalism

True or false? Demands for climate action are undercut by calling them an environmental agenda

Subsidy-Free Solar Takes Off

15 solar power projects that don't need government subsidies to turn a profit on tap in Europe

BBC: Updates Climate Reporting Rules

BBC balanced climate news coverage will no longer require inclusion of climate deniers

Marching, Marching

Around the US protest marches to demand climate action + the transition to renewable energy took place last weekend

Attention Must Be Paid

September 07, 2018

Calculating the Costs Of Breathing

Mercury, a toxic air pollutant could see its costs to life + health recalculated way down in a proposed EPA rule change, expect similar pollution rule changes to follow

Getting Community Buy-In For Community Solar

Live in a city? don't own your own roof? Community solar can be the key to accessing affordable + renewable electricity

Big, Passive And Beautiful

This Bilbao building shows that beauty doesn't have to be sacrificed for super energy efficiency

September 06, 2018

Keynesian Economics And The Climate Crisis

Dear Reader, this is a fascinating but very book review about the economic theories of John Maynard Keynes. The climate crisis comments come at the end

Quote Of The Day

"This year's hottest fashion trend isn't the return of acid-washed denim. It's sustainability. Luxury brands such as Burberry have long preferred to burn or bury unsold items rather than risk being spotted in discount stores. The practice drew investor outrage. Today, companies are beginning to clean up supply chains + give money to carbon funds. Green, it seems, is the new black." Josh Petri, Bloomberg Climate Changed

Hot Summer Nights

Nighttime temperature lows at record highs this summer

Solar Reprieve In South Carolina

For now, Duke Energy will reinstate net metering for its customers with rooftop solar panels

How To Show And Tell Climate Change

Storytelling strategies for dramatists writing plays about climate change

The Deuce ACE

Listen to Joseph Goffman, a principle architect of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, weigh in on a menu of legal challenges to Trump's Affordable Clean Energy Rule (ACE) substitute

Live Better

September 05, 2018

Sign It Gov. Brown

A plea to Governor Brown to sign a bill that sets a zero-carbon energy bill for California

France: Climate Minister Replacement

Green groups on edge over the resignation of France's climate minister + his replacement

NYC Recycling Still In-Organic

What every happened to the Mayor's vow to make organic waste recycling program go Citywide?

Real Law, Not Fake News

September 04, 2018

UK: Brexit Could Defang Climate Watchdog

Climate oversight could be cut from the UK environmental watchdog job with the Brexit

Wind Power - What's New, What's Not

Installing wind power near the Mississippi River is something new, the siting fights are not

Leaving Subsidies Behind

European wind power providers envision power purchase agreements as the best replacement for waning government subsidies