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June 28, 2018

More Citibikes To Ease L Loss

To help soften the blow of the L train shutdown, 1,250 new Citibikes + 2,500 docking points will be on tap in the affected areas

Sunny Day Flooding Update

Scientists predicted sunny day flooding along the east coast would happen later this century, but it's happening now

Europe: Mixed On Meeting Paris Goals

Some European nations on track to meet their Paris climate commitments, but most aren't

US To Miss Climate Goal

Even though the Paris Accord climate goals aren't big enough to reverse climate change, it's bad news that the US is on track to fall short on them

Kennedy's Environmental Impact

What does Justice Kennedy's retirement mean for federal environmental protection laws?

June 27, 2018

The Northeast Wind Energy Laggard

What will Maine miss if it gives a miss on wind power?

Trying To Put Out Forest Fires With Spoons

World fast losing tropical forests, climate implications are grim

Italy And Germany: Energy Efficiency Leaders

Italy + Germany tie for the most energy efficient nations, while the US falls to 10th place

Could Be Climate's New Friend In Congress

June 26, 2018

A Question Energy Nerds Want Answered

City Parks Degraded

Lack of maintenance funds takes a toll on NYC parks

Help Wanted: Digital Communications Manager

Climate Hawks Vote Civic Action + its sister political action committee, Climate Hawks Vote Political Action are building a national community committed to tacking climate change + seek their 1st Digital Communications Manager

France: Solar Panel Recycling

As first generation PV panels start to age out, the first European solar panel recycling plant opens in France

Atlanta Looks To An All-Renewable Future

Catch up with the 100% renewable energy blueprints under consideration by the Atlanta, GA City Council

Cities Lose On Climate Law Suit

A law suit to recover climate impact costs spearheaded by San Francisco + Oakland against Big Oil is dismissed by the judge

June 25, 2018

The Big EV Opportunity

Buses, garbage trucks + delivery vans on the cusp of having their big breakout

Resolved: Cities Must Write Better Building Codes

Solar One Shines On NYC Nabes

Here Comes Solar is a program for making solar power + storage accessible + affordable for all in NYC

Single-Use Plastic Ban In Seattle

A ban on plastic straws + utensils starts in Seattle in July, 2018

See Nothing, Know Nothing

NOAA, a front-line federal climate science agency, at risk of losing its mission

India: GIga-Interest In Solar Power

A 100 gigawatt solar power capacity goal, along with solar panel manufacture, is under consideration in India

June 22, 2018

Tesla Slashes Home Solar Biz

Tesla will close sales + installation centers in 9 states, including NY, NJ + CA, as it retreats from the home solar power business

The Good News About The GOP Climate Tax Idea

"Democrats don’t often act like it, but they are right on climate change...That’s why fossil fuel companies are reaching out to, ahem, “end the impasse.” It’s what you do when you’re losing."

Climate-Speak Lessons From Charlotte

Win climate benefits by focusing on the co-benefits is a takeaway from Charlotte North Carolina's efforts to tackle traffic jams + sprawl

International Law For Climate Refugees

Climate refugees have no legal framework to acknowledge or protect them

June 21, 2018

CT: Ups Its Green Game

New legislation raises the clean energy + climate action goals for Connecticut

Solar Power - The Hurricane Test

What are the lessons for solar power resilience from the hurricanes that struck the Caribbean in 2017?

Sweden: Carbon Free Steel

You can't make omelette without breaking eggs, but Sweden will try to make steel without burning fossil fuels

What Storage Can Do

The Politics Of Carbon Fees

Have chances improved for federal action on a carbon fee with the latest Old Guard GOP idea?

June 20, 2018

Trump Gives US Future To China

With China's solar tech advances + Trump's embrace of the past, the future of US energy leadership gets dimmer

June 19, 2018

New Delhi: Off-The-Charts Dirty Air

The smog smothering New Delhi is so dusty + toxic it exceeds monitor measures + that's before the worst pollution season

How To Move A Green Roof

When relocating,, a Manhattan architectural firm took along its green roof

UN: Better Light Bulb Campaign

Ending the use everywhere of energy slurping incandescent bulbs is a new UN initiative

Gimme Shelter

Heat + homelessness can be a fatal combination

Eww: Hospital Drinking Water

Knowing what's in the water tanks of many NYC hospitals is enough to make you sick, while some hospitals don't even file mandatory reports

Emerald Isle Not So Green

Ireland lags behind other EU nations in advancing climate action

If You Only Read One News Item Today

How Koch Brothers-funded anti-mass transit campaigns work

Global Energy Outlook For 2050

June 18, 2018

World Was Warned Of Warming

A Nuclear Generation Gap

For professional engineers, a nuclear power generation gap is fueled by climate change

Flooding Faster

Widespread inundation of coastal communities caused by sea level rise, could be a fact by 2045

A Better Way To Dye

Greener fashion embraces environmentally friendly ways to dye fabrics, whatever the color

June 14, 2018

Book Review Amity And Prosperity

Writer Eliza Griswold arrived in rural Pennsylvania several years into the gas rush, when technological advances made fracking cheap — economically. The ecological + community costs, however, were dear.

So Long Styrofoam

On January 1, 2019, NYC's ban on polystyrene containers goes into effect

Market Forces Boosting Renewables

Move over public incentives, as auctions begin to propel the growth of renewable energy, but they may not be the panacea

Georgia On My Mind

How has Georgia become a top-10 solar state if not by explicit legislative policy?

Climate Treaties - Yes Or No

What could replace + work better than international climate treaties?

Economics 101: Building Electrification

The economic case + climate value of switching to electricity to supply buildings heat + hot water is made in a new Rocky Mountain Institute report

June 13, 2018

NYC's Climate Suit Against Big Oil

Will Exxon be the next Philip Morris, when it comes to history-making, big-payout litigation?

Help Wanted: Senior Policy Advisor

The NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability seeks a Senior Policy Advisor, Energy Regulatory Affairs to manage + guide all energy regulatory affairs for the City related to state + federal agencies, as well as local energy utilities

India: Solar Idling Coal

Climate - Clouding Corporate Horizons

Climate change starts to worry top corporations

June 12, 2018

Antarctica: The Iceberg's Fate

What's become of an iceberg the size of Connecticut that broke off from an Antarctic ice shelf 18 years ago?

Lots To Gain, Nothing To Lose

The Earth Will Survive

Whether we will survive is another matter

Billionaires Store Their Money

Big investors like Bill Gates + Jeff Bezos are investing in energy storage start-up ventures

GOP Senators Urge Green Action

13 GOP Senators urge Trump to act on the Kigali amendment, phasing out ozone-layer eating refrigerants that are also climate disruptors

Help Wanted: Energy Finance Campaigner

The Rainforest Alliance Network seeking campaigner to plan + implement strategies to get insurance companies + banks to stop supporting fossil fuels

June 11, 2018

Prediction: EU Stops Coal By 2030

G-6 Commits On Climate

All G-7 members, except the US vow to stick with the Paris Climate Accord + work cooperatively toward carbon-neutral economies

More Dixie Cities Adopt Climate Plans

Breaking with the past, cities in the southeast begin to adopt climate + renewable energy plans

Defunding Climate Action

A House budget bill would ban funds for policy work on the social cost of carbon

NYC: Active On Passive House

Together, Cities Can Boost Renewables

The Mayor of Boston calls on cities to join together to grow the renewable energy market, starting with pooling their data on energy demand

Court Upholds Polystyrene Ban

After a first-round loss to industry, the State Supreme Court upholds NYC's polystyrene (Styrofoam) ban

Science At Work: Southern Ocean Doing Less

New research finds the Antarctic Ocean absorbs less CO2 from the air than believed

June 07, 2018

Tariffs Throw Shade On Solar

Trump's tariff on imported PV panels will cost $2.5 billion due to solar project cancellations or freezes

Climate. Change. Yes. Mars. No.

Gathering climate change info, not sending astronauts to Mars, should be NASA's top priority, according to new polling data

The Long Nuclear Goodbye

Owners of the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant expect it will take 60 years to shut down a facility that operated for in NJ 50 years

June 06, 2018

The Archaeology Of Waste

Legal Eagles: Trump's Coal/Nuke Bailout

What are the likely legal challenges + defenses if the Trump Administration imposes its leaked coal/nuke industry bailout scheme?

Energy Storage Now

Trends in electric energy storage take a surprising turn in 2018

Talking Persuasion

Want to move the political dial on climate change? Learn how to talk about it

Get Food Literate While Getting Climate Literate

Learn to make the link between your peanut butter sandwich + climate change

June 05, 2018

Let's Get Riskier

The proposal floated by the Trump Administration to pay above market rates for coal + nuclear generated electricity won't, as advertised, increase the power supply's security, only its vulnerability

NRP Survey On Coping With Heat

Too much heat? NPR is conducting a survey to help prepare programs on what people do when they can't cool down

See The Ice Age From Home

Want to time travel to the last Ice Age? look out your window in NYC

UK: Climate Ignorance Isn't Bliss

A Parliamentary committee calls for legislation requiring public reporting by large companies + asset managers, particularly pension funds, on their financial exposure to climate change risks

Hawaii's Bold Climate Goals

New laws in Hawaii set it on a carbon-neutral path + require developers to consider sea level rise when designing new buildings

June 04, 2018

Climate's Hunger Games

By sheer good fortune, Hunts Point, NYC's food distribution center, didn't get savaged by Superstorm Sandy, but what about next time?

Longer Odds For Millionaires' Tax

Prospects for a millionaires' tax to fund subway upgrades get even dimmer with loss of support by Dems in State Senate

From Airport to Windport

A Rhode Island airport might be transformed into a staging area for the state's offshore wind power project

If The Carbon Bubble Bursts...

...We will have a global economic mess

India: Must Do More Than Cut Carbon

5 is Not Enough

NOAA rates the strongest hurricanes 'category 5', now scientists see the need for a 'category 6'

June 01, 2018

Biz Buys Into Renewables

US corporate purchases of renewable energy on an upswing because it's good business but goal of going carbon-free is still distant

Outer Space Can Make Ice On Earth

This TED Talk is not science fiction, it's night sky cooling + it's awesome

Microbes To The Rescue

Scientists launch a NYC business deploying bacteria to clean up toxic soil pollution

Charting Broken Promises

China: Solar Slips

The torrid pace of PV installations in China cools for the first time in 4 years

Cuomo - Thumbs Up On MTA Fix-It Money

Maybe it's Cynthia Nixon or maybe it was in the cards, but Governor Cuomo endorses the subway repair budget of his hand-picked MTA chief