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May 31, 2018

Australia: Coal Port Plan Croaks

Lacking projected demand, an Australian coal export facility plan is scrapped

Science At Work: Impact of Hotter Oceans

Rising ocean temperatures have a negative impact on the productivity of phytoplankton, the first link in the marine food chain

Euro Power: Carbon Free/Subsidy Free

Wind + solar power projects in Europe are trending "subsidy free" - depending on how that term is defined

Sweaty Trees

Eucalyptus trees in Australia can "sweat" to avoid overheating, even in blistering weather

Election Season

Stop Wasting Waste Heat

Seize the opportunity to turn waste heat into a renewable energy resource

A Better Way To Use The Ballot Box For The Environment

The Environmental Voter Project advances the strategy of getting people who already care about climate protection to turn up at the ballot box

May 30, 2018

VT: Home Of More Efficient Appliances

The federal government used to lead on enhancing the energy efficiency of appliances, now, states like Vermont take the lead

NY Green Party Guys

Meet the men running for Comptroller + Attorney General in NY on the Green Party line

Falling In Love Again

US banks backing away from coal is so over

May 29, 2018

Make Green Investments Blue Chip

From the investor POV, what makes large-scale renewable energy investment attractive?

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

No Tanks

Know what's in your building drinking water tank? Maybe no one does

Congestion Pricing - Act II

Optimists think the $19-39 billion price for repairing the NYC subway system gives congestion pricing a second chance

Coal v Millennials

Save Our Subways

It will take more than money to save the NYC subway system, it will take grown-up political leadership

Recycled, Not

Think the paper + plastic you put out for recycling gets recycled? think again

May 25, 2018

Brazil: Wind Power Rising

Brazil is becoming a big wind power, now the 8th largest in the world, but investors remain skeptical

May 24, 2018

Grow The Global Economy By Saving The Planet

The world would be 3% wealthier if global warming were limited to the Paris agreement's more stringent temperature target of 1.5 degrees C, as compared to 2 degrees

Ranking Urban Parks

How does you city compare to Minneapolis, rated #1 in the US for its parks?

May 23, 2018

Talking Points On Everything Electric

What are the prospects for powering everything with decarbonized electricity?

The US-Viet Nam Coal Nexus

in dire need of new energy sources Viet Nam might turn to coal as US no longer presses for carbon cuts

6 Chinese Cities Top EV Buyers

Catching The Offshore Wind

One of three contenders to be approved as the first offshore wind project in Massachusetts. And the winner is...

Hull: Offshore Wind Hub

Once home to England's fishing industry Hull is now a center of offshore wind technology

Match Up Mass Transit With The Masses

Outlaw The Straw

A bill to ban plastic straws will be introduced in the NYC Council today

E-Buses In The Fast Line

Prediction: city bus fleets will rapidly go electric, here's why

May 22, 2018

Don't Waste Space

Under the Gowanus Expressway in Sunset Park, an experiment with creating usable spaces in unconventional places launches

UK: What It Takes To Go Electric

Expecting the number of EV on UK roads to hit 1 million by 2020, the number of charging stations must keep up

Stranded By Gas

As renewables get cheaper, utilities investing now in gas-fired power plants + their bill-paying customers could get stuck with billions in stranded assets

Where Climate Active Foundations Put Their Cash

What kinds of project do or don't get funded by climate-facing foundations?

23 Million Of Us Here

May 21, 2018

Artful Resilience

May 18, 2018

Don't Touch That Window

Experts urge occupants to leave windows shut in hi-rise buildings

Estonia: Free Transit

Estonia to become world's first free public transit country for its citizens

Meet Eunice Foote, Better Late Than Never

Be Careful What You Wish For

US automakers want a rollback of fuel efficiency + emissions standards, but not exactly the ones proposed by the Trump Administration

Renewable Energy Math

What happens to electricity prices if wind + solar generate 50% of your electricity?

Show Us The Energy Efficiency Money

Now that NY climate policy highlights energy efficiency in buildings, where will the money come from to pay for it?

May 17, 2018

Science At Work: Sea Level Rise

A Defense Department report explains the biggest drivers of rising global sea levels + how to manage coastal risks

There Will Be L To Pay

The latest transit controversy tied to the L train shut down is a proposal for 24/7 bus service on 14 Street

Weaponizing Science

In the practice of science, who decides what's true + how is 'uncertainty' deployed by climate denialists?

Electrify Everything - A How To

May 16, 2018

Flood Of Money v Flood Of Water

Development proposals for Manhattan's Hudson River shore are a chronic source of combat + outrage, here's the latest

Wouldn't It Be Nice If All This Light Was LED

India: Renewables Co-Location

Hybrid wind farm + solar panel facilities could be a renewable energy innovation for India

Climate Disclosure Shareholders Persist

Andarko Oil shareholders are not alone in pressing for corporate disclosure on risks to the bottom line linked to long term climate policies

Biz And Consumers Like Clean Energy

Power + utility firms align with consumer interest in renewable energy, but program participation remains low

Plastic Straws - Enemies Of Wildlife

NYC eating establishments help protect wild creatures by shifting away from plastic straws

May 15, 2018

Local Kid Makes Good

GOP's Climate Generation Gap

GOP millennials split with their elders over human-caused climate change, for them it's real, it's happening+ it demands attention

Save Water With The Sun

Mid East + North African nations can save scarce water used for cooling fossil-fueled power plants by switching to abundant solar energy

EU: Renewables Up, So Is Carbon

What explains a 1.8% rise in EU carbon emissions even as its renewable energy grows?

Guide To Energy Storage Systems

A guide for New Yorkers interested in installing energy storage systems but worried about the approval process

Breathers Beware

Nearly 25% of US coal burning power plants lack sulfur dioxide controls + now the EPA wants to cut existing control rules

Hot Debate Over CA Rooftop Solar Rules

Even some committed greens disagree about California's solar rooftop requirement

May 14, 2018

Happy Bike To Work Week

Population Control's No Answer To Climate Crisis

Climate journalist Dave Roberts explains why population control is neither a good nor decent solution to our climate crisis

Wales: Underwriting Energy Efficiency

Welsh home buyers can qualify for bigger mortgages if the buildings are energy efficient

19 Century Floating Chapels

Do floating chapels for sailors in 19 Century NY harbor suggest anything about life in a 21 Century climate-challenged city?

Urban Parks - Necessity Not Luxury

Sustainable cities must guarantee access to + protection of their public parks + open spaces or they won't be sustainable

Taiwan: Offshore Wind Leader

Taiwan's emergence as a major offshore wind power could impact all of East Asia

Sweden: Pollution Free Steel

Powered by renewable energy, water vapor will the only emission from a pilot steel factory in Sweden

Grow Your Own In NOLA

Rooftops are sprouting edibles in New Orleans, what explains it?

May 10, 2018

Not Your Mom's Arctic Ocean

Atlantic + Pacific waters are flowing into a warming Arctic ocean, what could change?

NY's An Energy Star

NY buildings lead the nation on Energy Star awards for sustained excellence in energy management

NY's An Energy Star

NY buildings lead the nation on Energy Star awards for sustained excellence in energy management

Don't Measure It, Can't Manage It

A NASA research program for verifying Paris Accord-promised GHG cuts, is cancelled

May 09, 2018

Help Wanted: VP, Climate

The National Audubon Society is hiring a Vice President for Climate to serve on the national conservation leadership team + work with its network + leaders in the public + private sectors to accomplish lasting conservation results including mitigation + adaptation outcomes

Common Sense Climate Q/A

Are cool roofs really cool? and other common sense climate questions answered

Arctic: Climate Disruptions Year Round

10.3 Million Jobs In Renewable Energy

The global renewable energy sector employs 10.3 million people, with solar at the top of the list

The 0.00007 Percent Non-Solution

Electric grid resilience should focus on customer benefits, not the 0.00007% of outages causes by fuel supply failures

Don't Blame Overcrowding For Subway Snafus

Waiting for a subway or stuck between stations? you'll have time to read what's causing the delays, turns out it's not increased ridership

May 08, 2018

Trash Collection Discontent

A Sanitation Dept. compromise solution for allocating collection routes to private waste haulers doesn't make anyone happy

May 07, 2018

Shareholders Prod On Climate Action

Investor activists, including giant mutual finds, push corporations toward a climate change focus with some 80 shareholder resolutions

MAGA Is Gaga - Pruitt Style

Calling All NY Carbon Tax Wonks

NY's wholesale, bulk energy buyer, NYISO, might be the one to put a price on carbon in the electric supply

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Can the MTA deliver new subway cars + signals on schedule + reverse its history of multi-year delays + multi million cost overruns?

Energy Efficiency For All

Meet SAHLLN, get the resources you need at this hub for information on financing energy/water efficiency + renewable energy in multifamily affordable housing properties

How To Talk The Climate Talk

Katharine Hayhoe is a a scientist,person of faith + master of climate communication

May 04, 2018

Dangerous, Dirty But Short-Lived

Follow The Leader

Belief in + awareness of science consensus on human-caused climate change dipped in 2017 among US conservatives, per new Gallup poll

New Orleans: Flooding Worsens

Intense cloudbursts are overwhelming NOLA's drainage system

Pittsburgh: Muni Building Is A "Living Building"

Pittsburgh's Frick Environmental Center gets the first Living Building certification for a public structure in the US + captures LEED Platinum certification too

Help Wanted: Democracy Campaigner

Greenpeace is looking for a democracy campaigner to fight against the rising tide of dirty money + corporate silencing. Work with supporters across the country + with allies across the movement to fix our democracy. Full time, exempt, benefits eligible position, based in Washington, DC.

May 03, 2018

More Money, More Ferry Service

Responding to surging demand, NYC's ferry fleet will grow by six + overall service will expand to double its current capacity, all for $300 million

A Plaintive Plea

Museums Can Be Energy Stars

Until a decade ago, the words sustainability + museum rarely appeared together, now there are more than 200 have registered for LEED certification

May 02, 2018

Getting Past An Energy Efficiency Catch 22

How building owners and manufacturers can find a common interest in advancing the market for energy efficient building products

Take New Delhi, Please

New Delhi is cited as the megacity with the most polluted air in the world by the World Health Organization

Bio-Diesel Test For Cleaner Air

Bio-diesel will replace conventional diesel in 1,000 NYC fleet trucks for a 6-month pilot program

Learning The Green Beat

Tips from a green beat reporter with a nose for news

Crain's To Cuomo — Bag It

Governor Cuomo's fee-free plastic bag proposal doesn't hold up to Mayor de Blasio's nickel-fee bill that Albany helped sink

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency

May 01, 2018

Rx For NYC Buses

The MTA rolls out plans for fixing up NYC's ailing bus system

Dog Bites Man Headline

"Pruitt's EPA Is on the Verge of 'Regulatory Capture'"

Trump's Impact On Coal

US coal miners have little to show for Trump's support, but owners have done better, due to international market dynamics

Coal Miner's Daughter Runs For Senate

Meet Paula Jean Swearengin, an anti-coal activist in West Virginia coal country, running in the Democratic Senate primary

Pittsburgh: Greening The Grassroots

How to improve the climate + home energy bills at the same time

Megacities: Save Big Bucks With EV Buses

Costa Rica: Fossil Free Transport

In 2021, Costa Rica will issue a plan for fossil-fuel free transportation

Wind Power Could Work For Brooklyn

Atlantic offshore wind turbine could power up hundreds of jobs in Brooklyn