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April 30, 2018

Rail Projects Derailed By NIMBY

Imitation or contagion? Rail expansion projects are being slowed or stopped by local opposition

Legal Eagles: Pricing Carbon In The Wholesale Energy Market

An update on NY efforts to put a price on carbon in its wholesale electric power markets

East NY: Envisioning A Transit Hub

Area residents work on a proposal for East NY transit hub that won't be an engine of displacement + will be a path to good jobs

NY Top Lawyer: Hands Off Clean Power Plan

NY Attorney General Schneiderman threatens to sue the EPA if it abolishes a keystone climate rule, the Clean Power Plan

NYC: Green Infrastructure

Read the 2017 Green Infrastructure Report, see NYC in a whole new light

Swimming With Fishes, Lobsters Too

NY repurposes the old Tappan Zee Bridge, turning chunks if it into underwater reefs

Sustainable Building Awards

April 26, 2018

Not All Sea Levels Are Created Equal

The US east coast is becoming a flooding hot spot, but why are as sea levels rising faster there?

UK: Soaring Support For Renewables

Hitting 85%, public support for renewable energy in the UK strikes a record high per new poll

City Council Votes Package of Green Bills

Speaker Corey Johnson announces a City Council vote for bills advancing NYC wind power + requiring City-owned buildings be 100% green energy-powered by 2050

April 25, 2018

The Drawdown Climate Solutions

What's the #1 climate solution proposed in Drawdown?, a very specific list of 100 effective actions for tackling climate change

The Arctic: Watch It Melt

See 15 years of Arctic ice melt in a 6 minute video

Trump Dumps On Socially Responsible Investing

Trump's Labor Department takes a swipe at socially responsible investment strategies for retirement accounts

New Models For Green Project Financing

Founded in 2014 by the UK, U.S. and Germany in partnership with major development finance institutions, key private sector actors + several climate finance donor governments, the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance is worth knowing about

Five Little Words

Cars. Are. Ruining. Our. Cities

South Australia Sizzles

April heat sets records in South Australia, averaging 38.8 degrees Celsius (that's 101.84 degrees Fahrenheit)

What Weird Weather Could Do

April 24, 2018

If You See Something Say Something

The US companies taking concrete climate actions see climate disruption risks to their supply chains or their reputations

China: EV Bus Spurt Hurts Oil

Every five weeks, Chinese cities add 9,500 electric buses to their fleets + this has gotten the attention of the oil industry

Climate-At Risk Cities Need Regional Resilience

UK: Climate Action Innovator

Believe it or not, the UK's Conservative government promises bold carbon emissions cuts as coal use plummets, but will that be enough?

Dump Dirty Diesel

Eugene Leff, Eco-Champion: 1944-2018

History making,Love Canal lawyer, Eugene Leff, dies at 73

April 23, 2018

Court Denies Trump Delay Gambit

A federal appeals court rules against a delay in raising car fuel efficiency fines by the Trump Administration

Life On The Edge And Off

Climate change is depressing coastal real estate prices, while it's also driving lower income residents inland

Belgium: Energy Transition

As Belgium exits nuclear power, it plans to double its offshore wind power leasing area

Brief History Of Wind Energy In The Arts

Did you know the first image of wind power is on an Egyptian clay vase dating to 3500 BCE?

Regulating Resilience

Demystifying the Administration claim that electric grid resilience will be improved by giving rate favors to coal + nuke power plants

Florida: Leasing Rooftop Sun Power

April 20, 2018

Cuomo Expands Energy Efficiency

NY to boost its energy efficiency goals, "New Strategies Will Increase Annual Electricity Savings to over 3% by 2025" according to his press release

PV Tariff Follow-Up

Global competition + positioning morph in the wake of Trump's solar panel tariffs

City Council's Eco-Agenda

Constantine Constantinides, chair of the NYC Environmental Protection Committee, has a to-do + a maybe-to-do list

The Serengeti Strategy

Climate science activist Michael Mann explains climate deniers' strategy for attacking people like him, 20 years after publication of the Hockey Stick graph

April 19, 2018

Schmutz On Ice

Pollution carpeting the edges of Greenland ice sheets raises risks of catastrophic melting

The Past Isn't Dead. It's Not Even Past

Europe: Hot Now

European temperatures soar + solar power surges

New Mexico - Wind Energy Winner

New Mexico leads the nation as the fastest growing wind energy building state

US GHG Emissions Dip

Does the 2% drop in US GHG emissions in 2016 give the Trump Administration bragging rights?

April 18, 2018

Climate Alchemy

For some, climate change is a chance to convert risk into profitable business ventures

That's BIG

Turbines the size of two football fields + shaped like palm fronds could be the next big thing in offshore wind power

An EJ Agenda For NYC

Big Oil Begins Long Goodbye To Fossil Fuel

Europe-based oil companies start investing in renewable energy assets, just hedging or real change?

April 17, 2018

Meet China's Energy Revolutionary

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of BYD, is transforming China's energy landscape + beyond

Cuomo's Plastic Bag Thing

Why won't Governor Cuomo allow NYC to attack its plastic bag problem?

Going Backward On Climate + Technology

By turning back the clock on clean energy technology Trump is dimming America's future

New Podcast: Political Energy

Where political headlines meet climate + energy policies

Sizing Up RGGI Carbon Market Impact

RGGI, a 9 northeast states agreement to cap carbon emissions, has created local jobs + revenue, but has it cut emissions?

April 16, 2018

Council Seeks To Speed Solar Power

$789 million is what the City Council requests to accelerate NYC's solar power installations + meet its 100 MW goal

Ante Up Green For Green

Scallops v Wind Turbines

The Long Island scallop industry is in federal court seeking to overturn NY's offshore wind power plans + siting

April 13, 2018

When Bigger Is Better

NY Needs Energy Efficiency For All

Governor Cuomo can make access to equitable energy efficiency a reachable goal for all New Yorkers

LA Embraces Transit Leadership Agenda

That's right, Los Angeles endorses an environmental group's plan for becoming a national transportation leader

Homeowners Sue Over PACE Loan Program

A group of Los Angeles homeowners sue the city over its PACE program, which helps pay for solar panels + other energy-efficient home improvements


Peruse this recommended climate fiction list

Mayor Vows Lead Paint Re-Inspections

Thousands of NYCHA apartments exempted from inspection in the '90's will be re-inspected after new tests revealed high levels of lead in some, Mayor De Blasio promises

April 12, 2018

Top 10 Energy Stars

Portugal: All Renewables, All Month

In March 2018, Portugal generated more electricity than it consumed from renewable sources

Bloomberg On Trump, "Meshuggener"

Mike Bloomberg campaigns to eradicate global coal mining + calls the Trump administration's climate stance "meshuggener"

China: Smarter Than Your Average Road

A new Chinese roadway will be able to recharge EV's on the move + have so much AI that autonomous vehicles will be right at home

Greens To Launch Methane-Detecting Satellite

Invest In Sustainability, Make Money, Feel Good,

More private equity firms are working to prove a thesis that you can do well by doing good

A Plug For Plug Loads

To be a leader on energy efficiency, NY needs its own appliance efficiency standard, which will also save utility consumers money, + increase grid reliability

April 11, 2018

Scaling Up Passive House

What are the keys to advancing Passive House construction toward the goal of a new urban normal?

Bad News From The Atlantic

Circulation of enormous Atlantic Ocean currents is the slowest in a 1,000 years + that could alter life on Earth as we know it

Pinpointing CO2 Growth

If the US electric power supply is seriously cutting its carbon output, then what's become the biggest source of climate-disrupting emissions?

End Days For US Climate Diplomacy

If Mike Pompeo is confirmed as Secretary of State, expect US climate diplomacy to disappear

A Climate Impact Ick Factor

April 10, 2018

Message For NY Earth Day Message

The SEC And Climate Disclosure

The SEC gives Exxon a pass, but not Chevron, regarding shareholder demands for corporate disclosure about climate risks

A Streetcar Not Desired

Prospects dim for the Brooklyn Queens Connector

April 09, 2018

Decongestion By Rail

Are decongestion opportunities at hand if NYC can bring more than today's 2% of goods into town by rail?

Make Friends With The Climate

Use less fossil fueled transport while decarbonizing transport + treating energy efficiency as a valued resource with research, policy + litigation

Offshore Wind Update

Massachusetts has lots to teachthe other 18 coastal facing states about developing wind power

Where Heat Will Kill

Glasgow: Hot Stuff

Hot water flowing under Glasgow may be tapped for home heating

The Global Energy Future

Here's a safe energy future prediction, when China changes, everything changes

Finance Chief Urges Climate Risk Disclosure

The finance + insurance industries should conduct forward-looking stress tests regarding climate impact risks say European central bank chiefs

For Your Consideration

Dog Bites Person Headline

Congestion Pricing Plan for Manhattan Ran Into Politics. Politics Won.

April 06, 2018


We need new words to talk about the impacts of climate disruption, "drought" for example

Rules That Work

Without federal fuel economy standards for cars households would be paying $2,000 more a year for gas

Buddy Up

Become A Savvier Green Consumer

Interested in signing up for renewable electric power? Here are some consumer tips

April 05, 2018

Put Data Centers On An Energy Diet

There are signs that the super energy intensive data center sector is starting to get greener + more energy efficient

Economy Up, Carbon Down

Losing The War On Science

Climate science gets shellacked by the GOP, will courts or elections change that?

A Crack In The Shell

Shell Oil's own analysis of fossil fuels + climate risks goes back decades +predates its efforts to block climate action policies

Illinois: 25 x 25

By 2025, Illinois will purchase 25% of its electricity from renewable energy producers , including 666 MW's from community + distributed solar sources

Decongesting Seattle

Tolling car traffic to cut GHG emissions + unclog streets is a goal of Seattle's mayor

April 04, 2018

Lisbon: Museo da Agua

Here' a museum that spotlights an environmental fundamental + the infrastructure a city requires

Here's Lookin' At Renewables

Warning: Infrastructure Upgrades SLOOOW

MTA L train replacement plans get slapped with a law suit by West Village residents

Parsing Auto Industry Self-Interest

Why do car makers support fuel efficiency rollbacks? Could it be political opportunism?

The EPA Swamp

Recent EPA hires that skirt personnel SOP's are raising ethics eyebrows

April 03, 2018

Green Lending Growth

Commercial property mortgage lenders + borrowers learning to embrace energy efficiency

Scotland: Renewable Energy Wow

Relying on a mix of wind + wave energy, Scotlands produces 68.1% of it electricity from renewable sources

Storm-Proofing Houston

A strategic plan for upping flood resilience in Houston, with useful ideas for many coastal cities

Weaker CAFE

If proposed roll-backs of US vehicle fuel efficiency standards go into effect, will they slow down US technological advances? be copycatted in other jurisdictions? lead to years long domestic litigation?

April 02, 2018

Antarctica: Ice Retreats

10% of Antarctic coastal glaciers are shrinking, just 1.9% are growing

Shell Oil: Climate Change, Yes, But...

Wondering what to make of Shell Oil's 2070 climate action target?

Egypt: History's Climate Lesson

Ancient Egypt failed to find ways to respond resiliently to climate-linked drought, any useful lessons for us?

China: US Solar Manufacturing

Chinese investment in a tariff-free PV plant in Florida makes headlines

Public Support For Clean Energy

With public worries about energy affordability + access at new lows, a Gallup poll finds rising support for environmentally aware energy development

Update On NYC Flood Control

Remember the Big U flood control proposal post-Superstorm Sandy? here's an update

Efficiency For Earth Day

What NY could achieve if Gov. Cuomo makes a bold commitment to energy efficiency on Earth Day 2018