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March 29, 2018

Big Rooftop Solar For Brooklyn

Interested in developing a community solar garden on the Brooklyn Army Terminal roof?

Natural Gas Future In Question

Conventional wisdom about natural gas dominance as a 'bridge' to a renewable energy future could be wrong, the future may be starting now

Renewables Thrive At Auction

Consider the implications of recent auction results for grid purchases of wind + solar power

Not Your Grandma's Snow

March 28, 2018

Highs And Lows Of Hunts Point Parks

The Hunts Points parks on the South Bronx waterfront get big cheers + big sighs

Better Than Botox

Aging wind turbines can get rejuvenated with new electronics + longer blades as the local labor market also gets a lift

Saudi Arabia: Big On Solar

For $200 billion, Saudi Arabia will get 200 gigawatts of solar power

Judge Rules on Climate 'Civil Dsobedience'

A Massachusetts judge finds in favor of a civil disobedience defense brought by 13 gas pipeline protestors

Deeper Climate Disunion

The Democratic/GOP rift over climate change deepens, finds new Gallup poll

Pruitt v Greens: Round X

More slugs traded between EPA chief + his environmental critics. Now greens launch campaign to "Boot Pruitt"

Shrinking Congestion Pricing

March 27, 2018

Quote Of The Day

"It’s really important to understand who your competitors are. A lot of the people in the energy supply industries haven’t realized their biggest competitor is efficiency. The energy you don’t use is invisible, so it’s hard to see that competition" Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

China: Keeping Carbon Pledge

China claims it has met its carbon intensity cutting goals two years early

Legal Eagles: Climate Law Suit Boom

Courts are where it's at for US climate protection action these days

What NY Greens Want Now

Environmental Advocates urges Governor Cuomo to show climate leadership in New York State budget negotiations

Trains, Planes But Not Automobiles

March 26, 2018

Saudi Arabia: Nuclear Power And Politics

A possible nuclear power deal between the US + Saudi Arabia may be about more than keeping the lights on

EU: Carbon Market Starts Working

13 years after launching, the European carbon trading market starts having an impact

Cozying Up The Auto Industry

Forget the Russians, Trump's embrace of auto industry desires to cut fuel efficiency standards is a national environmental security risk

The (Not) Funnies

Tripping Up Wind Power

Withdrawing from a transmission line agreement, the Department of Energy puts another obstacle in the path of wind power

It's Not Easy Being Climate Friendly...

...Even in liberal, Democratic states

REV'ing Up For Energy Efficiency

NY can accelerate building energy efficiency growth by giving utilities a stake in its success

March 23, 2018

EU Needs A Minimum Carbon Price

French President Macron pushes for an EU minimum carbon emissions price, requiring a tax on imports from non-EU countries not doing enough to tackle climate change

Using "Transparency" As A Red Herring

A scientist explains why Pruitt is about restricting the use of legitimate science, not fostering it at at the EPA

Earth Hour 2018: Do So Something

Get Cool With Roof Gardens

Ever wonder why roof gardens help cool hot cities? Here's why

March 22, 2018

Gateway To Gateway

The new federal spending bill could jumpstart Gateway, the near-dead cross-NY/NJ harbor rail tunnel

Small, Retro And Fit

NYC learns to cut GHG's one small building energy retrofit at a time

Cliff Notes For Climate Tutorial

Couldn't make it to Judge Alsup's court room? Here's a summary of the climate science tutorial he requested from municipal plaintiffs + Big Oil defendants

March 21, 2018

A Perfect Urban Instant

Disrupted Climate Costs Insurers Billions

According to filings by 15 major US insurers, 2017's natural disasters have so far cost the industry at least $14.5 billion + that's "significant"

Quote Of The Day

"Apparently the Trump administration will prepare for disasters that are consistent with its ideology (ISIS, crime by immigrants) + not those that aren't (climate change, gun violence, contaminated water in poor communities)." Professor Michael Gerrard

What Climate Action Needs Now

Meeting Paris Accord climate goals means getting cities, state + corporations to officially sign on

Congestion Pricing v TIDs

Will Gov. Cuomo jilt congestion pricing + embrace Transit Improvement Districts instead? The Mayor is not the only critic of State TID's in the City

Tech Challenges For Congestion Pricing

Will E-ZPass be the tech solution for congestion pricing?

Court's Climate Tutorial

Judge Alsup, presiding over a San Francisco + Oakland climate change lawsuit, gets his requested climate science crash-course

March 20, 2018

Making The Grade

A Proven Life Saver

Climate Litigation Today

Blue states + eco-advocates seeking to preserve Obama Era rules or craft remedies to get around federal hostility to climate action is what's happening now

Maui Wowie

By 2019, the University of Hawaii Maui College, plans to be the first 100% renewable energy campus in the US

Holland: Subsidy-Free Offshore Wind

Holland contracts for the world's first zero- subsidy offshore wind farm that will sell power to wholesale markets

Maryland: Renewable Energy Retreat

A bill raising renewable energy goals is rejected by Maryland lawmakers, along with a bill requiring the state to get all its energy from renewable sources by 2035

March 19, 2018

Oil, Gas And Data

Access to big data will become a multi-billion dollar battle for fossil fuel extractors

Spring While You Can

Urban Density: A Climate 3rd Rail

Urban up zoning, even for climate protection, arouses heated controversy

Meet The Musk Of Passive House

Justin Palmer wants to do for Passive House in the US what Elon Musk did for Tesla

Not Safe At Home

Florida building codes go limp, other storm-prone states with rising climate risks might follow

Make Buses Move Again

Use transit signal priority tech to get NYC buses moving + revive ridership

Small Number, Big Impact

Is it a big deal if the Earth warms by 1.5 degrees or 2 degrees Celsius? Yes!

March 16, 2018

Oceans Never Forget

Climate-caused injury to oceans today will remain for centuries

How To Outperform The Market

Where It's Getting Hotter Fastest

Interact with this map that shows which parts of the US heated up fastest since 1899

March 14, 2018

Hawking's Message To Earthlings

Bhutan: Happy And Carbon Free

Rated the world's happiest nation, Bhutan has zero carbon emissions, just a coincidence?

Help Wanted: Assistant Director for Press + Communications

The NYC Mayor's Office seeking an Assistant Director for Press + Communications, a key member of the Climate Policy + Programs team + its' External Affair team

UOS: Upgrade Our Subways

8 ideas for serious upgrades of NYC subways

Next Generation Nuke Plants, Or Not

For some, small modular nuclear reactors can save a troubled industry, others disagree

Something Utilities Should Savor

Carbon-cutting climate policy could be electric power utilities' new best friend

NY's 1st Community Solar Power

Sullivan County, NY is home to the state's first completed community solar power project

March 13, 2018

Climate Activists' Failure

Failing to halt climate change isn't the the biggest setback for activists, it's failing to communicate + persuade on what's wrong with natural gas

Wind Power Today

Urban Transit Desertification

Dozens of US cities leave people stranded in transit deserts, can this change?

March 12, 2018

China: Wins Air Pollution War

Having succeed in its battle to cut fine particle air pollution, China can expect longer lives for its people

UK: Look Ma, Less Coal

If Tomorrow's Power Supply Is Microgrids...

...the day after tomorrow's could be integrated microgrid networks for climate-friendly, reliable power

3 Gas-Burners To Shut In Cali

With California on a green energy roll, three in-state gas burning power plants are closing

Needed Now: More Energy Efficiency

The NY Clean Energy Standard requires the state to
meet 50% of demand with electricity generated from renewable energy by 2030 + this White Paper explains how escalating energy efficiency will help meet this 50x30 goal

Help Wanted: Policy Manager

The We Mean Business coalition seeks a Policy Manager to work on development + execution of policy strategy for deploying corporate voices in support of more ambitious climate policies internationally. Position is remote with a preference for individual located in Europe, but will consider applicants in US East Coast time zone, regular international travel required

Carbon Cap/Trade For Transport

Can RGGI, the multi-state carbon cap + trade program, be a model for capping transportation-sector carbon emissions?

Big Oil And POTUS Part Ways On Carbon

Big Oil, unlike the current US President, sees a lower carbon future as part of its long term business interests

March 08, 2018

Save Lives, Cut The Heat

Adding 'reflective surfaces' in both urban + rural areas will help reduce health-harming heat

What We Don't Know Will Hurt Us

Trump's proposed 2019 science budget continues his assault on knowledge + reason, no relief in sight

Meet The Shed

Sneak peek of the Hudson Yards art center on wheels, any thoughts on how energy efficient it will be?

Mobility For All

Without a robust bus system, NYC mass transit fails many aging + disabled residents

Stronger Rx For Traffic Congestion

Impose a stiff fee on for-hire cars, with or without passengers, recommends controversial report

Bangkok: Architecture For Resilience

Architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom launches a project to help Bangkok + other southeast Asian cities confront climate-linked flood risks

March 07, 2018

Summer Opportunity: Intensive Enviro Journalism

InsideClimate News is launching the Institute for Environmental Journalism this summer in New York City. The intensive three-week program is open to high school students + recent graduates and will take place July 9-27. Apply now

March Is Women's History Month

Urban Carbon Metrics - What's In, What's Out

Would the eyeball-grabbing article "Cities Emit 60% More Carbon Than Thought" actually help take a bigger bite out of carbon emissions?

Tighter Money Could Shrink Renewables

As central bands around the world start raising interest rates, the cost of money could start squeezing green energy projects

Getting To The Price Is Right

Figuring out the right price for small, distributed energy resources with emissions has been a challenge in NY, pricing carbon is a better path

March 06, 2018

SOS - Save Our Snow

Think (Nuclear) Differently

A different way to think about nuclear power in the context of wind + solar

Our Weekly Flooding

Today's storm will be tomorrow's high tide in eastern coastal cities, predicts new report

Millenial Votes And Climate Action

10 House elections where Millennial's climate views could matter this year

Deep Decarbonization 101

Are there feasible pathways to reaching carbon free transportation + heating to power a low carbon economy?

In Hot Water

Corporate Climate Responsibility

Is corporate leadership talking more talk + walking more walk on responsible climate + sustainability conduct?

March 05, 2018

Don't Overstate State Climate Action

Looking at climate policy + politics in the northwest tempers optimism about making rapid progress

Rooftop Solar - Do The Numbers

Could rooftop solar get as cheap as utility-scale solar + what's in it for utilities?

Europe: Ultrafast For EV's

A new network of ultrafast recharging station, paid for by automakers, will end range anxiety for EV drivers in Europe

Confessions Of A Regular Green Guy

It's easier to talk about the climate than to take action, until doing some makes 'dollars + sense', but still...

Chile: Blockchain The Grid

Blockchain technology will be installed on the Chilean electric power grid in 2018 + boost data security

Fast Fashion Trash

Nearly 60% of all new clothing is incinerated or landfilled within a year of being made, this is the opposite of cool, stop being dumb about fashion

Global Energy Efficient Trends

Why is the rate of global energy efficiency gains slowing down + what would speed it up?

Boston: Disrupted By The Climate

NYC v Plastic Bags

Round 2

March 02, 2018

Expanding Cleveland's 'Emerald Necklace'

Plans are being made to connect Cleveland's parks + green spaces with networks of walkable greenways + bike paths

For Solar-Seeking Apartment Dwellers

Community Shared Solar can plug NYC apartment residents into locallly-sourced clean energy

Sign Language

March 01, 2018

Political Expediency Meets Climate Woes

Other than doling out money to rebuild in California fire country, nothing's changed in where you build + how


What 127 corporations who have pledged to go for 100% renewable energy doing to get there?

Don't Look Back

Keep Your Future Dry

Site-specific maps of projected sea level rise are scarce, putting new development at risk, but that could be changing