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December 29, 2017

What Climate Change Hath Wrought

Weird weather in 2017 was made weirder by climate change + how we know that

Gaming Google

Subway Lessons

4 takeaways from 2017 about how the NYC subway system works (or doesn't) + hopes for a better 2018

December 28, 2017

Air Pollution Targets The Old

Fine particle air pollution poses added mortality risks for the elderly

December 27, 2017

Today's News Could Be Tomorrow's SOP

Year End History Lesson

"Just the other day, I was in my neighborhood Starbucks, waiting for the post office to open. I was enjoying a chocolatey cafe mocha when it occurred to me that to drink a mocha is to gulp down the entire history of the New World. From the Spanish exportation of Aztec cacao, and the Dutch invention of the chemical process for making cocoa, on down to the capitalist empire of Hershey, PA, and the lifestyle marketing of Seattle's Starbucks, the modern mocha is a bittersweet concoction of imperialism, genocide, invention, and consumerism served with whipped cream on top. No wonder it costs so much." Sarah Vowell, author/ journalist

Kids, Lead Paint, NYCHA

What NYCHA knew, what NYCHA did

Sustainability: Ideas of Note In 2017

5 intriguing ideas from 2017 that hold sustainability promise for the New Year

New Year's Wish: Keep Energy Star Safe

States Step In When Feds Don't

NY + seven other states sue the EPA over inaction on interstate air pollution

December 26, 2017

Climate Change Under The Sea

The oceans are buffering climate change on land, but at a price

Green For Harlem Greenway

The city will provide $101 million for developing a greenway in East Harlem

RIP's In 2017

Solar + nuke businesses that died this year

Fossil Packaging Boom

Listening Outside Your Box

Intergenerational families try to talk about what's bringing changes to the dog racing sport they love

Germany: When Energy Costs Less Than Nothing

Are episodic negative prices for German renewable energy the best bet?

December 22, 2017

MD's And Scientists Sue EPA

A new law suit challenges removal of EPA science advisors, calling it illegal because it is arbitrarily biased in favor of polluting industries

Miami: Resilience For The Rich

Ultra-luxury towers in Miami are being designed with climate resilience in mind

Irreparable Damage To EPA

Under the current administration, over 700 EPA officials + experts have called it quits

December 21, 2017

Energy Efficiency Market Failure

Is NY making a mistake in relying on market forces rather than policies to advance its energy efficiency goals?

Jakarta: Seas Rising, City Sinking

For a city of some 30 million, climate change adds to other perils facing Jakarta

Passive Houser Grows UP

High rise Passive House buildings become more common + NYC works on policies to accelerate this growth

December 20, 2017

No Way To Run A Subway System

If you ride the NYC subway, you'll experience the consequences of endless maintenance cuts + other decisions that didn't help

DOE Manufactures A Crisis

Reality demands we distinguish problems in the electric power grid as it faces real world energy changes from the 'crisis' claimed by DOE chief Rick Perry

Holiday Tips

NY Grid Innovator Takes On Australia

Audrey Zibelman, former head of NY's Public Service Commissioner and REV champion, now expanding renewable energy in Australia

Cities Can Be Rock Stars...

...or they can be test sites for innovative climate solutions

December 19, 2017

Court Limits Gov's GHG Control Power

Refineries, fuel distributors +other major industrial emitters cannot be compelled to cap + cut GHG emissions rules a Washington State court

Shenzen: 100 x 17

The Chinese city of Shenzhen commits to a 100% electric-powered bus fleet by 2017

Lithium Could Be The New Oil

When will electric vehicles overtake the market for fossil-fuel powered ones?

China: Carbon Market In The Works

A nationwide carbon emissions trading market will start up in China, details still to come

Buildings That Made The Grade

The NYC Council votes on a bill requiring letter grade postings for building energy efficiency performance. RESULTS HERE

December 18, 2017

Carbon Tax: RIP For Now

In today's Congressional climate, a federal carbon tax had no chance, instead, clumsy + costly subsidies ruled

Great Green Go-Sees In NYC

Check out these 10 projects

An Energy Vision For Puerto Rico

Renewables + distributed energy resources are central to a proposal for rebuilding the Puerto Rican electric power system

Climate's Not A Threat For POTUS

In Trump's first US Security Strategy update, any mention of climate change as a threat to the nation is MIA

2017: 2nd Hottest

December 15, 2017

Help Wanted: Climate And Energy Program Director

Friends of Earth is hiring a Climate + Energy Program Director responsible for the overall performance of projects undertaken by your team. You will develop strategy, provide direction + supervision to staff, as well develop funding for program campaigns

Finance Shifts On Fossil Fuels

Major global financial interests start to disinvest from fossil fuels

Climate Refugee Destinations

As rising sea levels threaten US coastal population centers, where are people going to move?

Making The Bronx Resilient

Lots of moving parts in planning a Hunts Point resilience project, here's an outreach team webinar

December 14, 2017

Feel The Burn

Extreme heat in 2016 was powered by human-induced climate change + would not have occurred under 'normal' conditions

Mapping Climate Politics

Changing Republican views on climate disruption, mapped state-by-state-Congressional-district scale. Dig into the data

December 13, 2017

NY Role In Reinventing Puerto Rico's Power Supply

Climate Role In Hurricane Harvey

Scientists link the torrential rain dumped on Houston by Hurricane Harvey to climate change

December 12, 2017

UK: Climate Action Is 'Moral Imperative'

British Prime Minister May raises climate action higher on the Tory agenda

Climate Change: Wind Power Disruptor

Research predicts that a warming Arctic will slow down winds + reduce wind power, but that won't happen in the Souther Hemisphere

The Problem Of The Permanent Permit

What's the solution to California's carbon cap + trade law loophole that sold non-expiring permits to pollute?

Los Angeles: The Climate's Changed

Climate disruption isn't in the future for Los Angeles, it's now

CA And WA Hold Promise For PR

Leading edge renewable power tech research coming from politically liberal California + Washington State could help create a resilient electricity supply in Puerto Rico

How Consumers Pay Bigly For Zero Electricity

You can't make this stuff up

December 11, 2017

VT Works On A Carbon Tax

Will Vermont vote to raise gas + fuel taxes + rebate the proceeds to cut electric utility bills?

Australia: GHG's Break Records

Despite wind power gains, overall Australian GHG emissions at new highs

$50 Million For Climate Action

Microsoft will invest $50 million to expand cloud services + other resources for groups working on climate change + enviro tech

State-By-State Fossil Fueled Energy

Reviving Puerto Rico's Power Supply

Can the lessons NY learned from Superstorm Sandy help Puerto Rico restore + replace its electric power supply downed by Hurricane Maria?

Curb Your BECCS Enthusiasm

Here's why BECCS, a speculative climate capture + storage technology based on burning crops for energy, isn't likely to save us

Get Cooler: Block-By-Block

Los Angeles, San Francisco + Palo Alto pilot a block by block citizen-engaging climate action project

December 08, 2017

Climate Message From 44 - Yes We Can

Build Better Bike Lanes

Design guidelines for inclusive bike mobility plans

Climate Risk Disclosure Now

BlackRock, world' biggest asset manager, urges 120 corporations to disclose the climate risks built into their business operations

Pennies From Heaven

Just in case money doesn't fall from the sky to finance mass transit, congestion pricing or taxes are our choices. So, what's congestion pricing?

Obituary: Perry Wallace

Environmental lawyer at the Justice Department + one of the first basketball players to integrate a southern college team, Perry Wallace dies at 69

December 07, 2017

There's Still No Planet B

Tracking Gov's Green Promises

While the list of Governor Cuomo's environmental promises is long, has he fulfilled them?

We Are All California

When it come to climate change harms your state or territory could be next

Light Up The Night With Solar

NYC to dump its dirty diesel special events/public safety lighting + replace it with 530 solar-powered towers

Help Wanted: Deputy Director

The NYC Environmental Justice Alliance seeks a Deputy Director for designing + managing the deployment of NYC-EJA’s advocacy work

Dire Climate Predictions Most Probable Ones

Alarmed by the headline? Read the story

December 06, 2017

Getting To Decongestion

Folks in cities with congestion pricing like it, but getting to yes means electeds must take some heat

London: Can't Outrun The Air Pollution

For older London residents air pollution cancels out the health benefits of exercise

EU: Carbon Still Getting Out Of Jail Free

Climate Skeptics: Relaxed About Risk

3 big errors made by climate change skeptics

Miami Developers On Climate Change Risk


California Burning

Why has 2017 been such a bad year for California wildfires?

2017 Retrospective

Our changing climate

December 05, 2017

Breathe Easier, Soon

Hope v Fear

Is there evidence for choosing either hope or fear in crafting climate change communications that lead to action?

Help Wanted: Clean Energy Policy Analyst

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)
, a science + technology policy think tank in Washington DC, seeks a clean energy innovation policy analyst. The position is funded for 1 year + may be renewed contingent on future funding.

What Money Can Buy

The role of climate science in Congress has been degraded by fossil fuel industry money in politics

Science At Work: Dust Does Climate Change

Throwing Shade On Solar

Three federal developments that could spell big trouble for US solar power

Celebrate 175 Years Of Municipal Infrastructure

The Croton Aqueduct has been reliably bringing drinking water to NYC for 175 years, here's the back story

December 04, 2017

How to Plug In Better

NY to enhance EV adoption + grid resilience by way of $3.5 million for new policy proposals

NYC: Pensions + Fossil Fuels Don't Mix

Why NYC should disclose its pensions funds’ exposure to oil + gas stocks + develop alternative investment strategies to meet their financial goals

Energy Efficiency Is Always A Winner

Utility energy efficiency programs are growing + a good thing as they are the lowest cost way to keep the lights on

December 01, 2017

Trade Tensions: US v China On Solar Panels

Imposing tariffs on imported solar panels could be the latest conflict in US/China trade relations

The Cost Of Weird Weather

NY-NJ-CT Climate Action Agenda

The Regional Plan Association offers concrete ideas for rising to the climate challenge in the NY metro area

It's Not About You, It's About Your Income

Income levels, not good intentions or individual lifestyle choices, determine carbon footprint sizes