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June 30, 2017

Media Coverage, By The Numbers

Why the wide diversity in news coverage on 2017 protest marches + coverage of Trump's Paris climate accord withdrawal?

Think Differently

Cleaning up the toxic Gowanus Canal is an opportunity for fresh thinking about urban waterfront design

June 29, 2017

Economic Disruption Linked to Climate Disruption

Economic harm, along with increased social inequality, will hit southern states the hardest as the climate changes

Editing POTUS 'Energy Dominance' Presser

Accuracy requires a fact check of Trump's press release about US 'energy dominance"

80x50: From Roadmap To Road Building

What we know now + what hard decisions must be made for NYC to meet its goal of cutting GHGs 80% by 2050

June 28, 2017

Don't Ask, Don't Know

A voluntary corporate financial disclosure framework focusing on climate change risks + opportunities is drafted by G20

The Great Green Investor Shift

Urban Heat Island Roll-Back

City design must minimize the urban heat island effect, people's lives are at stake

Solar Cost Plunge

Around the world, solar installation costs spiral down + will keep plunging

Help Wanted: WE ACT

WE ACT for Environmental Justice is hiring a Senior Grant Writer/Development Manager + a Policy Coordinator

What Utility Shareholders Want

Climate concerns of utility shareholders are a wake-up call for management

City Council Green Bill Hearings

June 27, 2017

Time To Retire "Baseload"

Sandy Recovery - South Ferry Reopens

Nearly 5 years after superstorm Sandy flooded out the South Ferry station, the 1 train will start to stop there again

Go, Green Bank

The NY Green Bank has a track record to make other lenders green with envy

India: What Its Climate Commitment Means

There's more to India's Paris climate commitment than Trump's denunciation

Promises To Keep

Key climate-friendly goals + programs promised by the de Blasio administration

Think Recarbonizing Not Decarbonizing

Paul Hawkin, founder of Project Drawdown, explains why our climate goal should be recarbonizing

June 26, 2017

Celebrate Energy Week Efficiently

Climate Question Of The Day

Why are airborne carbon levels rising even as emissions are stabilizing?

Power Grid: Advanced Study

Why "baseload" is such a 20th Century electric power gird standard + can replace it in the 21st Century

NYC's First Flush

NYC's first public composting toilets open in Prospect Park

Cough And Wheeze With Diesel

New model diesel-powered cars remain big polluters

Africa: Solar Powering

Ready, set, go, the solar power race is on in Africa

Don't Mourn Paris, Organize

Climate action isn't stopping for Donald Trump

June 24, 2017

Sustainable Help Wanted

Jobs remain open, as de Blasio vows even more climate action commitment

June 23, 2017

Spreadin' Solar Around

California sends its excess solar power to Arizona for free, why?

Up On The Roofs

Panasonic sees putting PVs on car roofs as a good move

Needed: The Right Urban Policy To Grow Passive House

Scare Tactics To Boost Coal

Does DOE alarm over grid reliability hold up to scrutiny?

Fierce Fight Over Energy Goals

Hot debate + high emotions over a scholarly report advocating a 100% renewable energy nation by 2050

Tesla Talks To China

Tesla is in talks with authorities about opening a car factory in China

Cool Neighborhoods

NYC's guide to keeping neighborhoods safe when its way too hot

June 22, 2017

Storm Surge Barriers Won't Do

Experts fear that the time has passed to protect the NY-NJ metro area by building big storm surge barriers

Science At Work: Sharper Satellite Vision

Improved satellite imagery is a power tool for conservation sciences

Fort Collins: 80x30

Energy efficiency programs, rolled out by the local electric utility could fast forward For Collins, CO GHG goals by 20 years

Disrupted By The Heat

Where Dog Day afternoons will be more common + how that will alter our lives

Keeping Green Bond Promises

Do projects financed with green bonds live up to their climate promises?

June 21, 2017

What Benchmarking Means To Managers

What do NYC building managers really think of Local Law 84, the energy benchmarking mandate?

Cities Are Not Climate Leaders

Consider these contrarian views on claims about urban climate action leadership

UK: Brexit's Not The Only Problem

An emergency air quality alert issued by London's Mayor during a heatwave, French industry blamed in part

Do The Math - Carbon Emissions State-by-State

Power plants are major carbon emitters everywhere, but not all states are created equal

Celebrate Solstice 2017

Big Biz Big Renewables Fan

Some of the US' biggest renewable energy customers are some of the nation's biggest corporations

June 20, 2017

South Texas Is To Wind Power...

Like Napa is to wine grapes, no room for other energy commodities


Friend of Coal/lobbyist Jeff Holmstead will be the second in command at the EPA

Exxon Embraces A Carbon Tax

Exxon Mobil + other major corporations now support a US carbon tax that would return dividends to the public but roll back regulations

Regardless Of Trump...

...the low carbon revolution is happening

June 19, 2017

Global Climate And Urban Architecture

How urban building + form get linked to climate challenges by New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman

China/India: The $4 Trillion Opportunity

The energy opportunities, in China + India, largely for renewables, could add up to $4 trillion by 2040

Climate Denial's Demolition Derby

Demolishing the legal keystone to federal climate action is high on the denial agenda

One Less Thing To Worry About

Wind turbines won't make you sick

Help Wanted: Field And Digital Outreach Coordinator

The Environmental Voter Project seeks a Field + Digital Outreach Coordinator with at least one year of experience in political field work and social media communications to work with the National Field Director and Executive Director This is a full-time position in Boston, MA. Contact

Rx For Urban Heat Islands

Mass Transit Interrupted

What will be Plan B for commuters who rely on Penn Station during this Summer of Disruption?

Planting For Cool Communities

NYC to spend $106 M for tree planting that cools hot city streets + boosts neighborly cohesion

June 12, 2017

Get On Board

CA Gov. Jerry Brown's green swing through China — stops by Build Your Dreams in Shenzhen. BYD built a plant to assemble Long Beach's electric buses at a former RV-facility in Lancaster

The Ocean: What Would the Ocean Say?

June 09, 2017

Don't Ask "Do You Believe In Climate Change?"

Why it's essential to ask public officials the right questions about climate policies (Hint: read on for a good one)

Offshore Wind's Time Is Now

Even without subsidies, offshore wind is getting cost competitive with conventional energy sources

Get Smart 101 Ways

Where The Jobs Are

What new job opportunities will beat out health care by 2024?

June 08, 2017

Australia: Carbon Emissions Up

What's up with Australia's unseasonal rise in carbon emissions?

Trump Dims Prospects...

...for sustained international climate action

Canada: Climate Cooperation With US

In the wake of Trump's Paris exit, Canada plans to cooperate with US cities + states to advance climate protection

June 07, 2017

Shrinking Bipartisan Hopes

With little GOP member pushback on Trump's Paris exit , don't pin your hopes on Congress' bipartisan climate club

Tesla Goes Global

Tesla announces a plan to build 10-20 EV + battery gigafactories around thee world

Bus Time

Countdown clocks could be just the thing to make NYC bus riders happier + keep them out of taxis

Plan Ahead

Polling On Paris

Aggressive climate action is "strongly" favored by 72% in a new poll

Things To See: Eco-Art/Public Art

Visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park neighborhood

Chic In Plastic Trash

Stella McCartney partners with Parley for the Oceans to spin high fashion from marine plastic trash

June 06, 2017

See The C Train... see why NYC subways are running so badly now

We're Still In

Bye-Bye Climate, Hello Kochs

The role of climate bad hombres, the Koch Brothers, is clear in Trump's abandonment of the Paris climate accord

Electrify Everything

The road to decarbonization will be paved with EV's fueled with renewable power

Mayor's Not Into Decongestion

The latest plan to unclog mid-town traffic won't get de Blasio's support, some climate champion!

Reporting About Climate Reporting

Unexpected + insightful follow-up by a New York Time reporter who wrote about teaching climate science is Ohio

June 05, 2017

Another Hot Record

Connectivity 2.0

How a re-conceived digital ecosystem could advance urban resilience by way of fostering communities of trust

Creatures of Habit

Think transit users make the most reasoned choices? Think again

Getting To Yes On Fees

Congestion pricing advocates say they know a way for NYC to impose fees on vehicles entering mid-town without needed Albany's OK

When Teaching Is The Test

If you read just one thing today, read this

June 02, 2017

China: Floating Solar Power

On the site of an abandoned coal mine, China opens a floating solar power farm

Trump: Diplomacy Loser

The international implications of Trump's dumping the Paris climate accord are disastrous + ends US status as 'the indispensable nation'

It's The Real Economy, Stupid

Fact checking Trump's jobs + economy rationale for throwing the climate accord under the bus

Give 'Em Hell Jerry

California Governor Jerry Brown excoriates Trump's climate pact renunciation + vows state leadership on climate action

June 01, 2017

Plan B

Since Trump won't save the planet, it's up to us, argues new book by Bloomberg + Pope

China's Climate U-Turn

What explains China's quick u-turn from climate denier to climate leadership?

Trump Yanks Yanks From Climate Accord

With a 4 year time-line, the ultimate fate of Trump's renunciation of the Paris climate accord rests with US voters

Seeing Our Carbon Problem

It ain't pretty