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May 31, 2017

ExxonMobil Shareholder Vote

Defying ExxonMobil management, shareholders approve a resolution calling on the corporation to disclose business risks posed by climate change + international regulation

Public Green On Private Property

A run-down of the contentious issues in play for putting green infrastructure on private property in NYC

Staten Island Seawall

Think High Line for Staten Island

US Cities: YOYO Now

Modern Alchemy

Be part of the solution, researchers turn food waste into food packaging

Seattle: Room For Sustainable Improvement

While Seattle merits it's sustainable city reputation, it faces mobility issues

May 30, 2017

Fannie Mae Tweaks Green Mortgage Program

Green home financing requirements get an update from Fannie Mae

Scotland: Pilot Energy Kites

Corporate tests of energy-generating kites, as alternatives to wind turbines, will start in Scotland this summer

EU: Climate Discord

The Czech Republic + Poland are not marching to the EU's climate-action beat

Pruitt The Obscured

Why doesn't EPA Chief Scott Pruitt publish his daily work schedule or conduct on-the-record briefings?

NYC New Ferries: Good And Bad

NYC is expanding its ferry service, is the good news, the bad news is long waits + crowds

What the World Needs Now

A starting price of $40/ton price on carbon emissions + public policies to advance climate-safe goals

May 26, 2017

Mind The Energy Performance Gap

Are there solutions to horror stories about buildings modeled to be energy efficient but aren't?

Think Big On Passivhaus

Get active on Passivhaus, check out this study about implementing Passivehaus standards for tall residential buildings

Where Climate's In Trump's Crosshairs

Proposed budget cuts for the Energy Department are an epicenter of undoing US climate action

May 25, 2017

Renewable NY

Think California is the only state taking big bold steps towards a decarbonized future? Think again

Climate Risk/Bond Risks For Cities

Should bondholders of coastal cities' debt reconsider given the financial risks related to climate vulnerabilities?

Web Surfing For Carbon Cutters

For your consideration

How To Act Locally/Reflect Globally

The options checklist 101 for US cities + states to impact climate choices at the international scale

May 24, 2017

NY 1 Exxon 0

Exxon won't be able to withhold auditor records from the NY Attorney General's climate fraud investigation

Merkel: Responsible For Each Other

The chasm between German + US climate directions is clearer than ever

Kill The Science Messenger

Proposed Trump budget would gut federal climate/energy science research + programs

NYC Weekender: Public Art

Things to do + see around Brooklyn Bridge Park

Clothing That Mother Earth Likes

What are today's least eco-harmful clothing options?

Welcome To The Vatican

May 23, 2017

Pavement Can Be Cool

Los Angeles tests out light-colored pavement to help beat the summer heat

NATO: Allies Worry About US Climate Retreat

National security worries rise for NATO members fearing Trump climate inaction

Trump's Budget Proposal

Censoring Science

A US Geological Services press release about a science study of sea level rise threats is scrubbed of any reference to climate linked coastal flooding, follow the discussion over whether this is government censorship

The Nuclear Option - Not

Is the financial collapse of the Vogtle nuclear power plant development by Southern Co. + Georgia Power something other than bad luck?

May 22, 2017

Show Us The Money

A headline-grabbing PV tariff case is driven by a firm looking to recoup its failed $55 million investment

Roll Over Tesla

European firms are building their own EV + storage battery gigafactories

Mass Transit Assets 1916

England: Wind's Up

Germany: Wind Prices Down

The auction price for on-shore wind in Germany shows citizen-owned projects can be a bargain

Lego Snaps Together Renewable Energy

Lego meets its 100% renewable energy goal, with use of carbon offsets, 3 years early

Meet Lamar Smith

Texas voters start to wonder about climate science denying, environmental regulation foe Congressman Lamar Smith

US: Global Climate Dud

China + India take leading global climate action roles, while US does the opposite

May 18, 2017

Watch Antarctica Collapse

It's multi-media, interactive + bad news

How Doth Your Green Bank Grow

It's fertile times for state-level green banks

Rx For Sick Subways

Pooh-poohing Governor Cuomo's ideas to improve subway service, the Daily News urges him to get on board with the MOVE NY congestion pricing plan

Help Wanted: Social Media Editor

The Natural Resources Defense Council seeks a social media editor to create + deploy content advocating for climate action +supporting NRDC-crafted solutions

May 17, 2017

Sydney: Missing Solar Gold

By tapping just 1% of its solar resources, Sydney, Australia lets a high value opportunity slip by

Venice Is In The Hands Of...

Park Resilience Re-Do's Challenged

Wagner Park, at the south tip of Manhattan, is at high risk of climate disruptions, but that hasn't stopped redesign critics

Gutting Efficiency And Renewables

The Trump Administration seeks devastating cuts to the Energy Department's energy efficiency and renewable power budget

May 16, 2017

Guaranteed - Wrong Choice On Paris

Whatever he decides, here's why Trump will make the wrong choice on the Paris climate accord

May 15, 2017

Climate Video Of The Day

The four horsemen the of climate apocalypse

NY: A Top Energy Efficent City

Of 51 US cities, New York is a star in the energy efficiency firmament, Learn about all of them here

And The Winner Is...

On May 20, the NYCxDesign sustainable design/neighborhood improvement awards will be announced, here's a preview

Click For Global Climate Law Info

The Polystyrene Saga

NYC is still trying to ban polystyrene packaging, here's the latest chapter

When Silence Is Not Golden

NY politicians unite in their silence over woeful subway system conditions

May 12, 2017

Boston's The Best

For a third year running Boston ranks as the most energy efficient city in the US

Fossil Fuel Foe

New York could be the spoiler in the push to for natural gas pipelines

Sparse Support For Scientists

Nearly half the scientists at work in an EPA Michigan auto emissions lab could lose their jobs, but who's on their side?

China/EU: Climate At The Summit

A show of climate action solidarity is expected at the June summit meeting of China + the EU

May 11, 2017

Get Healthy

Bangladesh: Carbon Tax Leader

A carbon tax on fuel is high on the Bangladesh policy-making agenda

California's Negative Price Riddle

What should be done when the price of electricity from renewable sources drops below zero?

Transit Equity

Outer boroughs get short changed on mass transit

Help Wanted: Environmental Enforcement Attorney

A national public interest law firm that pursues high impact lawsuits seeks a full-time litigator with at least five years of relevant experience to develop + prosecute cases in its Environmental Enforcement Project. For more information Public Justice

May 10, 2017

Kitchen Grease Gets Some Respect

Abundant + climate-kind, kitchen grease is a great heating oil resource for NYC

Pass The Salt

Come Clean

Rough Patch For New Ferries

Frequent delays trouble NYC's newest ferry service

Some Surprising Solutions To The Climate Crisis

What makes the top 100 ideas proposed in a new book offering solutions to our climate crisis?

Legal Eagles: Tossing Science Aside

Consider the qualification rules for membership on the EPA Science Advisory Board + whether businesses reps qualify

Obama Methane Regs Remain

The Senate fails to erase Obama-era methane emissions control rules

May 09, 2017

Tax Credits Work

As the clock runs down on the Production Tax Credit, new wind power installations are at an 8-year high

More Pedex And Bike Space For B'klyn Bridge

Beloved, but overcrowded, the Brooklyn Bridge to get added pedestrian + bike lane space

Building Front Line Climate Defenses

To amp up its climate resilience, NYC issues architecture design guide lines for coping with extreme heat, floods + storms

Australia: When Climate Science Collides With Politics

The US should consider what happened in Australia's attack on its government climate scientists

May 08, 2017

Moving To Safe Places

Rail transit is a good way to get to safe places in case of extreme weather emergencies, research finds

Help Wanted: National Editor

Grist seeks national editor to lead coverage of environmental news + climate policy that drives the daily conversation

Just One Winner With US Paris Pact Exit

True or false? Steve Bannon would be the only winner if Trump yanks the US out of the Paris climate pact

Stick With Paris Deal

Would The Planet Be Better Off...

...if the US exits the Paris Climate deal?

France: Invites US Climate Doers

US scientists + businesses invited to France by newly elected French President Macron

Germany: So Solar

The Perils Of Pauline Gowanus

Maybe the idea of burying the Gowanus Expressway isn't dead after all

May 05, 2017

NYT Climate Op-Ed Do-Over

A rewrite of the (very) heavily criticized first piece by the New York Times new columnist Bret Stephens

Running The MTA

Who are the top contenders to lead the MTA?

Ontario: LOL For Climate Awareness

To raise climate awareness Ontario tries something funny

The New Big Sleep

Imagine your life without coffee, due to climate disruptions

The Gobi Blows Into Bejing

Warp-speed urbanization, deforestation, x + climate change lead to annual blanketing of Beijing with Gobi Desert dust + dirt

Help Wanted: Media Manager

Climate Nexus—a strategic communications non-profit dedicated to changing the conversation on
climate change and clean energy—seeks an energetic and skilled communicator to join our Climate
Signals project team in NYC. Please send all responses to, with “Climate Signals Media Manager” in the subject line

May 04, 2017

To Wall Or Not To Wall

Build a wall or move inland is the great debate in New Jersey coastal towns

April Set Records

With more record high temperatures than low, US weather in April 2017 extended its hot streak

Wind Power Propellants

While the recent wind power surge is tied to production tax credits, future growth will be propelled by state renewable energy portfolio requirements + dropping costs

Texas: Installed Wind Winner

May 03, 2017

Fossil Fueler In At Energy Department

Trump taps Dan Simmons, a foe of renewable energy, to head the renewable energy office at the Department of Energy

California's Big Cap And Trade Idea

California could make immense climate action progress if it enacts SB 775, an updated carbon cap + trade bill

Enemies Of The Endangerment Finding

The legal linchpin of CO2 regulation, the endangerment finding, is under assault

Atoms For Taxes

Should nuclear power plant owners be carbon tax advocates?

So Long Ice, Hello Shipping

As Arctic ice melts away, new polar shipping lanes will open

Build NYC To Last

With extreme heat + flood risks in mind NYC publishes building design guidelines tailored for adapting to climate change

Making Moves On Energy Makeovers

Undertaking energy retrofits in NYC buildings is no sure thing, now consider these opportunities to accelerate the pace

May 02, 2017

UPS Delivers

The first of 17 hydrogen fuel-cell powered delivery trucks is rolled out by UPS

Central Park Lessons

What are the replicable + scalable take-aways from the Central Park Conservancy for other urban parks?

Carbon Tax Ad Campaign

By focusing on free markets this ad campaign seeks to get conservative support for a carbon tax

Energy Star, A Consumer's Friend At Risk

Making the case for what consumers would lose if Trump eliminates the long-standing Energy Star rating program for buildings + appliances

Miami: High Ground, Rising Prices

Given Miami's climate risk profile beachfront real estate could lose its appeal to inland higher ground + displace current residents

Cut The Jargon, Act On ESG

Investors now have the tools to understand how asset managers actually consider environmental, social/governance risks + opportunities

May 01, 2017

Irrigating The Transit Desert

The NYC Council votes to require the City to study + propose solutions for subway desert neighborhoods as part of a larger review of the transit desert problem

Everybody's Doing It - Not

No country is doing what's necessary to keep Earth from crossing the 2 degree C rise climate red line

NYT: Not Entitled To Its Own Facts

New to the furor over Bret Stephens, the New York Times' climate-science slamming columnist? Catch up

Needed Now: A Penn Station Savior

Will Andrew Cuomo miss the opportunity to be the savior of Penn Station?

We Were Warned

Back in 2011 Grist magazine explored how climate change was starting to alter the urban landscape. Reader, what's changed since since?

NYC Gets New Ferry Service

The first 2 of a planned 6 route citywide ferry service launches ( but does it use clean fuel engines?)