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April 28, 2017

Help Wanted: Sr. Leader, Smart Grid Innovation

NYSERDA seeking a senior professional to lead smart grid innovation initiatives in New York State, as a critical member of the state's “Reforming the Energy Vision” [REV] team

The L-Ternative Contest

Contest winning proposals for moving between Brooklyn + Manhattan during the L train shutdown

2017: Climate-Worrisome Trends

It's just three months of data but its not encouraging data from a climate trend view

Rating 45's First 100 Environmental Days

"Lazy + plutocratic" writes Dave Roberts

Make The Sun Rise Faster In NYC

Ideas for speeding up NYC's solar power capacity, since it's just .84% of the total today

Adventures In New Tech: Molten Silicon

Can an Australian energy start-up replace conventional storage batteries with molten silicon tech?

Big, Bigger, Biggest Trasnportation Boom


April 27, 2017

Track US-China Solar Trade Dispute

What could be the consequences of petitioning the US over the import of low-cost Chinese solar panels?

Edinburgh: Now And Forever

Learning From Benchmarking

The wealth of data coming from NYC's building energy benchmarking law reveals a lot, community district-by-community district

April 26, 2017

Different Kind of Rx For Climate Change

Just like the bail out of banks during the Great Recession of 2008 saved the financial system, a federal buy out of fossil fuel firms could save the planet

Green Urban Transport Leaders

What are Oslo, London + Amsterdam doing to become the stars of carbon-cutting transport efforts?

People Love Parks, But

Despite all the benefits of urban parks, they're not getting the sustainability planning + support they need to thrive

Flatlining Hurts

What are utilities doing to keep their profits up in the face of persistent flat electricity demand?

The Opposiste Of Energy Stars...

...POTUS-owned buildings

State Carbon Tax Prospects

The Carbon Tax Center analyzes prospects for enacting carbon taxes, state-by-state

April 25, 2017

The Climate In Washington

Washington State climate politics + policy according to Governor Inslee

The Arctic Now

Enormous changes underway in the Arctic will have global impacts

Defending Reality

An Immodest Streetcar Proposal

Plug the funding gap for the Brooklyn/Queens streetcar by selling Brooklyn Navy Yard development rights, writes Crain's editor

Global: Extreme Weather Forcing

How climate disruption is amplifying extreme weather events around the world

Market Forces Fatal To Coal

Calculating the market forces that are putting the big squeeze on the US coal industry

Where The Jobs Are

Want a job in the energy industry? Seek solar not coal

See Sea Level Rise Near You

Now, there's an immersive app for that

April 24, 2017

Wade Into The Data Weeds

Quote Of The Day

“Attempting to revive coal or nuclear is like defibrillating a corpse: it will jump but it won’t revive." Amory Lovins

India And China: City Biking

Bike sharing programs in Chinese + Indian cities is on the rise, cutting congestion, improving the air

EU: Carbon Tolls

Cars + trucks on European highways would pay a carbon toll under a potential EU rule

Old Kodak For New Solar

Old Kodak film-making machinery gets a new life to make cutting-edge solar power cells using a mineral discovered in the 19th Century

Don't Mourn - Organize Now

At the local government , community + corporate levels, citizen organizing to achieve climate action can have fast results

Bloomberg: Trump-Proofing The Climate

US cities, citizens + market forces will be the key to successful climate action, regardless of the US President, declares Michael Bloomberg

Climate Friendly Pension Funds

NYC Comptroller Stringer launches a search for pension fund investment managers with low carbon + sustainability expertise

Utility Says No To EV Rechargers

The Missouri Public Service Commission won't allow a utility to install EV recharging stations, calls it a free market job

April 21, 2017

Bill McKibben Nails It

"The planet can't stand this Presidency"

Savaging Science

"Trump's so-called skinny budget calls for large budget cuts at the EPA, including a 31 percent reduction agencywide that will slash staff by 25 percent and eliminate 56 programs. Many science programs are on the chopping block. The proposal would halve the budget for the EPA ORD, 'whose leading-edge research helps provide the solid underpinning of science and technology for the Agency.' Funding for the EPA's STAR grants could disappear, eliminating critical funding for academic research on water quality, air pollution, and other priorities. Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy warns that President Trump is 'not just going after the climate science in the agency, but going after the scientists... that do fundamental air and water and land work.'" Source: American Progress

Citibike Lessons From Bed-Stuy

What's ramping up Citibike growth in Bedford-Stuyvesant?

Build It Right

Holland: Court Orders Shell-Exxon Criminal Probe

A Dutch court investigation will look into whether Shell-Exxon is criminally responsible for earthquakes in the country's gas-extraction fields

Continuous Improvement Needed

Getting to scale on building energy performance means learning from case studies


What happened to Central Park's sheep?

Pathways To Energy Efficiency Success

Proposals to improve energy efficiency in affordable, multi-family housing by modifying current regulations (Summary)

April 20, 2017

Seattle: Wind To Power Rails

A Seattle transit agency will buy wind power to help runs its rail system

Forget About It

Carbon emissions credit schemes won't get nations to their Paris Climate Accord goals

Do Inhale

NYC air pollution levels hit a record low

Natural Gas - Top US Electric Power Source

Up-to-the-minute overview of US electric power generation capacity with natural gas on top

Rather Be In Philadelphia

Super-scary scenario for climate dislocations facing Florida coast home owners

Solar Power Trends: Cheers/Not-Yets

Global energy expert Michael Liebreich points out happening and not-yet-happening solar energy trends

Hot Graph

April 19, 2017

Scotland: Wind Powers Affordable Housing

A Scottish wind energy project will sell energy, with income to deliver new homes in a low-wage rural community

The New Normalizing

Changing Minds On Climate Change

Top four reasons people cite for switching from climate doubters to human-linked climate change believers

Hello Wyoming

Inland states like Wyoming are unprepared for a possible flood of coastal residents fleeing from the impact of climate disuptions

We The People

Watch, march, act

Siting Renewables In The Northeast

Four proposals for getting to yes on local approvals to site renewable energy installations

Negotiating 101: Don't Be The 1st To Compromise

Since no GOP elected's show signs of supporting a carbon tax, no supporters should start with things they'd negotiate away

April 18, 2017

The Flip Side Of Climate Risk

Consider the decarbonization opportunities

Stay Or Go

The likely consequences of a Trump decision to stick with the Paris Climate Accord or to bail

Climate Positive Architecture

The AIA's 8 climate change principles for architects + policy makers

Economic Health Needs Earth Science

Consider the links between our economic vitality + data-rich earth sciences

Save New Orleans From Sinking

A new business incubator wants to help New Orleans gain flood resiliency in the face of rising climate disruptions

Earth Day Is Car Free Day

Celebrate Earth Day 2017 with your feet on car-free NYC streets

Reading, Writing And Lead

What's up with high lead levels detected in drinking water at some NYC schools?

April 14, 2017

London: The EV Hack

London's iconic diesel-burning cabs will start going electric in 2018

Looking Behind The Anti-Science Tag

For your consideration

Blowing Smoke

Germany: Market Price For Wind

A new offshore German wind power project will get developed without government subsidies

April 13, 2017

Help Wanted: Outreach Specialist

Are you an independent, creative organizer? Join the movement to promote the role of science in government decision-making on critical public health, environmental + public safety issues+ help make federal government science and scientists more resilient to political pressure The Union of Concerned Scientists seeks to fill a temporary (18 month) position as an Outreach Specialist in its Washington DC office

Boston: Design For Living With Water

In the face of sea level rise, Boston's got a resiliency plan custom-designed for waterfront city

South-East Wind Power

Does the new Amazon wind farm in North Carolina signal a shift in regional electric power supplies?

Trump's First Earth Day

How the disorganized Trump Administration can be so methodical when it comes to attacking the environment

Blowing Our Way

Prospects for a job-growing offshore wind industry to thrive in the USA

April 12, 2017

Shanghai: Eco-Slacker

China's Ministry of Environmental Protection faults Shanghai for its lax environmental enforcement

Energy Storage Bill On Gov's Desk

The Governor of Maryland has the chance to sign a law establishing a 30% tax credit for energy storage systems

Don't Inhale

A federal appeals court grants EPA's request to "delay" a case about Obama-Era smog control rules

BASIC Bloc Seeks US Climate Clarity

Brazil, South Africa, India + China press for US/advanced industrial nations action on climate funding promises

Follow The Transit Money

MTA gets $65 million haircut, with funds shifted to emergency repairs instead of adding overall mass transit support in NY's new budget

G-7: US Creates Carbon Tension

The US President leans on other G-7 nations to burn more fossil fuels, they refuse

Learning How To Teach Sustainability

An experienced Arizona State University professor shares what he's learned about how to teach sustainability + help students become effective professionals

Obama's Climate Legacy

Niskanen Center lead lawyer gives a C+ to the Obama Administration's climate action accomplishments

April 11, 2017

Germany: Drone Power

Eon, a big German utility, will pilot a project to generate wind power from tethered airborne devices

Good News From Last Year

Here's why carbon emissions from US power plants fell 1.7% in 2016

Richard Florida: Urban Optimist Reconsiders

Have persistent inequalities + the Trump election changed the views of urban booster Richard Florida?

VT: Put A Price On It

Using a new message, Vermont Democrats start another carbon pricing campaign

Mind The Data Gap

Proposed NASA budget cuts would harm climate science by opening gaps in long-term data trends

Avert Mass Transit Collapse

Just as mass transit is essential to the NY-NJ metro area, adequate + timely federal funding is essential to keep it going

April 10, 2017

94 Year Old Invents A Battery Breakthrough

Cost + life cycle problems with energy storage batteries are solved by a team of inventors led by a 94-year old

Finding Green In NY Budget

Tally up the environmental wins + losses in the just-passed New York State budget

Australia: Design Right, Do Away With AC

Even in hot Australia, an apartment that needs air-conditioning, is a badly-designed apartment

Mind The Gap

Proposed EPA budget cuts will hurt some states more than others, but will hurt everyone when it comes to scientific research + controlling multi-state toxic pollution

POTUS Climate Stance In 3 Words

Embarrasssing, frustrating, alarming

Brexit: Backsliding On Climate

For England, Brexit is not just breaking up with the EU, it's also a break with its own climate action policy

Global Rise Of Renewables

Levels of renewable power capacity, fueled by falling prices, set records in 2016

Federal Court Climate Decision on Tap

A ruling on the challenge the Clean Power Plan by the federal appeals court in Washington, DC, expected soon

NYC Comptroller Challenges Utility

As power supplier NRG appears to be backing off from its commitments to renewable energy, NYC Comptroller Stringer raises shareholder questions

April 07, 2017

All-Renewables: Fact or Fantasy

Optimist or pessimist, read up on the latest thinking about the feasibility of reaching a 100% renewable electricity goal

The Great Tree Giveaway

Get a free tree in NYC during Earth Day weekend 2017

Catch The Early Ferry

A new ferry service serving Astoria, Roosevelt Island, Long Island City + midtown/lower Manhattan will launch ahead of schedule

Montreal: Growing Green Canopy

Energy Use Ticks Up, Coal Slumps, Renewables Rise

The EIA reports overall US energy use in 2016 up slightly, with coal consumption down 9% + renewables showing the greatest gain

Growing: China, Cities, Economy...

...And the risks posed by climate change

China/US Trade Rx

Given the carbon intensity of China's economy, a US carbon border adjustment tax could accomplish several things at once, according to this Op-Ed

April 06, 2017

Certifying Smart Cities

Bloomberg Philanthropies announces a smart city certification program, with scoring based on how cities use performance management, open data + evidence-based contracting to improve how their function

Price Plunges Lift Renewables

Cost counts, the steep fall in the price of renewable energy's starting to shake up the status quo

Expect Some Unexpecteds

What might happen to climate policy in the Trump Era that would be a big surprise?

The New Energy Storage Chemistry Set

Salt, silicon or graphite could be the next big thing in energy storage batteries

Ye Olde El

Market Education

You don't need an MBA to understand what financial markets can teach us about managing climate risk

Plug In The Plane/Fasten Your Seatbelt

Boeing + Jet Blue invest in a start up with plans to launch a fleet of electric-powered planes

April 05, 2017

UN Energy Lessons

Would more energy have been saved if the UN headquarters had been demolished + built anew rather than retrofitted?

The Long-Term Impact Of Today's Transit Plans

Los Angeles + Philadelphia officials grapple with powering choices for tomorrow's urban mass transit

No Denying This

Making The Corporate Sustainabilty Office Matter

What's the most effective way to make the most of a corporate sustainability officer?

"Anthracite Fields"

An oratorio about coal miners performed in a one-time epicenter of coal-mining

April 04, 2017

Why Trump Enviro Executive Order Won't Work

The environment won't benefit from the US President's recent climate inaction Executive Order, but transitioning to a low carbon economy is happening anyway, led by China

Think Of The Opportunities

Renewable Energy: - Not If...

...but how + when to get to 100% renewable energy, an intro to these controversies

Getting From A To B Without The L

Good news, planned L train shutdown time shortened. Bad news, no alternative transit plans yet

Lessons For Building Learned From Sandy

Passive design for surviving future climate shocks is part of new construction in a West Chelsea flood zone area

Guess What's Bigger Than Ford

Tesla's stock market value, $48.7 billion, is higher than Ford Motors now

Dubai: The Big Shrink

By 2050, Dubai aims to have the smallest urban eco-footprint on Earth, what's the plan?

April 03, 2017

As My Grandma Would Have Said - Feh

If Trump gets his way, the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency + Renewable Energy will lose 25% of its funding

More Than Climate's Endangered

Science and the rule of law are jeopardized by the way Trump wages war on climate action

NY Metro Transit Funding News

The US President's mass transit budget is grim news for NY-metro area projects

From The Mayberry Ministry Of Truth

Talking points by US President on clean air + energy

Weekend Recap

Tuned out for two days? Here's the climate + energy news you missed

April 01, 2017

Black Lives Should Matter More...

... to environmentalists + to the Democratic Party

Tweaking PACE

With the popularity of PACE energy financing, the need for certain lending standards + consumer protection come into focus