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January 31, 2017

Installing Energy Storage Batteries

Tips for getting a permit to install energy storage batteries in NY buildings

Solar Tiles v Solar Panels

How to decide between solar roof tiles + panels

Movie Review: An Inconvenient Sequel

Couldn't make it to Sundance? catch the review of Al Gore's latest climate documentary

Don't Pass Flimsy Plastic Bag Bill

When it comes to a state bill blocking NYC's nickel fee on plastic bags, Crains' says Albany should "bag it"

East River Tolling Gets Liked

The proposal to toll East River bridges gets a boost from a new poll

No Longer Unthinkiable

"Organized retreat" enters the discussion about climate adaption strategies

January 30, 2017

Location, Location And Infrastructure

Real estate relocation deciders cite smart infrastructure + investments as a driver


The 2030 District movement moves cities toward high performance + carbon neutrality, neighborhood by neighborhood

Saudi Aramco Looks To Tomorrow

The world's biggest oil producer, Saudi Aramco, said to consider multi-billion dollar renewable deals

#Women For Climate In NYC

Storage Battery Boom

The storage battery revolution starts now on the California grid

Arthur Rosenfeld: 1926-2017

Founder of the energy efficiency movement, physicist Arthur Rosenfeld dies at 90

January 28, 2017

Flora And Fauna And Climate Change

If you know where to look you will see how climate change is affecting NY's plants + animals

January 27, 2017

Canada: Ikea Buys Wind Fam

Swedish retail giant Ikea buys its second wind farm in Canada

Chile: Google Meets Sun

Google plugs into South America's largest solar power

Tweet Of the Week

"A thermometer isn't democrat or republican. It won't give you a different number depending on how you vote" Katharine Hayhoe

Bank's Ask And Tell On Climate

Asset manager, State Street Bank, asks corporate boards to disclose more information on what's being done to protect their businesses from climate change impacts

Posting Accurate Information Is The Law

Get to know the Information Quality Act, it requires that information posted on government websites like the EPA's must be accurate + unbiased

DT's Eco-Cide Reach

What could Trump do to upend environmental protections + how long would it take?

Benchmark. Assistance.


Using NYC building benchmarking data, how do Trump properties stack up?

January 26, 2017

Turkey: Solar Update

While Turkey now has 833 MW of solar power, much of it is unlicensed

What's Old Is New Again

For the first time in millions of years the atmospheric concentration of CO2 breaches a critical threshold -- here's why it matters

Politics Not Following The Money, Yet

While wind + solar power have become the cheapest electric energy sources, most politics + regulations have yet to adjust accordingly

Scientists Riled About DT Administration

It's not just climate scientists who are alarmed by DT administration moves

Meteorology's Public Trust

Why 21th century meteorologists have different responsibilities than 20th century weather people

Resilient Building Now

A new residential tower near the East River is designed to keep the lights on + refrigerators humming even when the water rises

Wind Power To The States

The Danish energy minister is coming to the US to meet with state officials about wind power opportuntiies

January 25, 2017

Ugly Facts

Benchmarking Buy-In

Building energy benchmarking programs surge in cities around the nation, props to the City Energy Project

EPA Climate Web Page

Going, going...

Science At Work: The Temperature Rise Start Line

Determining how close the planet is to crossing a climate-changing increase in temperature depends on where measurements start

Linking Nuke And Climate Sciences

How arguments about nuclear weapons shaped the climate change debate

Go Green: Luxury Fashion's New Fashion

Is sustainability here to stay for luxury fashion labels?

January 24, 2017

Science 101: Public Facts

Explaining public facts, why they're so important + the role of the scientific method in establishing them

NY Loses REV-Czarina

Audrey Zibelman, the power driving NY's bold REV energy policy, steps down from the Public Service Commission + heads for Australia

Democrats' Offer Infrastructure Vision

Power grid modernization + urban transportation upgrades are part of a $1T infrastructure proposal drafted by Senate Democrats

Tips For US States From Australian States

What happened to Australian states' energy policies when confronted with a fossil fuel-friendly federal government?

EPA: Fossils Move In

The EPA transition team is dominated by men from the fossil fuel industry

Paris: Piloting Auto-Pilot Minibus

2 driverless, electric-powered minibuses being piloted on the streets of Paris

UK: Where The Wind Is Cheap

January 23, 2017

Higher Math: Solar Trade Tariffs

Calculating the winners + losers of higher US tariffs on Chinese solar panels is complicated

Australia: The Trump Effect

The Australian government flirts with axing its renewable energy target, if the US exits the Paris climate accord

Freezing Out Energy Efficiency

The freeze on federal rule-making puts the fate of near-final standards for reducing energy use, while cutting both consumer bills + GHGs at risk

Administrations Come And Go...

...The social costs of carbon remain

Community Solar v PSC

Why are NY community solar activists challenging a Public Service Commission proposal?

Scotland: Let's Decarbonize

Industry leaders urge the Scottish government to decarbonize the energy system

Cities: Where The Future Happens First

Regarding climate action, the Mayor of Paris writes, "If we cannot rely on the leadership of nations in these crucial four years, then mayors, chief executives, scientists, entrepreneurs + citizens will bear the burden instead. The consequences of failure are too dire and the opportunities for us to succeed are simply too great."

Now More Than Ever

Don't let the DT administration disrupt the climate action campaign, urges Bill McKibben

January 20, 2017

NY To Obama: Thanks For The Legacy

Obama's environmental legacy will benefit New Yorkers for year to come

44th Presidential Archive

Nothing ever vanishes from the web, including President Obama's homepage

Follow The Carbon

Track federal climate deregulation starting January 20, 2016

The 45th President

Trouble In Mind

What federal climate + energy policies top Trump's roll-back list?

The Power Supply Coming Your Way

There's a revolution happening in what electric power utilities + consumers can be doing, let's discuss it

January 19, 2017

Make America Wait Again

Keep the US in the Fossil Fuel Age is the new Administration's climate mission

Old Swamp And NYC's Future

The historic record preserved in a Bronx marsh carries a dire warning for NYC about rising sea level disruptions ahead

The Big Climate Tech Question

Is carbon capture the killer app for slowing down climate disruption?

GOP Govs Renew On Renewable Energy

Here's how job growth in renewable energy can trump GOP political ideology

I'll Have What They're Having

Pruitt v EPA Track Record

Nominated to run the EPA, Scott Pruitt underestimates the proven power of the agency

January 18, 2017

Lose Your Blues/Go Green In Chicago

Obama's $500M Climate Farewell

President Obama deposits $500 million into the UN Green Climate Fund

China: The Perfect Green Bond Storm

What explains China's surging entry into the green bond market?

One Hull Of A City

Renewable energy art installation "The Blade" comes to Yorkshire's coastal city, Hull

Get Up To Date With Data

Dive into the global warming data behind the headlines, courtesy of Berkeley Earth

UK US: Work That Special Relationship

Scientists urge UK leader to use her nation's 'special relationship' with the US to change Trump's anti-climate action stance

3 Years Of Setting Heat Records

The evidence is in, 2016 was the third straight year of Earth hitting record high temperatures

January 17, 2017

Big Geothermal Plans in California

Producing electricity from underground heat isn't new in California, but this proposed development would be the biggest by far + would produce high-value minerals too

Sydney: Hotter Than Heck


Save Our Science at Senate hearings on EPA nominee Pruitt

China: Don't Drop Out Donald

Chinese Prime Minister Xi warns in-coming President Trump not to quit the Paris climate accord

NY: Climate Activist

Governor Cuomo keeps up climate + energy momentum for NY in his State-of-the-State speeches

India: Exceeding Solar Goals

India's 2022 solar goal of 100 gigawatts could be a goal to to beat according to the Power Minister

Saudi Arabia: Big Bucks For Renewables

With a $30-50 billion target, Saudi Arabia seeks bids for a big push into renewable energy

January 12, 2017

NYCHA's Got New Design Guidelines

80-year old NYCHA, the nation's largest public housing agency, releases new guidelines that mix the realistic with the aspirational

2016: Down Year For Global Clean Energy Investments

With China first on the down ramp global investments dropped in 2016 from record high of $348.5 billion in 2015 to $287.5 billion, but a closer look reveals some important gains

Tillerson's Climate Testimony

While ex-Exxon CEO Tillerson acknowledged there was something to climate change at his Senate confirmation hearings, as Secretary of State, what will he do about it?

Help Wanted: Digital Director

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communications seeks its first digital director to develop an online strategy and grow its audience. TO APPLY: Send a cover letter and a CV/resume to with the subject heading “YPCCC Digital Director Position.” Members of under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply

January 11, 2017

US Wind Power Update

What's driving the growth of wind power in the 10 biggest production states?

World Economic Forum Warning

If nuclear war is the biggest threat to the global economy, what's the next biggest?

2nd Avenue Subway - A Teachable Moment Century

NYC needs more subways, a Crain's NY editorial hopes NY will learn from the Second Avenue subway to build more, better lines now

Citites Unite To Buy EV's

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle + Portland, OR may pool their market power to buy 24,000 electric vehicles, what about your city?

Watch Out For Waste Motor Oil

Waste motor oil mixed with heating oil in NYC can be a health threat, even if it's not illegal

Free Environmental Education

The Brooklyn Bridge Park has a free Environmental Education Center, stop by

Hail To The Chief

President Obama reflects on facing the challenge of climate change + our ability to change in his farewell address

January 10, 2017

China: Not Ready Yet For Climate Prime-Time

Obama Does Science

Obama makes the case for his clean energy legacy in the scholarly journal Science

The Nightmare "P" Word

How could federal preemption be used to zap progressive state + local climate friendly laws?

Vertical Farming Takes Root

Look what's growing in Newark!

Huge Job Creation Engine

The US energy efficiency industry has already created 1.9 million new jobs + strong job growth projected for 2017

January 09, 2017

Cleaner Sewers Mean A Lot

Cooking grease clogs NYC sewers, so converting the grease to bio-fuel is a plus, but so is a $6B sewer system upgrade

Paris: Go Walk About

Restricting traffic + expanding pedestrian zones are being planned by Paris Mayor Hidalgo

Start Your (Green) Engines

If states, cities + businesses must become climate leaders under the incoming Administration, let's start a competition for the best

Toronto: Easy Energy Efficiency Loans

$5.4 million in energy efficiency loans for home-owners has been making Toronto more sustainable since 2014

Alarms Are Sounding - In One Nifty Chart

Look Deeper Into Tillerson

The media's been myopic in focusing only on Secretary of State nominee Tillerson's Russian ties

2nd Avenue Subway's Not Enough

21st century urban infrastructure projects can't end with the 2nd Avenue subway, here are some strategic suggestions

Fixing Methane Leaks

New technology advances will be deployed by the largest natural gas utility distributor in the northeast to detect + fix methane leaks

January 07, 2017

Hacking the Power Grid

Here's a cyber-security threat warning the incoming administration can't afford to ignore

Pier Progress

See what's coming at the Piers 26 + 40 make-overs in Hudson River Park

Science At Work: Risk of Atlantic Current Collapse

What is the AMOC + why are two new studies about its climate vulnerability important?

January 06, 2017

London: Maxes Out Yearly Air Polluting

Just 5 days into the New Year, London hits an annual air pollution limit

Growing Sustainable Tourism

Where is sustainable tourism headed in 2017?

Let There Be Light Indoors

The Future Of Climate Disclosure At The SEC

in 2010, the SEC began guiding corporations to publicly disclose certain information about climate risks facing investors, what will Trump's SEC nominee, Jay Clayton, do?

Build A Better Climate Narrative

If public awareness + attitudes about climate chaos matter more than ever, become a better 'storyteller' now

Trump's Climate Tweets

Just for the record

China Chic: Air Filters And Face Masks

As unbreatheable air becomes a new seasonal normal in China, how are people coping?

Costa Rica: Where The Oil Goes

Costa Rica's soaring renewable energy use for its electricity cannot hide its growing fossil fuel use for cars + trucks

Fueled By Kochs

Fueling the U.S. Forward is a Koch Brothers-funded tool for targeting minority groups with a pro-fossil fuel message

January 05, 2017

Energy Democracy

A thought experiment to radically rethink today's energy utility business models

Maryland's Renewables Retreat

Calling solar + wind power 'expensive', the Governor of Maryland lays out his environmental agenda

Bright Ideas For LEDs

A guide for the perplexed about choosing the right LED lightbulbs

Climate News Roundup

The good, the bad + worse of last year's climate news, on to 2017

19th Century Pizza

Oysters were the pizza of 19th Century NYC, if water pollution ends in the 21st, could happen again

January 04, 2017

Impacts Of A President's Science Policy

Don't know if the incoming POTUS thinks science policy matters, but here are some facts about how it affects the economy

Ohio Gov To The Rescue

John Kasich, Ohio's Republican governor, did something very good for renewable energy in the face of stiff opposition

Pretty Pictures, Ugly Trends

Why Washington's Climate Policies Matter

Enough with the optimism about what state + local climate action can accomplish without federal muscle

Enviro Journalist Tips

Look for the best climate + energy news at the local + state levels now

January 03, 2017

Imagine And Act

Resiliency Reveille

Wake up to the latest or what US cities, large + small, are doing to raise their climate resilience

What Passes For Good News Now

The New Climate Capitals

From Albany to Sacramento, expect states to pick up the climate + clean energy momentum that will be lost in Washington

Solar Trends

Solar power's becoming the cheapest power source on the planet, expect trend to accelerate

Getting Real About Energy Efficiency

Hawaii takes bold steps to advance energy efficiency, how about your state?

India: Key To Climate's Future

What makes India the nation where the global battle against climate disruption will be won or lost?

The End Is Near For Renewables, Not

Limits to federal power could limit Trump's ability to stop the rising renewable energy movement, but slowing it down would a huge climate change problem

Face The Energy Facts

Do you agree?