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December 30, 2016

New Year's Resolution

Learn how to go solar in NYC

PV At Brooklyn Navy Yard

Commercial tenants at the Brooklyn Navy Yard get power now from rooftop solar panels + this renewable energy will help expand the number of on-site businesses

Meet The Climate Science Persuader

Ben Santer is a climate scientist who's ready to do some prime-time mind-changing in the Trump Age

SOP To Save Our Planet

Obama Energy Regs Could Lose To Rules

Brand new energy efficiency standards can't go into effect for 45 days, at risk of Trump rejection

Urban Mass Transit: The First Second Aveue Subway

From 1880-1942 the Second Avenue "el" took passengers from City Hall to 59th Street

December 29, 2016

Whew! Glad That's Over, On To 2017

Talking Heads Who Say The Darndest Things

The 15 dopiest things media figures said about climate chaos in 2016

Heidelberg: Big, Passiv Plans

A 162-unit Passivhaus apartment complex will be completed next year in Heidelberg, Germany

For Auld Lang Syne

Germany: Political Risks/Climate Risks

The risk of a German electoral upset could mean trouble for the country's climate action agenda

Brazil: Carbon Promises Compromised

Why Brazil, the world's 7th largest economy, could fail to keep its carbon cutting pledges

Climate Truthiness

What's the story behind Exxon's carbon tax advocacy adopted by CEO Tillerson?

December 27, 2016

EJ Expectations Dim

Just how bleak are current prospects for the environmental justice movement?

Vietnam: Sickening Climate Disruption

Outbreaks of diseases like dengue fever in northern Vietnam are linked to climate change impacts

China: Partial Pollution Tax

A new Chinese tax will add cost to spewing some pollutants, but not CO2

Kid Power

Engineers At Work: Repurpose Mine Shafts

Engineers look into the conversion of flooded + abandoned mine shafts into underground hydroelectric generators, integrating them with solar + wind power supplies

Follow The Settlement Money

When NY officials settle big law suits, what do cash settlements get spent on?

December 23, 2016

Court Green Lights Scientist's Law Suit

An appeals court rules that climate scientist Michael Mann's defamation law suit can proceed

Expect Rising Carbon Costs

With today's minimal climate policies, expect the social cost of tomorrow's CO2 emissions to rise sharply

December 22, 2016


An affordable, super-energy efficient 100-unit apartment building opens in Sandy-struck Rockaway

Obama's Science Advisor Looks Ahead

John Holdren, Obama's science advisor, says if the fact of climate disruption is acknowledged by the next administration, then it will have paths to choose from to avoid catastrophic changes

We Don't Do This Now

Two Scary Sentences

What's got scientists worried about climate change policy in the GOP 2016 platform?

December 21, 2016

Think About This In 2017

Hail And Farewell EPA Chief

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy calls science the bedrock of the agency's mission + looking to the future says,"I feel pretty confident that what we have done is really very solid work"

Climate News Fit To Print

New York Times highlights 7 of its climate change stories of 2016

Mapping NYC PV Potential

Explore this hi-res map of NYC's sun + shadow, block-by-block, season-by-season

Don't Drill Here

2016: Top Solar Trends

Let the sun shine on this year's top-ten solar trends

December 20, 2016

China: Solar Targets

China drops its planning goal for distributed solar power, but sticks with its overall solar goal of 110 gigawatts by 2020 -- down from the original 150 GW target

Doing Right By The Little Guy

What happens to fraudsters who take advantage of electric power consumers?

New Euro Climate Leader

Laurence Tubiana named as the new Climate Foundation leader, which funds an ecosystem of think-tanks, NGOs and communications initiatives

LA: Spread Recharging Around

By mounting EV rechargers on utility poles, Los Angeles speeds up these installations in a more diverse range of city neighborhoods

Do Well By Doing Good

Transition Team Targets More Climate Info

The State Department gets a query from the transition team for data about funds spent on international climate groups, but not Department employee names

Take The Q Train

December 19, 2016

EU: Flexing Climate Muscle

The looming US climate action vacuum encourages the EU to do more

Times Square Sheep


India: Coal Pause

From 2022-2027 India won't add new coal-burning power plants, but will continue to grow its renewable energy capability

PACE Picks Up The Pace

A green commercial building finance program is catching on in Maryland

Weather Trend Tracking

December 16, 2016

Bursting Carbon Bubbles

"Bubbles" for economists are overpriced assets — enough of them pose systemic risks — now think about how this applies to the price of fossil fuels + waterfront properties

Walmart Ups Its Climate Ante

Walmart sticks with climate activism, cutting the GHG footprint along its supply chain a Gigaton by 2030

Not For The Birds

Avians are vulnerable to disruptions caused by climate change

Useful Knowledge From NASA

Climate Capability Imperiled

Most federal climate action rules, along with other anti-pollution regulations are targeted by House GOP members for elimination in the next Administration's first 100 days (scroll down, news link covers other imperiled federal programs too)

Mayors And Governors Stay The Climate-Course

Climate protection commitments are being upheld by local elected officials, here are some things they can do

December 15, 2016

WEDG For Better Waterfronts

Foundations step up funding for WEDG, the Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines, to engage with, communicate about, + influence resiliency + designs for NYC waterfront projects

Solar Surges In Developing Nations

Plunging prices for solar power makes it competitive with wind + cost less than fossil fuel projects in the developing world

Energy Efficiency Computes

Energy Inertia

Why is it so hard to overcome the inertia of energy slurping?

More Reslience Now

Strategies for cities to effectively + cost-efficiently improve their resilience in the face of risks posed by climate change

The Cost Of Environmental Risks

Stock market investors finds risks related to environmental, social + governance issues have costs

Costless Carbon

The social cost of carbon, calculated by the Obama Administration for making regulatory decisions, could fade away under Trump's

Beijing: So Unnatural

There's push back over calling Beijing's smog something 'natural'

December 14, 2016

Now For Some Good News

A solar + storage microgrid for an Brooklyn affordable housing project advances 3 goals: keep operating costs down, cleaner energy + increased reliability

Do More Than Measure Energy

Older buildings in Los Angeles will have to benchmark their energy + water use + then cut consumption, if a local bill becomes law

Arctic Records Smashed

Dog Bites Man/Man Bites Dog

New DOE leader pick Rick Perry is a vocal climate denier + big fossil fuel supporter, but also helped make Texas a wind power leader

More Chinese Solar In Europe

A Chinese solar power panel maker establishes a sales + service hub in Germany

December 13, 2016

EV Locator

A map of EV recharging stations in the NY metro area

Book Review: ExxonMobil and American Power

With all this news about ExxonMobil, a little history is timely

Judge Backs Off

A federal judge in Texas backs off from ordering the Massachusetts Attorney General investigating ExxonMobil to testify in his court

December 12, 2016

Mapping A Future Without Coal

Energy economics + plunging prices of wind + solar power = RIP coal

CT: Green Bank As National Model

Since opening its doors 5 years ago, Connecticut's Green Bank has led the way on using public funds to leverage private investment in clean energy, energy efficient buildings + green jobs

Holy Cow

Worldwide levels are spiking for potent greenhouse gas methane -- can't blame it all on bovines

Don't Tell, Don't Know

Psychologists study why people clam up rather than talk about climate change

Bill Gates Ventures Into Clean Tech

A billion dollar emerging clean tech venture fund gets money from Bill Gates + other big time investors

December 09, 2016

Good News About PV-Making

In just one year, the amount a power needed to manufacture a solar panel + GHG emsisions created is equaled by the power it creates

Cold And Climate Change

It's that time of year to find out why winter can be so cold in a heating world

Fishing v Wind Farming

The fishing industry + seaport towns seek to halt auction of federal land for wind farm development

A Sinking Feeling About Rising

Parts of the NY metro area will go underwater + others will be at greater risk of flooding as the region's sea level rises

December 08, 2016

Macro Melt

Unprecedented losses of Arctic + Antarctic ice happening now

Seeing What NASA Sees

Economy Grows While Carbon Shrinks

From 2000-2014 states' economic growth up while GHG emissions down, economists call this 'decoupling'

Final Thoughts From Obama Science Advisor

John Holdren, the outgoing Presidential chief science advisor, finds reasons for tempered climate action optimism + thinks putting a price on carbon could get bi-partisan support

Train Tunnel Mystery

Is there really a lost locomotive in a 19th C. Brooklyn train tunnel?

A Tale Of Two Cities

Hotels compete with flowers on West 28 Street

Meet Chris Shank

A key figure in the transition at NASA is Chris Shank, someone with a proven climate denialst track record

December 07, 2016

Kids Sue To Have Future

Meet the teens who are suing to protect their Constitutional rights + a future threatened by climate change

Solar Jobs In Flux

SolarCity begins looking for production workers for its new photovoltaic panel plant in Buffalo, NY, while SunPower slashes PV production jobs at its overseas factories

Municipal Solar

What's up with rooftop solar power on City-owned buildings in NY?

New EPA Boss

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt will be named the Trump EPA chief, who's he?

What Google Means By All Renewables

No, not a debunking, a detailing

Exxon 1 -- MA's AG 0

A Texas federal court affirms a lower court order compelling the Massachusetts Attorney General to submit to questioning by ExxonMobil lawyers over her climate investigation of the oil industry giant

December 06, 2016

NYC: YOYO For Flood Financing

NY must use its own capital funds to pay for storm protection, projects federal Sandy money was supposed to cover but were spent on Build It Back projects instead

Google: All Renewable Everywhere

Google's global operations will be powered by 100% renewable energy/energy purchases

December 05, 2016

Help Wanted: Senior Editor Environmental Justice

Grist seeking a senior editor to help shape national news + environmental justice coverage. Grist is headquartered in Seattle, but you don't have to be

Climate Action Award Winners

What are the projects that 11 winning C40 cities won their climate awards for?

Rx For Congestion

Will the latest cure for NYC's chronic traffic congestion get a test drive?

Australia: Burning Up Its Carbon Budget

Living like there's no tomorrow, Australia has already 'spent' 20% of its carbon emissions budget, which is supposed to last until 2050

The Wait Is Over

December 02, 2016

What City Kids Are Learning Now

Amazon Goes Renewable In VA

Five Amazon-sponsored solar projects in Virginia will add 180 MW of renewable energy

Meet Our Infrastructure

With all the talk about boosting jobs + the economy with big infrastructure investments, what is it + where is it?

Obama Acts To Keep Fuel Efficiency Rising

Tough fuel efficiency standards for cars + light trucks will remain in place through 2025 (unless they get changed by the next Administration)

Sweden: A Carbon Tax With Wings

A government-named commission calls for a carbon tax on airlines operating in Sweden

The Fog About The Smog

Fear + confusion surround reports of antibiotic resistant bacteria in Beijing's already notorious smog, what to do is unclear

December 01, 2016

G-20: Merkel v Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will use her role as president of G-20 to leverage positive climate business facts to counteract Trump's anti-climate influence

The Melting Arctic Blogger

Neven Curlin, who's been blogging about the Arctic melt down for almost a decade, calls it quits for now

Weirdest Headline Of The Week

"Ivanka Trump, climate Czar?"

Green Numbers Cruchers Launch Climate Index

Calculate climate risks with the ACI; the Actuaries Climate Index is monitoring tool to understand climate trends + potential risks of a changing climate caused by observed extreme weather + sea level rise on the US and Canada

Uneasy About The Big Easy

New Orleans is the most vulnerable to sea level rise risks of 138 coastal cities

Project Farmhouse

76 East 13 Street, opening December 2016

Vision For New Waterfront Park

Get a first look at design ideas for a new park coming to Brooklyn's old industrial + polluted waterfront