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November 30, 2016

Blockchain For Clean Power 101

Could blockchain be the BFF to finance distributed renewable energy expansion?

Watch The World Change

The Consequences Of Politicizing Science

NASA spends almost as much on climate science research each year as it does on space exploration, what would Trump cuts to its climate budget mean?

Offshore Wind Auction

On December 15, a federal auction for an offshore wind site will occur and NY State will be a bidder

Favorite Fake Climate News

Check out social media's most liked fraudulent climate news

China: Doesn't Ramp Up Coal

Greenpeace disputes NYT story on Chinese coal mining

China: Ramps Up Coal, Americans Weigh In

After a dip, that wasn't a trend, China boosts coal production AND don't miss readers' comments for insight on US attitudes

Regenerate Now

Cities + states can be climate actors that make a global difference

NY's 'Race To The Top'

Five cities vie for for $5 million to grow renewable energy + local job in NY's $5 "race-to-the-top' program

November 29, 2016

Zero Cost, Big Savings, And Maybe A Raise

Paris Climate Accord: Key Financial Strategy

To keep the promises of of the Paris climate accord demands finance for sustainable infrastructure that is both low-carbon + climate-resilient, insists to Prof. Lord Stern

Bloomberg - Don't Mourn, Organize

Former-NYC Mayor Bloomberg calls on 128 US mayors to join the Paris Climate Accord, whatever the next President decides to do

More Money, More Bike Sharing

A City Council proposal would fund expansion of Citi Bike to all NYC neighborhoods

Nuke Power Can't Compete With Renewables

Facing its worst times yet, the ex-chief of France's nuclear power industry cites closure of French plants + competition from low cost renewable power

Why Coal's History

Think the coal industry will revive under Trump? Consider Michigan, think again, but don't ditch Obama's CPP either

Not Dead Yet

Trump won't find it easy to kill off a profit-making, innovative energy project loan program

November 28, 2016

Clean Air Act Boosts Economy

By investing more capital in pollution control technology, businesses had the capacity to produce more output while cutting pollutants is the reason why the US improved air quality + gained manufacturing between 1990 - 2008

Tokyo: Urban Greener

Economists Count Cost Of Climate Harm

Climate change is or soon will harm global economic health say a majority of professional economists + current models low-ball that harm surveys find

EU: Pension Funds Look At Climate Risk

EU-nation pension funds to include climate change risks in their investment decisions

GOP Gets BIg Bucks From Renewables

In the 2016 elections, the GOP got more money from solar + wind power firms than the Dems

November 25, 2016

UK: Recipe For Low-Carbon Leadership

Policy alignment on power sources, trade, tax and R&D legislation is key to the UK becoming a leading low-carbon economy, says Bloomberg energy expert

India: Green Bonds For Wind Power

$74 million in certified green bonds will help finance 2 Indian wind power projects

Global Weirding

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe kicks off an on-line project to inform the public about you-know-what, with a smile not a scowl

Don't Kill The Messenger

Five ways that slashing NASA's climate research budget would wound the nation

Sustainability And The Customer

If 'sustainability' is as trending corporate claim, do US consumers care?

Paving With PV

Atlanta: Community Safety In The Streets

Learn how 3 Atlanta, GA neighborhoods are cutting risks of stormwater damage by using porous paving materials + related green street improvements

CEO's For Climate Action

With $15 trillion in assets, SII, a group of finance + corporate CEO's, pledges climate action

November 23, 2016

Dear President Elect

A letter from 71 Mayors calling on Donald Trump to adopt climate-friendly action policies

Dear President Elect

A letter from 33 Mayors calling on Donald Trump to partner with them on climate-friendly policies + actions

Ask Exxon's Accountants

The NY Attorney General demands Exxon/Mobil disclose what its accountants say about the cost of climate risk to its investors

To Be Or Not To Be

Will bright prospects for offshore wind coming to NY be realized now?

Killing The Climate Messenger

Will President Trump carry out the threat of cutting off NASA's climate science funding?

NY Can Weigh In On Nuke Permit

NY's highest court rules that the state has a right to review the permit renewal application the Indian Point nuclear power plant submitted for federal approval

November 22, 2016

A Love Letter To Burlington, VT

A 100% renewable energy city, how Burlington Vermont made it happen

Don't Inhale

Turkey: PV With Local Content

Strict rules for locally-produced content to shape Turkey's entry into the renewable energy economy

Help Wanted: Depty. Dir., Climate/Energy Program

Media Matters for America is a web-based, non-profit progressive research organization dedicated to monitoring, analyzing + correcting conservative misinformation in the US media. The Deputy Director of the Climate & Energy Program analyzes coverage of climate and energy issues, with a particular focus on generating content that rebuts false attacks on climate science and clean energy + improving the media conversation. Send resumes/cover letters to

Today's Good News

Distributed clean energy has a friend at FERC (FERC?)

Trending: Night Sweats

Rising nighttime temperatures help explain overall record high temperatures this century

China: Global Climate Leader

If Trump derails US climate efforts, China will seize the opportunity to become the world's #1 climate-action nation + the economic benefits that entails

November 21, 2016

Some Things Are Going Swimmingly

For Your Consideration: Trump And Ecomodernism

"Are we taking pragmatic actions to encourage the best impulses of the new administration or are we legitimizing something much darker? The choice is not one that will be presented to us all at once...we will be presented with it over and over again."Ted Nordhaus

What Delhi Can Learn From Beijing

Since Beijing has started to tackle its toxic air pollution, what are the lessons for Delhi?

Meet Steve Bannon: Climate Denier In The White House

Donald Trump's climate-change-is-a-Chinese-hoax views are baseless, but didn't come out of thin air

Book Review: Strangers In Their Own Land

Written before the election, Arlie Hochschild discover why economic self-interest + environmental health are no match for Trump's allure to Louisiana voters

November 18, 2016

NY OK's Sale Of Upstate Nuke Plant

Sale of the FitzPatrick nuclear power plant to Exelon for $110 million approved by the NY Public Service Commission

Germany: Climate Champion, Hopefully

Looking for global climate action leadership? Keep an eye on what Germany does

Guides For the Perplexed

Interviews with climate activists on what to do during the Age of Trump

Trump's Energy/Climate Future

A first take on what Trump could/might/probably can't do to US energy + climate policy when meeting market + tech realities

The City Climate Action Winners Are...

Quote Of The Day

"Bottom line: Donald Trump is preparing to bet the future of the planet in a long-shot wager against physics" Bill McKibben

Global Climate Action Will Leave Trump Behind

If Trump scrubs climate action from his agenda, the rest of the world will move on to set fossil fuel limits + launch an energy revolution without the US

Carbon Pie Chart

Resiliency: From Theory To Practice

Climate resiliency adaptation plans of 17 US cities

November 17, 2016

France: The End Of Coal

France vows to shut all it's coal-burning power plants by 2023

Kauai: Sun Power At Night

Think solar power is just for daytime? Think again

Chile: Doubling Its Solar Power

A 750 MW - 1 GW solar power development is announced for Chile's mining industry that will double the nation's solar capacity

Yes Or No: Trump Will Undo Obama's Climate Progress

While President Trump can't change climate science, experts weigh in on how much climate policy progress he might erase

Let's Hope They Can

Activist says climate-committed US cities are the great hope for this nation's contribution for cutting GHGs

Potentially Good News

Prospects for US renewable energy may not nosedive during the Trump years

Some Good News

Local wetlands prevented $625 million in property damages from Superstorm Sandy

Steyer Stays Climate Action Course

Using the tools of public persuasion, billionaire Tom Steyer will continue to finance climate activism

Australia: Wind's Up

November 16, 2016

Texas Energy Trends

Wind power's up, natural gas is down, could be a sign of something big in Texas

Unnatural Selection

The Fossil-Fueled Future

A persistent fossil-fuel era means the world won't meet Paris climate accord goals of limiting global heating

November 15, 2016

Ensuring Battery Safety

NYC tackles the challenge of devising safety measures to minimize the fire hazard risk of energy storage gear

London: Go Low

A green office retrofit breaks records in London

Canada Needs Benchmarking

Can't manage climate change without measuring building energy performance + improving it

Arctic Ocean: Warm Bath

Meet Mike Catanzaro

Some climate-stance background on Mike Catanzaro, a member of Trump's transition team. Want more?

Germany/EU: Shun Climate Trade Sanctions

German + EU officials say they won't impose tariffs on US goods if nation withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord

Let's Get Inefficient

Will Trump gut hard-won auto fuel efficiency standards?

Red Alert For Green

With President Trump + a GOP Congress what could happen to environmental protection?

November 14, 2016

South Africa: At An Energy Crossroad

South Africa faces historic choices in planning it's post-fossil fuel energy future

Help Wanted: NYC Program Manager

The NY League of Conservation Voters seeks a NYC Program Manager. Working with coalition partners, s/he will strive to hold the City accountable for its ambitious goals by creating momentum for transformative policies, electing the right people to the right offices + building a strong, diverse supporter base

November 10, 2016

NYC: New Sustainability Boss

Mark Chambers appointed as director of the Mayor's Office of Sustainability

Australia: Improving Solar Reliability

Cloud tracking cameras to be deployed for coping with dips in Australian solar power output

This Is The End - True Or False

Does Trump's election mean abandoning all hope of keeping global heating below 2 degrees C?

China: Laugh But Don't Inhale

10 hilarious ideas for curing China's killer urban air pollution. More insane hilarity here

Get Your Hot Trend Here

The Clean Energy Opportunity

Unlike climate action politics, transitioning to clean energy is a goal many Americans share + states can do a lot

The Climate's Changed

Don't mourn (too long), organize

November 09, 2016

Where The Action Could Be

Climate Foe Defeated In Nevada

With the election of Catherine Cortez-Mastro to fill Nevada's US Senate vacancy, an opponent of Obama's Clean Power Plan is defeated

We'll Always Never Have Paris

Will Trump's election mean US rejection of the Paris Climate Accord?

Florida Voters Sink Sham Solar Bill

An anti-solar measure disguised as pro-solar legislation fails in Florida

Voters Nix Carbon Tax

Washington voters say no to Intro 732, the nation's first state carbon tax ballot initiative

November 08, 2016

Marrakesh Matters

6 reasons why the outcome of the Marrakesh climate talks will matter to you

Morocco: First Green Bond

Solar power gets a boost with the first-ever $118 M green bond issued by Morocco

Psst — How to Save $3.4 Billion

Better benchmarking data can help apartment building owners save $3.4 billion on energy bills annually

Smart Cities For All

Do the right thing + deploy the right tools to ensure smart cities are technologically savvy + intelligently adaptive to all residents’ needs

Election Day On Earth In Brooklyn

Election Day Unfunnies

Worried about sea level rise? You should be

Election Day Funnies

November 07, 2016

New Delhi: Dirty Air Leader

New Delhi has the world's most polluted urban air + other Indian cities aren't far behind

Charleston: Red State City Acts On Climate

Coastal Charleston isn't waiting for South Carolina to take climate action

The R Word

Has 'Resiliency' been hijacked to promote pricey development in NYC?

Time And Tide Wait For No One

NY misses a legal deadline for adopting updated sea level rise projections

Stop Scaring Us

If the Apocalypse is not the right climate action meme, what is?

Obvious And Oh So Important

November 04, 2016

Time To Take The Pledge

Tree Huggers Rejoice

NYC tree population grows, up 12.6% since 2006

Meeting The Climate Challenge...

...When BAU innovation isn't good enough

NSW: Aims At Zero

The New South Wales government aspires to reducing this Australian state's carbon emissions to zero by 2050

China: Living In More Desert

With all the talk of climate disruption, what's it like to live in China's expanding desert area?

Bad Nuke News Is Good For Fossil Fuels

The shutdown of operating US nuclear power plants is good news for gas + coal but bad for climate protection

November Meme

November 02, 2016

Solar Pioneers In Southeast Asia

Indonesia +Vietnam could be the newest solar power adopters of Southeast Asia

London: Make Center Diesel-Free

London's air pollution crisis would be eased if diesel-burning vehicles were banned from center city

Unexpected Headlines

Forget California: Northeast is emerging as a clean energy leader

Madrid: Cut Cars To Cut Smog

Air pollution woes has Madrid on the verge of cutting car access by 50% to the city center

What Moves People

Don't miss the New York Times readers' comments on Mayor de Blasio's proposed Brooklyn-Queens streetcar

Move Along

What's happening to public housing residents whose buildings were destroyed by extreme weather?


A carbon tax is on the ballot in Washington state + it's got the coal industry anxious

Deep Space Pence

If the GOP wins, VP candidate Pence wants NASA to halt scientific research into climate change + limit itself to outer space exploration

Mayor Desires More Than A Streetcar

Mayor de Blasio envisions a host of added mass transit options

November 01, 2016

Stepping Up Resiliency

The White House climate panel reports on what's being done to advance resilience

Renewable Power At Risk In Europe

If renewable energy loses its priority position on European transmission lines, the entire industry could be set back

China: Too Much Power

Centralized planning gets it wrong on Chinese coal-burning power plant development

What Art Makes Visible

Smart Cities For All

Too much smart city research + planning is driven by the technology, rather than citizens' needs; this must change

Green Spaces You Can't Enter

Why are some NYC public gardens behind bars?

NYC Bus Service Stinks

Is there anything that can make it better?