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October 31, 2016

OK For The Amphibious

Ante Up

The price tag is no reason not to invest big time in modernizing NYC's mass transit system

Inside The Sacrifice Zone

How the grave gap between Louisiana's sky-high pollution and its loyalty to the Tea Party illuminates our fraught political terrain

Boost For Brookyn Queens Connector

Another reason to support the De Blasio streetcar project that would link Brooklyn + Queens waterfront areas

Value Added Farms Grows In Red Hook

How Value Added Farms, a roof top community project in Red Hook, has recovered + thrived after being destroyed by Sandy

Air For Sale

Pollution pays is the hope of companies that bottle clean air + sell it in foul-air countries

No Rooftop For PV - No Problem

Con Ed plans to put solar panels on its roofs and help 6,000 low income New York households access solar power

October 28, 2016

Before The Flood: Season 2

51 Years Later: Still Squashed, Still Waiting

Put A Price On DER

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) pricing is a big step in rolling of NY's overhaul of its electric power regulations

WW II Not The Model For Climate Action Now

What's the flaw in Bill McKibben's stirring call for Americans to do a WW II-type mobilization for climate action?

NY Nuke Subsidy Generates Pop-Up Protests

Governor Cuomo's $7.7 billion plan to subsidize on-line nuclear power plants lead to protests around the state

Climate Inaction: Economic Drag

A low-carbon future is the only path to global economic prosperity, according to economist Nicholas Stern

October 27, 2016

Urban Mobility Without Fossil-Fuels

The Mediterranean World Won't Be The Same

With 2 degrees C of global heating, here's what will happen to habitats around the Mediterranean world + it's unprecedented

Renewables In Higher Eduction

While use of renewable energy is growing, US college campuses still have far to go before they zero out carbon

Powerful Clothing

Now there's a fabric. that generates electricity from the sun + body motion

Sydney: Climate Change Now

What climate change is doing now in Sydney, Australia

A Build-It-Back Success

Local hiring numbers are one of the few bright spots in NYC's Build-It-Back Sandy recovery program

This Means War

October 26, 2016

In Case You Wondered

Science At Work: The Rising Methane Mystery

If the usual suspects don't explain the surge in methane emissions since 2007, what does?

Yes Virginia, There Is A 2016 Climate Debate

Believe it or not representatives from the Clinton + Trump campaigns had a substantive climate debate, here's what they said

October 25, 2016

Radical Climate Change

Planetary changes, not politics is what's radical now

October's Climate Calendar

Take note of notable climate actions in October, while noting there's still a very long way to go on the path to climate security

New Tech Venture For Old Utility

Southern Company, a major regional utility, partners with Bloom Energy to put power-making fuel cells along with battery storage gear on-site at customers' businesses

Don't Buy Coal's Claim

While energy poverty is a real problem coal's claim to be the answer is unreal

Global Energy Forecasting

Fire Dept. Researches Battery Hazards

NYC's Fire Department has questions about what happens when a large battery goes up in flames. By the end of this year, it may have some answers. An independent lab is torching eight batteries and taking measurements. "The goal is really to be able to answer the questions that the FDNY has in order for them to be able to assess any hazards and review these permits" Source: EnergyWire [paywall]

Needed: A Better Weatherman

Why is US weather prediction so bad + why does it matter?

October 24, 2016

Hear That Pin Drop

Storage Lessons From Australian Blackout

South Australia's massive blackout focuses attention on the need for energy storage technology on today's electric power grid

Carbon Tax On The Ballot

Washington State voters might approve a carbon tax on November 8, but opposition come from a surprising source

Not The Road To Recovery

City actions in the wake of Superstorm Sandy are filled with missed opportunities says Staten Island leader

Saving Harlem From The Heat

Making NY Cool Again, a WNYC-FM series on the Harlem Heat Project, concludes with ideas for alleviating the rising risks of extreme heat in cities

L.A: Caught Between Carbon And Methane

Why ha Los Angeles stopped mining methane from its landfills?

Corporate Climate Commitment: Beyond Words

Consider this campaign targeting corporations to give more than lip service to taking climate action

Lip Service Is Not Enough

Consider this campaign targeting corporations to give more than lip service to taking climate action

October 21, 2016

Why Climate Was A Debate Unmentionable

Topics at Presidential debates track subjects high on the public's radar, research finds climate change isn't, possibly because it's so frightening

NY Attorney General v Exxon

ICYMI - Expanded Benchmarking For NYC

NYC's landmark building energy benchmarking law will grow to cover buildings 25 - 50,000 square feet in size, while upgraded lighting + electric sub-metering requirements are expanded too

Build It Back - Not Yet

The program to rebuild single family homes damaged by Sandy in 2012 will miss its deadline + needs an added $500 million

October 20, 2016

UK: Big Offshore Wind Blowing

Urban Archeology

Remnants of NYC's original 1904 subway system hide in plain sight at the Union Square station

Oslo: Sets A Climate Budget

To help cut its emissions 50% by 2020 + become carbon neutral by 2030, Oslo creates a first of its kind climate budget

US Solar Power Milestone

14 US Navy installations in California will be powered by a 150 MW solar power plant in Arizona

Offshore Wind Power Thrives In Europe

Unlike the US Europe's offshore wind projects are booming, why?

Read Big Oil Tea Leaves

The future of Big Oil could be Big Gas as Shell leads the way

Fossil Law Suit

Owners of fossil-fuel energy companies + trade associations sue New York over its financial support for upstate nuclear power plants

There's No Debate...

...Lacking any climate questions for the candidates journalism failed to do its job at the Presidential debates

October 19, 2016

Making Affordable Housing Resilient

What NYC needs to do to make affordable housing resilient, Sandy's teachable moments

China: Energy Efficiency Champ

China's energy savings from efficiency now equal its renewable energy output and public policy is the driver

NYC: Now Starring Green TV/Films

NYC launches a green label program for sustainable film + TV making

Forecast: Rain With Green Infrastructure

October 18, 2016

Why Clinton Dodges On Carbon Tax

WikiLeaks exposes the thinking behind the Clinton campaign's opposition to a carbon tax

Climate Activism End Runs GOP

The international agreement to phase out climate hostile HFC's will bind the US without having to get GOP approval

This Trend Is Not Your Friend

A Non-Trump Election Story

Washington State's proposed carbon tax opens up a hot rift on the political left

The Big Melt

Why is the melt-off of Greenland's ice such a big deal?

October 17, 2016

Stop Climate Change Together

Climate activist Bill McKibben nails it on why going solo on climate commitments won't stop chaotic changes

Fossil Fuel Drilling And Climate Change...

...Picture this

HFC's: New Climate Chemistry

How the new global ban on HFC's enlisted the chemical industry as a climate action player

October 16, 2016

A Roll of the Dice

Most of the computer models that form the basis for the Paris agreement's emissions cuts assume negative emissions technologies will be removing C02 from the atmosphere on a large scale later this century

October 15, 2016

Curb Your HFCs

October 14, 2016

Brazil: Environmental Secretary Assassinated

Debate over saving rain forests has gotten ugly. Now a Brazilian environmental official is dead

Lox And Cream Cheese

Solar and energy efficiency need to work together — don't they?

October 12, 2016

Oyez, Oyez

Rwanda: Tweaking Montreal Protocol

The stakes are high for such an obscure meeting — reducing global warming by half a degree by the end of the century

October 10, 2016

Make No Bones About It

Minn. companies support climate deniers in Congress. MPR's Martin Moylan reports on findings by Matto Mildenberger, University of California Santa Barbara political scientist

Matthew Tests Insurance Underwriters

Not since Hurricane Wilma hit Florida in 2005 has the U.S. Flood Insurance Industry and the niche FL wind coverage market been been stress tested

October 09, 2016

Australia: Renewables Opponents Assign Blame Preemptively

Weather event occurrence on 28 September results in a blackout — wind power implicated — reinvigorating debate about renewables mandate decreasing system reliability

October 05, 2016

Canada: Ottawa's New Climate Plan

Will plan for a national carbon price work? Q&A with Shannon Proudfoot and economist Andrew Leach

October 04, 2016

Newly Formed Congressional Bipartisan Caucus

House Earth and Space Science Caucus gives the geosciences a home on the Hill — accept the science — debate the policy

Risks Posed By Climate Change

Carbon Captured, Sneakers Made

As carbon capture technologies become more feasible and affordable, scientists and environmentalists take up what to do with it all. Fossile fuel energy producer NRG, established the Carbon XPrize, partnered with 10XBeta and created sneakers to promote the prize for scalable CO2 product development

October 03, 2016

82 Seconds Spent Thus Far

During the first presidential debate one minute and 22 seconds were spent talking about the environment. The candidates for Vice President are up next — what are their stances on climate change?

October 02, 2016

India: Happy Birthday Mahatma Gandhi

Accounting for 4.5% of global greenhouse gasses, India ratifies Paris climate change agreement at UN on this date to honor Gandhi, who led a life of minimum carbon footprint

No Data? No Problem.

CURB, a data-driven tool to inform climate action, developed by the World Bank was launched during #CWNYC — one of the most notable features is proxy data

October 01, 2016

Hold On To Your Hats

Most of the city's existing solar projects are on single-family houses on Staten Island

Taking A Different Tack