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July 29, 2016

Rashomon In Energy World

Today, actors in the energy sector have as many ways of seeing the world as characters in the classic Japanese film Rashomon

Changes To NYC Energy Code...

...will mean more energy efficiency + new building management obligations with price tags attached

UK: A Stinging Hot Summer

Stinging jellyfish, attracted by global-warmed waters, flock to British beaches

Clinton/Trump/Carbon Tax

Views on a carbon tax are not the only things that distinguish a Clinton from a Trump climate + energy policy

Bronx Swale Is Swell

Artist floats an edible forest in the Bronx

Energy Progress - 19th C. Style

July 28, 2016

Clinton's Climate Champion

Meet Gene Karpinski, president of the League of Conservation Voters + former US PIRG chief

Down-Ticket Green

No Nuke Power Shocks

The scale ,safety + cost of shutting down German nuclear power + storing radioactive waste stir concern

Ukraine: Solar Power For Nuclear Desert

The dead zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power disaster could see new life with solar power installations

Marsupial Mobility Upgrade

Will PV Mean EJ In DC?

Will environmental justice benefit if PVs aren't affordable for everyone to meet Washington DC's renewable energy goal?

Rockefeller Invests In Renewables

Once a beneficiary of fossil fuel profits, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation provides $10 M for African wind & solar power

Harlem Heat

How residents of NYC public housing cope without AC during the long, hot summer

The Gravity Of Climate Change

Scientists cite gravity to explain how the melt of northern hemisphere glaciers raises sea levels around Antarctica

July 27, 2016

NYC's Underground Park

Get the lowdown on the Lowline, NYC's subterranean park

Obama's Place In History

President Obama's action on climate change could be his greatest historic legacy

Plunging For Wind

Truth In Sustainable Advertising

Don't greenwash, don't greenblush; how to accurately describe green packaging, products or services

Opinions Are Not Facts

When it comes to climate denial, 'there is a chasm between what is said and what is done'

July 26, 2016

Beat The Heat Advisory

Vienna: Emissions Deal Near

200 international negotiators close to agreement on phase-out of climate killing hydrofluorocarbons (HFC's)

Making Great Public Spaces...

...and why they matter for urban public values

Help Wanted: 'Opening the Edge' Fellowships

Deadline July 28 The Design Trust for Public Space, partnering with NYCHA, will award four fellowships in community organizing, landscape architecture, active design, and lighting design for Opening the Edge: Reimagining Green Space at Wald Houses

2nd Ave. Subway Opening Delay

Rapid Molasses transit

Obama To Talk Climate At Convention

Expect the President to flag climate action as part of his legacy in his speech at the Democratic Convention

Creating Intentional Communities

Starting over after devastating wild fires, some northern California residents want to rebuild as intentional, eco-smart communities

July 25, 2016

End Of A Journey, Dawn Of A New Era

Yeas And Nays: Transit-Oriented Development In Chicago

Despite Mayoral support & project successes, transit-oriented development in Chicago has its critics

Washington: 50x32

Getting 50% of its electricity from renewables by 2032 is now law in Washington, DC along with some specific energy requirements

Race-Walking, Olde Time Sports Fad

Pedestrianism, a popular & lucrative sports craze in 19th century NYC

NY Electricity Buyers Beware

New York regulators block certain energy marketers from rip-off sales to low-income consumers

UK: New Leader May Be A Fracker

Prime Minister May reported likely to promote UK fracking

Hot Buildings Aren't Cool

Overheated buildings threaten occupants & cannot be ignored, even in Passive Hose designs

Floatovoltaics: A Win-Win Choice

Installing floating photovoltaic panels on drought-stricken southwest lakes, what's not to like?

July 22, 2016

Nuke Power: The Green Debate

From an economics + a climate POV is nuclear power worth saving?

Give Climate Disclosure Teeth

Three former US Treasury chiefs urge the SEC to enforce 'mandatory + meaningful' corporate disclosure of climate risks

Climate Risk/Insurance Coverage

What does a policy that insures against climate risk entail?

Turkey: Clean Power Dirtier Than Coal

Due to a geological quirk, geothermal energy in Turkey spews more CO2 than coal-burning power plants

Solar ETA

5 Old Spaces For New Public Places

As NYC's population soars, converting old infrastructure locations to new public recreational places makes sense, here are 5 projects with real potential

Scotland: Trump Blows Against The Wind

Calling a planned windfarm near his Scottish golf course an act of 'public vandalism', Trump vows to keep fighting it

Carbon Tax: To Be Or Not... iambic pentameter

July 21, 2016

GOP: Our Way Is The Highway

As to federal spending on mass transit, high-speed rail, ferries, bike-share programs, sidewalks, recreational trails, landscaping +historical renovations, GOP platform says fuggedabout it

A River Runs Through It

Cities dive into river restoration, but expectations vary

Net Zero In L.A.

What are the top take-aways about the first net zero apartments in Los Angeles?

Tesla's Tomorrows

Elon Musk has goals for a creating a sustainable energy economy, but does he have a plan?

Beijing: Air Purifying Prototype

Start here to cleanse Beijing's unbreatheable air

Markets Should Price Climate Adaptation

The case for markets as best drivers of climate adaptation

July 20, 2016

US Ups Its Energy Efficiency Game

In an annual international energy efficiency rating, the US moves up from 13th to 8th

Common Sense For Uncommon Times

NYer's Get Off The Bus

Why is NYC bus ridership sinking and can anything be done to alter this trend?

Green And Gorgeous

Eye-opening photos of 10 architecturally stunning solar-powered buildings

July 19, 2016

Green, Agile, Egalitarian

Make moves with this framework for a sustainable mobility system

NY: Enviro Law Update

Attention environmental legal eagles, update on New York's key 2015 court & regulatory developments

Low-Income Housing Is Energy Efficient Housing

Why is making housing more affordable by making it more energy efficient such a 'wicked' problem?

Making Your AC Work For You

Energy saving solutions to home AC problems

Illuminating Facts

Calling All Candidates

A election year guide on progressive, climate-friendly urban policy, courtesy of Grist

Spain: Election Saps Renewable Energy

Recent Spanish election outcomes do not favor support for national renewable energy

Victoria: Wind Power Rising

A 96-turbine power project gets greenlighted in Victoria, Australia

More Reasons To Love Governors Island

Besides being just a 7-minute ferry ride from Manhattan, permanent public access to Governors Island is guaranteed by its new flood-resilient design

July 18, 2016

Found: Climate Action News

Diplomatic efforts to phase out HFC's could be the best climate breakthrough of the year

Promise-Keeping Isn't Enough

Greener Chemistry Now

What is mechanochemistry and how could it make industrial processes more environmentally friendly?

Germany/UK: Climate Slackers

The UN's top climate official faults Germany + the UK for still subsidizing the fossil fuel industry

Philppines: Climate Treaty, Nah

Forget about nation's pledge at the Paris Climate Summit says new Philippine President

Keeping A Lid On It

Deep dive into the relationship between state RGGI carbon cap + trade schemes and the EPA Clean Power Plan

July 16, 2016

Zero Is A Big Number For NYC

Opinions vary on the chances for NYC to meet its zero-waste-to -landfills target by 2030

July 15, 2016

Scotland: Yes We Ban

In just one year of imposing a fee on plastic bags, Scotland avoids dumping 650 million of them in the trash

Climate Parody Too Hot For Fox

Watch the parody of Fox News climate coverage the station refuses to air

The Politics Of Pricing Carbon

Foreground + background about the Democrats' position on how to price carbon

NYC: Stay Safe By Staying Cool

Extreme heat's a serious health risk, here's how to beat it in NYC

Biz At Risk But Not Telling

Just 12% of publicly-traded companies facing climate risks disclose this information to their investors

Antarctica: Where Warm Water Melts Ice

Brand New Energy Code

Energy efficiency + green building supporters rejoice with passage of a modernized NYC energy code

July 14, 2016

Paris: Old Car Ban

Pre-1997 cars to be banned from Paris streets during daylight hours, what are other cities doing?

Clouds On The Move

Scientific analysis of 30 years of cloud data supports climate change theory, here's how

90 MWs Of Off-Shore Wind On The Way

With an imminent government OK the nation's largest off-shore wind project could become a reality

UK: New Dep't. Drops Climate From Its name

Round The World On Sun Beams

The strictly-solar-powered plane Solar Impulse nears its round-the-world finish line

The Kelp Cure

Kelp + other sea plants hold promise to use soft-solutions for rising ocean acidification linked to carbon emissions

Carbon-Cutting Frienemies

Are renewables + nuclear energy on a collision course for cutting New England's carbon emissions?

City Hall Boosts Low Line

The solar-lit LES underground park projectcalled the Lowline gets its first formal OK from City Hall

July 13, 2016

NY DIdn't Recover From Superstorm Sandy

A 'categorical' failure is how Mayor de Blasio's former head of his Housing Recovery Operations describes the post-Sandy build-it back-program

Next -Gen Power Grid

Three scenarios for the power grid of 2030. Hint: they're all distributed systems, but the similarity ends there

Sell And Subsidize NY Nuke Plant

Exelon explores buying & operating a soon-to-shut nuclear power plant if New York State ok's $480 million in annual subsidies

How L.A. Kept Its Cool

During a record heat wave how did Los Angeles keep its AC going & its lights on?

Linking Green To Blue

Academic research at U. C. Berkeley documents connect the dots between a low carbon future and good jobs & careers in the clean energy industry

July 12, 2016

You Say Surge, He Says Slosh

During campaign 2016, Andy Revkin says polls show US attitudes 'slosh' on climate change

RGGI Workshop

Ithaca: A 2030 District FIrst

Ithaca is the first city in NY to host a 2030 Eco-District

July 11, 2016

Paris: Nature Improved

Meet the smart tree

DNC Feels The Climate Bern

The formal climate policy adopted by the Democratic National Committee includes a commitment to putting a price on carbon. As one DNC observer put it "“This is the Democratic Party, We’re the party of FDR, we’re the party of the New Deal. We can do this if we put our heads to it. But the fossil fuel naysayers are going to tell us we can’t do it. Don't believe the hype.”

Solar Sunrise Stalls In Texas

High hopes for a solar power boom in Texas are dimmer now

Omens Of Climate Change

Shifting global cloud coverage is a scary sign to scientists of a changing climate

London And Paris: Deadly Heat

The Trash Whisperer

What are the prospects for meeting Mayor de Blasio's zero-waste-to-landfills 2030 goal?

Strategic Coastal Retreat

Retreating from the encroaching Atlantic, 19th Century-style

July 08, 2016

June, Moon, HOT

Too Cheap To Matter

Today's rock bottom prices for carbon emissions permits mean market forces aren't preventing climate disruption

Fast Track Shoreline Protections

Protection of 'living shorelines' may soon get fast track federal permits because they are power tools for fighting sea level rise

July 07, 2016

New Research Bad For Climate Doubters

Climate denialists point to increased ice around Antarctica to make their case, but new research has a different explanation

Energy Inventive

Monitoring What's Inhaled

In there more than one good way to monitor the air pollutants that get inhaled in NYC

Help Wanted: Operations Manager

The Climate Bonds Initiative is hiring an Operations Manager for its London office

July 06, 2016

Microgrid For Big Brooklyn Apartment Complex

A 28-building NYCHA apartment complex in Redhook will be getting a resilient on-site microgrid heat, hot water & power system

Japan: New Solar Slides

As subsidies shrink, fossil fuels still dominate & nuclear projected to rise again

EU: Energy Efficiency Top Regional Priority

Drowning NYC

Can NYC be saved from fateful flooding powered by climate change?

Carbon Market Price Plunges

RGGI prices for carbon emissions permits dive 40% since a federal court put Obama's Clean Power Plan on hold

Brooklyn, Blockchain, Solar

How blockchain technology helps Brooklyn neighbors go solar together

Dem Platform: Abandon Fossil Fuel, Not Workers

With a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050, the Democratic Party election platform also promises a $30 billion investment in coal communities

July 05, 2016

LA: Win One For LED's....

...but big fumble by city planners on installing EV recharging stations

London: End Dirty Car Denial

London's Mayor has a plan to do something about the city's most polluting cars

Believe It Or Not

The true, if just-weird, story of how George W. Bush tried to raise the gas tax

Climate Change Updates

Boulder: Lessons For A Public Utility

Is turning a private power utility public a silver bullet for boosting renewable energy?

Offshore Wind A Tall Order For California

Why is renewable power-friendly California trailing behind the east coast in developing offshore wind projects?

Climate Change: MIA In Prez Race

Voters deplore Clinton/Trump inattention to climate change policies according to a voter poll

July 01, 2016

Plastic's Not Fantastic, It's Awful

Exxon Calls It Free Speech...

....but others call Exxon's anti-climate action advocacy defrauding investors

Sydney: Net-Zero x 2050

With an initerim goal of getting 50% of its energy from renewables by 2030, Sydney, Australia aims to be a net-zero energy city by 2050

Honor The Nation