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February 29, 2016

Meet The BASE

Meet the Brooklyn Alliance for Sustainable Energy and find out what's happening in Brownsville, Cyprus Hills & East NY

The 100% Renewable Question

Watch the debate about whether the California 100% renewable energy strategy viable globally & what's the pathway?

The Tap Water Gap

A tale of two region's drinking water systems

Plastic Forever - EEW

Science At Work: How Much Carbon Sinks?

Calculating the amount of CO emissions that sink into the ocean, rather than stay up in the air, is a big science modeling challenge

State's Late Payments Shadow Solar Project

NY's payment delays to contractor building the SolarCity PV plant puts the project & jobs at risk

On A Bicycle Built For Her

Before cutting carbon became a transportation must, our great-grandmothers were being liberated by the bicycle

February 25, 2016

Smart Cities In New Places

Maryland: Big, Bi-Partisan Climate Bill

A bill to cut Maryland GHG's 40% below 2006 levels by 2030 sailed through the state senate with bi-partisan support

Making Solar More Affordable

A Connecticut coalition of religious & faith-based groups is working to make solar power affordable for low income families

A New Twist On 'Concrete Jungle'

Boston researchers discover surprising levels of carbon dioxide being released from urban soil

Paris Goes Vertically Vert

NY Crackdown On Dishonest Energy Providers

Governor Cuomo announces actions against energy services companies that overcharge residential customers for electric and gas service or fail to deliver on promises for savings and clean energy

February 24, 2016

Federal Housing Finance Giants Go Green

The FHA, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac adopt a new finance policy to support energy efficient rental housing development

Norway: Home Of Biggest Windfarm

Norway contracts for building a 1,000+ MW windfarm cluster, Europe's largest

Chile: Solar Power Cheaper Than Coal

The numbers behind the headline

Legal Eagles: SCOTUS Clean Power Grab

How the Supreme Court erred in ruling for a stay to the EPA Clean Power Plan pending initial judicial review of the rule in the D.C. Circuit

Consider This

States Seek To End Toxic Air Rule

To block an EPA rule that limits toxic air emissions, 20 states petition the Supreme Court for a hearing

Science At Work: Sometimes Slower Heating

If global warming is a trend, not a straight line, what explains the ups & downs?

February 23, 2016

Smart City Spires Under Construction

Just what's so smart about Hudson Yards?

Bonn: Why Paris Climate Agreement Matters

Ashok Sridharan, the Mayor of Bonn, Germany states what the Paris Climate Agreement means to him

Under The Sea At Risk

Cutting Carbon With Tax Credits

Until the Supreme Court decides the fate of Obama's Clean Power Plan, federal renewable energy tax credits will be the power tool for cutting US carbon emissions

New Carbon Market Rules Needed

To implement the Paris Climate Agreement new international carbon trading rules are needed

No Doubt About It

Research confirms climate denialism is all about political orientation

Kiribati: Climate-Induced Emigration Near

The President of Kiribati, a Pacific atoll nation, predicts climate change will force people to emigrate within 5 years

China: Rx For Air Pollution Alarms

By raising the threshold for dirty air 'red alerts', China's cities likely will have fewer such incidents

What $2 Billion Could Buy

Bill Gates talks with Andy Revkin about his plan to invest $2 billion in clean energy R&D over the next 5 years

February 22, 2016

Sea Level Rising Lickety-Split

UN Green Cimate Fund Chief Out

Facing a donors' 'paradigm shift', the head of the $10 billion UN Green Climate Fund for developing nations to leave

Teachers Fail Climate Basics

When teachers don't understand the ABC's of climate science, they will fail at educating their students

New Delhi: Water Supply/Social Protest

New Delhi's water supply gets cut off as part of a massive caste protest

February 20, 2016

How City Hall Will Save The Planet

Cities are taking the lead through their local ordinances to combat climate change

Bye-Bye Dirty Heat

Burning dirty #6 heating oil in NYC is so over now

February 19, 2016

Chew On This Tough Question

Is a national high voltage transmission system the cheapest was to cut emissions from power plants?

World Leaders Worry About Washington

US climate negotiator Todd Stern seeks to allay world leaders' fears that the next President will imperil US pledges made at the Paris climate conference

Breathe Better

Ethics Of Fossil Fuel Disinvestment

An MIT philosophy professor parses what's missing from the university's decision to hold on to its fossil fuel investments

City Heat

How much hotter than normal was your city in 2015?

Planners Praise Trolley Proposal

The Regional Plan Association spells out why it supports the Mayor's Brooklyn/Queens streetcar proposal

New Ferry Dock For Brooklyn, Maybe

After an initial "no", NYC officials re-open the possibility of building a citywide ferry terminal in Atlantic Basin

Right-Pricing NYC Ferry Rides

Officials call for pricing service on new East River ferry routes the same as the cost of riding the subway

February 18, 2016

Benchmarking NYC Hotels

What's the good news in the benchmarking data that NYC hotels use 32% more energy per square foot than the average building?

Feel Better News

New Pollution/Climate Health Risk ID'ed

Increased stroke risk is the latest health impact of dirty air & climate change uncovered by scientific research

London: Greens Heat Up Mayor's Race

Greenpeace calls for a 10-fold increase in solar power over the next decade by London's next Mayor

Islamabad: Solar Parliament

Pakistan's Parliament in its capital city Islamabad, is the first in the world to be all solar-powered

It's A NY State Of Mind

10 NY critters to love and that should remind we're all connected

Dirty Air And Dementia

Is there any evidence to link air pollution & diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's?

February 17, 2016

Hitch Business Competition To Winning Energy Performance

Corporate energy performance is improved by mobilizing some old-school competition

Car-Sharing For Muni Workers

The Brooklyn Borough President proposes car-sharing by City employees to free up parking spaces (but not to clear the air?)

ID'ing The Climate Disasters

Scientists sort out which weird weather disasters are linked to climate change & which are not

Europe: The Fuel Of Choice

Natural gas is shaping up to be Europe's chosen fuel of the future, regardless of the Paris climate summit

Green Doubt On Possible SCOTUS Nominee

Sri Srinivasan, cited for Obama's short list of possible Supreme Court picks, gets poor notices from some environmentalists

SCOTUS And Climate Action

Changes in the line-up of Supreme Court justices will profoundly impact whether the US keeps its climate promises

Apple Does Green Bonds

$1.5 billion is the value of a new bond offering launched by Apple for its renewable energy and efficiency purposes

Renewable Energy Finance Grows Up

Innovative tools for financing renewable energy projects are maturing into a suite of SOP's

The State Of Green Bonds

In California the market for green bonds is blossoming

February 16, 2016

Aviation: Sure To Succeed

Here's why the aviation industry is sure to meet its carbon cutting goals

January's Just Like December - Hot

Flatten The Duck Curve...

...To make renewable energy the new normal on the power grid

A Bright Idea

The Department of Energy proposes higher energy efficiency standards for LED and fluorescent light bulbs

Masdar: Green Ghost Town

What went wrong for Masdar? the world's first planned zero-carbon city

Trolley Lessons From NJ

The successful Bayonne to Weehawken light rail line holds lessons for the proposed Brooklyn-Queens trolley project

Wind Blows Past Oil Slump

Growth spurts in the wind power business are unfazed by sagging oil prices

February 15, 2016

Follow The Money

Will $375 million of a proposed Con Ed/National Grid rate increase go the the MTA for relocating electric wires during subway upgrades?

Implications Of Scalia's Death For Climate Plan

One of Justice Scalia's final votes delays state action on the EPA Clean Power Plan and oral argument of the Plan in the DC Circuit Court coming in June, what might happen now?

Urban Places Matter...

...Here's how to make them sustainable, equitable & resilient, with thanks to NYC Emerging 2030 & NYC Eco-Districts

February 12, 2016

Weekend Reading: Carbon Pricing

Seven reasons to bake pricing into national climate policies

The Cape Wind Epic Slogs On

Will the obstacles ever end for the Massachusetts Cape Wind project?

Help Wanted: Associate Director, Domestic Energy Policy

The Center for American Progress seeks Associate Director of Domestic Energy Policy

For That Special Valentine

Some States Stay The Carbon Cut Course

Over a dozen states continue work on plans to comply with the EPA Clean Power Plan, despite the Supreme Court's decision ruling that delays it

F For Climate Science Teaching

The teaching of climate science is not educating US students

February 11, 2016

Get Your Words Worth

It can't be said too often, we must figure out how to reach voters and get across that climate disruption/chaos/change matters to them

Congress To Obama

$10 a barrel oil tax? Fuggedaboutit

More Wilder Weather

What do you get when climate change meets El Nino?

Getting Past The Climate Silence

The near total silence on climate change during 2016 Presidential debates could be ended by posing some good questions

Prospects Dim For Solar Firms

What's throwing shade on the rooftop solar power industry?

February 10, 2016

The Key To Urban Resilience Is...

...The capacity of cities to deal with uncertainty is paramount

The Urban Underground: Clean Energy Resource

The underground steam/hot water systems in many cities are clean energy/efficiency powerhouses just waiting to be engaged

Charting NY's Solar Job Growth

Oakland: Churches Divided Over Coal

A plan to ship coal by rail through Oakland to a new marine terminal is welcome by some local churches but opposed by others

Up In The Air Longer

Climate change impacts on air currents over the Atlantic
are predicted to lengthen flight from Europe to North America & burn more aviation fuel

Cities To Measure Cause It Matters

An international alliance of cities committed to climate action, C40, kicks off a climate data reporting project with the CDP

Supreme Court Sides With Fossils

The text of the Supreme Court ruling freezing the EPA Clean Power Plan to cut power plant carbon emission

The Myth Of Corporate Climate Leadership

Why old school US corporate giants won't innovate to advance a low-carbon economy

February 09, 2016

Obama Proposes Big Clean Energy Budget

A doubling of federal funds for clean energy research & development over the next 5 fives is proposed by the White House

UK: Ikea to PV Ta-Ta

A 65% cut in government solar subsidies is blamed for Ikea ending the sale of rooftop solar panels in the UK

Irrelplaceable: True Or False

Despite crashing prices, is the fossil fuel industry irreplaceable?

February 08, 2016

In Case You Wondered

Why Cruz Is Wrong About Climate Change

Find out in 8:57 minutes or follow the lecture with PowerPoint slides

Energy Use Down Up In Hamilton Heights

The new Perch apartment development in Washington Heights deploys Passive House design & will use 90% less energy than comparable buildings

Economists Like Oil Tax Idea

What makes economists support Obama's proposal to put a $10-per-barrel tax on oil imports?

Start Here

A bi-partisan group of 2 Congress members does the paperwork to create the House Climate Solutions Caucus

Climate Change Will Change Human History

Sea-level rise driven by climate change and its impacts on human populations could last twice as long as human history

The Fundamentals We Can't Ignore

Upgrading urban infrastructure to meet 21st century needs is necessary for a sustainable planet

Government Green

Get acquainted with NY's top ten public official eco-influencers

February 06, 2016

They're Not Moved

Critics don't desire the Brooklyn-Queens streetcar proposed by Mayor de Blasio

February 04, 2016

Amory Lovins: Emerging Energy Economics

Like all commodities, oil prices can gyrate wildly, but wind & solar are something else, and just like energy services companies replacing utilities as commodity sellers, that's good news

Pants On Fire

Did Exxon/Mobil lie to its investor about the material risks posed to them by climate change?

Multi-Tasking Street Lights

What can street lights do besides lighting streets?

The Fashion Page

How hair stylists can advance the cause of climate protection

Australia: Kill The Climate Messenger

Government budget cuts mean unemployment for climate research scientists in Australia

February 03, 2016

There Ought To Be A Map For That

Explore NYC's newest interactive map of building energy and water use benchmarking info

Fears For UN Eco-Investment Bank

International donors fear that without a 'paradigm shift' the UN-sponsored bank to help poor countries tackle climate change will not succeed

Philly: More Complete Streets

Philadelphia to appoint its first Complete Streets Commissioner

Ljublijana: Green Euro Capital 2016

What makes Ljublijana (yes, Slovenia) an award-winning green European city?

February 02, 2016

Public Science Is Broken...

...Says professor who blew the lid off the Flint lead-in-drinking-water shocker

On The Brooklyn Waterfront

What's delaying plans for the Greenpoint Monitor Museum & the Bushwick waterfront park?

Emissions Up Down Under

Australian GHG emissions will keep rising until 2030

Regardless Of Ground Hog Day...

Disaster preparedness pros & first responders are turning to climate forecasts to help them plan better

East Coast Folks - Get Your Wellies

Why the East Coast could become a major target of climate-linked sea level rise & severe storms

There's No Denying It

RGGI 2.0

Now's the time for the 9 RGGI states to step up their carbon cutting and lead the nation

February 01, 2016

Ain't It The Truth

Oslo: Decarbonizing Incineration

By testing new incineration technology, Oslo aims to capture CO2 emissions when it burns the trash

Sunset For Oil Subsidies

Signs of a global trend to end fossil fuel subsidies by both oil importers & exporters

Australia: Throwing Shade

To lessen the urban heat island effect in a hotter world, Australia may plant tree canopies in major cities

Better At Keeping The Lights On Now

One positive legacy of Superstorm Sandy is a more resilient electric power system that didn't get knocked out by NY/NJ's recent blizzard

There Ought To Be A Law

Bait & switch describes Nevada's public service commission rooftop solar power policy

Auto-Free Brooklyn Bridge

True Or False

The renewable energy revolution is now unstoppable