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January 29, 2016

Help Wanted

The Natural Resources Defense Council seeks an Energy Efficiency for All Advocate

Cruz: Merchant Candidate of Climate Doubt

How Ted Cruz cherry-picked data to back up his claim that the Earth hasn't gotten hotter in the last 18 years

SoCal: Mass Transit Heading The Wrong Way

Despite hefty investments in new lines & equipment, mass transit ridership in southern California is dropping

Climate's Silver Lining

There's a $121 trillion investment opportunity in global corporate climate activism

The Candidates, The Climate, The Voters

Copenhagen: Out Of Fossil Fuel Funds

The city of Copenhagen to disinvest from all its coal, oil & gas assets

Rx For Lagging Energy Efficiency Upgrades

What's the cure for the inconvenience & poor access to upfront capital impeding homeowner energy efficiency upgrades?

Insurance Industry Faces Rising Risks

The multi billion-dollar cost of California wildfires indicates how climate disruptions will impact property insurance risks & access to premiums

January 28, 2016

Chicago Archdiocese Goes Green

A star in Chicago's benchmarking program makes the Catholic archdiocese an energy efficiency leader by example

California Making Crucial Solar Choice

The Public Service Commission in PV-dense California to decide on a rule about net metering, which could determine the fate of the state's major renewable energy resource THIS JUST IN Net metering wins

The Funnies

Reason To Cheer

Here's why the renewable energy tax credits passed as part of the $1.8 trillion federal spending bill is something to cheer

Incredible, Shrinking Coal

American use of coal to create electricity at a record low, 29% of total fuel burned

Green Jobs, Green NY, Dismal Numbers

What's up with the low participation in NYSERDA's Green Jobs/Green NY program launched in 2009?

The Business Case For Sustainability

Yes, there is one, read it here

January 27, 2016

Masdar City: Ancient Coollng Lessons Relearned

Redeploying the wind tunnel effect and other ancient urban cooling strategies are put to good use in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

Investors Of The World, Go Green

China: EV's Make Air Dirtier

Until Chinese power plants stop burning coal the rising popularity of electric vehicles will create more air pollution than gas-burning cars

Vietnam: Boost Urban Energy Efficiency

Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi starting a 4-year, $22 million project to improve the energy performance while cutting carbon emissions of commercial & residential buildings

California Urges Insurers To Write Off Coal

The California Commissioner of Insurances urges the industry to cut its risks by divesting from coal

States Sue To Stop Clean Power Plan

26 states petition the Supreme Court to block Obama's Clean Power Plan

Renewable Power Needs New Grid

Adding high levels of renewable energy to the nation's power supply requires modernization of today's transmission grid NB; Read comments to see how controversial this idea is

January 26, 2016

Chicago: $4 Million For Distributed Power

$4 million in federal funds will cover installation of solar power & battery storage equipment at Chicago police HQs & increase its resilience in case of power-outages

Energy Data - Where Real Estate Meets Public Policy

Hudson Yards developer Related Companies is not alone in seeing the business value of good energy performance data - while advancing NYC's 80x50 goal

Finland: The Greenest Of Them All

If Good Science Practice...

...Is about replicating findings in follow-up research, then climate deniers findings fail to get replicated

Good Green Solar Jobs Rising

Vocational education & employment are lighting up as SolarCity builds its jumbo solar panel factory in Buffalo, NY

January 25, 2016

Science At Work: Blizzard Jonas

What does the Gulf Stream have to do with all that snow on your street?

The Autocorrelation Problem

Is the recent run of record-breaking warm years a climate meaningful trend? Not for the statistically fainthearted

Justices Uphold Demand Response Powers

In a 6-2 vote, the Supreme Court upholds the rule giving a federal agency authority to foster energy savings on the grid

Climate Action Agenda

Global leaders meet in NYC with a climate agenda that focuses on risk, clean energy investment & measuring threats posed by stranded assets

Ponds: a New Urban Resiliency Tool

Copenhagen is building parks that can turn into ponds to protect neighborhoods by managing storms & heavy flooding

NYC's Newest Park Opening Summer 2016

10 acres of new parkland on Governor's Island to open summer 2016, a year ahead of schedule

January 23, 2016

Trains Can Light Up Philadelphia

Here's how Philadelphia trains make money by selling the electricity they generate

January 22, 2016

Blue Blob Hypotheses

China Bests Germany On PV

With 43 gigawatt of installed solar photovoltaic capacity, China overtakes Germany with its 40 gigawatt capacity

Montreal + 81: No Oil Pipeline

The mayors of Montreal & 81 other nearby Canadian municipalities oppose construction of a pipeline to take over 1 million barrels of oil a day from western extraction sites to Canada's east coast

Sun Downer

SunEdison takes a multi-million dollar hit as it returns recently-purchased solar farms to previous owners

RGGI States Weigh In On EPA Clean Power Plan

9 RGGI states, with hands-on experience in carbon emissions cuts submit comments on the draft EPA Clean Power Plan rules

Court Upholds Coal-Burning Controls For Now

A federal appeals court panel rejects efforts by 27 states to block Obama administration rules that will limit GHG emissions from coal-burning power plants, but litigation procedes

Building For The Afterlife

Sustainable building principles should commit to designing structures today that can be demolished later & their components recycled

$18 Million For Cheap Solar + Storage

A federally-funded pilot program aims to slash costs for systems that integrate solar power with energy storage

EV Market Lacks Acceleration

Hard to be transported by sales data for EV's in the US

January 21, 2016

Sydney: A New Kind Of Car Park

There's discussion afoot to transform a Sydney Harbor bridge into a High Line-type urban park

Nothing Like Peace Now, But Still...

Charting Record-Breaking Climate Data

Examine the front page climate news in graphic form with lots of expert comments

Fact-Checking Cruz's Climate Claims

In case you were wondering

Hotter Bernie-Hillary Climate

Bernie Sanders challenges Hillary Clinton to lay out her climate action policy. Check out this Google search result & then you decide

The Tab For Working On The Railroad

$23.9 billion is Amtrak's calculation for the cost of bringing its NY metro area rail system into the 21st century

The Beginning Of the End For Utility BAU

2016 is shaping up to be the year Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) could start delivering on its promise to transform business-as-usual for NY utilities

NYC: From Climate Talk To Climate Action

Will the de Blasio climate action agenda, introduced in 2014, move forward in 2016?

January 20, 2016

Don't Slurp Your Energy

Is your NYC building an energy slurper or sipper? Your Benchmarking score counts & can power cost savings

El Nino, La Nina, Rising Temperatures

Nudging Drivers Out Of Their Cars

Cities partner with the private sectorto get people out of their cars and onto mass transit

Nose-Diving Oil Prices Spur Renewables

It might seem counterintuitive, but top oil-exporting nations want to boost renewable energy at home to have more fossil fuel to export

Hotttest Year In History

2015, the hottest year in recorded history and shows “The whole system is warming up, relentlessly"

Cookie-Cutter Homes: Key To NYC Energy Efficiency

Standardized housing models beloved of NYC developers, turns out to be a powerful energy efficiency upgrade accelerator

Help Wanted: Director of Content

Climate One is looking for a Director of Content to manage the editing, packaging & distribution of its radio, video & written content across all distribution channels.

Science At Work: Deep Ocean Heating 2

Since the Industrial Revolution, rising heat has been stored in the deep oceans, but now at unprecedented rates

January 19, 2016

The Funnies

Clean Energy Maven's 2016 Predictions

10 pretty upbeat clean energy sector predictions

Book Review: Dark Money

Jane Mayer dissects the Koch Brothers influence on climate policy & many other areas of American political life

Queensland: Solar Storage Pilot

In a pilot program, Queensland Australia will launch battery storage to add value to solar power for consumers

A's To Your Solar Q's

Ever wonder where the solar power created on your rooftop goes and who gets paid for it?

Science At Work: Deep-Ocean Heating

The heat being tapped in ocean depths is a crucial part of Earth's heat-sink system & our understanding of climate change

Chicago's Latest Benchmarking Ressults

Chicago's building energy benchmarking reports find energy performance is improving as the program expands

Bush/Rubio: Carefree On Climate

Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio have two things in common, both are Florida politicians & neither thinks climate change threatens their constituents

Put A Price On It

The facts are in , putting a price on carbon cuts climate-disrupting emissions

January 15, 2016

Houston v Texas

The city of Houston and the state of Texas are on opposition sides in litigation over the federal Clean Power Plan

Germany: EV Accelerator

German officials hint at a 2 billion euro subsidy to put 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020

Perovskite: The Next Big Solar Thing

The era of silicon solar cells could be coming to an end

Quote Of The Week

“Oil is quickly losing its monopoly as a transportation fuel in a more environmentally sensitive world” - Edward Morse, head of commodities research, Citigroup

The Antarctic Colony

An art installation

Meet Methane

What makes methane such a potent GHG?

Economists Agree On Climate Change

Climate change is now hurting the global economy; this will hurt economic growth; & carbon pricing is an efficient way to cut pollution

January 14, 2016

The Big Melt

Arctic tide characteristics shape fate of ice-loss

Legal Eagles: A Little-Known Law Could Cut GHG's

Section 115 of the Clean Air Act has great potential to achieve cuts in GHG emissions, according to legal scholars

2015: Vintage Year For Renwable Energy

The State Of Coal In New York State

""We will eliminate all use of coal in New York state by 2020," Governor Andrew Cuomo, State of the State Address, 01/14/16

When Smart Tech Is Stupid

An unhappy 'smart' Nest thermostat owner turns up the heat in public

January 13, 2016

Give Credit Where It's Due

Obama merits props for his clean energy, efficiency & climate initiatives despite Washington gridlock

Edison Said It First

Mapping The Total Urban Carbon Footprint

By mapping the consumption-linked carbon footprint of Berkeley, California, a more telling picture revealed & the way emissions are measured will determine the way they will be cut

Sahara Solar

When completed in 2020, a 'concentrated' technology solar power plant in the Moroccan Sahara will be one of the worlds biggest

How To Make A Modern Rail Mecca

Building the transit hub at Penn Station a 21st century NY metro region needs & deserves requires relocating Madison Square Garden, but will Governor Cuomo get on board?

How To Succeed At Sustainability

Settle in for a long-form read that lays out how to to succeed at sustainability-oriented project innovation

Helsinki: DIY Sustainable Urban Planning

Learn how to do sustainable city planning from the pros in Helsinki

January 12, 2016

Clinton Blasts Nevada PV Policy

Hillary Clinton's thumbs down on Nevada rooftop solar policy, which cuts homeowners' payments retroactively

Beijing: Shutter Small Polluters

Beijing will shut down 2,500 small firms identified as sources of urban air pollution

From Brrr To Whew

Desiring Streetcars On The Waterfront

A 17 mile-long Brooklyn Queens Connector could bring streetcar service to the waterfront for $1.7 billion & other urban streetcar news

Putting The Glow On PV Growth

Growth of utility-scale solar power has a bright future along with workforce gains in rooftop PV

Bank Sees Opportunity In Climate Distress

Economically & socially costly global climate risks could motivate the global urban middle class to take climate action says UBS Bank

Canada: Pushing The Building Envelope

Big gains in buildings' energy performance depend on better envelope thermal performance

Next Up For Climate Backsliders

Citizen law suits against countries that don't meet their Paris climate accord pledges could be the next big thing

ExxonMobil's Climate Stance: A Follow Up

Renewed shareholder activism is spurred by investigation into ExxonMobil's climate science obfuscation

January 11, 2016

Shocked, Simply Shocked

Presidential debate moderators ignore climate change, while focusing on the horse race aspects of the campaign

Shake, Rattle From Frack

Hydrofracking is blamed for a 1,000 years worth of earthquakes in the west in just 2 years

Saving Penn Station From MSG

What are the odds that NY metro area transit riders can catch a break with a better Penn Station & relocation of Madison Square Garden?

Make Flying Climate-Friendlier

What does the future hold for low-carbon aviation?

Kids Want Prez Hopefuls To Debate Science

If the Presidential candidates talk about big science issues, maybe the next President will do something about them

January 07, 2016

Global Climate Strategy

Since cities are where the people are, The World Bank spotlights the role of finance, knowledge & capacity to make cities smart and climate-friendly

A New Year, A New Era

The Earth has entered the Anthropoecene Era according to a the evidence assembled by 24 geo-scientists

Plug Yourself In

Nuclear Power's Biggest Problem

Construction costs are too darn high


Bring your own (energy storage) battery & boost solar power use while de-stressing the power grid

OR Utilities OK Coal Phase Out

Oregon's biggest privately-owned electric utilities support legislation that will end coal-burning by 2030 & lift the state's renewable energy standard to 50% by 2040

Sustainable Homes For The Homeless

Santa Monica: designing for more humane, sustainable cities

Message To Solar Skeptics

Get over it

January 06, 2016

Huge L.A Gas Leak

The Porter Ranch section of Los Angeles is a virtual ghost town, with a massive leak from an underground methane storage field to blame

Park It Here

China: 10 NYC-Sized Cities In 10 Years

China experiments with new patterns of sustainable urbanization for populations ten-times that of NYC over the coming decade

Science At Work: The El Nino/Climate Tango

While El Ninos are not caused by climate disruption, scientists are learning how they interact

France: Sky-High Solar Power

Could solar-powered sky-high balloons become a reliable source of renewable energy?

Big Oil Writes Research Checks

Are Exxon, Chevron & Shell greenwashing - or worse - by underwriting scholarly conferences like the American Geophysical Union annual meeting?

January 05, 2016

Climate Threats To Power Plants

Climate disturbances like droughts & warmer water put power plants at risk around the world

Science At Work: Climate Forcing

New research helps clarify how much different known climate change agents are raising temperatures and some media confusion ensues

Germany: Utility Reinvention

Facing profound changes in the energy supply sector a giant German utility starts anew

Delhi Impact Of Car Restrictions

Less traffic, but not clean air, is the impact so far of Delhi's test limits on vehicle traffic

MA: Failing On Climate Comitments

Environmental activists sue Massachusetts to make it meet carbon-cutting goals set by a state law passed in 2008

Help Wanted: Beyond Dirty Fuels Campaigner

The Sierra Club is searching for an Associate Director on Its Beyond Dirty Fuels campaign

The Sports Page: NHL In Play On Climate Action

Why attending the Paris Climate summit was important to the National Hockey League

January 04, 2016

Experts Agree, But Not The GOP

See Sea Level Rise

Interactive US coastal map here

Grand Junction: Dirty Source/Clean Energy

Methane from treating sewage is Grand Junction, CO's newest renewable energy source

Germany: New Energy Trade Platform

Like a renewable energy Airbnb, a German company starts a trading platform for distributed renewable energy sources to buy and sell power across the utility grid

Transit Hub/Buffalo Rebirth

A $4.5 million transit hub in downtown Buffalo signals urban rebound & attracts new investment

De-Fusing The NIMBY Dynamic

Well-funded community benefits programs & good design can ease NIMBY opposition to urban infrastructure & development projects