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December 30, 2015

Vintage Year For Energy Efficiency

Appliance energy efficiency standards get a big boost this year & consumers are winners

This Year Here

Coal: Australia's Teachable Moment

What can Appalachia learn from Australia about fostering solar power?

To Bring In The New, Plan For The Old

Now is the time to plan for good North American EV battery disposal policies

China: Bad For Coal, Good For Earth

China steps up its crackdown on coal while boosting its renewable energy capacity

America's Climate (Un)Consciousness

An American POV

Amercia's Climate Consciousness

A Canadian POV

Greener Hotels In The Big Apple

16 of NYC's major hotels take the Carbon Challenge to cut their GHG emissions 30% over the next decade

December 29, 2015

A Better Climate Metric

Solar Tech Advances

Japan & China are on the leading edge of advances in thin solar film technology, but they're not alone

The Future Of Our Climate

Reasons for despair & reasons for hope

Back To The Future...

...Go by EV in climate-friendly 21 Century California

Cheap Oil - Carbon Villain

Cheap oil means cheap gas & this means rising carbon pollution

The Genaeology Of 'Global Warming'

Who first used the phrase 'global warming' and when?

100x50 For NY

NY Renews - a coalition of environmentalists, labor unions, EJ and faith-based groups - will campaign to shift energy in the state to 100% renewables by 2050 while growing good jobs locally

December 28, 2015

China: Filming Coal

Behemoth is a Chinese film that holds a mirror up to the nation's coal mining & consumption

Milan/Rome: Bad Air Days

Milan & Rome briefly limit center city traffic to combat persistent air pollution

Top Eco News 2015: The Sport Page

The greening of US sports is becoming the rule, not the exception

Plants As Power Plants: 1922

WTC: Mass Transit Boondoggle

What $4 billion buys in NY/NJ mass transit

State Climate Politics: Compare and Contrast

Florida, a state so vulnerable to climate impacts, shows how much difference an election for Governor can make

Top Eco News 2015: Weird Weather

Global record-busting heat isn't the only weird weather trend of 2015

Top Eco News 2015: Greens KO Pipeline

Environmentalists key to pulling the plug on the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline project

Leasing The Wind

Taking a page from the solar playbook the wind power industry seeks growth in lease deals

The Big Solar Book

The Ivanpah solar power plant gets its own photo-essay book

December 21, 2015

Joy To The World

Coal v Voters

Burlington: All Renewable, All The Time

Wind, hydro power & biomass now create 100% of the electric power for Burlington VT

Israel: Knesset Signs Its PV Progress

The Israeli Knesset may be the world's first legislative body with a real time display of the energy & money saved, as well as the CO2 emissions cuts resulting from its PV installations

Bejing: Shrouded In Smog

Beijing's sky-high toxic air levels mean a third Red Alert day

NYC Building Retrofits Update

Mayor de Blasio lauds government efforts to green NYC municipal buildings

Bronx Can Give Local Food Growers A Boost

Working together, Cuomo & de Blasio can make the Hunts Point Market more accessible to local farmers & fresh food more available to NYers

Be Careful Who You Call A Climate Denier

What did a leading climate advocate get wrong in her attack on nuclear power supporters?

December 19, 2015

NY Farmers Lease The Wind

The popular solar industry lease model attracts farmers with its no up-front-cost approach & zero energy bill

Chicago: The Year In Benchmarking

Chicago's newest benchmarking annual report provides in-depth information & analysis on the energy performance of 1,840 Windy City buildings

December 18, 2015

The Year In Climate Graphics

The most revealing cllmate & energy information charts of 2015

NYPH: 2015

Recapping New York Passive House 2015 projects

Silver Lining In Budget Deal

The last word (for 2015) weighing the pros/cons of extending wind & solar tax benefits in exchange for lifting the ban on crude oil exports

Energy Efficiency Game Changer

Following the Paris climate accord, the US releases the biggest energy efficiency rule ever

NOAA Submits Subpoenaed Material

Responding to a GOP-led House Committee subpoena the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration turns over some 100 documents related to its climate science research

Family Feud Over Clean Energy Strategy

Should the most climate-friendly energy policy prioritize technology innovation or deployment?

December 17, 2015

Melting Our Future

Centuries of melting Greenland ice may be unavoidable & that means steep global sea level rises

UK: PV Support Goes Dark

Following the Paris climate accord, the UK slashes its rooftop PV support by 65%

Signs Of A Climate Shift

There's evidence for a turning point toward climate action in the US

Buffalo Solar Gets Budget Boost

How the SolarCity plan for Buffalo benefits from Congress budget deal, with it's stock price already up 34%

Mixing Electricity And Water Safely

Check out floataics

'Massive' Wind/Solar Boon

While many climate activists are harshly critical of Congress' budget deal, the 5 year extension of solar & wind power production tax credits could be a potent driver for the renewable energy sector

New Zealand: More Oil/Gas Exploration

Following the Paris climate accord, New Zealand gives out 9 new oil & gas exploration permits

December 16, 2015

Back In The Day: Park On Park Avenue

Budget Deal Won't Block Climate Payment

The newly-struck Congressional budget deal allows the US to pay the first $500 million of its Paris climate commitment


CEIP is part of Obama's Clean Power Plan drafted to help low-income communities get more energy efficient & boost their use of renewable energy

China: Coal Slowdown Fallout

The human & political cost of China's shrinking coal sector

Quid Pro Quo For Oil Export OK

Getting to yes for a 5-year extension of solar and wind power production tax credits

Reporting Rules For Renewable/Alt Energy

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), releases standards consisting of disclosure guidance & accounting provisions on sustainability topics for use by publicly traded U.S. and foreign companies in their SEC filings

Arctic: More Heat, Less Ice

With Arctic temperatures setting record highs & sea ice melting, local impacts carry global import

GOP Candidates Opined On Foreign Policy...

... but said nothing at Tuesday's debate about the Paris climate accord. Maybe that's just as well given their scorn for climate action

Stringer Backs Coal Divestment

Ridding the NYC Pension System of its $33 million coal investment gets the support of Comptroller Stringer

December 15, 2015

No Buyer's Remorse

Meeting a global carbon limit is cheaper than avoiding one

Holiday Cheer

Utilities make real progress on the energy efficiency front in 2015

Green Leases For Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Boro President partners with big Real Estate to foster energy efficiency & sustainable practices in privately owned building via new lease riders

Your Wind Power Questions Answered Here

Leave It In The Ground

Morgan Stanley sees the Paris climate accord signaling to the oil industry that even known reserves will have to be ‘left in the ground’

India: Sticking With Coal

India plans to be coal-mining & burning dependent for a long time

India: Anxiety Over Russian-Built Nuke Plant

The reliability & safety of a new Russian-built nuclear power plant in south India stirs local fears

Climate Change And Cities

What city leaders need to know to succeed as climate change leaders & the time to start is now

December 14, 2015

WSJ Leaves Business Readers In The Dark...

...For fact-based opinions they should read the Financial Times

Signs Of Urban Air Pollution

Manage What You Map

A new mapping tracker allows New Yorkers to see if progress is being made in benchmarked building energy & water efficiency

Miami's Fate: Sleep With Fishes

The future? Fuggedaboutit

Dem Divide On Paris Climate Deal

Hillary - thumb up, Bernie - meh

And The Answer Is...

Will meeting the Paris climate summit goals make electric power utilities indispensible or irrelevant?

December 12, 2015

Economists See Value In Climate Action

A survey of 1,103 economists finds a majority think taking climate action is the rational choice

December 11, 2015

Cities To Watch

COP21 -New York Times Headline

"Scientists See Catastrophe in Latest Draft of Climate Deal", but The New Yorker blog is more subtle

Urban Climate Action Accelerants

What are the three criteria for prioritizing urban climate action agendas?

The Climate Denial Funnies

Laugh, I guess

Ask A Techie

How would a 100% distributed energy grid work?

COP21 Signals To Global Financiers

Finance markets reception of the Paris climate summit message will play a key role in determining the impact of COP21

Climate Negotiators Worried By New Climate Science

Motivation for a setting 1.5 degree C goal at COP21 is fueled by the anxiety of small island nations & increased worries about rising sea levels

China: What Climate Damage Looks Like

Picture Shanghai & other coastal Chinese cities in a world 4 degrees C hotter

A Just Transition, A Regenerative Economy

Making the climate justice path with strategic foundation funding in three US communities

December 10, 2015

China: Coal In The Red

Congress Wants To Know

In letters to 6 fossil fuel CEO's, Congress members seek information on what do these companies know about climate change and what have they done about it

Job Announcements

External Affairs Policy Advisor and Administrative City Planner, both in the NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability

Australia: Pulling The Plug On Coal

With tighter climate rules, Australian coal burning power plans will close sooner & ease supply glut

US Hits Solar High

US solar installations for 2015 set to reach a record high in 2015

Why Cities Matter In Climate Diplomacy

Urbanization is a hallmark of the 21 Century, what will it take for cities to lead in climate diplomacy?

Nuclear Power And Public Health 2.0

Are current federal rules to predict health impacts of nuclear power outdated?

The PV Image Problem

Too many people think rooftop solar power is just for rich white folks

Scaling Up Green Bonds

How to pay for all that green infrastructure the world needs now

December 09, 2015

Manage What You Measure

The Government Accounting Office calls for creation of a national climate data reporting system to help federal agencies meet their missions

A Tax With (A Tad) GOP Support

What explains support for a carbon tax by some Congressional Republicans?

What Climate Leading Cities Do To Lead

Hot States

Overheard In Paris

“Just because we can’t have everything doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do anything. Let’s close out a quarter-century of debate with clarity and confidence, and get a plan.”

Climate Denialism In Action

WARNING this is a bummer to read

COP21: Make Or Break Issue (2)

Will climate negotiators agree to requirements steering investments away from carbon intensive fuel projects?

COP21: Make Or Break Issue (1)

With each nation setting its own carbon cutting targets the proposed 5-year review meant to ramp them up could be the biggest commitment negotiators make -- or don't -- in Paris

December 08, 2015

A Reason To Tweet

How To Feasibly De-Carbonize

Take a deep dive into one of climate policy's biggest challenges

The Koala In The Coal Mine

Australia has killer climate problems, starting with its destructive droughts & heatwaves

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

Who's the greenest city of them all?

2 Degree Cap: Science Meme

New research indicates the well-known goal of keeping rising global temperature below 2 degrees C may not prevent major climate changes

Stealth Research For Fossil Fuels

Greenpeace UK blows the whistle on US academics who thought they were taking fossil fuel money to do climate research while staying mum on their funding sources

Utility Dumps Climate Denier

Big electric utility NRG defunds climate-denial organization ALEC

Today's Climate Leaders

How cities & forward-looking businesses will advance climate progress, even if nation states don't

Making Solar Simpler

NYC makes it easier for homeowners to go solar-powered at home

December 07, 2015

Driving To Our Doom

If predictions are right abut the future numbers of fossil-fueled cars, climate benefits of EVs would be too small to matter

Climate Denier Flop

Even with right-wing US group support, a climate denialist meeting in Paris only drew some 30 visitors

Sanders' Got Big Climate Plans

80x50 while downgrading fossil fuel's influence and how to do it

Beijing: Air Pollution Alarm

Anticipating sky-high dirty air levels Beijing issues its first ever "red" alert

Climate Negotations - In the Weeds Thorns

What is 'differentiation' and why is it such a big deal for Paris climate negotiations?

The Stars Shine In Paris

COP21 - The Deciders

Here's a who's who of key players at the Paris climate summit & their aims

Get In On The Quiet Revolution

Until now, only political insiders & policy wonks knew about Governor Cuomo's " quiet green revolution as an economic development tool for in NY

December 05, 2015

Investing With Climate Risk Management In Mind

Even climate-change aware investors are not protecting their assets from climate risks

COP21: Fact v Fiction

Desmog the conservative media fog about key Paris climate talk issues

December 04, 2015

El Nino: Then And Now

If You Live Near A Coast - Read This

What's at stake for the world's coastlines at the Paris climate meeting

Mike Bloomberg: Mayor Of Climate Finance-Landia

Educating business about their financial exposure to climate change risks is Michael Bloomberg's newest job

PACE Bonds Help Renovate America

With securitization of PACE bonds for home energy performance upgrades families, job opportunities & the planet are all winners

Listen To Leonard Lopate

Interview with Robert Pollin author of Greening the Global Economy

Ideological Crusader

Lamar Smith, GOP Chair of the House Science Committee, persists in his quest to silence government climate science

Urban Climate Winners

C40 announces 10 cities that have earned climate leadership awards

African Nations: Skpping the Fossil Fuel Era

The African Union & African Development Bank announce a goal of at least 300 gigawatts of renewable electricity-generating capacity for the continent by 2030

Germany: De-Carbonize And Thrive

Lessons learned from German policy about decoupling economic growth from easing its fossil fuel addiction

December 03, 2015

A New Climate For Investor Confidence

How SASB can boost investors' confidence in sustainability reporting

COP21: Sticking With Carbon

India & Brazil reject accepting goals for phasing out their carbon emissions at the Paris climate negotiations

Stop Funding Climate Chaos

The oil subsidies of G-7 nations + Australia dwarf the Green Climate Fund, time to reverse the figures

Wish We All Could Be California...

...Public opinions on climate change

Google Green

Google's latest search for more renewable energy will nearly double what it's already promised

Ted Cruz: Climate Hero To Some

The Koch Brothers-backed American Energy Alliance calls Ted Cruz its climate hero

December 02, 2015

How Denialist Tail Wags GOP Dog

Why is the GOP the world's only major climate denialist party? (Hint: it's not because Americans have a monopoly on disbelieving climate science)

The Manhattan Chamber Of Commerce Says...

Climate change is bad for business

Paris: Think Global, Act Local

Beside hosting COP21 what is Paris doing to fight climate change?

Paris: COP21

It's all about the money on Day 3

Australia: Waves In Its Future

Australians could get 1/3 of their electricity from wave power, after the success of a naval base pilot program

NYC 2,000 EVs x 2025

2,000 electric vehicles & a recharging network will clean up NYC's municipal vehicle fleet by 2025. Download the City's full report here

Edison v Tesla, Round 2

While Edison lost the battle over running the electric grid on DC power, Tesla's AC model may be the loser now

Columbia Pours Cold Water On Exxon Heat

A detailed rebuttal is the response of the Dean of Columbia University's Journalism School to an Exxon attack on its professional ethics

December 01, 2015

Limited Climate Action From CSR

Lessons from the fair-trade coffee campaign highlight the limits to climate achievements from corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns

COP21: Dec. 3 Is Building Day

Why the Paris climate summit will focus on buildings this Thursday

Doing What Needs To Be Done

If COP 21 won't produce a climate agreement able to prevent climate chaos, what will?

The Making Of A Climate Justice Activist

An interview with Wen Stephenson about his path to full-time climate activism & his new book What We're Fighting For Now Is Each Other

Clean Energy: The Next Invesment Frontier

Listen up to The Takeaway on-line broadcast on Bill Gates billionaire-wrangling to raise an international clean energy investment fund

Carbon Clock: Tick-Tock Very Fast

NYC Climate Demo

Missed Sunday's NYC climate demonstration? Watch the video and do something today

Reporting On Exxon: Risky Business

Exxon attacks Columbia University over investigative reporting that covered silencing the firm's own climate science research