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August 31, 2015

The Hot Big Chill

How Arctic warming creates fierce winters in East Asia & North America

Birds And Bees Wind Turbines

With better wind farm siting strategies birds and turbines can cohabit

Utility-Scale Solar Power Surge

Utility-scale solar power plant output is 31 times higher than a decade ago

Climate Bill Cliffhanger

Despite passage in California's Senate two climate action bills may lose in the Assembly

Let's Look At The Lomborg Record

Facing vigorous protest by university faculty & students, the Abbott government withdraws $4 million in funding to hire climate-contrarian Bjorn Lomborg

August 28, 2015

Place-Making In Sandy Recovery

Improving resilience to Sandy-struck NY metro communities is a big opportunity for place-making

Coal Bankruptcy's Nasty Surprises

Bankruptcy filings by a Virgina-based coal company reveal its financial support for harassing climate scientists with lawsuits

Australia: Carbon Culprit

Australian carbon emissions projected to exceed Abbot government's weak goals

Coverage For Climate Risk

Interest builds for establishing "parametric" insurance policies that provide climate risk coverage for poorer nations

NY Solar - Information Please

Bounteous information about solar power programs in NY

August 27, 2015

US Politics Today

Best read of the month, big props to Dave Roberts

Flood Barrier Funding

NYC commits $100 million to build a flood shield system around lower Manhattan & hopes for another $500 million in federal assistance

Buffalo: Solar Job Boom

SolarCity's $900 million Buffalo PV factory is seeking 1,400 workers

Solar Power Battle

A bitter conflict among environmentalists rages over industrial-scale solar power plants

L.A. Beats Water Saving Target

Big props for Angelenos who cut their water use by 21% in July, exceeding the 16% target

August 26, 2015

Get The Message

Not Ready For A Big One

Why is Tampa today like New Orleans in 2005?

Rx For Plastics Addiction

10 tips for having less plastic in your life

Rio: An Urban Climate First

Rio de Janeiro is the first city to meet the climate-forward Compact of Mayors targets

Coming To Your Home - Demand Flexibility

Big changes on the way for timing home energy use & cutting costs

De-Risk Your Stock Portfolio

It's not too soon, to seek investment information based on ESG - environmental, social and governance data disclosures

Victoria: Home Appliances Win, Solar Loses

Energy efficient light bulbs & home appliances get promoted but rooftop solar tariffs are cut in Victoria, Australia

California Spends Its Carbon Cash

What does $2.2 billion in carbon cap & trade auction revenues buy in California?

August 25, 2015

Urban Life And Eco-Systems - Not a Contradiction

Climate change impacts refocus ecologists' interest in the urban environment

Washington DC: Utility Takeover Nixed

Sustainable energy activists cheer regulator's rejection of a plan to purchase the local power company by utility giant Exelon

Light Bulbs - The Dark Ages

South Africa: Solar Power Breakthrough

South African researchers invent a mirror that could be key for generating cheap concentrated solar power

The New Utility Economics: PBR

How performance-based regulation will transform electric power utilities by revolutionizing the calculus of profitability by propelling public policy goals

Russia and Ukraine: Fun And Games With GHGs

Hey kids want to flim-flam the European GHG reduction scheme? here's how!

Friendly Persuasion For PVs

How REV, New York's electric regulatory revolution, could calm utility hatred for their rooftop solar panel customers

Hear The President

"We refuse to surrender the hope of a clean energy future to those who fear it and fight it.", Barak Obama

August 24, 2015

El Nino Watching

The Lesson From Katrina

Put simply, climate mitigation slows the spread of inequality; adaptation speeds it up

July: Hottest By A Lot

OK, July 2015 temperature is just a data point but good golly!

Obama's Energy Innovation Boost

Obama boosts clean energy & efficiency efforts, including a new $1 billion loan program

Cleaner Trash Collection

NYC's Sanitation Department is testing new trash collection vehicles to see if they're less polluting & more energy efficient than the current truck fleet

This Really Sucks

The daily commute by way of 105-year old train tunnels between NY & NJ

Climate Science: Hurricanes

What's been learned about the climate change-hurricane nexus in the decade since Katrina?

Vision Zero Data

Are pedestrians & cyclists safer now?

August 21, 2015

RGGI Slashes GHG Emissions

Duke University research finds that without RGGI, GHG emissions would have been 24% higher in participating states

Election 2016: Fiorina's Climate Interview

"Everything she said was wrong"

France: A Bit More Solar

When double is better than nothing

Turning Silver At Age 124

Carnegie Hall, built in 1891, earns a LEED Silver rating

Solar Bid Beat Gas

In an open solicitation, a solar power bid to supply the electric grid beat out a natural gas bidder

Globe's Getting Hotter

Climate Change - Power Grid Threat

The power gridss in hot, dry regions like the Southwest face major reliability threats from climate change impacts

Mass Transit Mess

With NY-NJ metro region transit ridership way up and service quality way down, where are we headed?

August 20, 2015

The First Metropolitan Generation

Today, 50% of the world's people live in cities, by mid century it could be 70%, creating opportunities for the first metropolitan generation to take pivotal climate actions

Hawaii: 100 x 45

The island of Hawaii sets a goal of getting 100% renewables on its electric grid by 2045 and will gain real-world experience to share

Genius Grants For Climate Advocates

Nine climate advocacy foundations awarded $50 million in initial funding from MacArthur Foundation 'genius grants'

Carbon Alchemy

Scientists invent a way to take carbon dioxide from the air, convert it to nano-fibers & spin it into into multipurpose carbon fiber

Spinning Wind Into Gold

European wind turbine makers are top stock market performers

The Color Of Politics

To voters from solar power CEO Jigar Shaw: Green energy movement is the new red, white & blue

China: A Smaller Biggest Polluter

New scientific research finds levels of Chinese CO2 emissions could be overestimated relative to those of other nations

Election 2016: Clinton's Net Metering POV

Attention renewable energy folks! Hillary Clinton has a position on net metering

August 19, 2015

For Latino Voters Climate Matters

Race, Class And Eco-Disasters

Environmental disasters are framed by race, class, gender and social worth, stop calling them "natural" disasters

Climate Summit's EV Fleet

200 electric vehicles will be made available to delegates at the Paris climate summit

Community Solar Finds Friends

Utilities might become new BFFs of community solar power installers

Move Highway, Grow City

Providence, RI reclaims 19 acres of land for redevelopment after a section of an interstate highway was relocated

Oceans: Temperature Trends

1,800 years of cooler ocean temperatures ended when global warming began

Water Main Multi-Tasking

Can mini-turbines installed inside city water mains generate enough electric power to make a difference?

Cuomo/DeBlasio Tunnel Vision

Federal payment for a new cross-Hudson rail tunnel is something the Governor and the Mayor agree on & both back the Senator Schumer plan

August 18, 2015

Climate Ethics 101

Morris Avenue: Energy Upgrade Loan

How an energy efficiency loan program financed the upgrade of a 54-unit affordable multifamily building in the Bronx

Media-Citizen Mutual Climate Aid

Lessons from NOLA & NYC for how the media and city-dwellers can collaborate on adapting to climate risks

False Premises Or Early Days

Why are the number of new green jobs in California way lower than policy projections?

What Corporate Accounting Needs Now

Megatrends like climate change mean that certain sustainability factors can make or break a business. Under securities law, they are material to an investor & companies can and should be disclosing them

Enery Sector: Reformantion By Transformation

The trajectory of the energy sector affects everything Read this and ponder what's necessary now

August 17, 2015

Wall Street's Bearish On Solar

Despite substantial solar power gains, the industry is nose-diving on Wall Street

GOP Candidates Trash Talk Climate

Presidential hopefuls Cruz, Fiorina & Walker each oppose California's climate action plan in their own way

Science At Work: Peer Reviewing

What 's the peer review process for a recent J. Hansen climate science paper that predicts alarming sea level rise?

Build The Tunnel Already

The NY Times gives a big editorial thumbs up to building a cross-Harbor rail tunnel & calls on all involved parties to ante up

Glass Paint Is Way Cool

Glass paint could be the best option for chilling out under a metal roof in the summer

August 14, 2015

Warming Pause - We Should Be So Lucky

Learning To Love LEDs

LED light bulbs are turning out to be a utility's best carbon-cutting friend, along with energy-efficient home appliances

Japan: Put A Lid On Coal

Japan's minister of the environment won't support plans for a 1,070 MW coal-burning power plant, setting up a conflict within the government

Climate Scientists Can Rate Media Coverage

A new on-line tool called Climate Feedback enables climate scientists to publicly comment on media coverage of their area of expertise

Rx For Subway Delays, NOT

An audit of the MTA finds more subways are missing their on time goals & the agency plans to solve the problem by lowering the goals

Germs Like It Hot

Infectious diseases like cholera & salmonella will thrive in a hotter world, you won't

Undercutting Obama's Climate Plan

Court challenges to the Obama Clean Power Plan begin

Spend The Weekend With A Critter

NYC hosts great zoos & aquariums, here's a list to help plan your weekend

August 13, 2015

China: Death From The Air

1.6 million Chinese die a year due to breathing polluted air, with Beijing & Shanghai residents at particular risk

What Money Buys

Koch brothers & ExxonMobil money supports Florida solar energy opponent

They're Back

Cheap gas & gas-guzzler sales

Life Won't Be A Beach

Climate Tech 101

An intro to waste heat recovery

Philly: The Water App

Philadelphia gamifies water conservation with an app that lets owners add green stormwater infrastructure to their properties

Christie: Follow The Tunnel Money

Why did Governor Christie kill the NJ-NY tunnel project and what did he do with the its funding?

August 12, 2015

El Nino: Then And Now

The 2015 El Nino, a cyclic Pacific region climate disturbance, differs from the 1997 event & why that matters

The Greening Of Love

The 32-year romance of two NYC naturalists started in Prospect Park

Imagine That

Infrastructure makes an appearance in 2015 Mayoral races

Boston: Resilience Leader For All

Meet Atyia Martins, Boston's first chief resilience officer, who will focus on how income inequality factors into disaster recovery

Top Ten Carbon Culprits

China: LEED Profile

Facts & figures on green building growth in the word's second largest LEED market

Meeting the PA Carbon Challenge

Pennsylvania considers its options for meeting the EPA Clean Power Plan carbon cuts

Too Big For Government Loans

Has the home solar power market outgrown its need for government loan programs?

August 11, 2015

The Best In Climate Journalism

It's been a big year for US climate action, who's done the best recent coverage?

Australia: Kill the Messenger

Australia axes its annual climate change public attitude survey

Rx For Mass Transit Woes

Why the US has such bad public transportation and, maybe, how to make it better

Uber's to Blame For NYC Traffic Congestion

True or false? (and don't skip listeners comments!)

Leave The Blanket At Home, Save The Planet

Rx for too-cold summertime office temperature that also boosts the EPA Clean Power

August 10, 2015

GOP All-Of-The-Above Energy Policy v

Obama all-of-the-above energy policy

Election 2016: The Environment

Will voter choice hinge on a candidate's environmental stance?

Nova Scotia: Cold Comfit

Claiming the program has met its renewable energy objectives, Nova Scotia ends its Community Feed-in Tariff (COMFIT)

Election 2016: OH Gov Clean Energy Freeze Out

Since Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a freeze on the state's renewables and energy efficiency program, what's been the economic impact?

Georgia Alchemy: Uranium Into Gold

Regulators should cut rate-based profits to a Georgia power utility as the cost of its new nuclear plant rises says environmental group

Mapping Your Power Source

IKEA: A Bright Idea

Only LED light bulbs will be on sale at IKEA, as of September

Poland: Heatwave Hits Industry

With energy supplies strained by red-hot weather Polish industries forced to reduce output due to power cuts

China: PV Industry At Risk

Overcapacity & razor-thin profit margins combined with heavy debt & bearish stock market spell trouble for China's solar panel industry

August 08, 2015

Wind: Great Expectations

Just how much of the US electric power supply could be met by wind power?

August 07, 2015

John Stewart - Not The Last Word

Plug-And-Play Storage Batteries

A California utility issues a request for proposal for next generation grid-scale storage batteries with 'just-in-time' delivery capability

Australia: Climate U-Turn

What explains Australia's reversal from climate hero to zero?

UK: Innovative Tidal Barrier

This tidal fence is designed to generate electricity in shallow water, be cheaper than off-shore wind turbines & won't harm marine life

Iowa Adopts Climate Science Curriculum

Iowa is the 15th state to adopt curriculum guidelines that include learning the scientific evidence about human-caused climate change

Utility Friends Clean Power Plan

Big power utility NRG gives public support to Obama's Clean Power Plan because it validates the company's own green strategy, but corporate critics remain

Clean Power An Ageent Of Economic Innovation

By having states devise their own carbon cut solutions, Obama's Clean Power Plan aims to unleash economic diversity & innovation

Nottingham: Solar Carport Star

Nottingham England installs a 40 car parking space covered with canopies that protects cars & generates solar power

Trash - Your Can Take It With You

NYC subway riders take their trash with them now that the MTA has removed garbage cans

August 06, 2015

Japan: They're Back

Japan restarts its nuclear power plants after a 4 year post-Fukushima shut-down

Cutting Carbon - Good News And Bad

Carbon emissions from power plants hit a 27-year low, meanwhile a Senate committee votes to stop the roll-out of Obama's Clean Power Plan

UK: Jumbo Offshore Wind Project Advances

The plan for a 1.2 gigawatt North Sea wind farm clears another government hurdle

Polishing The Chrysler Building

An energy efficiency upgrade of the Chrysler Building spire makes this icon even greater and has a payback of under 2 years

August 05, 2015

The Future Of Climate Change... happening right now

ICYMI: Endgame For Dirty Oil

NYC buildings near the goal of converting from burning the dirtiest grades of fuel oil

A Bridge Made Of Gas

Some say natural gas is the bridge fuel for slowing climate change until the renewables industry matures. Others say that's crazy

Lessons From UK Green Deal Flop

Why did a home weatherization program fail to attract folks in the UK and are there lessons for US programs?

EPA Power Plan Drops Energy Efficiency

With demand side energy efficiency removed as an essential 'building block' of the EPA Clean Power Plan, what are the consequences?

Nuke Plant Sales Pitch

With the operating license for the nuclear power plant near NYC up for renewal, Indian Point tries building public support

Idea Of The Day, Week, Month, Year

Australia: Post-Carbon Tax

Coal-burning spikes in Australia, the first jurisdiction to repeal a carbon tax

August 04, 2015

Know What You're Talking About

With all eyes focused on cutting carbon emissions, learn where US power plants are sited

Wham Bam - Take That Rupert

Watch Columbia Professor Jeffery Sachs take down media mogul Rupert Murdoch for staying stuck in climate change denial

Latin America: Solar Power Rising

New utility scale solar power installations setting Latin American records

Bill Gate's Investment Tip

Bill Gates explains why he's investing $1 billion of his own money in clean energy research, but says what governments do matters most of all

The Usual Suspects

The who's who leading organizing strategies to attack the EPA Clean Power Plan that started early last year.

RGGI States Vow EPA Plan Support

The nine carbon cap & trade state coalition called RGGI vows to defend the new EPA clean power plan if opponents raise court challenges

India: Fossil Firms Make Solar Loans

India's state-run oil companies make loans for building solar power and generators

London: How The Old Bus Became The New Bus

Everything you need to know about the 'Boris Bus'

August 03, 2015

Clean Power Plan: First Impressions

The creative & the contentious in EPA's Clean Power Plan

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Llife's A Beach

And The Winners Are...

The Society of Environmental Journalists announces the best articles of 2014-2015

Tubing The Trash

Roosevelt Island residents use pneumatic tubes to get rid of their trash, even if they don't know it

Office AC: Cool, Just Not For You

Not a 40 year old, 155 pound male,? then your office air conditioning wasn't designed for you

The Best Obama Headline Ever

"How Obama’s New Clean Power Plan Might Be Just Enough To Stave Off A Climate Catastrophe"