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May 31, 2015

Sending Out An SOS

Melted ice cream, put back in the freezer, is never quite the same. A melted world would be even worse — Save Our Swirled

May 30, 2015

Green Districts

A tip of the hat to Shannon Bouton, David Newsome, and Jonathan Woetzel for their recent article. Green districts have a future — and possibly a big one

May 29, 2015

Game Changer

France's Axa, one of the world's largest insurers, to sell €500m coal investments before 2015 is out — CEO commits to triple amount of green investments by 2020, reaching 3B euros.

May 28, 2015

Super Energy Efficient Light-Based Computers

Flash Flood Alley

May 27, 2015

Vanderbilt The Railroads

One Vanderbilt gains density thru funding $220M transit infrastructure improvements in and around Grand Central — five blocks rezoned

Floating Bus Stop

Buses and bikes — towards a peaceful coexistence

No Choice But To Decarbonize

Market mechanisms such as carbon taxes and emissions trading key to mobilizing a global response

Ridiculously Resilient Ridge

White House science adviser John Holdren says climate change could overwhelm CA — normally jet stream blows west to east strong high pressure system over the northeastern Pacific ocean pushing jet stream north — more intense droughts

May 25, 2015

China: He Said

As reported by the Guardian — He Zuoxiu, a leading Chinese physicist said: "They want to build 58 gigawatts of nuclear generating capacity by 2020. This is insane." Safety vs. development

May 24, 2015

Now, Where Were We?

Day after Gov. Greg Abbott signed HB 40 into law, CO energy company Vantage told Denton, TX city officials it plans to get back to fracking

May 21, 2015

Hyperloop Test Track

30 minute travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles in pods propelled through tubes using a combination of magnets and fans at speeds never thought possible

Germany: Going, Going... Gone?

May 19, 2015

Non-binding Accords

12 signatories to climate pact would represent the 4th largest economy in the world, if they were a country

May 18, 2015

Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Bill!

On graduation day Rutgers students chanted for Bill Nye who told them they must find a way to stop climate change

Canada: Access To Scientists

Public-service unions asking the Canadian government for the first time to enshrine scientific integrity language into their collective agreements

Philosophers, Probability And...

How to live right in a world of climate disruption

May 16, 2015

Linking Coal Extraction to Climate Change

Rulings by Denver judges require feds to consider carbon impact of coal mines

May 14, 2015

B of A Says Coal Riskier

"'Dynamics around coal are shifting,' reports the Guardian" on bank's new coal policy — awaiting future targets for its retreat from coal sector lending

What's The Point

Transformer fire takes one of two Indian Point reactors offline. License for one expired in 2013, the other expires later this year — to renew or not to renew, that is the question

Page From LePage

Maine Governor takes energy agenda to DC — why oh why?

Southeast Asia: DAM!

May 13, 2015

Greater Boston Mayors Unite

Regional platform — 14 municipalities sign agreement to prepare for climate change together

May 12, 2015

Passive House Post Conference Reflections

What about those New York Lasagna buildings?

May 11, 2015

Meet The Carbon Tracker

Jeremy Leggett created the Carbon Tracker Initiative to rate financial risks associated with fossil fuels and set off a wave of private-sector involvement in climate change solutions

The Biggest Climate Dilemma

What if doing a lot about climate change & clean energy isn't enough?

Christie: Not A Climate Denier

Speaking in New Hampshire, N.J. Governor Christie remarked that climate change is real & it's caused (somewhat) by human behavior

Paris: Climate Talks Open Wider

Innovative sub-national entities earn a place at the table at the upcoming Paris climate talks

Make It A Green Apple

Apple ups its renewable energy pledge to cover its manufacturing supply chain

NYC - Get Over Yourself

Think NYC is an eco-leader among global mega-cities? Think again

Mind The Energy Efficiency Gap

A new monograph examines the apparent reality that some energy-efficiency technologies which would be socially efficient are not adopted

UK: The Great Ungreening

UK eco-activists worry about cuts to clean energy policy & support that could result from the Tory election sweep

There's No Solution To Climate Change...

... But MIT uses crowd sourcing to come up with many solutions

May 08, 2015

Potsdam: Muni Microgrid Leader

Little Potsdam, NY could show its big city cousins how to build a resilient municipal microgrid

Australia: Denialist Down Under

A business advisor to the Australian PM calls climate change a UN-perpetrated hoax

US Export Prospects

Tesla's Elon Musk says demand for his new energy storage battery is 'just nutty' and predicts a booming export market

France: Bid For Renewables & Storage

France opens bids for 50 MW of installed renewable energy & energy storage on Corsica and its overseas islands territories

France: Nuclear Power Woes

Areva, the crown jewel of France's nuclear power industry, is plagued with severe cost overruns & project delays, why?

Fracking Role In Skelos Downfall

Evidence indicates Senator Dean Skelos sought a job for his son with a firm looking to influence New York fracking rules

May 07, 2015

Another Urban Envriomental Problem ID'ed

EU: ETS Back From The Dead

While reports of a collapse in the EU carbon trading scheme were premature, its recovery & cutting carbon efficacy is uncertain

A Power Prediction

Microgrids & local power generation are coming to stay

Follow The Low Carbon Money

Today's low carbon investments will pave a path to tomorrow's negative carbon investments

India: Renewables Rising

India reports exceeds its annual renewable power installation targets

Tesla Battery Skeptics

Not everyone in the solar power business is wowed by the new Tesla home energy storage battery

Solar Siting Controversy

Does it make more sense to target government subsidies at rooftop solar installations or solar farms?

Rezoning Industrial Areas

If all politics are local, then rezonings are the ultimate in local politics

Mayor's War On Rats

$3 million for rat extermination in target neighborhoods is a feature of Mayor de Blasio's proposed budget

May 06, 2015

Some Prize At Pulitzer

Wall Street Journal editorial page chief and climate denier named as chair of the Pulitzer Prize board

Buildings That Make You Happy

Hey city-dwellers, get a healthy dose of nature from your buildings

In The Air: Peaking Longer

The Age Of Plenty

With California & NY in the lead we could be entering the age of plenty of renewable energy

Germany: What Tom Friendman Says

"Germany will be Europe's first green, solar-powered superpower. Can those attributes coexist in one country, you ask? They're going to have to."

Solar Installer, Does Better, Loses Less

Big PV installer SolarCity narrows its financial losses as its revenues rise with customer demand

Tesla Battery Review

The new Tesla energy storage battery is greeted with cheers, causing worries for non-llthium-ion device makers

Your Vote Counts

The next President will have robust powers in the Executive branch of government to shape climate policy

Clean Tech Is Women's Work

Burgeoning professional tech opportunities for women appear in the fast-changing energy sector

May 04, 2015

Pssst, Shale Boom Busts

Big Hopes For Big Microgrid

A Colorado developer puts the world's laregst 'shovel-ready' microgrid development on the market

Dam California Enviros

Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina thinks she can explain California's drought -- liberal environmentalists who oppose new dam projects

The Billion Dollar Ask

The MTA asks NYC to contribute $1 billion for constructing the Second Avenue subway line & add $300 million a year to the capital plan

Clean Power Plan's Health Payoff

Harvard University research predicts a clear and compelling public health benefit with adoption of the Obama Clean Power Plan for electric power generators

I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia

Australia faces a dire future without transforming its carbon emissions-intensive economy

UK: Still A World Leader...

...when it comes to offshore wind power

Too Small To Succeed

Today's carbon cutting goals are not enough to prevent dangerous climate disruptions

May 03, 2015

Local, Artisanal

A takedown of popular catch phrases for how to be climate and ethically responsible

May 02, 2015

House Squeezes NASA Budget

The House Science, Space & Technology Committee wants to cut NASA's earth science budget from Obama's $1.947 billion to $1.45 billion in an 'optimistic' budget framework

May 01, 2015

An Immodest Proposal

There Ought To Be A Law

The President signs a scaled-back energy efficiency bill, but climate action opponents take aim at draft rules to improve freezer & furnace energy performance

Listen To A Passive House

Hate urban noise pollution? Try a NYC Passive House

Millenials - Just Like Their Parents

A new poll finds the percentage of Millenials who are climate skeptics is almost identical with figures for the general US population

PV Maker Losses

With plans to merge and switching to a yieldco business finance model, two big US PV makers post losses

Weaving With Disgards

See what can be made with textiles derived from foil balloons recovered from the beach & wire hangers discarded by dry cleaners

Put A Tesla In Your House

Tesla launches an energy storage battery for homes & businesses who want their solar power after sunset or during blackouts