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January 31, 2015

Fewer Cold Nights

New York's nights aren't as cold as they used to be

January 30, 2015

Down, Down, Down

REITs Right For Energy Efficiency

Here's why real estate trusts offer good opportunities to grow building energy efficiency

Japan: Nukes Stay In Energy Mix

Japan projects nuclear power will remain part of its power supply in 2030, but a smaller part than in its 2010 plan

Public Opinion Changes On Climate Change

2/3 of American (Ds & Rs) now support climate action, 67% would make climate views count when voting poll finds

Open Up Park Conservancy Spending

NYC Councilperson Levine wants to make spending by park conservancies more transparent by enacting new legislation

Dear Mayor De Blasio

Put climate justice into action, an agenda labor & eco-community activists call Climate Works for All

How To Share The Sun

Community net metering could be the way for made-in-the-shade New Yorkers to join the solar power revolution

Smart Meters Won't Save Us

Why smart meters fall short in getting people to use less electricity & what can help

January 29, 2015

Denmark: Catching The Wind

Beijing: Don't Live Here

Beijing's Mayor says polluted air makes the city unliveable

UK: Climate Opinion Upturn

Polls find British belief in human-climate change rises & for 15% it's a 'major threat'

Do The Climate Math

Calculating global temperatures across many 15 year intervals demonstrates climate science is not overpredicting warming

Ikea Does Good By Green

Sale of green products at Ikea soared 58% last year, with LED leading the way

Cloudy Future For NY Storm Barriers

The Army Corps of Engineers takes a dim view of the proposal to build a barrier across NY Harbor to prevent future storm surge floods

Solar Flare-Ups In AZ

The tense relationship between Arizona power utilities & independent solar supply companies gets tenser

The Big Poltiical Chill

With US political polarization & personal animosity at record highs, no wonder federal climate policy action remains in deep freeze

San Francisco: Mayor Supports Community Choice For Renewables

Reversing his previous support for the utility position San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee calls on the power company to offer a "community choice aggregation" option

January 28, 2015

Liberia: Not Ready For Prime Renewable Energy Time

The story behind a failed US blueprint for a bio-mass energy plan in Liberia

China: Trend (Or Blip) Of The Century

Chinese annual coal burning fell a bit for the first time in 100 years

If You Can't Lose That Parking Lot...

....then cover it with solar panels

Science At Work: We're In Hot Water

Help Wanted

The Building Energy Exchange in NYC is hiring now for 2 staff positions

Plastic's Not Fantastic

NYC's ban on styrofoam & efforts to impose a fee on plastic bags won't make this stuff disappear.... yet

The Media Beat: Climate On TV

There's both good & bad news about TV broadcast news coverage of climate change

Seville: Cyclists Rule

What turned Seville, Spain into southern Europe's bike capital?

Flood Protection Could Alter Red Hook

$200 million in publicly-funded flood protection & a three foot elevation of new construction lift redevelopment allure of Red Hook

January 26, 2015

A Different Kind Of Endangered Species

Dubai: Parsing Solar Prices

Energy expert Michael Liebreich talks about record low solar power prices in Dubai & what that means for incumbent industries

Opening Access To Renewables

A transmission line that could carry 3,000 MWs of renewable power to millions in the west gets OKed

Rather Be In Australia Philadelphia

Watch out, climate change predictions are grim for Australia

The Case Against Nuclear Power

If nuclear power is neither clean nor cheap Obama must stop supporting it as a climate-friendly fuel

VA: Republicans For RGGI

A GOP-sponsored bill to take Virginia into the multi-state, carbon-cutting RGGI program gets editorial support

Legal Eagles The Power To Transmit Less

Will a federal rule struck down by an appeals court, FERC Order 745, which found that the federal agency responsible for regulating demand response lacked authority, be reviewed by the US Supreme Court?

The Opposite Of Nostalgia

Central Park in the 1970's

St. Kjeld: Climate-Ready

Welcome to St Kjeld, Copenhagen's first neighborhood designed to thrive in the face of climate change impacts

January 23, 2015

Oil Price Plunge Dims Solar's Shine

Plunging global oil prices are causing problems for PV makers & investors

Building Sponge City

How to redesign Los Angeles for surviving long-term drought

Northeast Gas Pipeline Advances

The proposed Spectra pipeline expansion "would have some adverse environmental effects that could be mitigated, staff at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said in a final environmental impact statement for the project" [Greenwire $ub]

Solarizing The Southwest

Follow the sun & build in the desert

The Philosophy Of Power

As state utility regulators start grappling with deep rewrites of the rules, deep differences emerge

Off-Shore Wind: Early Adaptor v Not

Mapping States' Solar Growth

Stop Wasting Money

Start energy benchmarking your building & gain peer-to-peer insights

January 22, 2015

Cuba: Granma Solarization Now

Cuba aims to make Granma Province run on 100% renewable power on the way to reaching a national goal of 24% renewable energy by 2030

Oceans: Hotter, Faster

Ocean temperatures are rising so fast that scientists have to change their charts

RE 100 Update

A campaign launched during Climate Week 2014 to get corporate commitment for 100% renewable power gears up

If You Couldn't Make It To Davos...

...Your can see the new Al Gore climate video here

Bloomberg's $48 Million Dump-Coal Campaign

Local & national groups in states seeking to end their coal addiction and convert to renewable energy can tap financial aid from Mike Bloomberg & a California family

Science At Work: 2014 Records and Trends

What statistics reveals about 2014's record heat & larger climate trends (read on, you don't have to be a math-maven!)

New White House Energy/Climate Advisor

Brian Deese a budget expert, named as Obama's new climate & energy advisor/strategist/coordinator

Gov. Proposals For A Greener NY

If adopted, Governor Cuomo's proposed budget would add funding for renewables & energy efficiency, including a $20 million competition among the five largest urban centers outside NYC to develop energy efficiency programs

January 21, 2015

Global Energy Investment Trends

Net-Zero Dips Toe In Mainstream

US home builders see net-zero energy as the next big thing, but what about purchasers?

People Like Their Mayors

Mayors get more love than other electeds, but less than small business owners or recent graduates

Dubai: Cheapest Solar

Investments to double Dubai's solar power output will make it the world's lowest-cost power source

Solarize Westchester

2 Westchester towns kick off a a county solar-energy discount program to support PV installations by residents & businesses

It's A Special Day

State-Of-The Union Climate Science

"The president referred mockingly to a favorite line used by politicians — “I’m not a scientist” — to deflect questions about human-induced climate change. “Well, I’m not a scientist either,” he said. “But you know what? I know a lot of really good scientists at NASA.”

(Dismal) Science At Work: Climate Costs

How conventional economic calculations lowball the costs of climate change

EU: Carbon Market Fix Unfixed

A proposal is withdrawn aimed at fixing the ailing EU carbon emissions trading scheme

January 20, 2015

Solar At The Industrial Scale

Why mega-scale solar power farms are key to a decarbonized energy future

Carbon Bubble

UN climate chief warns that fossil fuel investments are overvalued & now at risk of losing money

Mediterranean: Urban Sprawl

Plastic pollution is just one sign of the environmental price of urban sprawl ringing the Mediterranean Sea

NY Green Jobs Competition

A $20 million fund for new clean energy jobs for upstate NY announced by Governor Cuomo

Hangin' With The FLOTUS

Urban climate change researcher Nicole Hernandez Hammer will sit with Michelle Obama at the State of the Union address

Renewable Google

Google announces its latest billion dollar investments in solar & wind power projects

China: PV Bloopers

Faulty PV production threatens energy output & profits at Chinese solar farms

Japan: Big Bucks For Energy Storage

$700 million in Japanese investments should give a boost to energy storage technology deployment

January 16, 2015

2014: Chart-Topper

India: Solar Thinking Outside The Box

Installing PV panels atop canals in India is efficient land use & cuts water evaporation from the channels underneath

Climate Change Is Risky Business

Business leaders see risks rise with record-breaking heat & climate changes

Clean, Cheap, Champ

It can't be said too often efficiency is our cheapest energy source

Climate Activists: Pencils Poised

What's on the short list for climate activists in 2015?

Lack Of Exercise Is Fatal

European mortality data supports the need for walkable & bike-friendly cities with ample space access

Chamber Of Commerce: Friend Of BRT

The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce petitions for funding a bus rapid transit (BRT) line

Clean Energy Fellowships

Looking for the first step on the path to a career in clean energy?

Recycle With The Wind

NYC's biggest recycling plant now gets 4% of its power from a Sunset Park wind turbine

January 15, 2015

Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity

Plunging oil prices create the political space to end fossil-fuel subsidies & forge new energy policies, act now!

Life In The Anthropocene

Make History

Historic churches and cathedrals can get energy performance upgrades

EU: Irony In Ailing Carbon Market

Efforts to revive the EU carbon emissions market are thwarted by warm weather (less demand for fossil-fueled heat) & growth in renewable power

NYC: Farewell To Dirty Heating Oil

On June 15 New York City buildings will no longer be permitted to burn dirty #6 heating oil

Green Bonds Grow Up

Growing transparency & shared standards drive growth in the green bond market

Climate Science Stays In Schools

West Virginia pulls a curriculum that would undermine climate science teaching

Science At Work: Sea Level Rise

What first looked like good news about slower sea level rise turned out to be really bad news

January 14, 2015

Ontario: Carbon Price Coming

In Spring 2015 Ontario will release its carbon pricing plan, stay tuned

Cities With Big Clean Energy Goals

Which ten cities have 100% clean energy goals & what are their paths?

Debating The Rate Of Change

Will Moore's Law apply to the capacity & cost of technology to store solar power?

NASA Arctic Findings

Not The Same Old Grid

Why no one thinks the power grid of tomorrow will look like the past

China: Coal-Cutting Targets

By late June, China wants 4 regional governments to set goals for cutting coal burning & by 2017, it plans to reduce coal use in Beijing by 13 million metric tons

MA: Gov. Generates Energy Anxiety

The new Republican Governor of Massachusetts raises environmental eyebrows over his energy staff picks


The Senate will vote on whether members agree climate change is impacting the planet

January 13, 2015

Just Send Money

A plea to Tom Steyer, don't run for Senate, instead, keep sending money to fight climate change

$3.5 Milllion For NYC Energy Efficiency

BEEx, a NYC non-profit, gets a $3.5 million grant to boost building energy efficiency & advance the Mayor's carbon-cutting goals

Washington's Climate Agenda

Washington State's ambitions agenda

Walk Safer, Walk More

Drivers bear the greatest responsibility for making city streets safe for pedestrians & encouraging more healthy walking

A Monkey's Uncle

Think being put on trial for teaching science is so 20th century? Think again in West Virginia

January 12, 2015

California Energy Storage Plan

A roadmap for integrating California energy storage technologies good for grid reliability & consumers is now available

How To Get to 50x30

Experts see no technical barriers in meeting California's goal of 50% renewable energy in 15 years, but challenges remain

Renewables Energy Snapshot

Germany: Utility Price Tailspin

Analysts expect things only to get worse for German power utilities while renewables rise

Political Economy 2.0

Stimulate economic growth with a quantitative program tailored to green projects

Australia: Carbon Policy Impact

With the death of Australia's carbon tax, investment in renewable energy sinks 35%, opposite a rising global trend

MA: $18 Million For Critical Failicity Energy

Energy resiliency & demand reduction goals boosted with $18 million for 13 critical facilities projects in Massachusetts

Urban Solar's A Good Buy

Rooftop solar is cheaper than utility power in 42 of 50 US cities

January 10, 2015

Science At Work: Arctic Warming

What are the implications for understanding extreme weather of a warming Arctic?

January 09, 2015

Australia: Citizen Solar Update

Funding toward a $5 million goal for Australia's first citizen-owned solar thermal plant advances

UK: Deep Carbon Market Cuts Needed

To rescue the troubled EU carbon trading scheme, the UK urges cancellation of many existing permits

Props To NYC Households

Billionaire Eyes Open Senate Seat

Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer rumored to have an interest in the Senate seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer

Georgia On My Mind

How has Georgia grown into the biggest EV market in the nation? And, how about the Atlanta streetcar expansion

Energy Storage Market Prediction

Commercial & industrial buildings are ready to make the solar energy storage market take off

Green Product Labeling

Honesty is the best policy and good for branding & marketing too

Science At Work: Sea Level Rise

Understanding the inputs to sea level rise makes climate science stronger

January 08, 2015

South Africa: Big-Time Solar

100 MW of new thermal solar power capacity will help transform the South Africa utility sector

Excited Over Perovskites

Named after a Russian Count, perovskites is a mineral with low-cost solar power-making potential

De Blasio Scraps B'klyn Recycling Plant

The Mayor's dispute with a City Council member over a Brooklyn waterfront development project derails a planned recycling facility

Compliance With EPA Carbon Rule Is Not Optional

States that don't create their own carbon-cutting rules will have to comply with an EPA model rule

The Energy Destoyer

The recent 37% drop in natural gas show energy markets, not federal regulations, pose an immediate risk to coal & nuclear power. Meanwhile, the EPA will delay release of its carbon emission rule until summer 2015

LES: Green Grass Roots Go Wireless

Grass roots activists in the Two Bridges neighborhood use local wi-fi to advance energy & communications resilience

Great Energy Code Expectations

NYC's newest Energy Conservation Code should increase building efficiency 10-30%

January 07, 2015

Get On Board With Transit Shed Maps

How To Get To Zero

The to-do list for making net-zero carbon buildings the new normal by 2030

Charting A Hotter Planet

Overwhelmed with the politics of climate change? then look at the data charts for rising global temperature trends

Germany: Solar Storage Price Plummets

Although it's got just a market toehold, residential solar power storage device prices are down 25% in one year

Offshore Wind: Big Setback

2 utilities drop a power purchase deal with Cape Wind because it could not meet a finance & construction deadline

Perth: Extreme Heat Downs ISP

With temperatures of 44 degrees C. Perth, Australia has an internet blackout

Fast L.A. to S.F. Train Update

Although it will take decadaes to build a high-speed train linking Los Angeles to San Francisco, it looks like it will happen

Germany: Energy Supply Shifts

Providing 26% of German electric power in 2014 renewables surges ahead of lignite coal, with natural gas a distant third

More Education, More Recycling

The Sanitation Department launches an apartment building worker education project to boost NYC recycling rates

Getting To The Heart Of Air Pollution

The cardiovascular disease-dirty air nexus means air pollution is a major killer

January 06, 2015

See Smarter

Gas Tax Hike

Is now the time?

Baltimore: Red Tape Stymies Solar Power

Solar power installers threaten to walk away from business due to Baltimore County red tape

India: Solar Demand Flat

Responding to flat demand for solar power India cuts price for energy credits

Cheer Up

Energy insiders see industry/customer/regulator convergence & cooperation coming in 2015

Follow The Carbon Fee Trail

As carbon emissions caps fall & permit prices rise, NY funds new emissions energy & renewable energy programs

January 05, 2015

2014: Hottest Year On Record

You betcha

Let's Get To Zero

Explore a database of net-zero buildings in the US

Ripples Form NY Frack Ban

The impact of Governor Cuomo's fracking ban start to appear

Larry Summers: Carpe Carbon Tax Diem

Plunging oil prices make it a good time for a carbon tax says economist Larry Summers

Cap And Trade For Cars

California drivers will pay an extra dime a gallon for gas under the state's carbon cap & trade requirements

The Low Down On Cheap Oil

What accounts for the global collapse of oil prices?

Sun Rising In Gotham

NYC is warming to solar power


Excel Energy pledges to cut its Minnesota carbon emissions 40% and double its renewable energy holdings by 2030

Hot Britannia

January 03, 2015

Travel By Pod

Weigh in on the feasibility of urban personal transportation pod systems -- really!

January 02, 2015

If Sea Rise is Inevitable...

....what is South Florida doing to protect itself?

The Way We Live In Cities Now

See how we're living in big cities by density, age, mobility access & more

Where The Action Is

In 2015, expect the epicenter of climate action at the state, regional & municipal level

Energizing Clean Energy

New York's built up major momentum on clean energy developments and expectations are high for 2015

Australia: PM To Feel Climate Heat

Australian P.M. Tony Abbott could start feeling political heat for his climate-inaction policies in 2015

Mississippi Likes CO2

Proposed EPA carbon emissions limits get states' rights push-back in Mississippi