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December 31, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

...but the world hasn't stopped heating up

My Favorite Headline of 2014

NY to ban tiger selfies

Bethesda: Greening A Suburban Downtown

Eco-Districts could lead the way in the greening plan for downtown Bethesda, MD

New PA Gov. Orders Fracking Check-Up

After NY's health-impact linked fracking ban Tom Wolf, the new Governor of Pennsylvania, will create a registry to monitor health impacts of fracking

9 Reasons To Cheer 2014

Climate, resource protection & capital markets make progress that will matter in 2015

Shenzen: Car Quota

The Chinese city of Shenzen, pop. 11 million, limit the number of new auto license plates to 100,000

Chile: Big Danish Wind Buy

Topping off a busy year,Vestas, a big Danish wind turbine maker gets an 88 MW order from Chile

The Year's Most Important Energy Numbers

10 to remember

Hot US Cities, No Cold Ones

While 17 US cities will set hot temperature records in 2014, none will break cold records

December 30, 2014

Nuclear-Free Vermont

The 42 year old Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant shuts down permanently

2014 Energy Trends...

...and their impact on climate change

Trending From Anshan to Vancouver

Ideas for cutting pollution & saving energy, based on the Copenhagen model, circulate among cities everywhere

Singapore: The New Green Space

Not Your Granddad's Miami

Today's Miami is more glittering & more at climate risk than back in your grandfather's day

Owners And Renters: 2015 Issues

Energy & environmental requirements make the NY Times list of notable residential issues for 2015

Germany: Learning From Renewable Energy Policy

The bold Energiewende program offers good renewable governance lessons and not just for German

Enviro Awareness On the Rise

Rejoice and end the year with hopeful news

December 29, 2014

Dimmer Lights/Brighter City

Why NYC won't lose its luster if a City Council bill passes to switch off 40,000 lights in buildings closed for the night

Demystifying Grid Reliability

True or false? the only reliable power grid is centralized & runs on fossil fuels

Beijing: $32 Billion For Cleaner Energy

China merges two companies with $32 billion to clean up Beijing's polluted air by generating clean electricity & heating

Whitehouse: Persistent Climate Activist

Delivering his 83rd Senate speech on climate change, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D, R.I.) stays the course

Obama: Dusting Off The Veto Pen

The President talks up his veto power, "I'm going to defend gains that we've made on environment and clean air and clean water"

14 Faves In 14

An astute energy-beat journalist's 14 favorite energy stories of the year

2014: Leading Climate Leaders/Losers

Rails Or Trails

Should Southeast Queens opt for a restored train line or transform it into a park?

December 26, 2014

US Cities: Walkable And Not

Take a quick tour of the most & least walkable cities in the US

Green Bonds Mature

With new rules-of-the-road for green bonds, this financial instrument starts to comes of age

Green Bonds Mature

With new rules-of-the-road for climate-friendly green bonds, this financial instrument starts to comes of age

Rx For NY-Metro Rail

First, make operational improvements in the existing NY metro rail system, second, make plans for new projects, with some recommendations too

India: OK's Big Solar Projects

Bangladesh: The Consequences of Climate Change

What it means to live on borrowed time

On The Radio: NYC 2050

Tune into a radio special on 12/27 about what climate change will mean for NYC

The Carbon-Nuclear Riddle

The EPA grapples with accounting for nuclear power in its forthcoming carbon emissions rule

December 25, 2014

01/01/15: E-Waste Recycling

You must recycle your old electronics gear in NY starting January 1

December 24, 2014

Mortgage For Harlem Passive House

The NYC Energy Efficiency Corporation announces it will issue a mortgage for construction of a Harlem Passive House condominium project

New Nuke Boss

Stephen Burns named new head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by the President

Denmark: Wind Power Shift

A giant Danish wind power company shifts investments from on-shore to off-shore projects

Predictions For 2015: Biz Gets To Work On Climate Change

Here's why 2015 will be the year of sustainable business

Electrifying Holiday Cheer

New England upends the SOPs for renewable energy & pricing

Gotham Whale

Who knew there was a marine mammal tracking program in NY!

Energy Infrastructure: Data Galore

If you've got the time, the federal Office of Energy Projects has the Nov. 2014 infrastructure news

2014: A Good Year For PACE

Overcoming earlier adversity PACE, a mechanism to fund building energy upgrades, has a billion dollar year & more program-friendly state legislation is on tap for 2015

December 23, 2014

Picture Of The Year

Ancient Rome: Eco-Friendly Concrete

Miami: More Dollars Than Sense

Miami Beach luxury condo development taxes to pay for the city's flood protection

Corporate GHG's Rising

GHG emissions from the world's 500 biggest companies rose 3.1% from from 2010 - 2013

Climate 2014: Wins And Losses

Grassroots grow, Congress doesn't

South Africa: Geo-Politics Of Nuclear Power

Will Russia or France win nuclear energy contracts worth up to $100 billion in South Africa?

Science At Work: Measuring Heat

Getting the right temperature metric plays a big role in identifying & predicting climate change

Red Hot Natural Gas Debate

Climate killer or bridge to a renewable power tomorrow?

Nuclear Power Prognostication

Even maintaining the status quo is a tall order for the US nuclear power industry

December 22, 2014

Worst Climate News Of 2014

The year's 10 worst media coverage of climate & eco news

Helsinki: Global Destination

By 2050, good reasons to move to Helsinki, a model for smart, green urban living

NYC Tops The List...

... for US cities at risk of more power outages due to fiercer hurricanes

Bright Job Spot In Dim Utility Data

Renewable energy sees job growth, while the rest of the utility sector has job losses

Opting For Energy Storage

California picks energy storage bids over new power plant plans

10 Steps To Make 80x50 A Reality

10 specific proposals to cut NYC's carbon footprint, grow good jobs & be fairer to all

Year In Review: Green Bonds 2014

With a growing green bond market in 2014 it's time to ask -- something new or just rebranding?

December 20, 2014

Prediction/Promise: NYC 80x50

Let's get on with it

Chicago: Benchmarking Results

What does data from Chicago's first year of building energy benchmarking reveal?

December 19, 2014

States With Smart Thermostats

Homeowners in Texas, Arizona & Maryland embrace new smart thermostat programs

Predictions For 2015

A new House Oversight Committee subpanel will make life harder for the EPA and DOE

Predictions For 2015

Prices will surge for EU carbon emissions permits

Chernobyl: Wrapping Up

28 years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the final phase of entombing the plant nears completion

30 Climate Change Indicators

The 3rd edition of an EPA report to help the public understand observed long-term trends related to the causes and effects of climate change

Not Your Grandma's Winter Now

Morphing The Power Company

A distribution services platform will be the model for tomorrow's power utility with REV reshaping NY's regulatory system

Seattle: The Big Goof

What could possibly go wrong with Seattle's mega road tunnel project?

December 18, 2014

Predicting Tomorrow's Power For All

Former utility CEO Jim Rogers sees a global future powered by off-grid energy access

Downstate Power Play

How did the NY metro-area increase its electric power resources?

City World

Map of an urbanizing planet

Living With Rising Tides

Daily life is changing as climate change impacts Norfolk, VA

Housing Agency Blows Off $Millions

Failure to apply for $350 million in federal energy efficiency funds was just part of NYCHA's overall track record of missing out on federal financial aid finds a NYC Comptroller audit

Science At Work: Hot Pacific, Hot Planet

Unprecedented Pacific Ocean warming drives rising global temperatures

Visit Adam And Anson

Two Brooklyn-born harbor seals on view at the Central Park Zoo, AWW!

December 17, 2014

Cuomo: Frack Not

New York State will not allow hydrofracking, officials cite health concerns

Bad Plan Predicts Phantom Trips

A standard city planning tool recommends building more roads than needed due to 'phantom' car trips in the model

Federal Rules To Save Consumers Billions

New federal appliance energy performance standards will save consumers $54 billion in utility bills by 2030

London: Alll That's Underground

Like any big city, London's jam-packed underground is the place to add new electric power capacity

$50 Million For Red Hook Resilience

New York City & State jointly commit $100 million for the first phase of an 'integrated flood protection system' for Red Hook

What A Difference A Year Makes

Champion building performers that cut energy use 15% in one year & how they did it

Never At A Loss For Words

Scotland: Wave Power Wash Out

Lack of private financing could sink Scotland's technically challenging wave power hopes

New US Tariffs On Chinese PVs

Steep and controversial tariffs are imposed by the US on solar power components made in China & Taiwan

December 16, 2014

Revisit 2014 Energy Predictions

Bloomberg NEF energy maven Michael Liebreich revisits and rates his 2014 global energy sector predictions

Vermont: A Greener Energy Policy

Vermont wants to boost renewable energy without pinching ratepayers

Scientific Holiday Cheer

Nuclear Energy Revival

Is there a new day coming for nuclear power in the US?

Mortgages That Value Energy Efficiency

Pending legislation would make federally-backed home mortgage giants Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac & the FHA give extra credit to loan applications for energy efficient homes

Lima: Peer Pressure Power

If 'peer pressure' will drive the outcome of the Lima climate talks, is it time to give up?

Low Awareness Of Climate-Health Risk Link

Americans are unaware of the health consequences linked to climate change according to Yale public perception study

Paris: The Car Ban Battle

Mayor Hidalgo's plan to ban cars from the center of Paris meets political resistance

Climate Change Christmas Carol

Holiday cheer from Ethan Kuperberg, comedy contributor to The New Yorker: Shouts and Murmurs

"Gone away is the West Side/Here to stay is the high tide/If you want to spelunk, San Francisco has sunk/ California's now an underwater land!"

December 15, 2014

110 Years Of Electricity

Trend timelines of the US electric power system

Lemonade At Lima

Seeing lemonade where others see lemons in the Lima climate conference outcome

Blowing Past The 2 Degree Limit

Given the likelihood the planet will heat up beyond the 2 degree C no-going-back threshold, what's at stake?

PSC: Accelerating Energy Innovation

New York's Public Service Commission paves the way for innovate energy demonstration projects as part of is ambitious Reforming the Energy Vision policy

NYCHA: The Wrong Kind Of Green

The NYC Housing Authority has failed to eliminate sickening mold from thousands of apartments

Michigan's Bi-Partisan On Energy Efficiency

A bill to create a PACE-style residential energy performance program has support from both parties in the Michigan legislature

A Holiday Wish

Dear Democrats, keep talking about climate change

December 12, 2014

Resource Guide For Energy Efficiency

Data from midwest states supports energy efficiency policies


Energy From Everything That Moves

Even subway rats could become a source of energy in this scenario

UN Climate Meeting: US Cheered

The US wins international praise for its activist role at at the UN climate talks

UN Climate Meeting Outcome In Question

A rift opens between developed & developing nations at the UN Climate meeting in Lima over carbon caps & funding

Citi Bike Woes Revealed

An audit by the NYC Comptroller uncovers shoddy bike and docking station inspections & maintenance by the operator of the Citi Bike program

Picturing Methane Pollution

A potent but invisible greenhouse gas, see this optical imaging of methane polluting the sky

Faster Than The M79

Cruising at 3.2 mph, it''s faster to walk than to take the M79 bus

Urban Microgrids: Learn By Trying

Learn how Hoboken,NJ & Potsdam, NY are trying to develop DOE-sponsored microgrids to provide weird-weatherproof power

December 11, 2014

UK: A One Day Wonder

A renewed UK home insulation fund shut down in one day because it ran out of money

Consider This

Why do some pols put down energy tax breaks for wind projects but don't call fossil fuel & nuclear tax breaks cronyism?

Words Matter

Senator James Inhofe is a climate denier not a climate skeptic & that's not just sematics

A Boston Thought Experiment

Think of the energy savings if Boston buildings just tweaked their thermostat settings

Fossil Fuel Surprise

US oil production soars, prices plunge as demand drops too

Cananda: P.M. v Reality Of Carbon Pricing

It helps to have the facts if you're a Prime Minister opposed to putting a price on carbon

Get More From The Sun

Can emerging technologies give solar power a market adoption edge?

Green Finance 101

Introduction to green bonds

December 10, 2014

Access East Side Access Pix


Will the outcome of the international Lima climate meetings be shaped by the China-US carbon agreement?

Island Nations Could Go Under

For island nations the outcome of international climate talks is a matter of life or death

Wake Up And Smell The DG

Conventional power utilities could lose $48 billion to distributed power suppliers & energy efficiency gains by 2025

Community Board Wants To Green SL Green

A Community Board 6 vote on zoning changes near Grand Central hinges on whether developer SL Green will commit to meeting LEED Platinum standards

How To Make History

The story behind the US-China climate action deal

Guides For NY Utility 2.0

New York's massive effort to reinvent itts utility regulations draws on UK experience

December 09, 2014

ALEC's Attack Agenda

Like pollution, hate climate action? you'll love ALEC

The Plastic Bag Battle

What are people saying about NYC's hard-fought battle over a 10-cents-a plastic-bag bill?

New GHG Metric For Cities

A standardized tool to measure & report cities' GHG emissions is launched

Explore NYC Green Buildings

Click around this map and see what's happening now

Food Waste Recycling Off The Table

NYC commercial food businesses unlikely to be be held to food waste recycling requirements [Registration required]

Copenhagen: Smart Street Sensors

The first generation of green-LED sensors lights ups Copenhagen streets

China: Trust Us On Carbon

China balks at having its carbon cutting pledges monitored & verified

The White House Climate Guy

Can the Podesta climate action strategy outlast the Obama Administration?

Building A Better Window

Keeping the outside out and the inside in, a window tech time-line

December 08, 2014

A Plan To

Move NY with a new tolling strategy to decongest NYC traffic & improve things for drivers

Climate Index: Best And Worst

Denmark is best, Australia is worst on a performance index for climate change for industrialized nations

Fossil Energy

GOP election wins energize fossil fuel interests to attack environmental rules

Florida: Sunshine State

According to Florida officials' logic, New Jersey must be the real 'sunshine state'

Fear Of Batteries

Nothing scares your electric company more than Tesla car batteries

California: Growing Green Jobs

The "advanced energy" sector is a job creation engine in California

80x50: Beware Distractions

Constant attention must be paid to get NYC to its legal goal of cutting GHG's 80% by 2050

December 06, 2014

Hawaii: Fill 'Er Up With Sun

Twin Cities: House Hunting Made Easier

Finding an energy efficient home just got easier in the Twin Cities with a green certification check-off in the area's multiple listing service

December 05, 2014

Australia: Embrace The Sun

19% of Australian homes use sun power for electricity or water heating, up from 5% in 2011

Why Google Abandoned Renewables Research

The debate is on over why Google walks shuts down renewable energy R & D

Science At Work: Climate Statistics

A climate statistics refresher clarifies global temperature data

NYC Green Financial Plan Add-On

Mayor de Blasio's Financial Plan adds $24.4 million for FY 2015 to advance the City's plan to cut GHG emissions from public and private buildings 80% by 2050

A Clinton Climate Sighting

Take note, Hillary Clinton says Obama's initiative to set federal limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants is an unprecedented action that "must be protected at all cost"

Innovation: Spawn Yes, Cluster No

Learn the secrets of innovative industry leadership from California & Minnesota

India: Slash Eco-Protection For Economic Growth

In the name of economic growth the Indian government rolls back its environmental protection rules

NYC Estuarium Advances

What is the NYC Estuarium and who will be running it?

December 04, 2014

The Green Bond Path

What could green bonds do to finance a clean energy revolution?

Palo Alto Neutrality

Carbon neutrality is on Palo Alto, California's energy policy menu

Wildpoldsried: Turning Green To Gold

By producing 321% more energy than it needs, Wildpoldsried, Germany can sell its renewable energy for $5.7 million

Hawaii: Ground Zero For Renewables

A renewable power company buys Hawaii's biggest power utility & cut consumer costs by using less fossil fuel

EU: Carbon Market Blues

EU policy blamed 'near irrelevance' of the European Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme

Connect The Dots

The energy-water/-land use nexus explained

December 03, 2014

In The Not So Distant Future

Germany 40x20

The German government seeks deeper carbon cuts from power plants & lower public energy consumption to meet its 2020 GHG target

16 Climate Action Stars

A White House shout-out for 16 local climate leaders that comes with targeted Federal support

The Lima Climate Summit

An international meeting that matters, here's why

Australia: New Ways To Catch Wind

Wind power innovation blows in non-stop

Hiding In Plain Sight

Track down NYC's privately-owned public spaces

NYC: Rumor Has It...

Nilda Mesa will be named NYCs new sustainability chief

Solar Ivy

A Brooklyn company takes bio-mimicry for building products to a whole new level

December 02, 2014

Costa Rica: 98% Poll Yes On Climate Change

Survey results find 98% of Costa Ricans think the climate is changing & 90% believe its caused by human activity

233 Companies Support EPA Carbon Rule

The A-list companies supporting EPA's Clean Power Plan, then check out the opposition

A New Way To Be A Treehugger

Germany: Gearing Up For 1 Million EVs

Chancellor Merkel supports the goal of getting 1 million EVs on German roads by 2020

London: White Roofs For Red Buses

Painting white roofs on iconic red London buses is just one way cities hope to cope with high risk climate changes

The Street Tree Gap

While NYC is leafier than a century ago, more must be done so that all neighborhoods get their fair share of trees

Washington DC: Sustainability Vision

An assessment of strengths & missed opportunities in Mayor Gray's Sustainable DC plan

Show Us The Money

The Supreme Court review of rules limiting mercury emissions from power plants hinges on whether the EPA had to take price of compliance into consideration

The PV Tilt

True or false? the most efficient efficient solar panels tilt west

December 01, 2014

The Great Die-Off

Animal species are going extinct at the highest rate in 65 million years due to climate change

Climate Change Is Apolitical

Climate change damage don't selectively target by political party

Rethinking Reliable Sewage Treatment

Why an aging sewage treatment system built before awareness of climate change faces a double whammy

Lone Star Wind Power

Texas is the #1 state for wind power, investing $10.6 billion in renewable energy over the last five years

Germany: Utility Reinvention

A major German power utility starts the shift from a fossil-fuel model business to something else

Growing Old Gets Risker

Climate change poses heightened morality risks to the elderly

Designer Labels

What kind of label information boosts consumer purchase of energy efficient appliances?

Food Waste SNAFU

NYC's pilot food waste composting program has a big problem