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November 28, 2014

Multi-Mapping The Subway

Transmitting Opposition

Plans to bring more electricity to NYC by way of new transmission lines opposed in the Hudson Valley

November 27, 2014

Rewriting The News

Words matter when reporting on big, controversial EPA rules

Cutting Energy Use...

...Just got a lot harder due to 2 legal challenges

A Thanksgiving Secret

Bet you didn't know Thanksgiving is a low-energy day

November 26, 2014

Global Climate Finance

Lots of numbers, trends & recommendations for policy makers

China: Central Bank's Green Policy

Policies promoting green economic growth are advanced by China's Central Bank

Outrage Over EPA Ozone Rule

The pending EPA rule to cut ozone pollution gets the GOP & corporate raspberry [Updated:11.16.14, 2:28 pm]

The Sports Section: Eco-Messaging

61% of Americans follow pro sports, so what better arena to get their attention about going green!

Short Code Is Good Code

Neighborhood Campaign Targets Trash Station

The long-running campaign against re-opening an East-Side waste transfer station gets a message upgrade

NYC's New Sludge Ships

NYC modernizes its fleet of sewage sludge ships and gains space for new housing & parkland (really)

Picture This

Always filthy, sometimes gorgeous Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal

November 25, 2014

Germany: Trying For Less Coal

8 coal-fired power plants would be shut down if Germany enacts a new law, but German ministry issues a denial of any such plan

Martha's Vineyard: Future Wind Farms

742,000 acres of sea south of Martha's Vineyard will be put up for bid at a wind power auction

Tuesday's Thought Experiment

Consider a carbon tax on one

Market Doubt On Energy Efficiency

Why are building energy efficiency investments a hard sell for the NY Green Bank?

Urban Bike Sharing

What makes a successful urban bike-sharing program?

NY: The REV Lab

Since states are the labs of national energy policy, what's NY learning about green energy markets as the REV evolves

Don't Let Landfills Go To Waste

November 24, 2014

Climate Apocalypse

Science fantasy newscast...but only just

Mapping Ocean Acidification

Look where atmospheric carbon dioxide winds up & what this will mean

China: Climate Considerations

Consider the scale of meeting China's pledge to cap carbon emissions & grow its renewable power capacity & a $2 trillion price tag

Climate Critical Infrastructure

Smart grids are a key technology for saving energy & using renewables

Utility Price Spikes Drive Consumer Change

Soaring New England utility prices jump-start ratepayer solar power & energy efficiency choices

World Energy Outlook

Five top takeaways from the 2014International Energy Agency Report

Disinvesting In Our Future

American refusal to modernize its infrastructure has dire implications for a sustainable economy & ideas for investing billions in New York

Human Sustainability

Architectural design fad or fact?

Low Cost Renewables - The Real Deal

Wind & solar powerr are now cheaper than fossil-fueled energy (see caveats)

November 22, 2014

Maximizing Solar Power

Orientation, tilt & tracking the the key variables in maximizing the output of photovoltaic panels

November 21, 2014

Rebooting Rust Belt Cities

What is the economic potential of hi-tech renewable energy companies like SolarCity to reboot the economies of cities like Buffalo, NY?

New Type Of Green Bond

The municipal Martha's Vineyard Land Bank issues $35 million of AA-rated green bonds

Energy Storage Tech - From Heat To Power

India: Get A Grip On Coal

India must stop its untrammeled coal consumption because it threatens the global climate and its own people

China: Coal Capper

By 2020 China vows to cap its annual coal use at 4.2 billion tons, to meet its peak carbon emissions target year of 2030

Solar Dawning

See the rise of solar power

How Astroturfing Works

Greenpeace bares the inner workings of a PR campaign for the XL Pipeline

November 20, 2014

Tell It To The Marines

The US Marines are testing a battery storage system integrated into a microgrid at their Miramar base in California

Price Carbon, Grow Economy

10 states that put a price on carbon reap rewards

Clean Energy Investing in 55 Nations

Calculate the investment climate & policies for clean energy investments in 55 emerging markets

Basel: Up On the Roofs

Biosolar roofs are getting even better in Basel, Switzerland

EU Tackles Plastic Bag Pollution

A Different Kind Of City Island

Go With the CO2 Flow

Watch NASA's video of carbon dioxide's global flow

IKEA Aims For Carbon-Free Retail

IKEA's big investments in renewable energy now is key to meeting its goal of using 100% renewables to power its big blue boxes by 2020

If You Build It, They Will Walk

Healthy community advocates call for built environments that encourage walking, but how to prove the link?

November 19, 2014

Earth: 0x70

Carbon emissions must be cut to zero by 2070 to avoid irreversible climate change warns the UN

China: Use More Energy But Slower

China targets a slower increase in its energy use by 2020

Mass Transit Riders At Risk

By favoring autos over mass transit a federal program fails to keep up with the cost of taking mass transit in the Washington metro region

Cities: Earth's Great Hope

Consider this: city-living can save the planet & here's how

Needed: Tomorrow's Tech

What if todays energy technologies can't cut GHG emissions enough to prevent catastrophic warming?

What Younger Republicans Like

Federal climate action is supported by under 50 Republicans and Republican-leaning independents

10 Cents A Bag

Why NYC needs a 10 cent tax on plastic bags, explained by 3 CIty Council sponsors

Melbourne: Buy Renewable Power Direct

Melbourne, Australia district councils link up for buying 100 GWh of renewable energy


Explore a web platform that makes implementing energy storage projects easier for building owners & operators

November 18, 2014

The Carbon Tax/Infrastructure Nexus

The infrastructure cities build now will shape the impact of any future carbon tax regime

Money Gets Serious About Climate

Some of the world's biggest investorsare scaling up low carbon investments & using new metrics tools

Australia: More Rail For More Coal

Queensland will fund a railway to connect its massive coal-mining region to a port near the Great Barrier Reef

Indonesia: Think Concretely

Using waste recovery technology, an Indonesian concrete plant will cut energy use 25-30%

Make Snow With Sun

How a Maine ski resort will add to its snow pack by using solar power while cutting energy use 70%

Found: Republican Climate Denier

A once run-of-the-mill Republican climate denier changes his mind

Adding Wind To the Sun

Solar power provider Sun Edison buys a wind power company to becomes a renewables heavyweight

Getting Roofier

Access to more California rooftops is the business plan for power plant owner NRG

The Heat Beat

November 17, 2014

Hope Is Happening

Seven climate positive things happening right now

Resiliency Task Force To-Do List

Obama's climate preparedness task force releases its recommendations

Gearing Up For Solar Gear

The maker of solar powered phone chargers & backpacks raising $35 million via financial transactions

Protect Staten Island With Oysters

A living breakwater proposal to shelter Staten Island from floods & storm surges wins the Buckminster Fuller award

EPA: Staying The Carbon Course

EPA"s proposed carbon emissions rule will not be affected by the US-China climate handshake

UK: Green Fund Contribution

Prime Minister Cameron to offer some 650£ to the global green climate fund at the G20 conference

Home Heating History

The home radiator, a 19th century luxury item

November 14, 2014

China, Coal, Climate

Krugman says it all

A Sign Of Our Times

UK: Giant Batteries Will Save The Day

Large-scale renewable power needs giant energy storage batteries, so check this brand new pair

The Next Phase Of NY Solar Development

New York buys the final parcels of property that will be the future home of a solar panel factory near Buffalo

One Word For China


Green Climate Fund Pledge

Obama pledges $3 billion for the global fund to help poor countries adapt to climate change impacts, but will Congress pay up?

Learning Something In Texas

Publisher of Texas textbooks backs off from its climate denialist products after pressure from science-educator watchdogs

How To Install An Oculus

Watch workers install the sky-reflecting Oculus in the Fulton Street transit center

City Council Passes 80x50 Bill

A City Council bill that sets a goal of cutting NYC GHG emissions 80% by 2050 is on it's way to the Mayor's office for his signature

We're In The Money

Remember that money-losing government program that bankrolled failed PV maker Solyndra? It's in the money now

November 13, 2014

Obama's Environmental Edge

Public opinion polling finds Obama has a clear edge over Republicans on just one of nine issues, environmental protection

China: The Solar Syndrome

No rooftop left behind in China's quest for cleaner air

Cutting GHGs: The Long Game

Why it's necessary for countries to have a GHG cutting strategies that extend beyond 2020

NYC's New Energy Star Apartments

CORRECTION: Of 17 new EPA Energy Star certifications, 5 go to NYC multifamily buildings

Now's The Time For Microgrids

What are the forces raising microgrids' prospects?

Canada: Go Figure

Alberta Canada, ground-zero for oil sands, to consider stiffer carbon regulations for the fossil-fuel industry

US-China Climate Deal - Klein Opines

Climate activist/author Naomi Klein provides first impressions of the US-China climate agreement

Growing Green Finances

The launch of a green bond index is a sign of real growth an emerging financing arena, with $100 billion in new investment expected next year

Foot-Dragging On Renewables

Long Island utility delays awarding renewable energy contacts for replacing old 'peaker' plants

November 12, 2014

US Solar Power Timeline 2010-2014

You can learn a lot on YouTube

Legal Eagles: Real Estate Weighs In On REV

The Real Estate Board of NY wants the State REV to improve the economics of distributed generation by cutting Con Ed's standby tariff for property owners

Philippines: Solar Power Rising

In three years, the Philippines will have 300 MW more solar power capacity, developed by a US firm

The Meh Part Of the US China Carbon Deal

NYC: B-List Buildings Go Green

Energy efficiency once the province of NYC's toniest addresses, is catching on with B-list buildings

Japan: Nuclear Clean Up Underwater

Clean up of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster is immersed in contaminated water woes

Reading Between the Diplomatic Lines

Growing faith in renewable energy is implicit in the US-China agreement on carbon emissions

Make No Small Plans

The US China climate agreement is a big deal, take a first look here

Loading The Carbon Dice

Billions in subsidies to find new fossil fuels, not so much for renewable energy

November 11, 2014

Easier Benchmarking

Innovations are emerging in energy benchmarking to streamline the process for multifamily buildings

Science At Work: Ocean Acidification

How acidification might alter climate-relevant functions of the oceans’ uppermost layer

A Little Climate LOL

ICYMI Watch Bill Nye, the 'science guy" on Last Week Tonight

White House Energy Fact Sheet

Just ahead of the Asian summit meeting, The White House releases its "Promoting Energy Security & Clean, Efficient & Sustainable Energy Development in the APEC Region" fact sheet

Net-Zero In Cheyenne

A zero-carbon, waste-to-energy-powered data center is opened by Microsoft in Cheyenne, Wyoming

China v US: Wind Power Winner

Which nation delivers the most wind power to consumers?

Ireland: Public Buildings Waste Taxpayer Money

Why energy slurping public buildings still cost Irish taxpayers millions

G20: Gee Whiz

G20 nations spend $88 billion a year on fossil fuel exploration subsidies

Election 2014 Post-Mortem

When it comes to climate change, impacts of the Republican election sweep won't stay within US borders

November 10, 2014

We're All Quitoxtes Now: Cap And Dividend

Despite dim, dim prospects for federal climate action, it's worth considering good policy alternatives

Australia: 5x20 Falls Short

Australia's target of cutting GHG emissions 5% by 2020 and refusal to think longer term isn't enough

The Barcelona Manifesto

Cut building carbon emissions 77%

LEDs Get Some Love

LEDs are lighting a revolution in energy efficient illumination

UN: Urgent Carbon Emissions Targets

Brown's Green Infrastructure Plans

California Governor Jerry Brown has plans for expanding eco and climate-smart infrastructure

Return Of The Polar Vortex

With predictions of another cold North American winter, natural gas prices are rising

Solar Business News

Don't let anyone tell you that solar power's a fringe industry

November 08, 2014

This Changes Everything

A review of the new Naomi Klein book

Green For Gray In Brownsville

Plants replace concrete & steel to cope with storm water runoff in Brownsville, Brooklyn, sweet!

November 07, 2014

Poland: 0x2100, Fuggedaboutit

Poland & other Eastern European nations reject scientists' call for a zero carbon emissions by 2100 goal

Welcome Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's newly elected Democratic Governor vows to join the nine-state RGGI carbon cap & trade compact

UK: Green Lights More Off-Shore Wind

Construction of the UK's 23rd wind farm, able to generate up to 750 MW of power, gets official approval

Global Climate Aid Not

US election results could doom chances for US global climate aid

Delaying The Solar Boom

Given glowing prospects for low cost solar power, why isn't there a bigger US growth spurt?

Drivers Of Urban Sustainability

An interview with Warren Karlenzig, author of How Green is Your City

Buffalo: More Room For PV Maker

The larger-than-planned SolarCity PV plant in Buffalo, NY gets time to negotiate a deal with the State for a bigger factory at the same site

McConnell Threatens EPA

Incoming Senate Majority Leader McConnell vows to 'rein in' EPA' s carbon control efforts

Street Harassment Is/Isn't Like Climate Change

Find out here

November 06, 2014

England: The New On-Off Switch

Now there's a little black box that can cut home energy bills by automatically controlling appliances & gadgets

Fast, Cheap & Out Of Control

Election 2014: Infastructure Outcomes

A look at federal, state and local election results for water, energy & public transport issues

Germany: Renewables/Smart Grid Test

Producing 500% more renewable energy than it needs a small Bavarian town is the test bed for how to integrate this energy into the power grid

New Business Model For Big Utility

NRG changes the standard utility business model with a strategic move into residential solar power & more

France: Le Roi Du Soleil

Europe's largest PV farm with a 300 MW capacity is planned to open near Bordeaux, France next year

Chicago: Orphaned Otter Baby Bath

This should cheer you up

What Millions Didn't Buy

Millions in campaign funding for green-themed candidates by billionaire Tom Steyer & others didn't pay for winners

November 05, 2014

Cape Town: PV Plant Plans

American PV maker SunPower plans to open a manufacturing plant in Cape Town, South Africa in 2015

Germany: Clouds For Solar Power

Cuts to feed in tariffs & weak EU targets could undercut Germany's solar & other renewable power growth

Needed: Solar Economists

The tools for reliably calculating the value of solar power are not yet available

The Sports Section: Sustainability Ambassadors

Pro sports would make ideal ambassadors for global sustainability, but what are the odds?

Either Toxics Clean Up Or Open Space

New Jersey voters approve a Constitutional amendment that shifts funding from toxics clean up to open space acquisition

Renewing The South Bronx Waterfront

City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito urges the State to fund development of waterfront open space in Mott Haven/Port Morris

Climate Denier Gains Key Senate Role

Oklahoma Senator Inhofe favored to chair the Environment & Public Works Committee with the new Republican majority

Co-opting Rooftop Solar

Since fossil-fueled utilities couldn't pull the plug on distributed solar power firms, they're co-opting the business model

November 04, 2014

Message In A Bottle

Dear Elected Official, wishing climate change away won't make it so

NYC: 8 Million Rats, Not

Statisticians report there are not as many rats in NYC as there are people

Antartica: Robot Penguin Researcher

Look at the photo

Munich: Moving Into Smart Grid Territory

Siemens, the Munich-based power plant maker, snaps up smart gird technology companies

Chicago: Making Energy Efficiency Pay

How can rental building owners make energy efficiency investments pay off?

NJ Alchemy

A New Jersey garbage dump will become home to a 12 megawatt solar power farm

Modern Times

Six new technologies for cutting your carbon footprint

ID'ing The Greenest Generation

Fact or fiction? Millennials are the greenest, clean economy generation ever

November 03, 2014

The New Fashion Page

Greening the next fashion generation

NY Green Bank: The Next $700 Mllion

The NY Green Bank files a plan with the PSC for meeting its $1 billion capitalization target

Climate's Election Role

One San Diego CA race for Congress offers a snapshot of how climate change could play out in future campaigns

Canada: The Eastern Pipeline

Energy East gears up to build a pipeline carrying 1.1 million barrels of oil sands a day from Alberta to New Brunswick ports, but Canadian local governments may say no

Demark: 0x30

The Danish climate ministry calls for ending the use of coal by 2030 & is studying details of how it would work before unveiling a formal plan

Germany: Energy Geoplitics

As Germany phases out coal its purchase of Russian natural gas is predicted to rise

EV Killer App

MIT scientists create an EV battery that would boost performance, slash costs & be on the market in a year

UN Climate Report Mumbles

For all the urgency of its call to action, the new UN Climate Panel report mumbles and is missing a clear statement of research and budget priorities

Microgrids For The End Of The Line

Rockaway knows firsthand just how flood & storm vulnerable its conventional electric power supply system is, making microgrids an intriguing alternative

November 01, 2014

NY's Leading Energy Edge

Profiles of 9 New York energy storage equipment makers getting $22 million in state funding