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June 30, 2014

Grid Growth Trend

Industry forecasters see a boom in demand for nanogrid and microgrid systems in the US over the coming 3-10 years, with the military & storm-battered states leading the way

NY High Court Upholds Local Frack Authority

Cities & towns in New York have the authority to ban fracking within their boundaries, declares the Court of Appeals, 5-2.

EU: Carbon Price Revival

Proposed curbs on the supply of EU carbon emissions permits send prices to a six-year high

IEA: Global Energy Trends

Fossil fuels still lead in generating electricity & in transportation but renewables are catching on

Carbon Offset Upset

California's carbon offset program is not so popular with some California communities

Carbon-Measuring Satellite

NASA set to launch a satellite for monitoring global CO2 concentrations

Watch The Sun Rise

Look who's buying into solar power

Rebuild It Better

Climate scientist Klaus Jacobs weighs in on the Big U, the winner of the post-Sandy federal design competition

June 27, 2014

Microgrids Make New Friends

Why are states and local communities taking notice of the microgrid option?

Don't Burn It Up - Write It Down

Leave fossil fuels in the ground, even the President says so

Breathe Easier

NASA maps upgrades in US air quality from 2005-2011

There Is No Sanity Claus

Resolved: There is no 'Good' Anthropocene Era

NYU Makeover - Less Glass, More Green

NYU's renovation of a former MTA building in Brooklyn will be less glassy and more energy smart than the original design

June 26, 2014

Japan: Utility Path To Nuke Restart

Tepco, Japan's big power utility, advances its agenda to reopen two nuclear power generators

EU v Germany: Energy Price Rift

The EU calls public subsidies for advancing Germany's energiewende discriminatory against imported power

Tree Trouble In Town

NYC's Million Tree program plantings have die-off rates as high as 21% in some neighborhoods


The Carbon Tax Center and other readers respond to Henry Paulson's alarum on the risky business of climate inaction in the NY Times

Made In The Shade

Keep cool in a structure made of corn stalks & fungus at MoMA-PS 1 this summer

How To End Fossil-Fuel Subsidies

A new class of bonds could be the policy tool strong enough to forge political conditions for reform

The Houston Solution

US woes with its aged power grid could be ending, starting in Houston TX

Rx For Unhappy Utility Customers

Studying utility customer complaints reveals three ways to make them happier

June 25, 2014

Mexico: Calderon Backs Climate Action

Combating climate change can be profitable & low-carbon business incentives must be offered says Mexican President Calderon

Utility-Scale Solar Boom

In just one year, the average peak hourly generation of utility-scale California solar power grew 150%

EU: 35x30 -- Maybe

Will the EU target energy cuts of 30-35% by 2030?

UK: Big Green Bank Investment

The UK Green Bank assembles a £1 billion fund to invest in offshore wind projects

Bridge Over Dirty Water

Raiding a state environmental clean up fund is the wrong way to finance the new Tappan Zee Bridge says a New York Times editorial

Disruptive Technology -- The Real Deal

Make no mistake profound changes are coming to the electric power grid & here's why

Wanted: Subway CBTC

What is 'communications-based train control' and why should it be installed in every NYC subway line?

US: Nucelar Power Forecast

Cloudy with thunderstorms possible

SEC Action For Climate Action

The SEC should ramp up on corporations to disclose the economic consequences they face from climate change, say two former Treasury chiefs

June 24, 2014

Holland: District Heating With Seawater

Yes they can & yes they are, just add home insulation

What To Expect When You Retire

ICYMI: Starting A Clean Climate Revolution

Step 1, watch this YouTube clip

Australia: The Social Cost Of Mining Subsidies

Germany: Coal's Down

The recent rise in German coal-burning is a one-off, probably a trend, concludes a new research report, but more policy push is needed

It'll Cost You

Businesses & investors who ignore climate change will pay a steep price, according to a new report backed by three moguls who ought to know

Take The NYC Carbon Challenge

Calling all New Yorkers who live in multifamily buildings, be the first on your block to cut your carbon footprint faster

Climate Scorecard For The House

A new way to rate Democrats' climate voting & leadership in Congress

30x30 - A Climate Catastrophe

By the EPA's own projections the Clean Power Plan would cut coal burning a mere 30% by 2030

June 23, 2014

Canada: Government Pill Pushers

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission wants everyone living near reactors to have a stash of pills that mitigate health impacts of radiation exposure

France: $6.8 Billion For Green Projects

A French state bank to provide $6.8 billion for energy efficient buildings, clean transportation & renewable energy

Live S.T.E.A.M

The 1936 steam plant on Roosevelt Island could become NYC's newest museum, the S.T.E.A.M. (an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Plant.

Australia: Climate Belivers, Governement Deniers

Polling finds strong support for climate action and dismay with the current Australian government practices

REIT Isues Green Bond

Vornado Realty issues a $450nillion in green bond to finance LEED-type construction and renovation

Blown Away By Texas Wind Power

For a deep-Red state Texas does great wind power and it just keeps growing

EPA Gets A Supreme Court Win

The Supreme Court upholds most EPA authority to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Cities That Walk The Walk

Ranking the 30 most walkable big metro areas in the US

Krugman's Climate Plan B

Skeptical of the political chances for a federal carbon tax, Paul Krugman has a Plan B for cutting carbon

June 22, 2014

Before The Climate Bubble Bursts

Former Repblican Treasury Secretary Paulson calls for a carbon tax now

June 21, 2014

EPA Carbon Rule: Underwhelming Ambition

The numeric goals of EPA's Clean Power Plan are not much of a stretch

June 20, 2014

UK: Bullish On Green Investment Bank

The head of the UK Green Investment Bank sees a bright future if its debt cap is raised

Republican Climate Believers Sighted

Really -- watch the Daily Show

Germany, UK: Burning More Coal

Sharp and persistent increases in German and UK coal burning imperil EU carbon cap goals

Bridge Cleans Up With Clean-Up Money

Just half of the $511 million from the environmental remediation fund going to the Tappan Zee Bridge project will be spent on cleaning up nearby pollution

New Dehli: Not Enough Drops To Drink

The growing drinking water crisis in a satellite cite of New Delhi is blamed on mismanagement & lack of planning, not natural causes

Mayors Can Make Carbon History

Five ways cities can help states prepare to meet their federal carbon-cutting goals

Legal Eagles: EPA's Pro-Nuke Provision

EPA's proposed rule for cutting carbon emissions from power plants includes support for keeping existing nuclear power plants on line

Drinking On Governors Island

New York City drinking water now on tap on Governors Island

GOP: One Trick Pony

Congressional Republicans could engineer another government shut down over EPA funding for climate action

June 19, 2014

China: Super-Size Nuke Plants

Rising just 100 miles from Hong Kong, two enormous nuclear power plants are set to open, despite French manufacturer's concern

France: 50x25

The French government pledges to cut the use of nuclear power down from 75% to 50% of the mix by 2025

Getting Around

NYC transit, 1928, Harold Lloyd-style

China: LED Surge

China's LED bulb makers recover their momentum, but quality remain uncertain

$415 Million For The Grid Edge

California is set to put $415 into energy storage tech along with renewable energy tech

June 18, 2014

Newsweek's Greenest List

The top ten greenest corporations on Earth, ICYMI

Interactive Power Map

Find your way around the energy sources & power plant landscape of the US

Rio: Climate Goals

Believe-it-or-not, there's more happening in Rio than the World Cup

Carbon Emissions Rules Polling Positive

Public support for the President's proposal to cut power plant carbon emissions is at 67%

Meet Tomorrow's Power Plant

What could happen when a solar panel system installer with Elon Musk money, buys a low-cost, high-performing solar panel maker

China-UK Climate Commitment

China & the UK agree to take joint steps on climate action

Oakland: Platinum Housing For Seniors

Building on a budget was not a deterrent to Oakland CA senior housing earning LEED Platinum and Energy Star ratings

Cornell's Zero Carbon Campaign

Cornell University is on a daring clean-tech edge in its quest for carbon neutrality

Gore's Good News

Read Al Gore's optimistic climate piece in Rolling Stone

June 17, 2014

More Solar For LA

Projects for generating an added 300 MW of solar power for Los Angeles get the green light

How Cities Can Help States Cut Carbon

Urban building energy efficiency standards can play a big role in meeting federally-mandated state carbon emissions cuts

High Performance Building Rewards

Your great idea for stimulating public demand for greener buildings could win you $10K

June 16, 2014

Costing Climate Change

Lord Stern updates his economic model for predicting climate change impact costs by adopting Professor Nordhaus' discount-rate ideas

Save Water With Solar Power

MA Solar Lights The Way Forward

Massachusetts could have 1,600 MW of installed solar power by 2020 with the passage of legislation now in play

Coal Use At 4-Decade High

Creating power by burning fuel at its highest global level since 1970. More information here on 2013 energy consumption increases

What Affordable Housing Looks Like Now

A brand new housing project in Sugar Hill is a lot affordable & a bit green

Legal Eagles: Climate Insurance Retreat

Insurance company lawsuit are withdrawn that use a novel theory of responsibility where due to "increasing rainfall, the Defendants’ unsafe maintenance of their infrastructure caused or contributed to flooding"

Learning From Experience

What does a 5 US city survey find about design, use and public support?

Climate Chaos: Message In A Bottle

If you got climate SOS messages today coming from the future would that motivate you to act now?

Wind Power: Good But Not Perfect

How should the wind industry respond to persistent, if hard-to-nail-down, complaints about negative health impacts?

June 15, 2014

Presidential Climate Commencement

No more Mr. Nice Guy in the President's call to climate action at his UC Irvine commencement speech

June 14, 2014

World Cup: Power Players

If points were scored for energy efficiency, who would win 3 key World Cup matches?

June 13, 2014

Renewable Power In OH Gov Race

After Ohio's Republican Governor rolled back a renewable energy standard, his Democratic challenger in this year's race makes it an issue of it

So Sue Me

What to expect starting June 2015 in the way of lawsuits to stop Obama's carbon cut rules

World Cup: Climate-Conscious Gear

The 2012 World Cup soccer ball is designed to account for the Brazilian climate and there's solar power too

Defund Federal Climate Rules

Congressional Republicans will try to block agency funding for implementation of carbon emissions rules

Germany: Eco-Tourism 2.0

A guide to 200 renewable energy sites in Germany sells out its first edition

Get Smart

Installing smart-home gadgets can be hard to do

Cosmos: The Climate Story

Watch Neil de Grasse Tyson now

June 12, 2014

Silicon Valley's Climate's Changed

The time may be past for Silicon Valley venture capital to focus on climate friendly tech investments

Cantor Defeat And Climate Action

One less thing to worry about

NZ and UK: Just Say No

New Zealand & the UK reject Australia's call to block climate activism

PV: Safe Harbor For Institutional Investors

For risk-adverse investors solar panel makers are a safe bet choice

Rome: Not Just Bicycle Thieves

Theft is just one woe crippling Rome's bike-share program

Nantes: Green Euro Capital

What can the French city of Nantes teach other cities about sustainability success?

Hudson Yards: 1st Quantified Community

Wired to capture reams of data to improve building performance Hudson Yards will be the nation's first quantified community (Midtown East rezoners - pay attention!)

Science At Work: Temperature Trends

True or false: global warming means more temperature variability?

Science At Work: Green Magnetism

How magnetic cooling could be an energy efficient refrigeration technology

June 11, 2014

Weatherforecasting: The Generation Gap

Climate change divides old-school weather forecasters from young quants

Follow The Power Money

US electric utilities are shifting their investments toward distribute power and storage assets

UK: Enough Wind To Power The Underground

Sustainable L.A: Circa 1986

An unrealized design for the redevelopment of Pershing Square in Los Angeles

Sustainability Ed.

Survey the field of advanced education in sustainability

Sandy Stalls Subway Security

Post-Sandy repairs to subways, tunnels & bridges delay post-9/11 security upgrades to 2017

Starting The Big U

NYC gets the first down payment of $335 million to build a U-shaped seawall to protect lower Manhattan from future floods & storm surges

UK: More Cash For Energy Efficiency

To boost the rate of home energy efficiency upgrading the UK government ups it cash incentives

June 10, 2014

Love It Or Lose It

Watch the Climate Reality Project video

Lit By LEDs

Europe: Too Much Green, Not Enough Batteries

There's too much renewable power in Europe, really? Time to add energy storage equipment

China: Natural Gas Demand To Double

Demand for cleaner urban air will double China's natural gas consumption within 5 years

Don't Despair

Seven reasons to be a climate action optimist

The Start Of Something Big

Why California's energy storage law could be the tipping point for renewable power

The Green Party Guy

Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate running to become NY's next Governor

Anatomy Of Renewable Investing

Why Warren Buffett is ready to double his $15 billion renewable energy nvestments

Benchmarking Reaches A Benchmark

The Minneapolis building energy benchmarking law gets its first round of commercial building reports

New Climate Lab Chief

Gavin Schmitt tapped to head the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, succeeding James Hansen

Climate Denial - Blame Ayn Rand

It's not the coal industry driving the frenzied opposition to climate action says Paul Krugman

June 09, 2014

They Sky Won't Fall

Obama Climate Interview

Pricing carbon is good, cynicism is bad says President Obama

The Geo-Politics Of Fracking

Thinking globally about the US natural gas fracking boom

Solar Steam

Solar power in Australia passes a critical test by producing enough steam to generate thermal power

Carbon Emission Price Rise

At $5.02/ton per carbon emissions permit June auction proceeds in the 9 RGGI states hit $90.67 million

From Fossil Investor To Climate Activist

Follow Tom Steyer's on-going journey from fossil fuel investor to big-time climate activist

Forging A Fast Bus Path

Advocates for a NYC bus rapid transit system seek to fuel Mayoral support

June 07, 2014

Chile: Mining The Sun

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet inaugurates the largest PV power plant so far in operation in Latin America spread out over 101 hectares in the Atacama Desert

India: Energy-starved Karnataka

With about 300 days of good solar radiation in a year, Karnataka plans to generate 2,000 MW of solar power. Policy envisages allotting farm lands to investors on rental basis or relaxing norms to purchase farm lands for setting up solar plants by investors...

Now Share This

NY Shared Clean Energy Bill
Shared Clean Energy Bill wending its way through New York Assembly and Senate simultaneously — this session of the legislature ends on June 19 — will the bill make it to the Governor's desk?

Three, Five Or Seven years

How to finance energy efficiency evolving — shift in ROI aligns with capital expenditures.

June 05, 2014

Germany: Waste Not Want

DOE to accept, process and dispose of spent Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) fuel from Germany at the Savannah River Site — seven week-long public comment period begins

New PlaNYC Website

Blame It On The Sun

Over the next 10 years electric utilities could see more change than in the last century. Solar is disrupting their afternoon peak-load model

June 04, 2014

The Great Coal Gap

Lower-than-expected Chinese coal demand could result in stranded assets and wasted capital. Carbon Tracker releases report

Mexico: Invest 90L

What is an Invest?

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven's Door

HAARP's final research project ends on June 10th at which time the Air Force will start to dismantle the $290M research Program in Gakona, Alaska unless there's an intervention

Jindal Puts Pen Down

Legal scholars take a closer look and to their horror SB469 could potentially wipe out billions

Under Ground

"Our infrastructure is built to put energy on the grid from coal-fired power plants," said W.Va. Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Randy Huffman. State and coal officials find no silver lining

June 03, 2014

Singapore: HDB Green Tech

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) is exploring green tech for public housing across Singapore

We're Not Talkin Hockey

EPA Ruling Exempts VT

Vermonters interested in Energy efficiency from the cost perspective

June 02, 2014

Think Local

Is coastal community Salem, MA ready for a Superstorm? Salem News Tom Dalton reports about alarming stats and maps produced by Stephen Young, a professor at Salem State University and his students.

June 01, 2014


The EPA climate plan targets a 30% cut in carbon emissions by 2030 and why new climate rule matters. Proposed Rule for download prepare to comment...

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