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May 30, 2014

France: Paris In New York

Mayor Bill de Blasio bonds with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo who is "focusing on pushing green construction norms 'very far' for new buildings..."

Autonomous Cars

An important debate to have

What To Do

An "Aha!" moment RE climate change — Climate CoLab wants to hear it

May 29, 2014

Patiently Waiting

New Yorkers wait for Mayor de Blasio to reveal just how committed he is to climate leadership

The Gambia: GCCA Project

Building the capacity of key stakeholders within the coastal zone on the concept of Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Climate Change Adaptation

89 Percent Wasted

Energy efficiency analyst Dr. Steve Fawkes mentions new reports find that 89 percent of all energy created gets wasted

Glug, Glug

Vogtle nuclear reactors — request withdrawal permit from Georgia EPD for 74mgd from the Savannah River under consideration

May 28, 2014

China: The Oder Dome

City of Hangzhou remediation solution — inside, out

Lien In

SRS platform enables industry-first CT Green Bank PACE portfolio sale

What Is Practivisim?

Boston based company, Next Step Living works it

May 27, 2014

Denmark: EE Visionary Award

While Denmark's economy grew by almost 80% since 1980, energy consumption has NOT increased during the same time period — Danish minister for Climate, Energy and Building accepts award

11 Nautical Miles South Of Long Beach

BOEM proposes location for offshore wind development on the Outer Continental Shelf offshore New York

Consider Silent Spring

Caroline Lucas who wrote the introduction to the 50th Anniversary edition of Silent Spring in conversation with Fanny Armstrong film maker behind The Age of Stupid — but it took Margaret Atwood to make Carson a saint

May 25, 2014

Rising Currents

imaging NYC resilience 3 years prior to Sandy's onslaught

May 24, 2014

San Francisco: Mother Of Invention

Driven by the drought, San Francicscans get smart meters to help them use less water

Don't Go Near The Water

Now you can get texted with warnings about befouled NYC beaches. To sign up, text BEACH to 877-877

EPA: Carbon Limits For Power Plants

EPA's soon-to-be-released carbon emissions limits draft rules could look something like this

May 23, 2014

Australia: Climate Action Heads South

The orientation of the Australian government could make the nation a climate policy wasteland

Dump Dirty Coal: Thinking Disinvestment

The thinking behind the Standford University decision to rid its investment portfolio of coal companies

Smaller Cities Are Grid Smarter

What Chattanooga TN can teach Gotham about making smarter energy systems

NYC Bike Sharing: The Animation

An ode to pedaling on city streets

NYC: Flush With $23 Million

A program to install 200,00 eco-friendly toilets gets $23 million in NYC support

Resilient Rotterdam

Milestones in making the low-lying port city of Rotterdam resilient

Good News, For Now

While NOAA predicts a tame 2014 US hurricane season that doesn't give a pass to coastal cities for future climate-related devastation

The Soft Path To Tomorrow's Grid

New software, not more hardware, could be the best path toward tomorrow's power grid

May 22, 2014

Wind's The Cost Winner

Onshore wind is the least-cost new power source in Europe says Portuguese utility

Re-Imaging The Bus Stop

7 ideas to improve waiting for the bus

Make A Better City Block

Start with duct tape

Paris: 18.6411 MPH

The new Mayor of Paris will cut city's speed limit to 30k/hour (that's 18.6411 mph)

Hoboken: Adapt Now

The Mayor of Hoboken, NJ wants to protect her city - starting now - from the ravages of the next Sandy-type superstorm

Global Carbon Cycle Goes Strange

Are 2011's changes in the world's carbon treadmill good news or bad?

A Call To Climate Arms

Alarmed about climate change? Come to NYC this September & demand action!

City Lights Will Show The Way

Cities are the test beds for a livable planet because they are big enough to have the political will & scale to address today's environmental challenges

Connectivity Gets Solar Boost

45 new solar-powered phone rechargers coming to NYC

May 21, 2014

Oslo: It's Electrifying

Antarctica: About That Collapsing Ice Sheet

How extremely worried should we be?

UK: Capture Carbon Quicker

Will the UK fast track carbon capture gear for its power plants?

Austin TX: Better Living With Data

For 700 detail-oriented homeowners in Austin, TX, smart meters let them follow their electric consumption every minute

Cambridge: Steamin'

Soon, homes will be kept warm with waste heat from a Cambridge, MA power plant, an idea first floated by Thomas A. Edison

Camp Rockaway

Glamping in Queens, really?

Empowering Distributed Energy

Distributed grid architecture will be needed to support distributed energy says Con Ed

The Eco-Value Of A Higher Education

College students design a 1,925 square foot home that has a $2/month energy bill

What One Foot Means

With a one foot sea level rise here's what the NY metro area would look like

May 20, 2014

Y Saving Energy Is Hard To Do

A Washington YMCA is a real world example of why making a building more energy efficient is harder than 'pushing on an open door'

Ireland: Greening The Emerald Isle

A 70 million euro energy efficiency fund is launched in Ireland

Going, Going ...

Climate change-linked floods, storms, droughts & fires imperil US landmarks

Green Building: Lessons Learned

David Gottfried, a founding father of the green building movement, reflects on LEED & on the future

States Confront Climate Change

Plagued by drought & wildfires California is a leader on climate action and will have to tackle adaptation too

Grandpa's Grid Is Not OK

A podcast interview with a microgrid CEO who's been in the business since before distributed power was cool

China 70 x 17

China confronts its coal addiction with plans to install 70 gigawatts of solar power by 2017

CT: Green Bank Breakthrough

A first-of-its-kind securitization deal to finance commercial energy efficiency projects launched by CT's Green Bank

May 19, 2014

Dunedin: Dumps Fossil Fuel Assets

Dunedin, New Zealand joins with 23 other cities in divesting itself of fossil fuel stocks

Emerging Democratic Agenda

What do climate change, gun control & gay marriage have in common?

Japan: Ban The Suit

How has ditching summer business suits helped Japan cut its carbon footprint?

NJ's Climate Politics

What fuels Governor Christie's climate-unfriendly agenda?

A 25% Solution

The EPA may add an energy efficiency path to cutting power plant carbon emissions by 25%

India: Solar To Help Light Every Home

India's new Prime Minister vows to deploy solar power as part of having electric light to every home by 2019

Climate Plan A, Plan B...

What will protect US coastal cities from climate chaos since the nation lacks a culture of planning?

Start Smart, Get Smarter

Learning how to building & market smart housing is a work in progress

For Urban Resilience

Get acquainted with these four urban resilience innovators

May 16, 2014

Where We Live Now

Follow the emerging trend to apartment dwelling

The Dust Bowl Is Back

Think the Oklahoma Dust Bowl was over long ago? Think again

Up Next

Compare & contrast the energy future foreseen by Tesla & GE


How much energy is being saved by those sleek, smart Nest Labs gizmos?

There He Goes Again

Rupert Murdoch-owned media are still doing climate change denial

EU: Persistent Price Slump

Carbon emissions permit surpluses continue to suppress EU prices

There's Something About Infrastructure

Why do public infrastructure projects take so long to build & run over-budget?

Storage: The Next Big Thing

Intelligent energy storage can transform NY's power system

NYC Superlatives

Take a virtual tour of NYC's biggest, smallest, oldest, etc.

May 15, 2014

Climate Change Is Risky Business

Rating service says the creditworthiness of nations is put at risk by climate change impacts

Germany: Fuel Import Prices Up, Up Up

President Makes Climate Personal

Rolling out draft federal power plant carbon rules will get the Presidential treatment

China: Murky Carbon Market

Some call China's carbon emissions permit trading market a black hole

Concentrating The Solar Market

How financial opportunities are altering the solar power installation landscape

Housing NYC: Details Emerging

At a speech to NYC real estate developers & advocates the Mayor sketches in some details of his affordable housing plan

Clean Tech From Campus To Market

13 university research teams win PowerBridgeNY grants worth up to $150,000 each from a state fund for linking clean tech innovations to markets

If Climate Science Predictions Come True - Part 2

We could be living on borrowed time

May 14, 2014

If Climate Science Predictions Come True - Part 1

Paris: Cut Traffic Cut Pollution

Data proves traffic restrictions reduced the smog clogging lungs in Paris

Germany: New Renewables Record

74 % of German power came from renewables one day last week

Estonia: Newest IEA Member

Estonia is the 29th country to join the International Energy Agency with its emphasis on energy security, economic development & sustainability

Green Lease Leaders

Who's at a the head of the 2014 class in real estate green leases?

Densitaria And Posturbia

Where are US cities and the political economy headed?

Manhattan's Very Own Ferry

Starting next week Manhattan commuters get a new Hudson River ferry option

Mayor's Meh On New Air Quality Laws

The de Blasio administration is not a fan of air quality legislation under consideration by the City Council

Office Building Energy By The Numbers

Dive into the details of the electricity appetite of commercial buildings to find what drives it

May 13, 2014

Who's Who Of Eco-Innovators

25 of the world's top eco-innovators and what they do

Meet Mitchell Silver

What NYC's new Parks Commissioner has learned from other US cities

UK: Just Say No To Wind Power

Plans for UK on-shore wind power projects getting more rejections now

Hangzhou: Jumbo EV Order

The Mayor of Hangzhou, China orders 2,000 long-range, battery-electric buses & 1,000 long-range, pure-electric taxis

Pakistan: Big Solar Launch

A solar power park opens in Pakistan this year & by 2016 should produce 1,000 MW of electricity

Here Comes Mega-Solar

Built to create 290 MW of electricity, this Arizona solar power plant is big news

Learning From Open Data

Based upon NYC's long-running government open data practices, what's been learned?

Debate No More

John Oliver says it's time to stop debating with climate deniers, "You don't need people's opinions on a fact."

May 12, 2014

Plants Can't Save The Planet

Another climate change escape door closes

Uitlity 2.0

NY pushes the energy utility industry in a whole new direction

The Archipelago of Miami

What Miami could look like in 2200.

For more on this story click here

A NYC First

Opened in 1903, Seward Park was NYC's first public playground

Antarctica; Unstoppable Collapse

Collapse of ice sheets in western Antarctica have begun and scientists warn that rising ocean levels are inevitable

Lose Carbon For $44 Trillion

With rising coal-burning The IEA put s $44 trillion price tag on decarbonizing the energy sector

It'll Cost Ya

Modeling the economic damages resulting from climate change

El Nino 101

2014 could be a big year for a havoc-wreaking El Nino

May 10, 2014

Corporate Sustainability: Listen Up

Learn how to judge the effectiveness of corporate sustainability goals

May 09, 2014

Presidential Energy Efficiency

Using the power of his office, President Obama unveils new energy efficiency programs & $2 billion to upgrade the performance of federal buildings

Obama's Solar Week

From new PV panels on the White House to a visiting Walmart HQ in California, the President embraces solar power & energy efficiency

The Daily Commute

Who's walking or biking to work according to US Census data?

Less Air Pollution Could Mean More Income

A Columbia University public health study links air pollution to IQ and predicts cleaner air could boost NYC kids' future income by $215 million

Citibike: The Gender Gap

Men accounted for 76.3% of of all trips taken by Citibike annual members last year

Get Real Cash For Your Trash

Recycling European construction & demolition debris had revenues of $18.75 billion in 2013

The Silence Of Conservatives

Why don't conservatives offer innovative market ideas to protect the climate & support renewable energy?

Ex-Commish Goes For The Green

Former NYC Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri surfaces at a consulting firm involved in high performance building envelopes & energy systems

Ukraine: Energy Security SOS

35 Ukrainian cities unite in a plea for European help to boost building energy performance & district power systems for energy security

May 08, 2014

ITC 101

What is the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and why do solar power companies care?

Feldheim: The Little Town That Could

The former-East German town of Feldheim gains green energy independence

14 Green Lease Leaders

Who's leading the way on energy efficient, high performance commercial building?

Big Bucks For Offshore Wind

Up to $47 million for each of 3 offshore wind projects is on tap at the US Department of Energy

China: The Greening Of Public Opinion

64% of Chinese identify as environmentalists

Utility Must Be PV-Friendly

Hawaiian regulators mandate the electric utility to help customers install solar panels

Australia's Number One

And that's not good!

Federal Green Banking

States have created green banks, so when will there be a federal green bank?

Best Way To Get To Net Zero

The best least-cost path leading to net-zero energy buildings is to start with energy efficiency

Cuomo: Adapt The MTA To The Climate

In this climate-challenged era, Governor Cuomo call on the MTA to reinvent itself

May 07, 2014

Carbon Cuts Food Nutrition

Vital nutrients in staple food crops decrease with higher levels of CO2 in the air

Rx For Climate Change

Enact a carbon tax

Guildford UK: Carbon Trust Winner

An investment firm in Guildford, UK receives the first Carbon Trust low carbon workplace standard

Cosmos Does Climate Change

Popular science tv series explains how our species is causing climate change

Learning From Copenhagen

Copenhagen, a waterfront city, has a wealth of lessons for NYC urban planners

Expect Disruptions

Northeast Climate Worries

Live in the northeast? Here are some climate change impacts to keep you up at night

Coastal Zone Climate Risks

Coastal lifelines, such as water supply and energy infrastructure and evacuation routes, are increasingly vulnerable to higher sea levels and storm surges, inland flooding, erosion, and other climate-related changes warns the US National Climate Assessment

See It Now

Overview in 15 charts of the US National Climate Assessment AND more charts about this 'new normal'

May 06, 2014

Hot Tech Trends For A Hot World

Today's clean tech trends to watch for living in a climate-altered world

Emerging Markets Like Wind Power

Emerging market nations could be growth leaders in wind power

Rising Solar Powers

Germany: Fossil Fuel Swapping

Does Germany need to shutter coal-burning power plants & open natural gas powered ones to meet its carbon-cutting targets?

Outflanking Political Doubt, Maybe

In the face of a Congressional climate legislation blockade & mixed public support, the EPA will roll out its carbon emissions rules, Stay tuned.

Without A Doubt

There's no denying the US is already widely impacted by climate change

Goodbye NYC, Hello Closed Loop

NYC's first 'recycling czar' is moving on to a private sector recycling & waste reduction start-up

Sustainability, Resilience And Efficiency

Gotham Gazettes looks into how sustainability, resilience & energy efficiency figure in the Mayor's affordable housing plan for NYC

Shout-Out For Energy Efficiency

A New York Times editorial about the Mayor's ambitious affordable housing plan cites the role of energy efficiency retrofits

May 05, 2014

Build A Better Bulb

Replacing the incandescent bulbis still a work in progress

No Fossils Here

Fossil fuel companies will not be listed on a new climate change-sensitive global stock index

Coming Up In Congress

Votes on building energy efficiency & the Keystone Pipeline are on this week's Senate's agenda

Affordable Housing NYC-Style

Mayor de Blasio's plan to create 200,00 units of affordable housing in 10 years

Don't Park It In Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn in on the brink of losing old-school parking garages to new mass-transit accessible high-rise housing

Not Your Grandma's Mama's Utility

New York proposes a new utility rule framework that breaks with the past

May 04, 2014

Climate Bonds Update

Global media coverage of climate bonds

May 03, 2014

Power That Adds Up

Microgrids + renewables = resilient energy supplies

Greening Greenpoint

Once-gritty Greenpoint to get more green space as part of a mega-development deal

The Future Is DG

A leading accounting firm urges utilities to plan for distributed generation & not resist it

May 02, 2014

Canada: Waking Up From China Dream

Why Canada's dream of shipping Keystone tar sands to China may not be reality-based

Coming Soon

A technology project analyzing how to shift energy around during peak load periods is coming to the MTA for enhancing resilience while cutting utility costs

EU: Belgium/Finland Flunk Energy Efficiency

Due to a lack of building energy efficiency standards the EU's European Commission sues Belgium & Finland

Risk Reduction Via Gasoline

The northeast will have 1 million barrels of gasoline on tap to increase disaster resilience

Denmark: 100x50

Denmark works toward the goal of being a 100% renewable energy nation by 2050

Co-ordinated Attack On Climate Action

President Obama's proposed rules to regulate power plant carbon emissions faces a new type of concerted attack

White Knight For Citi Bike

A real estate investment firm considers funding an expansion of the Citi Bike program

Patterns Of Climate Change

Climate scientist Gavin Schmidt explains how to see the big picture

May 01, 2014

Green Canary

Big Trouble For Coastal Megacities

Sinking land + rising water = eek for the world's coastal megacities

Poll Finds Climate Polarization

Americans' views on the fact of climate change are becoming more polarized finds a new Gallup poll

Weak Wave Power

Why, despite its virtues, is wave power development lagging?

NY Flunks Air Quality

Ozone and fine particles are getting into New Yorkers' lungs every time they inhale

California Storage

History is in the making as California's energy storage procurement requirement starts rolling out

Rockaway Gets Into Hot Water

Resilient solar power will create hot water in Rockaway's Fire Department Engine Company 329

The Interstate Tesla Battery Race

Which states will Tesla choose for its new battery 'gigafactories'?

Madrid: Free Parking For EVs

Madrid's smart meters will charge polluting cars more to park