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June 29, 2013

Something There Is That Doesn't Love A Carbon Tax

A federal carbon tax has everything going for it, except Congressional support

Greenland: MIA

Previous estimates of how much water was locked in polar ice are off by the size of Greenland's glaciers

June 28, 2013

UK: Billions For Nuclear Power

Fearing power blackouts the UK commits £10 billion in financial guarantees to build new nuclear power plants & reopen moth-balled ones

Wind Software Theft

A Chinese firm is charged with theft of US wind turbine software in federal court

Twilight Of The Power Grid

The solar power revolution is on the verge of blowing up the electricity business

Next-Generation Nuke Power

$3.5 million in federal funds goes to four firms for research & development of next-generation nuclear reactors

Congestion Pricing

A new toll-swap proposal would toll East River bridges, cut tariffs on the other City-owned bridges & tunnels, and add a congestion fee south of 60th Street

The Weather Channel Watch

While the Weather Channel was the only broadcast TV to carry Obama's climate speech, climate threats to people and the planet keep rising

Walking On Water

While technical solutions to prevent flooding in lower Manhattan are known, meeting political and budget demands might take a miracle

San Francisco: Eco-Districts

Four San Francisco neighborhoods could become urban labs that unify critical infrastructure systems for greener living

Australia: Energy Efficient Apartments

A new program to make apartment buildings more energy efficient kicks off in Sydney and Melbourne

June 27, 2013

Obama Taps Renewables Expert

President Obama nominates Ron Binz, a renewable energy advocate, to head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Chicago: Benchmarking Bill

Chicago's Mayor Emanuel champions a building energy benchmarking & public disclosure bill

Today's Number

How much carbon dioxide is the air today?

Weird Weatherproofing The Whitney

After Sandy flooded the construction site for the new Whitney Museum on the Hudson River, adding resilience design becomes a must

UK: Renewables IPO

The renewable energy industry expects a wave of new funding as an investment firm launches on the London Stock Exchange

Climate Change: The Political Problem

Will expert predictions of world energy use and carbon trends crash into political roadblocks?

Concentrate On The Coal Belt

Cut US air pollution by focusing clean energy growth in areas of the US now relying on coal-burning power plants


By 2018, non-hydro renewable energy is predicted to supply 8% of the world's power; with hydro, renewables will exceed the role of gas by 2016

June 26, 2013

Australia: Gillard Loses, Carbon Wins

The downfall of Australian PM Gillard does not bode well for the nation's carbon tax

How Cities Grow

Remote sensing data reveal that the world's cities are growing upward and outward, but the driving forces vary

Latin America: Low Use Of Renewable Resources

From Mexico to Chile, Latin America is blessed with renewable power capability but lacks the policies to make the most of them

Geneva: Insurers Alert To Weird Weather

The global insurance industry sees risks of weird weather becoming the new normal

Water Filtration Mess

Broken promises and a flood of cost overruns plague the yet-to-be-completed Bronx water filtration plant

June 25, 2013

Free Home Energy Efficiency Software

Now that I have your attention, news about evolving business model for solar panel installer

Empire State Building's A Wow

The renovated Empire State Buildings exceeds its own energy efficiency expectations and saves big bucks

Germany: High Energy Cost Alert

While praising Germany's long-term low-carbon energy goals, today's high energy prices put them at risk says IEA

New Opportunities In A Nation Of Cities

In praise of the function and economic opportunities of linking US cities with a high speed rail network

Upgrading Appliance Efficiency

What's on DOE's to-do list for improving energy efficiency standards of electrical appliances and equipment?

The Whole World Is Watching

Obama will have a global audience for his climate policy speech, but the EU could be listening the closest after its financial crisis pivot away from climate priorities

Reinventing Los Angeles

Founded in1781, Los Angeles, defined by both density and sprawl, is reinventing itself again

Climate: Not So Worried

Just 40% of Americans see climate change as a top global threat, which is less than people in 38 other nations, according to a Pew poll

The Obama Ask

It is reported that President Obama will ask the states for their carbon cutting ideas in his speech today, along with a call for more renewable energy projects on public lands and tighter standards for energy-efficient appliances. Also expect

June 24, 2013

Tel-Aviv: Electric Scooters

Tel-Aviv kicks off a 25 electric-powered scooter pilot program for city workers

PV Goes Pedestrian

Soon, New Yorkers will be able to use solar cell phone rechargers in public spaces

EU: Energy Makeovers Could Be Key

The EU examines if building energy retrofit policy could be the key to meeting its carbon reduction goals

Australia: Cap-Trade Compliant

Australian companies hand over carbon emissions allowances to comply with the cap and trade schedule

Greener Weddings

Hooray for happy couples planning greener weddings

Talking Up Obama's Climate Talk

Will Congressional carbon tax prospects grow once the President announces his own carbon reduction plan?

June 22, 2013

PACE Lives

The program that allows businesses to repay loans for installing renewable energy or energy efficiency upgrades as property tax add-ons is growing

June 21, 2013

Candidates On Congestion Pricing

Get the graphic about where NYC Mayoral candidates stand on congestion pricing

Calling All Resilience Designers

Enter to win a federal design competition for helping Sandy-stricken communities with new solutions to their ecological & environmental problems

Russia And China: Energy Deals

Russia will export $270 billion of oil to China and inks a $20 billion deal to invest in a Chinese LNG project

New Yorkers For Ferries

MWA launches a campaign to bring more ferry service to NYC

Germany: Russian Gas On Tap

Imported Russian natural gas gets a thumb up for replacing domestic German nuclear power

Science At Work - Cities

Learn why cities are a “special kind of social reactor", which evolve according to a small set of basic principles and feedback loops

UK: It's So Unusual

With wobbles in the jet stream, the UK might face a decade of weird weather

Stop Mercury

Legislation for the collection & recycling of mercury-containing thermostats seems poised for passage in New York. Here's the bill

June 20, 2013

Wag The Dog

A canine meme useful for explaining climate change to doubters

Not Everything's For Eating

A call for NYC's urban farmers to protect space for wildflowers and other inedible plants


A solar-powered plane on its night and day cross-country trip, landed in Washington DC on Sunday; next stop NYC

Israel: Natural Gas Exporter

The Israeli government okays exporting a $60 billion portion of its offshore natural gas reserves

India: Pricing Solar Right

An Indian solar developer wins over IBM and Dell, promising solar power will cost less than grid power

Trade Unions For Energy Democracy

Five global union federations from 18 nations meet to identify green opportunities in the global energy crisis

Measuring Brownfield Redevelopment

What are the environmental findings of a life-cycle analysis of a brownfield redevelopment in Chicago?

Living The Solar Life

Sustainable lifestyles attract a following with a plethora of new product ideas

New Leadership In NY

Audrey Zibelman has been named as the new chair of the powerful New York State Public Service Commission

June 19, 2013

PlanetSolar In NY Harbor

A solar-powered vessel moors in NY Harbor on its way to conduct oceanic climate research

Capping Carbon

Using regulations to limit carbon emissions from new and existing power plants could define Obama's climate strategy

UK: Wet Weather Ahead

What could possibly be the climate news content of predicting rain in the UK? [Hint: jet stream shifts]

Global Threat Of Our TIme

In Germany for the G-8 meeting, President Obama calls climate change the global threat of our time

Seattle: The Power Of Nega-Watts

The Bullitt Foundation in Seattle kicks off a new way to finance energy efficiency in older buildings

Europe: Utilities Just Say No

European power utilities extend plant shut-downs and delay investment in new fossil fuel facilities

June 18, 2013

Demark: Pension Funds For US Wind

A Danish pension fund invests $200 million in the once-controversial US Cape Wind project

India: Nuke Plant Goes Live

A Russian-built nuclear power plan opens for business in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu

Making Sense Of Good News

What explains the steady decline in carbon emissions since 2005?

Greens Delay Climate Lawsuit

Anticipating Presidential climate action, eco-activists delay their climate law suit

Obama's Climate Action Agenda


Addiction Without End

A rebuttal to the study proclaiming the feasibility of ending NY's fossil fuel addiction with recommendations for a more incremental path (Don't just read the blog, read the study)

Save Energy When Saving Files

Cloud computing is a more energy efficient way to save and store electronic files

The Climate At CNBC

Fox is not the only major media outlet that occupies the anti-climate bandwidth

China: Urban Climate Vanguard

Chinese cities launch a carbon emissions permit market this month, with Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing as well as the regions of Guangdong and Hubei, leading the way

June 17, 2013

UK: Energy Effiiency Lifts Home Prices

Research finds more energy efficient homes are selling at a premium in the UK

Power Grid 101

Just what is the electric power grid and how can it be made smarter?

Innovation And The City

Introducing bright Ideas for a more equitable and sustainable urban future

San Franscisco: Park It

What measures 8x12 and costs $82,000 in San Francisco?

China: Sun Set For Sun King

How did China's economic development policy lead to the implosion of once-globally dominant PV maker, Sun Tech?

To-Do List For The Next Mayor

Make CitiBike a part of a tax-free mass transit program

June 16, 2013

Obama's Unused Climate Tool

NEPA could be a powerful tool to cut GHGs from federal projects if only the President would act

NJ: On and Off For Off-Shore Wind

The saga of bringing off-shore wind power to east-coast states continues

June 15, 2013

Pandora's Promise - Not A Film Review

Dave Roberts explains why he doesn't write about nuclear power


What is a metered energy efficiency transaction structure and why should energy efficiency fans care?

June 14, 2013

Israel: Captian Sunshine's EVs

Can Captain Sunshine succeed where A Better Placed in making a go of with with EV'?

Asia Loves US Clean Tech

What is driving Asian investment leadership for new clean tech in the US?

Sustainble Finance Winners

The Financial Times announces the winners of this year's global sustainable finance award

Carbon Tax Update

Could there be signs of life in the Senate for carbon tax hearings?

It's All About Relationships

The fate of Bloomberg's climate preparedness plan rests on working things out with the Army Corps of Engineers, Con Ed and others not under any Mayor's control

Microgrids: The Slide Show

Missed the Energy Storage & Microgrids Forum: Building A Better Grid? Catch up with the slide show

Australia: Renewables Rising

Australia gets more than 13% of its electric power from hydro, wind and solar sources, with investment of $4.2 billion in 2012

Show Us The Process

Vermont crafts a new process for public input into the siting of new energy-generating facilities

Tomorrow's Utility Business Plan

Consider Steven Chu's alternative to your grandma's model of the electric utility business

June 13, 2013

Seattle: Metering Enrgy Efficiency

A Seattle utility and foundation pilot meters to measure and sell real time energy savings in commercial buildings

Extra, Extra: Building Resilience In NYC

Urban Green Council serves up a menu of ways to make NYC more resilient and able to withstand a climate-challenged future

Critics Go Nuclear

Pro-nuclear energy documentary Pandora's Promise, won't be ignored and don't miss this The Nation piece

400. 1,127. 354

The numbers add up to the need for a sustainability agenda for corporate America

UN: Climate Talks Stall

The latest round of UN climate treaty talks go nowhere

China: Eco-Face Forward

Sustainability guidelines, include stakeholder engagement, for Chinese firms engaged in overseas development projects

NYC Flood Zone Maps

Zoom in on maps of the NYC neighborhoods most vulnerable to flooding

Making Bloom Boxes Bloom

The maker of high-tech fuel cells, Bloom Energy, raises $100 million from of the world's biggest investor-owned utility

June 12, 2013

Greenland: Dark Ice

Climate scientists explore the implications of Greenland's darkening ice

Europe: Coal Kills

Air pollution from Europe's 300 biggest coal-burning power plants is linked to 22,300 deaths a year

Germany: Grid Upgrade Needs Renewables Support

The German Prime Minister expects the renewable power industry to help fund modernization of the nation's power grid

A New Way To See NYC

Map the NYC photos taken by tourists and then will someone please overlay it on the new FEMA flood zone map

Their Feets' Too Big

Who are the top 100 carbon emitters in the US?

Costing Out New Nuclear Tech

Modeling the construction costs of small modular nuclear reactors yields no clear decision path

Georgia's Nuclear Twins

Do the twin nuclear power plants under construction in Georgia signal a revival or the end of an energy era?

A Nuclear Valentine

A film maker's advocacy tactics are questioned in a review of a pro-nuclear power documentary

Bloomberg Looks Ahead

Dive deep or skim Mayor Bloomberg's plan for making NYC more resilient in an era of climate chaos and weird weather

June 11, 2013

FEMA Doubles The Flood Risk

FEMA calculates 400,000 New Yorkers are in harm's way for flooding, nearly twice the previous estimate, so what should be done to make them safer?

Greening The Tax Code

What's the Master Limited Partnerships Parity Act and should renewable energy advocates support it?

From Russia With Floods

St. Petersberg's flood barriers to fend off Neva Bay storm surges could offer a model for New York City

June 10, 2013

Hubba Hubba

An update on developments at the Philadelphia Energy Efficient Buildings Hub

UK: Tide Power Project Questioned

A government report raises cost and impact questions about a $39 billion proposal for generating electricity from tide power

Central Europe: Extreme Flooding

The last time Passau, Germany flood waters rose above 40 feet was in 1501 [$ub]

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Envision the rebuilt Penn Station as a mid-Manhattan green oasis for mass transit users

BRT: Getting To Yes In Chicago

How to convince Chicago bus rapid transit, which means removing a lane of traffic and parking, is the right thing?

Carbon Market Price Ticks Up

A small cut to the total number of RGGI carbon emissions permits lifts market prices off the floor

Reality Checking

The IEA calls energy efficiency a key to keeping CO2 levels within climate-tolerable ranges, but not everyone agrees

Energy Efficient Browsing

Microsoft claims its new browser saves more energy than the competition

June 09, 2013


New York City waterways get a new, green system of pollution prevention

June 07, 2013

Scotland: Carbon Goal Missed Again

Scotland's come a long way butfails to meet its carbon-reduction goals two years in a row

Frozen In Place

A bipartisan Congressional bill could stop the federal government from increasing flood insurance rates in at-risk coastal areas by retaining current subsidies

China: On The Edge Of Extraction

PetroChina is set to become the world's biggest investor in fossil fuel exploration

Film Review: Pandora's Promise

Pandora's Promise is a documentary about climate-activists who convert into nuclear power fans

Bi-Partisan Energy Efficiency Bill

Home mortgage lenders would calculate the value of energy efficiency under terms of a bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate

CA Nuke Plant RIP

The crippled San Onofre nuclear power plant in California will be shut for good and here's what is likely to replace it

Solar Summit 2013

Missed this year's NYC Solar Summit? Catch up here

What Energy Efficiency Needs

The movement for upgrading building energy performance needs better performance modeling to attract funding and gain credibility

June 06, 2013

The Bikeshare Problem

A NYC Citibike fan diagnoses the program's software docking problem

Finland: Path To Decarbonization

The IEA identifies nuclear and renewable power as mainstays of the Finnish path to a low-carbon energy future

Turning Green With Social Pressure

Behavioral science holds the keys to saving energy

China: Coal Cuts Possible

China will consider cutting coal burning in industrial areas 100 million tons annually by 2015

Meet The The Sulfur Battery

The new lithium-sulfur battery could be a better bet than lithium-ion technology, with 4 times the energy density

Save The Planet In Your Basement

Today, storage batteries for renewable energy can fit into building basements

Save The Planet In Your Basement

Energy storage batteries equipped with IT can fit into urban basements and kick in on hot summer days, but upfront cost is a barrier

Mississippi Utility Anti-Efficiency

In a state ranking 51st on energy efficiency, why would a power utility oppose rules to do better?

India: Private Funds For Wind Power

A Goldman Sachs venture fund invests another $135 million for wind power in India

Citizens' Polltuion Patrol

ICYMI - What did micro-sampling for air pollution detect in downtown Brooklyn?

June 05, 2013

Now Carbon Costs More

The Obama Administration recalculates the social cost of carbon and that's no small thing

Australian Shale Gas: Yes, But...

While Australia has immense underground shale gas reserves, exploiting them won't come cheap

$150 Million A Year, Maybe

A bill inches its way through Albany that would extend support for solar power, at $150 million a year for the next decade

Auction The Wind

The federal government will auction leases offshore from Massachusetts & Rhode Island for wind farm projects

UK: The Proximity Payoff

To encourage neighborhood acceptance, utility customers living near wind turbines could see their utility bills cut 20%

Bridges For Baby Falcons

Baby falcons nest on NYC bridges, so all together now, AWWWWWW

Israel: Solar-Powered Clean Water

Israeli solar power technology is deployed to clean up polluted water and desalinate it for drinking water

NYC: Not So Storm-Proofed

With another hurricane season looming, it's fair to ask, "Is NYC prepared for another Sandy?"

June 04, 2013

UK: Vote Near On Decarbonization

The UK Parliament is set to vote on a controversial bill that would set targets for decarbonizing the electric power industry

NJ Lights Up NY

660 MW of electricity coming from New Jersey starts illuminating Manhattan

MA: $100 Million Green Bond Deal

Massachusetts to issue its first $100 million in green bonds for for improving energy efficiency in state buildings, river revitalization & land acquisition

June 03, 2013

Money's Not The Problem

For he emerging energy efficiency industry the key is connecting the opportunities to the money

No Either/Or For Big Greens

Seven big US environmental groups unite over demands for Presidential climate action and opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline project

Climate Cap: More Or Nothing At All

Climate negotiators must devise a higher cap on global temperatures, because the old limit of 2 degrees C is not achievable

China: Climate Handshake With US

China and the US agree to explore ways to cooperate on taking climate actions

Watch TV With Less Energy

Once again, Energy Star standards raise the bar for televisions & VCRS - ClimateWire $ub

Coming Soon: NY Energy Week

Plug in to the first-ever NY Energy Week June 24-28

About Those Solar Tariffs

The number of solar manufacturing & installation jobs seems constant since the US imposed tariffs on PVs imported from China

June 02, 2013

EU: if They Snooze They Lose

Increasing energy efficiency" is profoundly altering the rules of the game for EU power utilities