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March 31, 2013

Solarize Brooklyn

Here's a chance to bring solar power to the people of Brooklyn

Science At Work: The Big Heat Record

Even with statistical caveats, the last century of an 11,300 year global temperature record is trending sharply hotter. For more discussion, click here

March 29, 2013

China: Billions In Pollution

The $230 billion cost of pollution in China in 2010 is equal to 3.5% of the nation's gross domestic product

New Day For Solar In NY

Solar power policy and support catch fire in New York

EU: Carbon Market Crash

When a lifetime of emissions permits cost less than a tank of gas, can EU's carbon market be saved?

Follow The Money For NJ Transportation

Having refused to spend $3-5 billion on a cross-Hudson rail tunnel, NJ's Governor Christie approves $1 billion to fix just one highway interchange

White Paper: The Limits Of Incentive Pricing

Climate policy ideas for decentralized times and the limits of pricing incentives

Carbon Tax Cartoons

Are you laughing yet?

Transit Access Linked To Housing Recovery

For metro Washington DC, proximity to mass transit is linked to recovery in the housing market

EU: Infrastructure Spending Flags

Budge austerity threatens EU nations' infrastructure; only US support projections are lower

March 28, 2013

Apps For Urban Energy Efficiency

Los Angeles maps the energy efficiency of its buildings so performance comparisons are easy to see

When Bad News Is Good News

Scientists' global warming predictions are proving to be accurate

Philadelphia: Energy Benchmarker

Philadelphia adds a new tool in its energy efficiency kit with its building benchmarking law

Republican For Solar Power

The Republican Mayor of Lancaster, CA signs a law mandating solar cells for all new home construction

Energy Efficiency And Investor Confidence

Robust energy efficiency performance risk models are key to creating investor confidence in a project

Scotland: 39 In 13

Scotland satisfies 39% of its electric needs with renewables

UK: Offshore Wind Boosts Renewables

Increased renewable energy in the UK comes largely from offshore wind growth

Sea Ice: That's All Folks

Arctic sea ice has not stopped disappearing, as this year's winter maximum reveals

March 27, 2013

Feds Cover All City Sandy Costs

Washington will reimburse NYC government for all its $6.3 billion in Sandy response costs

Ditch Fossil Fuel Subsidies For Fitter Finances

The IMF calls on nations to end $2.4 trillion in fossil fuel subsidies, which will help balance their budgets and abate climate change

Netherlands: Shaken And Stirred

Dutch homeowners are shocked by earthquakes linked to long-term drilling for natural gas

Customers Don't Sprint For Green

Sprint finds its customers are not demanding eco-friendly telecom products and wonders why

Solar Plane Flies All Night

How could a solar-powered plane fly across the Atlantic?

NY Bonds Add Climate Warning

The fine print in New York State bond sales now includes a warning to investors that climate change poses economic and financial risks to the state

Subway Stormproofing

Preliminary MTA ideas for keeping the subways safe in the event of future storms and floods

March 26, 2013

Sustainable MBA's

MBA programs around the world start to include sustainability in their course lists

By The Sea, More At Risk

With coastal populations projected to increase from 123 to 134 million by 2020, more Americans will be in the path of weird weather dangers

States: Front Lines Of Renewables Battle

The future of renewable energy is being fought over now, state-by-state

The Urban Race Against Time

How should cities design and build the future, while maintaining and modernizing critical infrastructure systems?

Climate And Public Opinion

Media coverage is not the only force that shapes public views on climate change

Code Enforcement - Don't Go

Want to have cities with green buildings, drinkable water, breathable air? Read on

China: Fracking Central

Chinese shale may hold 1,275 trillion cubic feet of frackable natural gas, nearly 50% percent more than US reserves

Northern Hemisphere: Climate Chaos

The endless winter of 2013 in the northern hemisphere is linked to climate change and the loss of Arctic sea ice

Denmark: Nanowire Power

Scientists invent a nanowire material with the potential for making super-efficient solar cells

Science At Work - Over The Edge

Push an egg toward the end of a table, not much happens. Then it goes off the edge, breaks, and can't be restored to what it was. Does climate change work this way?

March 25, 2013

Things Are Looking Up

Grist sees reasons for optimism on the clean energy and climate action front

Energy Efficiency: Developers BFF

Developers who support the Mayor's midtown rezoning proposal make energy efficient building their new best friend

South Africa: Carbon Tax Or Not

The ETA for a South African carbon tax proposal is getting less certain

Paint The Town LED

Herald Square bill boards will shine with an LED makeover

Business Model Makeover For Energy

NRG abandons the 20th century electric power utility business model and deals directly with rooftop PV owners

No Friend In Court

The President's failure to appoint a single DC circuit appellate court judge could spell trouble for his climate action agenda

UK: Green Bank Funds Energy Innovative Hospitals

$27 million from the UK green bank will help finance a heat and power unit, a biomass system, efficient boilers and heat recovery from medical incineration and generate heat and electricity for local hospitals

March 24, 2013

True Or False: Fossil-Fueled Forever

It is time for Americans to shed their incredulity about a feasible post-fossil fuel nation

March 23, 2013

Apple's Green Core

What are the technical & fuel components of Apple's 100% renewable energy-powered data centers?

March 22, 2013

WaPo Refreshes Its Green Beat

Unlike the New York Times, the Washington Post keeps its eco-reporting evergreen

China: Wind And Water Power Grow

Keep an eye on China's expanding wind and hydro power capacity

Medellin: City Champion

Civic engagement is key to Medellin being named Innovative City of The Year

China: Exporting Pollution

Sand storms are just one of today's pollution exports with a 'Made in China' label

Greening Apple

Apple advances on its path to power the icloud with100% renewable resources, even when faced with fossil-fueled utilities

Finding Energy Efficiency Funds

Pennsylvania turns to the private market for $31.3 million to finance its home energy efficiency loan programs

Wrong Measures, Big Problem

Why is using 'energy intensity' as a measure of efficiency and climate progress so misleading?

The Lowdown On Backup Batteries

Are backup batteries a good investment for homeowners with solar panels?

Property Rights For Greens

The property rights movement could be a sturdy platform for conservatives who advocate for climate action

March 21, 2013

Australia: 20x20 A Keeper

Australia's Gillard government reaffirms the goal of getting 20% of the nation's power from renewables by 2020

How To Save A Trillion Dollars

With more information on the energy use of home appliances and energy use, consumers can make choices that will save them $1 trillion over the next fifteen years

Google Goes Green

Google uses data to make the case for investing in a future powered by renewables and making its operations energy efficient

Upstate Hopes For Green Bank

Clean tech business in upstate NY cities wants to see what the State's new $1 billion green energy bank can do

Sustainabiity In The Anthropocene

Scientists reconsider how to conceptualize sustainability in a era when every natural system is affected by human activity

Germany: Call For Lower Electric Rates

Social Democrats call on the German PM to use renewable power 'windfall profits' to lower consumers electric bills

Germany: Market Slump Harms Climate Programs

Chronically low EU carbon market revenues put an end to 3 German climate action programs

New Frack Standards Alliance

Three big fossil fuel firms join with environmental advocates to frame hydrofracking performance standards in the Marcellus Shale

Cancer Clusters Reconsidered

A must read review of Toms River, a must read book on what is known now about looking for, litigating & learning from classic cancer cluster cases

March 20, 2013

Spring In Brooklyn

Now that it's spring, get the Brooklyn Bridge Park 2013 official plant guide

China: End Of A PV Era

With the financial collapse of Suntech, the world's biggest PV maker faces its bankers

Enviros Alarmed Over Rule Delays

Environmentalists press EPA to issue GHG emissions limits for power plants despite industry opposition

UK: Budget Greens

Greens don't cheer the government's budget proposals

Lady Liberty To Reopen

Closed since sustaining electric and sewage system damage from Sandy, the Statue of Liberty will reopen on the Fourth of July

FloridaThe Sunshine State

Forget Florida, with one gigawatt of installed solar power, New Jersey is the new Sunshine State

Put A Price On Carbon

Even for fracking fans, the key to long-term carbon cuts is pricing carbon

What 'All Of The Above' Isn't

President Obama's 'all of the above' energy policy lacks a compleeing sense of urgency

March 19, 2013

We're Not In Kansas

Beyond green building or over the rainbow

An Efficient Correlation

A national study finds Energy Star certified homes are less likely to go into mortgage default than other residences

China: 100 x 15

China plans to have 100 gigawatts of wind power by 2015 and unclog transmission bottlenecks

Wind In The Grid

At 50 cents/megawatt-hour the cost of connecting wind power to the power grid is no obstacle

From Place To Process

It's time for urban studies to evolve into urbanization science

UK: Green Lights New Nukes

Costing more than its 2012 Olympics the UK approves two new nuclear power plants

Cap And Trade And Bank

California's Lieutenant Governor urges the state to use carbon cap and trade revenues to set up a green infrastructure bank able to sell municipal bonds

Do Better With Data

A project to standardize urban performance data allows to cities to compare, contrast and innovate

March 18, 2013

Climate Change Threatens Progress

Progress of countries now emerging from poverty could be reversed by climate change

The Perfect Wave Generator

The right technology to harness the vast power of offshore waves could be here

Goodish On Renewables

Renewables make up the bulk of 2013's new energy, but totals down from last year

Efficiency Gains Are Lost

Despite recent gains in home energy performance, bigger homes and more appliances almost wipe out the improvements

Nuclear Power: Yes, No, Don't Know

The latest findings on nuclear power may not resolve things for you

Japan: Wants US Nat Gas

By joining new free trade negotiations, Japan signals its interest in importing US liquified natural gas

Livable Leadership

What are Copenhagen, Hamburg, Oslo & Stockholm doing to make cities more livable?

Low-Cost Home, Micro-Cost Energy

Habitat for Humanity builds its first affordable passive house in Bellingham WA, with an annual energy bill around $100

Russia: Imports Fracking

Russia adopts US fracking tech to revive its old oil fields

March 17, 2013

QueensWay: Imagine That

A bike/walkway on a disused freight rail line through central Queens

More Room To Play

Governor's Island will get 30 acres of new ball fields and open space this fall

March 16, 2013

Visual Explanations

Seven charts display White House thinking about climate change

March 15, 2013

Backpedaling On Carbon

Will the Obama administration delay regulating CO2 emissions from new power plants by rewriting its regulatory proposal?

Fracking: Measuring Methane

The fiery debate over methane leaks from fracking sites could be resolved with a study that will gather data from both drilling & natural gas powered vehicles

Barcelona: The Internet Of Everything

Barcelona joins the smart city movement by integrating urban IT

Extra, Extra - Carbon Market News

Get the latest on RGGI carbon permit sales and upcoming cuts to the permit pool

Art On Rockaway Beach

Art mecca PS 1 plans a post-Sandy Rockaway site to host installations & events aimed at tackling climate change

We've Got Weather Gap

Budget cuts mean current US weather forecasting models are not being updated for a more climate chaotic world

Japan: Energy Self-Sufficiency

IEA advice on better ways to rebuild tsunami-devastated Japanese communities

Redirect Fossil Fuel Funds

Obama proposes shifting $10 billion in oil and gas lease revenues to fund clean vehicle research as part of his energy blueprint

March 14, 2013

A Fungus Among Us

Good news! Green roofs are full of fungus

Sun Shines For Solar Industry

The state of the US solar industry is good

The Future Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ, a city of 4.3 people stands in the noon-day sun of climate change impacts

Carbon Tax: Design Your Own

Some Q and A for the draft outline of a federal carbon tax bill that asks for public input through April 21

The Light Goes On

Be a smarter shopper, when buying light bulbs, look for the lumen rating

March 13, 2013

Germany: The Politics Of Energy

The pace of Germany's transition to renewable energy to play a role in upcoming elections

China: PV Maker In Ruins

Rock bottom prices & mountains of debt drive a giant Chinese PV maker bankrupt

Re-Opening Pandora's Box

Pandora's Promise is a documentary about environmental advocates for nuclear power

London: A 21 Century Underground

Crossrail construction is underway to expand the London Underground and refurbish old stations

Ryan's Oil Tax Breaks

In Paul Ryan's 2014 federal budget proposal, tax breaks for the booming fossil fuel industry remain unchanged

NOLA: Make It Right

Why has Make It Right failed to get people to buy new homes in the Katrina-devastated part of New Orleans? It's complicated


Since planting a new street tree in NYC is easy, why is replacing a dead or destroyed tree so hard?

Carbon Tax Is Not Enough

Although Australia has a carbon tax, it also needs large-scale building energy efficiency for effective climate action

DOE Clean Energy Loans - Good Deals

Despite the collapse of PV maker Solyndra, federal clean energy loans have a default rate under 3.6%

March 12, 2013

Germany: Nat Gas Plant RIP

Opened just three years ago, a German gas-fired power plant is losing money and shutting down

Science At Work - Climate Sensitivity

Predicting how much temperatures will rise as CO2 levels in the air increase is a subject of intense scruity

Pricing Carbon

Democrats in Congress reignite efforts to put a price on carbon emissions

Japan: Fire Water Fuel

Methane from frozen undersea sources off its Pacific coast could be a new high carbon fuel for Japan

The Opposite Of Renaissance

Setbacks plague the US nuclear power industry

NYS Pension Fund Targets Nuke Storage

The New York Comptroller to use the state's pension system clout to change the way nuclear power plants store spent fuel & some background on the risks at hand

Where Or When

Many seek energy sources and technologies to combat climate change, but no aha moments yet

NYers Flock Underground

Subway ridership in New York at its highest levels since the 1940s

March 11, 2013

Federal Green Buildings: The Fine Print

What are the rules and guidelines that govern the greening of federal buildings?

Germany: Paying For The Power Shift

As Germany transitions to renewable energy it considers closing loopholes for industry to pay for grid upgrades

Power Grid, Creaky And Costly

The network of wires sending electricity around the US is unreliable and expensive

Please Explain

How can US energy use drop to 1999 levels while its population increases?

UN: Tackle Climate Change And Energy Poverty

Combating climate change and energy poverty can be done in tandem, but it won't be easy

MD: Offshore Wind Arriving

When the Governor of Maryland signs an offshore wind bill this week, $1.7 billion will boost new development

India: Offshore Wind Ahead

Gujarat, India, a center of non-fossil energy, starts to plan for offshore wind power

A Perfect Storm

Wind power could edge out dirty coal and costly nuclear power

Doing Domino

Take a virtual tour of the abandoned Domino Sugar factory before it's redeveloped

March 09, 2013

Insurers Don't See Climate Risk

A survey of 184 insurance companies finds a very low level of concern about climate-related risks


A proposal for cutting the GHG emissions of the world's seventeen major economies 40% by 2035 by way of zero-carbon electricity

Investors' Hot Trend

Some investors seek to profit from a hotter world

March 08, 2013

Smart Home-Heating Tech

Homeowners get more tech choices to control wintertime heating & save money

Europe: Fossil Fuel Dinosaurs

Utilities clinging to fossil fuels are becoming business model fossils

UK: Coal Comeback

Coal burning by UK power plants soars 30%, even as domestic mines shut down

China: PV Maker And Market

China has become the world's biggest PV panel maker and the biggest market

South Ferry: All Aboard

Submerged by Sandy, part of the South Ferry subway station will reopen in April

Science At Work - Hotter Faster

New research suggests over the last 100 years the planet has gotten hotter, faster than than the previous 10,000 years

Why A Better Place Isn't

An almost post mortem on the failure of electric car company Better Place

Made In NY

Solar 1 takes a tour of a PV plant in Poughkeepsie, NY

LEEDing After Sandy

LEED could contribute to building for a weird weather world by adding storm-proofing points to its menu of green development options. Here's how

March 07, 2013

Nuclear Project Profits Safe

Although 10% over its construction budget, the utility developing a GA nuclear power plant does not risk lower profits

UK: Visit The Wind

A planned off-shore UK wind farm project invites visitors to a grid connection exhibit

Climate Change: Pay Now Or Pay Later

Washington's refusal to pay for climate actions now, will cost billions in emergency response and disaster relief later

Phila: Green City, Clean Water

With looming threats of climate linked storms and floods, Philadelphia seeks new ways to fund greener rain & waste water management systems

Advocacy Around A Wicked Problem

A scholar examines Bill McKibben's trajectory from journalist to public intellectual on climate change. Here's a summary

High Performance Building - Here To Stay

How to explain why green building growth has risen every year since 2008

Mind The Disclosure Gap

Why haven't corporate carbon emissions disclosure standards made more impact on investors?

March 06, 2013

How Cities Use Energy

An interview with the author of Zero Carbon Cities

Science At Work - The Artificial Leaf

Work advances on the artificial leaf, a device to transform sunlight into storeable fuel

China: US Energy Trade Surplus

The US ran a $1.63 billion trade surplus with China for renewable energy products in 2011

Play Soccer, Make Power

How can a soccer ball generate electricity for LED home illumination?

Storm Clouds For PV Industry

The risk of bankruptcy for China's biggest PV maker could harm the solar industry everywhere

The Case For Crowdfunding

An advocate lays out the case for launching renewable energy projects, especially in developing countries, with crowdfunding

CO2 Soars

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels leaped up in 2012

LEDs For Less

LED's, the next generation, way cheaper too

Public Editor On Demise Of Green Blog

The New York Times Public Editor writes "I’m not convinced that The Times’s environmental coverage will be as strong without the team and the blog. Something real has been lost on a topic of huge and growing importance."

China: Desmogging Plans

China ramps up a host of energy policies and clean air goals in the wake of its smog crisis

March 05, 2013

A Green Killer App

When will smart phones display infrared images of heat leaking from any building?

Remoblilizing Cities

Getting around cities by car is so 20th Century

To Barck From Ernest

A letter from the newly-nominated Energy Secretary to President Obama, dated 2008

Geothermal Energy, Not

Why are geothermal energy business prospects still in the doldrums?

When Less Is More

The role of negawatts & the Rosenfeld Effect in sustainable energy policy

Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Mapping commuter travel times in the NY metro area

Germany: Utility Leaves Fossil Fuel Sector

A major German utility exits the fossil fuel exploration business, as the nation pursues a shift to renewable energy

Canada: Over The Top

Canada looks ahead to mid century when ice-free polar regions become international shipping lanes

Australia: Summer Stunner

Summer 2013 weather in Australia breaks records

March 04, 2013

Science At Work - Better Batteries

When science invents a better battery, EVs and renewable power can become the new normal

Meet The Energy Chief

Ernest Moniz is tapped to become the new head of the federal Department of Energy

When A Deal Isn't A Buyout

Mayor Bloomberg announces a plan to purchase waterfront homes damaged by Sandy that is not a buyout program

UK: Energy Plan B

With its old nuclear power plants slated for shutdown, what will the UK do if new ones are not ready to take their place?

Another Green Beat Loss

The Washington Post re-assigns its veteran environmental beat reporter and Revkin's RIP for the Times' Green Blog

Making Haste Slowly

Rhode Island and Massachusetts offshore wind power projects inch forward

The Arab Climate Connection

Political upheavals in the mid-east have many causes and rising bread prices linked to climate disruptions in wheat growing counties is an added stress

EU: Low Grades For Efficiency Projects

80% EU-selected building energy efficiency projects are costly but minor aspects of renovation projects

London: Get Smart

The Mayor of London seeks advice on using technology to enhance operation of the city's transport and infrastructure systems

March 02, 2013

Retiring Coal

The Sierra Club announces it's half way toward its goal of retiring 105,000 megawatts of coal power

March 01, 2013

Bill McKibben, Founder of

Profiling Bill McKibben, America's top grass-roots climate activist


The New York Times kills off its Green Blog

Who's Doing What In Clean Tech Investing

As in every aspect of life, clean tech investing has its demons and angel

Climate Action Tipping Point

With its 500 mile coastline and without a relocation option, Sandy has become a climate action tipping point for NYC

Less Intesntity

US energy intensity is projected to keep droping economy wide through 2040

From Shipping Container To Active House

Danish designers convert a shipping container into an energy efficient 'active' house for the Chinese city of Wuxi

WTC In Flood Zone

The new federal flood zone map puts the World Trade Center site in the highest risk category