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August 31, 2012

Science At Work - Making The Climate Case

Explore how scientists make the case for a climate changing due to human impacts

Sydney: Learning Energy Efficiency

The University of Sydney launches a lab where architects, engineers and builders can advance their energy efficiency expertise

Illuminating The Lowline

How to bring sunlight to the 1.5 acre Lowline project under Delancey Street

CA: Cabon Market Dress Rehearsal

Get a preview as California gets ready to open its carbon emissions trading market this fall

August 30, 2012

The Lord Said To Noah....

Revised federal flood-zone maps have an impact on home insurance in the New York metro area

Italy: Sunny Side Up

Italy now gets more power from solar than wind and overall almost 25% of it electricity comes from non-fossil fuel sources

Antarctica: Beneath The Ice

If Antarctic ice melts on a large scale, massive amounts of methane, a potent GHG, will escape into the atmosphere

It Might Be Love

What could explain Con Ed's new openness to distributed electric power systems?

London: Modern Art

The Tate Modern considers the acquisition of a 1.5 ton wind turbine blade

Finding Funding For Smart Cities

Ideas for funding smart urban infrastructure initiatives

Not Energized By Mitt

The current energy policy of a certain former Massachusetts Governor gets the thumbs down from Boston's cleantech sector

Beyond Being A Blip

What will it take to make climate action more than a blip on Washington's political agenda?

August 29, 2012

Building On Building Data

Missed "Implications of a Data-Driven Built Environment" at the NY Academy of Sciences? Here's the eBriefing

Before You Recycle

A cooking tip from China that uses a recyclable plastic bottle

Come September

Expecting a September announcement by Governor Cuomo, a Bloomberg News editorial supports fracking in New York State

One Million For Green Education

The National Science Foundation awards two non-profits $1.08 million to encourage NYC high school students to study green tech

China: A Bigger Renewables Gap

China stays ahead of the US in the race to attract investment in wind and solar projects

Germany: Paying For Wind Power Risk

The German cabinet approves a draft law that shifts cost risks onto consumers to encourage more off-shore wind power projects

Japan: Nuclear Closure Costs

What is the right way to measure the cost of permanently closing Japan's fleet of 50 nuclear power plants?

August 28, 2012

Science At Work - Arctic Sea Ice

Scroll down the Revkin post for scientists' thoughts on record-low Arctic sea ice

Germany: Too Much Of A Good Thing

Lack of transmission lines and rising prices makes Germany pause on its path to renewable energy

UK: Shrinking Workers' Carbon Footprint

A UK finance firm develops a on-line guide to help its employees be more energy efficient

Clean Heat PSA

Since New York City buildings must convert to burning cleaner fuel, how can they pay for upgrades?

A Modest Proposal

An updated twist on Jonathan Swift for the climate-concerned

Australia: Ends Carbon Price Floor

Citing future integration with European markets, Australia ditches its $15/ton minimum on the trading price of CO2

Plotting A Carbon Tax

Who wins and who loses if the Congress imposes a carbon tax and avoids plunging over the fiscal cliff?

21st Century Monkey Trial

Could a climate scientist's defamation suit against a National Review blogger become another Scopes "monkey" trial about teaching evolution?

Chemistry Lobby Loathes LEED

What to make of chemistry industry claims that LEED standards harm energy efficiency goals and kill jobs?

August 27, 2012

India: Re-gridding

What are the prospects for smart grid deployment in India?

China: Top Secret

Another installment in the story about whether a Chinese car parts maker has gotten access to foreign auto-makers newest technology

City Planning Can Make You Happy

Urbanites who walk to work are happier than those who drive and other ways city planners can create eudamonia

Trash Talk

Some recent developments in the decades-long saga of what to do -- or not -- with NYC's trash

Share The Luxury

San Francisco is not the only US city to host luxury-brand EV sharing programs

Capturing Climate Fugitives

Since the oil industry began to capture fugitive emissions of climate-heating ethane, a global decline has been detected, but with fracking that decline could be ending

August 26, 2012

A New Kind Of Urban Lab

CITE, a city with zero population, will be a lab for academic, government and private-sector researchers to test new green technologies

Everywhere But Washington

There are many signs of a more chaotic climate, but no signs of a carbon tax in Washington. Need more evidence? Click here

August 24, 2012

Bloomberg Likes Fracking

Bloomberg Philanthropies gives $6 million to an environmental organization to advance cleaner fracking standards in 14 states

Urban Typology

If New York is just one kind of global city, what about the others?

China: The Eco-Generation Gap

Will today's Chinese university students bring an environmental commitment to future economic growth?

Brazil: Capital Sustainability

Brasilia's new office towers and the in-design residential neighborhood of Setor Noreste have sustainability in mind

Markets: Water Up, Carbon Down

Urban and industrial demand for fresh water pump up desalinization equipment prospects, while EU carbon market prices sink

Change Or Cook

Nathan Myhrvold does the numbers of carbon emissions and energy demand and concludes either we make a quick transition to carbon-neutral energy or we're cooked

Romney's Bid For Freedom From Arab Oil


Green Biz Growing Pains

Why are green tech services and product businesses having trouble finding customers?

Lungs Like Los Angeles

Since 1960, vehicle-related air pollution in Lost Angeles has plummeted 98%

August 23, 2012

Cities Green Their Grey Infrastructure

Cities are home to innovative natural infrastructure systems that protect the environment and save money

Throwing In the Wet Towel

A senior British climate scientist fears hotter global temperatures cannot be capped at 2 degrees

When In Rome, NY

A solar-powered boat maker launches in Rome, NY

Psst -- $1 Trillion On Tap

A thought experiment: If the US had a national energy policy with renewable and efficiency goals, it would mobilize a $1 trillion in private investments

Romney Releases Energy Blueprint

Drill baby, drill

Australia: Carbon Commitment Questioned

If Australia does not sign on to Kyoto-2, it will lose access to low-cost GHG emissions permits and raise business compliance costs

Science At Work - West Nile Virus

Is there a clear link between the summer's record heat and drought and record outbreaks of West Nile virus?

UK: More Money For Less Carbon

THe UK creates a fund to support low carbon and high energy efficiency business initiatives

August 22, 2012

Germany: Wind Power 2.0

A pilot plant in Germany will store wind power and use it to make hydrogen for generating electricity

China: $373 Billion x 2015

China could invest $373 billion through 2015 to beef up energy efficiency by 16% as measured in units of economic output

Japan: Rising Zero-Nike Sentiment

47% of Japanese polled about domestic nuclear power favor a future without it

A Fossil Fueled Future

Romney will announce his energy blueprint on Thursday

Guide For The Perplexed

The latest WSJ [but surely not the last] climate deniers column earns a razzberry

It's Not Easy Being PV

Plunging prices and trade wars give PV makers a headache just as pollution levels in the manufacturing process becomes clearer

August 21, 2012

Gimme Data

Real-time data is becoming the most powerful tool for improving and maintaining energy efficiency in buildings

China: Coal v Water v People

In an arid Chinese coal-mining area, water-intensive extraction methods and power plants create risks of water scarcity

Germany: Utility Upbeat On Wind

The power utility RWE sees opportunities for offshore wind power growth in Germany and the UK

The Natural Gas Scorecard

Can natural gas play a role in combating climate change and if so, what are its limits?

People Can Change

When it comes to the smart grid living up to it's potential, optimism that people can learn to adapt is a plus

Stripped, Boiled and Bad

What makes the oil from Canadian tar sands much worse than conventional fossil fuel?

Pedal To Work

NYC commuter bike ridership grew 13% in 2010 and another 7% last year and for homeward rides there are bikes that glow in the dark

UK-China Nuclear FBBs

The potential for Chinese involvement in building the next generation of UK nuclear power plants raises red flags

For The Birds

The Audubon Society endorses new federal guidelines for wind turbines to minimize bird impacts

August 20, 2012

Climate-Friendly Concrete

New ways to make concrete hold out a lower-carbon promise for this ubiquitous construction material

Germany: Burn Baby, Burn

German coal consumption rises 4.9% in the wake its the shut down of its nuclear power plants

Arctic Sea Ice: Less Than Ever

2012 is on track to have the lowest levels of Arctic sea ice on record

Zero x 2020

A new campus planned for Merced College will have zero net carbon emissions and be powered by a distributed energy system

Climate Action Down Under

Why Australia should stay the course with its carbon-cutting policy and resource investments still surge

NJ Wind Power Waits And Waits

Why does a 25 MW New Jersey offshore wind power development remain mired in controversy

Deciding What China Wants

China's decisions on climate and other environmental policies already have a global impact, but who is driving them?

August 17, 2012

Predicting Water Demand

A new software program can help California water resource managers plan for demand in hotter, drier 2100

Vancouver: A Plea For Congestion Pricing

What would be good for Vancouver might be good for your city too

New York Solar Power Funding

Now New Yorkers can get tax credits and property tax breaks (in NYC) if they install solar power at their homes or businesses

Let There Be Wind, Despite The GOP

At long-las, the Massachusetts Cape Wind project gets federal approval, but the GOP threatens a probe

Science At Work - The Rain Band

Research predicts the rain band of the southern hemisphere will shift north more often due to global warming, creating extreme weather events

Barcelona: Wind Driven

Barcelona is home to the world's first wind-powered electric vehicle recharging station

China SEZ

Chinese cities pilot low carbon development by using SEZ, Special Economic Zones

August 16, 2012

China: Catch Lots Of Wind

China gets 87% more on-line wind power every year for the last six years

Smart Building - LED Synergy

Why should smart building owners consider LED lighting upgrades?

Germany: The Noise Problem With Wind

Germany grapples with harm to marine animals caused by noise from off-shore wind turbine construction

What A Question

The New York Times asks its readers if the presidential candidates should discuss global warming

Science At Work - The Southern Ocean

Scientists discover vast funnels that store atmospheric carbon deep in the Southern Ocean

GM Likes Government Research

General Motors is upbeat about an electric vehicle battery developed with research at the Argonne National Lab and ARPA-E funds

August 15, 2012

Buffalo Is Buzzing

The saga of a local businessman who saves honey bees in Buffalo, NY

July Was Hot Everywhere

NOAA reports on land and sea temperatures for July 2012

China: More Coal Less Water

Greenpeace reports expanded use of coal in China will put its scarce water resources at risk

Wind Power On A Roll

Plug into this map of state-by-state growth in wind power

London: 25 x 25

Interact with this London Heat Map created to advance the goal of getting 25% of the city's energy from decentralized sources by 2025

City Changers

Explore the interactive website of I'm a City Changer and see what's changing

OMG - Some Good News

A new book calls Obama's American Recovery and Investment Act a huge clean energy bill

Jevons Paradox - Fuggedabout It

More experts weigh in on why the fearsome Jevons Paradox should not worry energy efficiency advocates

223 Local Losers

223 buildings in NY and NJ are competing in the EPA Biggest Energy Losers contest for the winner who cuts the most energy waste

August 14, 2012

Become An Energy Prosumer

Today's smart grid opens the door for utility customers to become 'prosumers' who add to the energy supply

British Columbia: Fur Flies Over Carbon Tax

Claims by a taxpayers' federation that British Columbia's carbon tax isn't revenue neutral are rebutted by an academic expert

Looking Through You

Claims of risk disclosure by US drillers about their hydrofracking practices don't meet the laugh test

Nuclear Plant In Hot Water

High temperatures in Long Island Sound make it impossible to safely cool two nearby nuclear power reactors

Sri Lanka: 20x20

Sri Lanka advances toward getting 20% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 with 30MW of new wind power

The Alps: Answered Prayers

With Swiss glaciers in retreat, the Vatican alters its liturgy to pray for more glaciers instead

On Or Off For Bus Rapid Transit

The jury is still out on the value of urban bus rapid transit

Down With Dirty Diesel

Steep cuts in the soot and particulates in urban air show the progress of a decade-long effort to clean up diesel engine pollution

August 13, 2012

The Fracking Fight: Round X

Watch the natural gas industry square of against the environmental movement over America's energy future

More Home Solar Options

A passive solar home in Denver, CO demonstrates there's more than one way to stay cool

Science At Work - New Zealand

Scientists studying glaciers in New Zealand find evidence of why today's global warming is different than earlier warm spells

Germany: Thriving Power Utility

Shutting down German nuclear power plants does not cut electric utility revenues

Art Lab For The Environment

Artists at the Living Lab in Portland, Oregon to experiment with new ways to advance eco-justice

Indo-Swiss Green Links

The Swiss government studieshow to enhance energy efficiency in 24 new Indian building projects

Wales: Wind Power Rising

Soon, nearly -one third of Welsh homes will rely on offshore wind power to keep their lights on

In Praise Of Congestion

Could congested city streets be an index of urban success?

Climate Science: Shoot The Mesenger

Climate scientist Michael Mann talks about climate science and about the climate culture wars

Ryan's Climate

While V.P. candidate Paul Ryan is on record as a believer in human-caused climate change, he's also on record as a believer that government should nothing about it {$ub]

August 11, 2012

Heat Over Hansen Paper

The published claim by climate scientist Jim Hansen that climate change is causing recent extreme heat waves is challenged by other climate scientists

August 10, 2012

Liking Urban Biking

What can reduce the stress of city bike riding?

Blueway For Manhattan

A road map for the East River Blueway, from the Brooklyn Bridge to midtown, is the result community based planning

$100 Million For Clean Heat

Mayor Bloomberg lines up $100 million to help NYC residential buildings convert to cleaner fuel

Germany: Banking On Energy Innovation

Germany's national infrastructure bank will be investing 100 million euros in growing the green economy and climate action

India: Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

After its massive blackout, why are prospects dim for renewable power in India?

Senate Sides With Wind

A key Senate committee votes 19-5 to extend an investment tax credit for the wind power industry

Climate Data From 73 Cities

Now at your fingertips, climate data and action plans from 73 cities around the world

Benchmarking: The Time Is Now

Benchmarking building energy performance is catching on in cities everywhere

Norwegian Wood Waves

A Norwegian company {$ub], using a turbine design in service since 2010, seeks approval for a 12 MW floating, tide-powered electric generator off the Maine coast

August 09, 2012

Belgium: Nuke Plant Shutdown

'Anomalies', including possible cracks in a key containment vessel, lead to closure of a Belgian nuclear power plant

Here Comes The Money For The Sun

New York Governor Cuomo announces $107 million in new funding to help build large, PV projects

Sustainability Is An Urban Value

Atlanta, Georgia Mayor, Kasim Reed sees the value of investing urban sustainability and meets with other American mayors to advance this agenda

CT: Sound Policy

Cleaning up of Long Island Sound could hinge on to climate impacts according to Connecticut Governor Malloy

China Eats Our EV Lunch

A Chinese auto parts company bids for a financially distressed US electric vehicle battery maker

The Power Of Green Coding

Expect innovative, eco-friendly building design now that New York City has 'greened' its zoning code

New Day For Solar Business Models

There is more than one way to design a viable solar power business

Charlotte Gets Smart

Charlotte, North Carolina targets sustainable growth with smart energy & water management plans

Clean Streets Or Clean Air

Ever wonder if there's a link between NYC's alternate-side-of-the-street sweeping rules and air quality?

August 08, 2012

EU Rejects US Climate Retreat

The EU snubs Obama's climate negotiator call to abandon global temperature goals

Cut Red Tape For Green Energy

The federal government vows to expedite the review and permitting for seven renewable power projects

Winning New Energy Ideas

Who are the winners of a New York Academy of Sciences-hosted award for new green energy products?

Home Improvements

A primer on window replacements & energy efficiency

Bloomberg Weighs In

Mayor Bloomberg has lots to say about words that start with the letter c, 'creationism', 'climate change', & 'cities'

UK: Greens Slam Green Bank Rules

Environmental groups are critical of a government ban on borrowing from private capital markets by its new green infrastructure bank

Atlanta: No Taxes, No Way

Why metro Atlanta won't be doing anything about it's terrible traffic

Paris: Strolling By The Seine

Ending a Sarkozy-era blockade, Paris will go ahead with it's plan to increase Parisians' opportunity for Seine-side walking & biking

August 07, 2012

Japan: The Geothermal Option

Today, Japan has barely any geothermal power, but that might be changing

Australia: Cut Power Costs

Australia seeks to curtail electric utility bills, where soaring costs pre-date its carbon tax

NYC 2012 Benchmarking Report

Hot off the presses - the facts, the photos, the analysis

Renewable California

California now gets 20.6% of its electricity from renewable sources, up from 17% in just one year Official report here

Hello Heliostats

Tour a renewable energy project rising in the Nevada desert that uses heliostats to make solar thermal electricity for southern California

Adapt Or Else

Devastating drought-related crop failures and a massive blackout signal where India needs to develop resilience to climate change risks

August 06, 2012

Extreme Heat

New research by James Hansen sees rapid growth of extreme global heat caused by changing climate conditions

Name That Synonym

In the age of Twitter, six-syllable words like 'sustainability' are too long, got better ones?

Korea: Geriatric Nuclear Power

Facing high energy demand during a scorching Korean summer, a 1978 nuclear power plant returns to service

Canada: Beware Fossil Fuel Addicition

The Canadian Natural Resources Minister warns that reliance of fossil fuel extraction will harm chances for growth linked to a low-carbon economy

The East River Bluebelt

A community-based plan to create a waterfront bluebelt in lower Manhattan is moving ahead (but will it be climate-change resilient?)

The Web Gets Passive

New York Passive House has a brand-new web portal

The New Urban Ed Curriculum

Learn about what students will be doing up on the roof at PS 333

We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

While the financial media focuses on today's Eurozone crisis, it's missing the main event, the looming impacts of climate change

Canada: Oil Sands Look East

The Premier of Alberta, Canada, is upbeat about piping her province's oil sands east to refineries and export markets

Colorado: Wind Winner

57% of the electricity for Colorado's biggest utility came from wind power one day this spring

August 03, 2012

Energy Auditors At Work

There is a lot to be learned from the energy audits of 29 NYC office buildings and many ways to optimize their HVAC systems

Why Clean Energy Stocks Flounder

The small scale of many clean-energy ventures makes it hard to attract conventional stock investors

Richard Muller: Ex-Climate Agnostic

Standing in a global media glare, climate scientist Richard Muller explains himself

Take Our Carbon, Please

Major fossil fuel companies seek EU support for developing carbon capture and storage systems

Airlines Against Carbon Caps, Not For Anything

A US-led coalition of airlines opposing the EU carbon cap fails to come up with alternatives

Heard It On The Grapevine

The New York Times wants your input on the media sources you trust for information on climate change

India: Solar Lightens Blackout Woes

Find out why solar power helped ease the impact of India's mass power blackout in rural areas, but not cities

Too Costly To Compete

Current efforts to finance and build nuclear power plants raise questions about their competitiveness with other energy sources

Benchmarking Report Out, Data Is In

New York City's Annual Benchmarking Report offers a panorama of building energy performance and finds vast energy use disparities

August 02, 2012

Retiring Coal

More and more US coal-fired power plants can't wait to retire, but beware of surging coal exports

Clean Energy - It's Inevitable

With a headline like that, how an you resist reading this interview with CEO of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Michael Liebreich?

The Future Of "High" Parks

Picture the future of two very different NYC parks, High Bridge and the High Line

Don't Know Much About Cap And Trade

Although California has a sweeping climate change law, most residents are unaware of its carbon cap and trade program

The Tappan Zee Tear Down

Hope is demolished for recycling the old Tappan Zee Bridge into a Hudson River-spanning park

London: Olympics' Eco-Endurance

Olympic planners routinely boast about their green feats, but what about the green legacy for host cities?

Accounting For Energy Savings

A big accounting firm projects the money & energy it will savewith installation of LED lighting in its NYC headquarters

Facebook's Carbon Footprint

Is Facebook's 2011 carbon footprint better than its 2012 IPO?

August 01, 2012

Let's Talk About The Weather

Public alertness to the current heat waves and droughts have yet to translate into 2012 election-year talking points

Germany: Wind Power Trends

While 2012 could see higher-than-expected new wind power for Germany, offshore projects are delayed by lack of grid access

Brazil v China

Brazil sues Sinovel, the world's second-biggest wind turbine maker, alleging theft of software codes

India: The Next Blackout

Could climate chaos add to India's future energy woes?

Live Long In NYC

New York City's mass transit system is a great reason for older folks to live here

Money-Minded Solar Decisions

Catch up with the latest rooftop solar installation financial ABC's

Burlington Riots Over Tar Sands

Demonstrators in Burllington VT protesting plans for a Canadian tar sand pipeline got fired up and fired on

Wind Could Blow Obama's Way In Iowa

Iowa, a state where the Presidential race is up for grabs Obama's support for wind power could be key

Writing Climate Science

Andy Revkin does a quick survey of the work behind publishing climate science research today