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April 30, 2012

Canada: A Plethora Of Pipelines

The controversial Keystone XL project is not the only pipeline proposed to export Alberta's oil sands

UK: Climate Advice For Cameron

While Conservative PM David Cameron tips his hat to energy and climate needs, he needs to do much more

Germany: Cloudy Prospects For Green Growth

Germany's renewable power industry faces stagnation after nearly a decade of growth and the need to replace its nuclear power

Council Leader Goes For The Green

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn sheds light on how public buildings can save energy while creating local jobs

Ready, Willing And Taxed

Enthusiasm for more mass transit in Los Angeles is backed up with sales tax revenues

Not Just Dreaming

New York's PlaNYC 2030, its blueprint for urban sustainability, is becoming a reality

Never Too Late To Be Passive

Just found this 2011 story on a passive house in Williamsburg and it's still news!

Making Corporate Sustainability Count

When executive compensation is tied to corporate sustainability policies, does it make a difference?

April 29, 2012

Hot And Deep

Data shows the oceans are where the planet is heating up most with one third of this gain down below 700 meters

April 27, 2012

The Eco-Honor Roll

The EPA honors 26 individuals and organizations in New York for their environmental leadership

Up In The Air

At 391.3 ppm, atmospheric concentrations of CO2 hit a new high in 2011

Made In China, Felt In EU

Is the Chinese green-light for carbon emissions credits responsible for depressed EU emissions reduction credits prices?

The ALEC Hit List

Challenges to state renewable energy mandates could be high on the to-do list of the right-wing policy group ALEC

India: Gorgeous, Green And Brick

By combining traditional materials and innovative design the brick facade of this Indian building is energy efficient and high performing

Not Too Big And Not Too Small

New energy efficiency agreements by ministers of 22 nations and the EU show targeted policies can succeed where grand visions cannot be adopted

In The Green Zone

New York City is about to get a greener, greater zoning code

April 26, 2012

Shockingly Cheap

Bloomberg NEP figures the cost to cut EU carbon emissions to 30% by 2020 is a steal!

Proof: High Gas Prices Are Good For The Economy

$4 a gallon gas motivates consumers to trade in their gas-guzzlers for new energy-efficient autos and sales figures rise

Nuclear Market Niche

Despite the buzz about next-generation modular nuclear reactors, none are being installed today

Energy Spending Boom Goes Bust

The short boom and deep bust in government spending for renewable energy roils business prospects

The US Insurance Climate

Is the US insurance industry lethargic about responding to risks posed by climate change?

India: Sun Power Rises

Citing the role of public policy, India's solar power capacity rose from 17.8 to 500 MW over the last two years

California's Billion Dollar Question

With it's carbon emission market set to open, California starts to consider what to do with the first round of proceeds expected to be $1 billion

Global Renewables Resilience

Low prices appear to buoy most renewable energy markets

Like A Rolling Stone

Check out Obama's interview in Rolling Stone that's got climate activists energized and a new poll finds strong public support for federal action

April 25, 2012

Wind Power In Washington

The wind power industry continues to press Congress on extending the production tax credit

Reporting On Progress

Now that the program is five years old, catch the highlights of the PlaNYC 2012 Progress Report or deg down deep

Carpe Diem

The Center for American Progress reports on the opportunities America has right now to grow its economy and make communities more resilient by taking the low carbon, clean energy path

Wind Setback But Tide Comes In For Maine

Maine officials send a proposed wind farm project back to the drawing board with concerns over visual impacts and wildlife but approve three proposed tidal power projects

Too Much Of A Good Thing

A global glut of polysilicon, the raw material for making solar panels, drives prices to 10-year lows, creating both business threats and market opportunities

NYers Take To Ferries

With ridership exceeding expectations, East River ferries might become a permanent part of New York City's mass transit menu

April 24, 2012

Sonoma Sticks With PACE

While not every county has Sonoma's resources, this northern California county maintains its PACE loan program in the face of persistent federal opposition

Some Good News, But Not Enough

Deutsche Bank reports that global GHG emissions have continued to decrease since 2009, but not enough to limit climate change to 2 degrees C

Renewable Energy Policies Face The Goon Squad

Right-wing activists like Grover Norquist and ALEC target state renewable energy programs

Unleash The Value Of Climate Change

American business and pro-business politics should seize the market opportunities presented by cutting our carbon footprint

London: Olympic Greenwash

Will the corporate financial support of firms like BP make a mockery of the London 2012 Olympics greener-than-thou aspirations?

Chicago Smart Meter Program Could Fail

Unless it improves its public education effort, the Con Ed smart meter program in Chicago could fail to make the grade with utility customers

UK: Power Path Uncertain

With European companies backing out of UK nuclear power deals and anxiety over government climate policy, the country's energy future is not clear

Think Before Fracking

The Albany Times Union urges State officials to take a hard look at the use of propane gel in hydrofracking before it becomes a prevalent practice

April 23, 2012

Obama Cares

President Obama lauches a campaign video that aims to attract environmental voters

Japan: Boost For Renewables

Japan weighs whether to give renewable power an assist with feed-in tariffs, starting this summer

Greening NYC, One Building At A Time

Stories from the front line about how affordable housing developers tackle operational cost-cutting and energy efficiency to help everyone

NYU Goes For Gold In Brooklyn

NYU seeks LEED Gold for the renovation that will house its applied science research center in a deal with the City

UK and US: Floating Wind Tech

The UK and US will cooperate on technology for floating turbine installations able to create wind power far off-shore

Austin: Smart Grid Start-Up

There's a lot to learn when launching a smart-grid business in Austin, Texas

April 21, 2012

LEED: The Thin Edge Of Trend

While just 37 buildings in Manhattan have completed LEED-rated renovations, the Urban Green Council sees great promise ahead

April 20, 2012

Closing Out The Fossil Fuel Era

What will bring about the end of the Fossil Fuel Era and when could that occur?

EU: Carbon Market Rescue

The EU tries to save its carbon emissions market and recover from skepticism sagging prices

Why Carbon Emissions Drop

States in the RGGI carbon cap and trade pact have seen their emissions drop by more than the national average, but does that mean RGGI deserves the credit?

Dual-Purpose Water Supply

The New York City Council passes a bill requiring a study about the potential of the water supply system as a source of hydro-power

Korea: Walks Away From UK Wind

Citing uncertainties, the Korean investorpulls out of a proposed Scottish offshore wind power project

London: OK To Inhale

As a lead-up to the Mayoral election, Londoners demand air that meets environmental standards and is safe to breathe

The Destination For High Speed Rail

If California's main goal in building high speed rail is cutting carbon emissions, there are much cheaper ways to get there

Reimagine The East River

A design competition rethinks New York's East River waterfront and choses three winners

Green Group Goes For Obama

The League of Conservation Voters makes it official and gives its election endorsement to Presdient Obama

The Deployment Enigma

The challenge of how to deploy new green technologies in the market place isn't going away

April 19, 2012

Take The Info Tech Survey

Are you an IT, clean tech or web services business or investor? Make your voice heard and your experience count

The Energy Efficiency Slide Show

Watch the slide show on how to make energy efficient buildings the new normal

Japan: Race To The Efficiency Top

Japan's Top Runner program sets standards for energy efficient appliances based on the best products in the market

EU: Shifting Winds

For industry leaders what does the wind power need to thrive in Europe?

What The Weatherman Says

Read this personal narrative of a weatherman who used to be a climate change skeptic

Poland: Down On Propping Up Carbon Prices

Poland opposes EU plans to support sagging carbon prices on the emissions trading market

Size Matters

Urban guru Richard Florida spells out the connection between city size and sustainability

Decarbonizing Europe

As Germany shutters its nuclear power plants, will it show Europe how to run on renewable power and energy efficiency?

About Those Earthquakes

Scientists report that midwest earthquakes are not caused by hydrofracking, but suspect links to the deep underground storage of waste drilling liquids

Trash Wars Re-ignite

Mayor Bloomberg has not conceded defeat, in the face of stiff opposition, to his pilot waste-to-energy plan

Lease The Sun

Leasing makes rooftop solar power affordable for more homeowners than ever before

April 18, 2012

Revolution Number Nine

It's an odd list, but green building is the ninth-fastest growing industry in the US

India: Less Money For Smart Grids

Venture capital loses interest in creating smart electric power grids in India due to lack of consumer demand

Watch Out

Don't expect to see reporting about climate change on network TV news, it's not there

Suit Against Climate Scientist Continues

The law suit to compel the disclosure 12,000 e-mails of climate-scientist Michael Mann gets another day in court

Meet The Super Commuters

Who are the super-commuters, people who commute to work in Manhattan at least 90 minutes or 90 miles in each direction?

Time For Energy And Environment Stars

Focus on four energy and environment leaders who appear on Time's list of 100 influencers

NYC Ranks Sixth In Stars

New York was in sixth place for buildings that got an EPA Energy Star in 2011, but did better when measured in total energy saving

UK: Can't Export Its Carbon Problem

A Parliamentary report finds the UK must change the way it measures its climate impact to include the GHG emissions of imports, which could raise figures by 20%

April 17, 2012

Euro Woes Cut Global PV Jobs

The American maker of low-cost, thin-film PV will cut 30% of its global labor force in response to worsening European markets

UK: Green Deal Victory

Despite the loss of energy efficiency in the Green Deal program, home insulations provisions survive intact

The End Of Exurbia

The American love affair with exurbia took a hit during the Great Recession and shows no sign of reviving

The Pliocene Era And Us

Climate scientists look back 3.5 million years at the Pliocene Era to better understand what 21st century climate change will bring

The Sooty Apple

Apple relies more on coal to power its data server centers than any other US electronics firm

Green Consumers: The Communications Gap

Polls of consumer choices find a willingness to buy green -- in theory -- and doubts about product promises

Eco-Politics Today

What does it take to impact American politics and what is the impact of today's political climate, from the perspective of the Sierra Club?

April 16, 2012

Gas Exports On Tap To Rise

Financing has been secured to building the first US liquefied natural gas export facility in 50 years

UK: Less Carbon Per Mile

UK transporation experts brainstorm about ways to cut the nation's carbon footprint

EU: Wind In The Economy's Sails

Despite recession woes, the growth of European wind power could boom over the coming decade and add billions to the EU economy

Climate Number Crunching

If its numbers, data and trends you need, the annual EPA Inventory of GHG emissions and sinks is the go-to destination

Sunny Side Up

Will the plunging cost of PV panels usher in an era where the cost of solar power is the same as the cost of electricity made from fossil fuels?

Warm Feet - Cool Climate

Radiant underfloor heating systems are an energy-efficient choice for home-owners

The Amerian Dream - Urban Edition

Urban living is trending for Gen Y while suburban life-styles are on the decline

Mexico: 50x50

Mexico is on the cusp of enacting legislation that cuts government GHG emissions 50% by 2050

Maybe More Uranium Mining

Do increased numbers of applications for uranium mining in Texas mean a revival of global nuclear power demand?

The Renewables Roller Coaster

While global investment in renewable energy still outpaces overall economic growth and the US is #1-ranked, investment is totally reliant on public polices that come and go [$ub]

April 14, 2012

Pedal Pushing

Here are hints of what the NYC bike-sharing program, set to roll out this summer, will look like

April 13, 2012

Germany: Beat The PV Tariff Clock

With the end of a feed-in tariffs looming, Germans are rushing to install solar panels

The Green Jobs Brawl

Look at the campaign for growing green jobs and what you'll find ranges from doubt to divisive dispute

France: It's Good To be King President

With elections looming, French President Sarkozy announces the birth of a $9.2 billion, 1.93 GW off=shore wind project

The Case For Natural Gas

Love it or hate it, the Energy Information Agency links rising use of natural gas to lower CO2 emissions in the US since 2007

Sydney: Transit Tie-In Tower For City Center

A 29-story multi-green featured office tower will rise over Sydney Australia's central rail station

Price Collapse On The Way

Experts predict a crash in natural gas prices coming sooner than expected due to lack of storage space

No Place To Hide

We can ignore the risk of climate change but it won't ignore us

IPO For Solar Power - Fuggedaboutit

The Wall Street stock launch of Brightsouce, a California concentrated solar thermal equipment maker, is scrubbed

April 12, 2012

Microtubines 101

What are microturbines and why do they matter?

True Or False: Either Go Green Or Grow The Economy


Escaping The Energy Bill Trap

Until now, high utility bills made it tough for low-income New Yorkers to save money by making their homes more energy efficient

More Green For Energy Efficiency

2010 was a banner year for government, utility and non-profit spending on industrial energy efficiency, with New York and California leading the way

Less Green For Green Power

A combination of US political uncertainty and global financial woes cut deeply into clean energy investments but there are other ways to do the tallies

Germany: GHG Emissions Down

In 2011 Germany's GHG emissions dropped by 2.1% due to warm weather & greater use of renewable energy

Australia: See You In Court

A court battle is shaping up over the Australian carbon tax slated to go into effect of July 1

UK: Turbine Tussle In Bronte-Land

Does the furor over siting wind turbines in the Yorkshire countryside made famous by the Bronte sisters mean doom for wind power in the UK?

Reinventing Fire

Amory Lovins wants to reinvent the electric power system from the bottom-up through accelerated innovation and competition

April 11, 2012

Iceland: Export The Heat

Talks begin about exporting electricity created by Icelandic geothermal heat to England as part of a Euro super-grid system

Demark: Trouble For Wind Turbine Maker

Stock prices for Vestas, the world's largest wind turbine maker sink to a nine-year low

New Mexico Rises In PV Ranks

In 2010, New Mexico ranked seventh in PV power, today it's up to fourth out of 50 states

The Cost Of Clean Power

Could it be that adding renewable power into a state's utility mix doesn't raise customer bills?

Brooklyn's Bragging Rights

Now Brooklyn can boast of 350 more energy-efficient affordable apartments, thanks to an $18 million Citywide weatherization project

Nebraska To OK Pipeline Law

Despite opposition, Nebraska is set to enact legislation that would speed approval of the XL Keystone pipeline for carrying tar sands oil to the Gulf Coast

India: Don't Carbon Tax Us

For India, the EU carbon aviation tax could derail agreement at future international climate treaty talks

Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It

It's time for the clean tech industry to get out there and market itself, just being greener isn't enough

Denmark: Declaration Of Energy Independence

Denmark declares its goal of becoming energy independent by 2050 and alternate energy technology will play a key role

April 10, 2012

Adapt Or Swim

As NYC experts know, it's not too soon to think about the vulnerability of local airports, subways and other mobility media to climate change

Isn't It Ironic

Chevron uses solar power-generated steam to extract more heavy oil from old California assets

UK: Family Feud With Fallout

The British environmental movement is tearing itself apart in the hot debate over nuclear power

Thailand: Buddhist Recycling

Buddhist monks in Thailand go green by building a new temple with a million recycled bottles

Hard Times For Renewables

Prospects for renewable power growth in the US don't look good, with few projects in the development pipeline

Take A Spin With Gridlock Sam

Get behind the wheel with traffic maven Sam Schwartz and see how he would change the way New Yorkers get around

Could This Be The End Of King Coal

Experts fuel the debate over coal's current decline and its future in the US and its rising exports

Mexico City: Vertical Is Up

What's the urban green message on the walls of Mexico City?

Tri-State Solar

Why and how should NY, NJ an CT ramp up their PV capacity while building a solar economy

April 09, 2012

Tips For Climate Tweeting

Tweeps -- upgrade your 140 character climate tweets

EU: Raising the Cuts

England will urge the EU to commit to a 30% rather than a 20% cut in carbon emissions by 2020 at meetings next week

India: Govt Buildings Get Green

All government buildings in the southern Indian state of Karnataka will be upgraded to meet energy efficiency codes

Nothing Fails Like Success

Consider the record of the renewable energy tax credit that Congress refused to renew

UK: Turbulence For Offshore Wind

Plans for mega-scale wind farms off the English coast could face resistance

Climate Sliming

Wonder what's it's like to speak out publicly about the need for dialogue across the spectrum of US views on climate change?

Smart Grid Auction

GE will auction 225 MW of smart electric transmission line capacity that links NYC with a tri-state grid

Billions At Stake For California

If it can overcome some steep obstacles, the California carbon cap and trade program can immediately start producing $1-3 billion a year for state programs

Use Water To Store Wind

Could New York use its hydro-power resources as a battery to store the intermittent power from wind farms?

Climate Rewrites The Calendar

As the timetable of the seasons shifts, scientists study changes in nature

April 06, 2012

Sydney: See It Here

Reducing building energy use through deployment of data visualization comes to Sydney, Australia

From Cities To Urban Areas

A 2010 Census data map shows where Americans live now and the trend toward urban area growth

Save The Planet Playfully

Today's 20-somethings can be enlisted for the serious work of energy conservation with the right kind of video games

Taiwan: Google On Ice

A Google data storage center in Taiwan will make ice at night, when electricity demand is low, to cool its equipment during the day

London: Mayor's Pollution Glue Won't Stick

Not everyone likes the way Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, uses spray adhesive to control the city's vehicle emissions

City Council Scores A Green Home Run

The latest annual environmental scorecard for all 59 members of the New York City Council awards its highest ratings ever

Things Could Be Worse

10,00 computer simulations conclude that Earth is as likely to heat up 3 degrees Celsius by 2050 as it is to warm by a more modest 1.4 degrees

Key Lessons From Keystone

Bill McKibben has learned a a lot about the fossil fuel industry and Washington politics from his campaign to derail the Keystone XL pipeline

Hot And Salty Tech

What's happening now in research on molten salt able to store solar power so it can be when it's needed?

April 05, 2012

Antarctica: It's Melting

Satellite pictures reveal the break-up of the vast Larsen B ice shelf in Antarctica

Science At Work — The Air

New evidence confirms the climate science hypothesis that atmospheric CO2 levels rose before temperatures climbed to end the last Ice Age

UK: Money Waves Hello

Th UK launches a 20 million pound competition for the two best wave and tide power developments

Urban Bird Yelps

Urban birds must tweet louder than ever to to be heard over rising city noise levels

Science At Work — The Oceans

Scientists find evidence to support the climate change theory that during Ice Ages atmospheric CO2 concentrates in deep oceans

Science At Work — The Arctic

Research links the degradation and thaw of Arctic permafrost with the high levels of atmospheric methane and Co2 in that region

Adapting To The Inevitable

Washington State starts to makes plans for adapting to climate change impacts

Nuclear Rebound Predicted

The French nuclear utility, Areva, sees a rebound in the global uranium market by 2014 as new plants come on-line and the impact of Fukushima fades

Cuomo: Rebuild, Repave Or Neither

Why does Governor Cuomo want a new 'energy highway' for New York and will he get one?

April 03, 2012

The Climate Desk At The Times

What has Justin Gillis learned working the climate beat at the New York Times?

Egypt: Inevitable Doesn't Mean Easy Green

While some see renewable energy as an invevitable part of Egypt's future economy, that doesn't mean getting there will be easy

Greece: Lighten Up On Economic Gloom

Greece hopes that developing its solar power industry will help boost the economy

Australia: US Competes For Asian Energy Deals

The Asian market for Australian LNG is threatened by cheap US shale gas and more

Friends Of Fracking

Landowners in Tioga County, New York strike deal with energy companies to use propane to frack for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale

The Planet In Brief

Q: What's shorter than a tweet? A: The EPA micro-essay contest for the six best words about planet Earth

Better Than Builidng In Buffalo

The adaptive reuse of an old industrial building in Buffalo, NY as a mixed-use low income housing project for local artists and their families

More Than One Way To Be Vulnerable

Take a climate change impact tour of tense regions of the globe

April 02, 2012

House Wants You To Take The HEAT

The House Energy Action Team - HEAT - shows Republicans have yet to meet a fossil fuel they don't like

China: Young Consumers, Carbon Conscious

A multi-national survey finds young, urban Chinese consumers to be the most concerned about the carbon footprint of the brands they buy

UK: Lots Of Gas

Estimates of UK shale gas reserve, accessible by fracking are now higher than the figures for Poland

Europe: On The Energy Horizon

Why will natural gas, not renewables, will be the major post-nuclear power source in Europe?

Carbon Credits To Fund High Speed Rail

California expects revenue from its carbon permit sales can be more reliable than federal funds to pay for high speed rail

Coal Prices Stop Sinking

While the contract price paid for coal by a Japanese power utility reflects a steep drop from last year's prices, don't expect global prices to fall further

Energy And Climate On the Campaign Trail

Compare and contrast what Presidential candidates say - or used to say - about climate and energy issues

Less Carbon To The People

Successful grass roots efforts to block construction of new coal-fire power plants suggests there is real support for climate action

VA Seizes Wind Option, NJ Dithers

Virginia advances toward being the first state to get off-shore wind power, while New Jersey mulls things over