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March 30, 2012

UK: Something To Talk About

At the invitation of a senior climate scientist, climate skeptics and climate change believers engage in civil discourse

GM Drives Away

General Motors stops funding the climate-denialist Heartland Institute

LEED's 12,000th

The US Green Building Council awards its 12,000th LEED for commercial buildings certification

UK: Everybody Loves Less

With UK GHG emissions down sharply in 2011, everyone wants to take credit

Senate OKs Eco-Appointee

The Senate approves David Danielson to head DOE's energy efficiency and renewable energy programs

Make War Not Carbon

Attendees at a Carbon War Room conference learned about biochar - a process that relies on plants to remove CO2 from the air to create fuel

Small (Might Be) Beautiful (To Some)

If developers of smaller and cheaper nuclear reactors can apply for $450 million in DOE funds for engineering and licensing, why does a former utility CEO sas there will be no new nuclear power plants?

Clean Fuel Standards - RIP

Time could be running out on 11 northeast states' Clean Fuel Standard as plans advance to ship Canadian tar sands oil into the region

March 29, 2012

Did You Ever See A Wind Farm Flying

Here you go, WHOOSH

Scotland: Yes They Have

Scotland exceeds its own eco-target, with 35% of its power coming from renewables in 2011

Another Cost Of Canadian Tar Sand Oil

California, despite its carbon cap & trade law, is home to among the most polluting oil refineries in the nation because they process Canadian crude from tar sands sources

What' Climate Got To Do With It

Research finds the sharpest drop since 1974 in confidence about science occurred among the most highly educated US conservatives

Made In China, Missed By US

Two Chinese scientists, educated in the US, couldn't investors to back their clean energy inventions, so they rreturned to China and found more opportunity and that's just the beginning!

UK: Industry Abandons New Nuke Plan

Two big German companies will sell off their stake in English utilities planning to build new nuclear power plants

Chicago Blends In Green

The Mayor Emanuel strategy to revitalize Chicago by forging public-private partnerships to make-over the City's vital infrastructure, embraces some eco-efficient, programs

CA (re)Sets The PACE

Without PACE programs, California works on Plan B to help home owners pay for energy efficiency upgrades and PV

Oil Stocks Near All-Time Highs

With soaring stock prices and other signs of economic vigor, why does the US fossil fuel industry still reap multi-billion dollar tax breaks?

March 28, 2012

What O3 Can Teach CO2

What lessons can current climate campaigners learn from the success in closing the Earth's ozone hole in the 1980's?

EPA: A Rules Without A Cap

The new EPA rule cuts carbon emissions from existing power plants & spells the end for King Coal but won't limit overall CO2 levels, so who wins?

Waste Not, Want Not

Feed food scraps and sewage into one end of a gizmo and out comes enough methane to fuel energy-efficient combined heat and power systems - and that's not all

UK: Improving The Information Infrastructure

A new center to measure better carbon emissions, improve climate change data accuracy and advance energy efficiency innovation is set to launch in London

We'll Always Have Austin

Austin Texas is fast becoming one of greenest cities in the US and a 'test bed' for energy efficiency and clean power technologies (ClimateWire $ub)

Korea and UK: Capture Carbon Together

South Korean firm Samsung will develop a carbon capture and storage system at a 650 MW coal-fired power plant in Yorkshire to open in 2016

March 27, 2012

Cities: Where It Happens First

Cities are on the front line for climate change impacts and inventing ways to respond and adapt

Australia: Betrayed By Energy App

How did an Australian Dad discover his daughter threw a New Year's Eve party when he was 500 miles away?

Sniffing Gas Fumes

Polls report what Americans favor as domestic energy policies, but the problem is they won't lower gas prices

Bright Green Tech

An international conference hosted in San Francisco showcases the latest green tech gadgets and products

Pakistan: Fill The Energy Gap With PV

Because Pakistan creates less electricity than it uses daily, energy a big concern and PV could be a solution

Spain: The Salt Water Challenge

Seeking to overcome marine challenges, the Basque government builds sea walls protect its next generation wave-fueled power plant

Oil Pipelines Proliferate

Plans emerge for two more pipelines to carry 850,000 barrels of oil from Canada to US Gulf Coast refineries

Japan: Oil Industry Eyes Demand Uptick

With all but one nuclear power plant shuttered in Japan, the oil industry sees a surge in market demand

NYC: Green Zoning

Highlights of the NYC green zoning proposal, based on the idea of removing obstacles to a more energy smart built environment

New Rules For New Power Plants

The long-awaited EPA rules to cut GHG emissions from new power plants are are out (but don't expect rules for existing power plants anytime soon)

March 26, 2012

Pedal Pushers

Are you transported by the fancy footwork around the proposed bike and pedestrian lane for a rebuilt Tappan Zee Bridge or Gridlock Sam's bike bridges idea in his congestion pricing scheme?

The Ten Suggestions

Consider these ten policy ideas that, if adopted, are sure to cut GHG emissions and reap environmental & economic rewards

More Like It Green

The Obama Green Button program, a way for utilities to help customers see and share energy use tips and save money, starts to pick up steam

Curbside Coffee

Guess who opposed a Soho cafe, just one of five New York City businesses displacing cars with pop-up parks in 2012?

A Decade Of Weird Weather

German scientists find the last decade, not just 2011, was filled with extreme weather events (ClimateWire $ub)

EU: Making Waves - But Not Enough

Why is the EU likely to miss its 2020 tidal-power investment and electricity goals?

Where The Good Greeen Jobs Are

There's more than one way to map data on good green jobs in the US, but there's a clear link between this economic sector with higher income and education

London: Anthropocene Era Management

A world altering as a result of human action poses communications and governance challenges being explored this week at the Planet Under Pressure conference

Words To The Wise

"We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using Nature's inexhaustible sources of energy — sun, wind and tide. ... I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that." — Thomas A. Edison

March 24, 2012

L.A's Eco-Ambitions

Mike Bloomberg's top dog eco-status gets competition from Mayor Villaraigosa's big plans for cleaner, greener Los Angeles

Apartment-Scale Farming

Grow your own leafy greens at home, even if home is a NYC studio apartment

No Satisfaction

Republican Presidential hopefuls and green groups agree on one thing, they are unhappy with Obama's energy policies

March 23, 2012

China: Canada Pipeline No Sure Thing

Despite talk by Canada's Prime Minster of building a pipeline to export tar sands oil to China instead of the US, the facts undercut his credibility

Denmark: Gigawind

Demark plans to add one gigawatt of offshore wind power to help cut its CO2 emissions 34% by 2020

Measure Better To Manage Better

While some 27 big cities measure their GHG emissions, until now there was no standard yardstick to create a common baseline for urban climate action

No Satisfaction

Republican Presidential hopefuls and green groups agree on one thing, they are unhappy with Obama's energy policies

Greening A Queens Hospital

Although it had to shelve an ambitious energy efficiency plan, the New York Hospital Queens is getting greener step-by-step

What A Concept

What is Sponge Park and what could it do to clean up the Gowanus Canal?

Japan: The Geothermal Option

Japan, near the destroyed Fukushima nuclear facility, could be the right place for a 270 MW geothermal power plant

Cities: Not Everyone Is Into Them

A corrective for those who think only cities can be "smart" and a path to finding common urban-rural ground

Greens Jobs 2010

A snapshot of the green economy in 2010 shows the US had 3.1 million green jobs, with California leading in this sector and New York coming in second

March 22, 2012

Liquid Assets On Times Square

From World Water Day to Earth Day, Times Square hosts an animated map of the emerging global groundwater crisis

India: Big Nuclear Plans

India is close to restarting construction of 2 Russian-designed nuclear power plants and aims for a fleet of 32 reactors by 2032

Drying Out In Texas

What is it like to live in a Texas town that has run out of drinking water in the wake of record-breaking heat and drought?

China: Wind Way Out West

With 36 new wind turbine coming on line every day and an expanding power grid, China could meet its 2020 goal of a 15% alternatives supply (and yes, most of it will be nuclear and hydro)

Spain: 60 Is The New 40

Spain is shifting its policy by permitting old nuclear power plants to keep operating

Canada And The Dutch Disease

The "Dutch Disease" a phrase describing how a 1970's boom in fossil fuels drove up the value of Dutch currency and sapped its economy, could also explain the impact of tar sands drilling in Canada, but its clean energy industry seems immune

Coastal Cities Face Stormy Future

With climate change and coastal city flooding on the way, what should urban centers start doing now?

Upgrading Weatherization

The Weatherization Assistance Program has a record of success but could be streamlined and standardized to help more homeowners

The Carbon Underground

MIT maps the potential underground locations for storing 80 million barrels of compressed CO2 every day

March 21, 2012

The New Old (Nuke Plant) Age

Owners of nuclear power plants are not meeting the challenge of paying for aging and retired facilities

Australia: Brown Coal To Asia

Australian companies bid to mine billions of tons of brown coal for export to Japan and India

Bloomberg Is (Mostly) Bullish On New Energy

The CEO of Bloomberg New Energy Finance has many reasons for investors to be upbeat about clean power and energy eeficiency, but worries about an erosion of policy support

Science At Work

Scientists discover decreases in super-cold Antarctic Bottom Water and while this has global climate implications, its cause is not yet known

It's Not The Weather

A new study finds a strong link between economic recession and climate change denial

Turkey: Tax Cut For Fuel Efficiency

Turkey will lower taxes on fuel efficient vehicles while retaining high fees for the clunkers and the diesel=powered

Obama, Energy, Election

President Obama's re-election message on energy policy is all of the above

EU: Turbulence For Climate Chief

Connie Hedegaard, the EU Climate Commissioner, faces opposition on aviation standards and overall GHG reduction goals, even though some airlines could be winners if they cut carbon emissions

March 20, 2012

From Dirty Trash To Clean Power

NYC seeks solar and wind power developers to generate 15 MW of electricity at the former Fresh Kills landfill

Put It There

The question of where to site the next generation of fossil and renewable fuel US power plants gets a spatial answer

China: US Slaps On PV Tariff

The price of solar panels imported to the US from China will rise some with newly-imposed tariffs, while US solar developers see money pour in

Nixing Durban

Created at the 2011 Durban climate talks, an opening to create a GHG reduction system that applies to all nations draws opposition from India and China

Hot Race, Hot Weather But Not To Worry

While the outcome of the Republican primary in Illinois may be too close to call, it's a safe bet that the state's heat wave and climate were not on the lips on any candidate

Distribute The Wind

A Spanish wind turbine maker generates jobs and distributed and community scale power in US markets

Nuclear Power Tax Challenge

A sales tax and other fees collected by the company building two nuclear power plants in Georgia is challenged in court

March 19, 2012

Renewables Sag In Polls

Whlie polls find a majority of Americans still support renewable energy, in just one year numbers are down sharply

Contain Yourself

If you Ask Umbra which beverage containers are the most recyclable, she will tell you

UN: Global Climate Competition

Kenya, Iran, Norway, USA, India, Germany, China, Costa Rica & Indonesia are competing to host the UN Climate Technology Center & Network

Thin Ice

Despite wild swings in local temperature and seasonal conditions, the world is getting hotter

UK: Poll Rejects Pol's Promises

The British public does not believe the Prime Minister's pledge to be the greenest government ever

Bloomberg Picks New Energy Winners

Bloomberg NEP announces its list of ten top renewable energy and power-system management innovators

If The Cap Don't Fit

Research finds that trying to set the right cap levels in carbon cap and trade programs - like most efforts to predict the future - turns out wrong

The $15 Per Ton Solution

Don't give up on pricing carbon, a $15 per ton tax could solve so many problems

Sydney: Love That Monorail - Not

As Sydney and other cities are learning, not all mass transit ideas are good ones

Germany: The Giant Green Innovator

Germany has sweeping plans to remake its power supply system into a sustainable & profitable world leader

A Smarter Smart Grid

To succeed, smart grid advocates need to learn more about investor-owned utilities and how to support changes in their culture

March 17, 2012

Industry Benchmarks NYC Benchmarking

A leading real estate services firm gives high marks to the New York City building energy benchmarking law

March 16, 2012

Coal To The World

Although US domestic coal-consumption is down, its global exports have risen steadily since 2005

Climate TV Drama

Watch Rachel Maddow tangle with Senator James Inhofe over climate change and don't miss part 2

Free Trees

From now through June, NYC will run a tree give-away program, with many varieties available, as part of its million tree campaign

Raiding NY's Energy Fund

The State Assembly wants to swipe $200 million from the system benefits fund that supports clean energy and efficiency projects and put it somewhere else

UK: Anatomy Of A Failed Carbon Deal

What explains the failure of the $1.5 billion UK plan for a carbon-capture and storage project?

Europe: Pleas For 30x20

After Poland rejects an EU proposal to increase carbon cutting goals to 30% by 2020, the European Parliament asks member states to adopt this standard

NYC: Wearin' Of the Green

Cheers for New York City's green infrastructure plans to protect its waterways by keeping rainwater out of the sewage system

March 15, 2012

Peering Through PV Tariff Fog

The US-China dispute over solar panels imports and the imposition of domestic tariffs is not a story where taking sides is simple

UK: Need Nukes To Keep The Lights On

A former advisor to the Blair government says the UK will suffer blackouts soon without more nuclear power (and some renewables too)

South Africa: Frack Baby, Frack

South African officials support shale gas extraction in environmentally sensitive regions of the country

Heartland Targets Your Kids

Yes, the Heartland Institute is developing a K-12 climate denial curriculum

The Political Value Of Green Building

Based on 2008 voting patterns, Republican and Democratic regions place different market values on LEED or Energy Star industrial warehouses

Young But Not Green

A study of changing attitudes of US young persons over the last four decades finds a steady decline in environmental concerns

UK: Solar Camouflage

PV panels that look like slate tiles could be just the thing for green, historically-minded home renovations

New Tech's Not The Climate Breakthrough

Contrary to what the Breakthrough Institute claims, energy techno-gadgetry will not save us from the worst impacts of climate change

Fill 'Er Up Smarter

A $1.6 million DOE grant supports research to develop a smarter, more user-friendly, electric vehicle recharging station

Going Nuclear

Senator Sessions (R., Ala) threatens to bring the Senate to a halt if his preferred Nuclear Regulatory Commission official is not renominated

Spanning the Mediterranean

Fulfilling the promise of Desertec, a proposal to power Europe with North African solar and wind energy, remains elusive

March 14, 2012

We're All Weatherpersons Now

Take a tutorial on the jet stream and its impact on our weird weather

The Good Guys Win

Climate change researchers take heart! Scientists have prevailed over industry opposition when it comes to tobacco-smoking, smog, & ozone holes, it just takes a long time

Australlia: Climate Change Is Happening Now

Australia's national climate report points its finger at record-high GHG levels and makes for hot reading

Lights, Camera, Climate Action

After five years, with its legal and regulatory climate action systems now in place, how is California progressing?

Bright Lights, Big City, No Stars

You can see a lot of things in cities except the starry sky at night, but now you can see what you're missing

Germany: Catching The Wind

Germany's biggest utility to build lower-than-ever-cost, off-shore wind farms as part of a $9 billion renewable power investment, although the utility had its first financial loss ever last year

Banner Year For Solar Power

1,855 MW of solar power were installed in 2011, more than double the 2010 number, but can this momentum be maintained?

UK: Natural Gas Boom Or Bad

While the UK builds natural gas-fired power plants at an unprecedented rate, some worry this locks the country into a high-carbon future

Coastal Flooding 2020

Explore this interactive map of metro area New York to see if coastal flooding is in your future

March 13, 2012

Wind Around The Clock

An emerging technology could enable wind turbines to feed electric power into the grid 24/7

Australia: Dumping On Aboriginal Lands

A new Australian law authorizes the disposal of nuclear waste on Aboriginal lands

Natural Gas Prices Plunge

The price of natural gas hits a ten year low driving down US coal prices

Ahoy There Veggies

A rooftop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard will soon be hosting an urban farm that will help keep local waterways cleaner

March 12, 2012

Canada: Restoration Comedy Tragedy

The National Academy of Sciences finds oil company pledges to restore Canadian forests after tar-sands drilling are not credible

Stick With What Works Well

US energy efficiency standards for appliances, lighting and equipment have a proven track record, making projections of future savings a safe bet

EU: Call To Solve The Aviation Crisis

Air Bus and eight European airlines call for compromise on proposed EU rules curbing aviation carbon emissions to avoid looming trade conflicts

UK: Resetting Energy Policy

UK government leaders call for giving nuclear power equal weight to renewables while scrapping future GHG reduction goals

Wasting Money On Witch Hunts

The Washington Post slaps down the Virginia Attorney General who spent years investigating and harassing climate scientist Michael Mann and squandering public funds

Comng Soon: Climate Change - The Game

The updated version of SimCity, due out in 2013, will include climate change and compel players to grapple with the consequences of their energy choices

Chu's Choices

DOE Secretary Chu spells out the administration's all-of-the-above energy policy, with R&D as the 'sweet spot'

Obama Aims For Affordable EVs

President Obama kicks off a program to make electric vehicles cheaper, so owners can recoup the purchase cost in five years

Fundng Fracking Foes

Meet the Park Foundation, an Ithaca, NY-based multi-million dollar supporter of the anti-fracking movement

March 09, 2012

Cut The Risk

An insurance industry think tank urges governments and decision makers to cut GHG emissions and take other actions to mitigate extreme weather events that imperil large urban areas

And The Oscar For Light Bulbs Goes To...

Learn about LED light bulb that's in the limelight with a $10 million DOE award

EV Battery Business Slump

A DOE-funded EV battery maker reports steep losses and rising unsold inventory

Falling Through The Frack Cracks

For Exxon hydrofracking doesn't produce results every time at its European and Chinese drilling sites, but overall it's a 'cash cow'

Japan: Real-Time Energy Experiment

With mistrust of government and the utility industry, Japan's nuclear power plants are likely to remain shut this summer, & energy efficiency advocates are gaining attention

The Perfect Solar-Wind Storm

Fewer incentives, combined with decreased global demand for PV and a supply glut that erodes prices mean tough times for solar power, but the WSJ gets it wrong on US wind subsidies

In Praise Of ARPA-E

Although it's got critics, ARPA-E, an incubator for disruptive energy-tech innovations, has a fan base that expects big things

It Could Happen Here

Last week's simulated cyberattack on the NYC power supply shows its vulnerability and adds to momentum for new federal legislation to upgrade the nation's critical infrastructure security

March 08, 2012

Poland: Another EU Rift

Poland rejects the EU's 30 x 20 GHG reduction goals along with details of its low-carbonization plan

The Plan That Didn't Work, Or Did

A study of California cities with climate action plans finds that changes in GHG emissions cannot be causally linked with those plans, but here's evidence to the contrary

In the Climate Journalism Trenches

The current state of media coverage on climate science seems to satisfy no one

Scotland: Green Investment Capital

Edinburgh, Scotland will host the UK Green Investment Bank for financing renewable energy projects with 3 billion pounds in public funds and 15 billion in private capital

Do It The El Paso Way

El Paso, Texas has big plans to become a healthy, sustainable, green & delightful city

Cool On The Roof

On scorching summer days, NYC white-painted roofs are 43 degrees cooler than dark-painted roofs

Japan: 54 Down, 2 To Go

With 54 of Japan's nuclear power plants still closed and the final two facing a May shut down, what will local authorities and national regulators do?

Waste Not, Want Not

By combining bacterial action with 'reverse electrodialysis" scientists can convert sewage treatment plants into self-powering electric generators

March 07, 2012

Urban Alchemy - Turning Gold To Platinum

The LEED Gold-rated Hearst Tower in Manhattan gets upgraded to the Platinum level

Australia: Wet and Wetter

New South Wales and Victoria are swamped by persistent, record-breaking rainfalls

How Sweet It Is

Wonder what it takes to keep bees and make honey on New York City rooftops?

Harmonizing History And Green Zoning

A historic preservation group takes exception to specifics in the New York City green zoning proposal

Kiribati: Gotta Go

Facing threats of rising sea levels, the Pacific island nation of Kiribati is looking to relocate its entire population

Green Building Labels Go Global

LEED, BREAAM and other green building labeling schemes are cropping up everywhere, but also face local challenges

Canada: The Other Oil Sands Pipeline

Follow the rising debate and the role of Native American land rights on the pipeline proposal to carry oil from Alberta fields to Vancouver ports

An Ounce Of Prevention

It can't be said too often, one key to sustainability is when corporations adopt pollution prevention planning

Natural Gas and Cars - BFF

GE & Chesapeake Energy partner on a network of natural gas refueling stations for cars and trucks

$45 Billion LBO, Victim of Fracking

Plunging natural gas prices due to hydrofracking upend a $45 billion leveraged buy-out of a venerable Texas power utility by KKR and Goldman Sachs

March 06, 2012

Wowing Them In Pittsburgh

The Phipps Conservatory Center for Sustainable Landscapes project could be a game-changer for sustainable architecture

LA: No Cars Here

Inspired by cities like New York, a Los-Angeles neighborhood creates a pedestrian plaza and cars lose 11,000 feet of roadway

Fact Checking On The Price Of Gas

Despite what you may hear this election season, global market dynamics - not more domestic drilling, sets the price of gasoline at the pump

South Africa: Billions For Renewable Power

A South African investment bank adds to its renewable energy fund as the government advances new projects

Japan: Solar Apartments

In Japan, 5-6 story apartment buildings with solar panels are the latest thing and residents cut energy bills from $170 down to $75 a month

Today's Nuclear Power Landscape

While prospects are dim for a new fleet of nuclear power plants in the US, owners of existing plants have long-term plans

Asia: The Post Fukushima Option

Cheap US natural gas imports could be the post-nuclear energy option for Japan and add to the China & India energy mix

What Happens In PA Stays In PA

A $1 billion pipe line proposal could keep Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale natural gas, now sent to New York City, in state

US And China Fly Together

Boeing and the Chinese aviation firm, Comac, team up on a new generation of more energy efficient commercial aircraft

March 05, 2012

China: Slower Wind Velocity

China's wind turbine makers see sharp declines in stock values, although installed capacity is expected to double by 2015

The Back Story Of The Hockey Stick

The iconic chart of climate change's hockey-stick effect emerged from decades of work by many scientists explains Michael Mann & a

Arctic Amplification Is Bad News

What is arctic amplification and what's it got to do with globally weirder weather?

Fill 'Er Up With Natural Gas

Chrysler & GM start rolling out pick-up trucks bi-powered by natural gas [$ub]


Phillips, a major electronics maker, meets or beats its green product sales goals, except for light bulbs

China: Better Luck This Year

After missing its 2011 energy conservation target of 3.5%, China sets the same goal for 2012

Thinking The Unthinkable

Transit maven Sam Schwartz has a plan based on a new tolls and fares scheme to fix New York City's decaying mass transit system. Looking back, it took the Blizzard of 1888 to get New Yorkers on board for building its first subways

March 04, 2012

India: What's Old Is Cool

The city of Jaipur, where summer temperatures sizzle, gets a new building that's cooled by ancient architectural means

March 03, 2012

What's Dense Got To Do With It

While far below historic peaks, New York City's population density places steep demands on its environmental infrastructure

Flight Safety

Designers and developers can do a lot to make wind turbines less risky for birds and bats

March 02, 2012

Germany: Don't Cut Today

Members of Prime Minister Merkel's ruling coalition demand that cuts to solar feed-in tariffs be delayed until next month

Leaks, Deception And Media Law

Media law experts weigh in on the climate scientist who leaked Heartland Institute documents obtained by using questionable means

Don't Be A Climate Yo-Yo

The severe impacts of today's weird weather make the case for big government as the necessary resource for facing coming climate change crises

WAP Gets Zapped

The venerable Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) that supports low-cost ways to cut home energy use sees its federal funding drop from $171 to $65 million

Energy Politics Ignite

In a Presidential election year, the fierce political fight over energy policy gets even fiercer. Here's one current scorecard

France: Nuclear Ups And Downs

Areva, the giant French nuclear utility, sees the number of new project orders rise, while its operations profits drop

Playground Power

IBM invents a playground swing that generates electric power by pumping

Keystone Pipeline Pumps Up Prices

Energy experts predict Keystone XL pipeline construction will push gas prices higher at the pump for mid-westerners by increasing capacity to move crude oil

March 01, 2012

Canada: New Pipeline Risk

Canadian opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline project say they are targets of government harassment

Gauging Energy Retrofit Opportunities

Deutsche Bank spells out the benefits of upgrading US building stock energy efficiency and how to overcome barriers to market demand

Report From The Energy Summit

The ARPA-E Energy Summit attracts the A-list of new ideas and energy innovations, but is that enough?

No-Cost Pipeline Delay

With an endorsement by the plumbers and pipefitters union, Obama's re-election chances seems unharmed by potponing his final decision on the Keystone XL pipeline project

Like: Solar Bond Sale Dislike: PV Plant Shutdown

Although it has no government guarantee, an $850 million bond offering for Warren Buffet's California solar power project sold out so fast, a second round of bonds will be offered, but a PV maker with a federal loan guarantee shuts down

What Would Dr. Seuss Think

Take a look behind the tree-loving Lorax movie for a roster of its corporate friends