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October 31, 2011

In The Media Machine

Joe Rom's razzberry hurled at the New York Times Special Energy Section gets its own commentary.

South Australia: Green Resource Leader

The state of South Australia shows the nation how to do wind power and water resource management right.

Wind Energy Worries

The maker of wind turbine components calls for a five year extension of federal tax credits or worries about having to shut down instead of making new hires.

New EV On The Block

The new Renault electric car could be just what fossil-fuel vehicle owners would love.

The New Locavore Frontier

Cities around the country struggle with how to expand rules about community gardens to cover farm animals.

Deep In The Heart Of Drought

Extreme drought and searing temperatures have already produced $5.2 billion in agricultural losses for Texas.

Viet Nam: Nuke Plant Plan On Track

Viet Nam proceeds with plans for Japanese-sponsored nuclear power plant.

NY Flywheel Project Goes Bust

A New York-based company that developed a flywheel storing 20 MW of energy, which received a $43 million DOE loan guarantee, files for bankruptcy.

October 29, 2011

Power Revolution

Boulder, Colorado threatens to oust its current electricity provider and replace it with a municipal utility that could go greener.

Store The Wind

A West Virginia wind farm uses batteries to even out its flow of electricity into the power grid.

October 28, 2011

Japan: Elevated Radioactive Releases

Although levels of human exposure are unknown, the nuclear disaster at Fukushima released twice as much radioactive cesium as first reported.

Canada: Don't Overlook Clean Tech

At a clean tech industry gathering in Ottawa, there were complaints over the lack of government interest and support.

The Budget Guessing Game

Trek into the deepest recesses of Washington budget-making and track DOE's energy loan program.

NY To Miss Frack Report Deadline

Still lacking cost and benefit information, the NY Department of Environmental Conservation will miss the November 1 deadline to release its report on hydrofracking for natural gas.

Finding Your Way To Climate Science

More problem solving rather than mountains of facts could be the key to persuading people about the meaning of climate change.

Feds Cite Top Solar Sites

The Department of the Interior lists the nation's best places for developing solar power projects and promises to cut red tap for developers.

California Modeling

Check out this free, web-based mapping tool to visualize climate change impacts in California from 1950 - 2090 and draw your own conclusions.

All Systems Go For New Climate Satellite

After several setbacks, NASA launches a $1.5B climate data-gathering satellite.

October 27, 2011

Mediterranean Region: Get A Parasol

Scientists report 50% of the winter drought in the Mediterranean region is caused by human-induced climate change.

Canada: Ire Over EU Pollution Tag

If the EU designates Canadian oil sand fuel 'highly polluting', a major market will be shut off for this product.

Manufacturing Isn't Dying, It's Changing

If a sound economy needs a vibrant manufacturing sector, what should the US do now? (with implications for the green jobs debate).

Free From Ancient Pond Scum

Calling fossils fuels 'ancient pond scum', Avery Lovins' latest book makes the economic value proposition for renewable energy.

The Hottest Google Earth Map

Now you can locate geothermal energy sources around the US on Google Earth.

Sweden: Facebook Friends Renewables

Facebook plans a renewable energy-powered data center in Sweden to handle all its traffic from Europe, the Mid-East & Africa.

Climate Censorship In Texas

Sometimes it takes the British media to report on hot US climate news.

Sun Peaks Out For Solar Power

The Department of Energy announces $60 million for scientific research to make solar power more efficient and affordable.

The Daily Show Remembers

The Daily Show contrasts the media frenzy over "Climategate" with its snooze fest over the skeptical scientists' study that concludes the world really is heating up.

Don't Call It An Energy Policy

This review of The End of Energy finds the US has a history of short-term political expediency, not an energy policy.

Fiery Pipeline Debate

Plans for a natural gas pipeline that runs across from New Jersey to Greenwich Village encounter energetic community resistance.

October 26, 2011

Greece: Carbon Income

The Greek government raises $10.11 million at an EU carbon emissions credit auction.

Paved With Good Intentions

Treasury Department audits find overpayments in its renewable energy grant program.

Sister Power Comes To Harlem

A new Harlem-based convent for older nuns provides sustainable community living.

The Urban A List

More interesting than who's on the list of America's greenest cities, is what they do to get there.

Better Than Electric Eels

Scientists develop a hydro power device that won't harm fish and could add 8,500 MW of electricity-making capacity.

Clean Energy R&D Leaders

Which companies are investing the most in their future with clean energy research and development funds? (Hint: Based on net sales, not Exxon.)

Energy Merger Mania

Shale gas drilling propels a wave of mergers in the US fossil fuel industry with new deals in the Marcellus and Utica Shales valued at $6.7 billion.

UK: Nuclear Power Will Cost More

A German consortium with plans to build 4 - 6 nuclear power plants in the UK asks for billions more in payment and a 25% equity share in the project.

October 25, 2011

Water Use Surges Past Population Growth

With rising world population and the growth of cities, shrinking clean water resources could become a 'limiting factor' this century.

Add Up These Job Numbers

What to make of the million new jobs in the energy industry promises made by candidates Romney and Perry?

Canada Feeds US Oil Addiction

A retired Army General, who fought in Iraq, decries the tar-sands pipeline project as feeding US fossil fuel addiction and undermining our chances for energy independence. However, the idea of 'energy independence' is challenged by a Yale economist.

Romney Attacks Green Jobs While Ignoring Them

Overlooking green job growth of 6.7% from July of 2010 to July of 2011 in Massachusetts, former-Governor Mitt Romney attacks green jobs programs as a fake.

Rules Don't Apply To Us

The House votes for a bill that makes it illegal for US airlines landing in Europe to pay into the mandatory EU carbon emissions scheme.

Norway & China: Wind Pals

Norway's first large off-shore wind project may use turbines made in China.

Bolivia: Hello Kitty

Jaguar photos from a Bolivian national park. (Perhaps nothing to do with greener cities, just enjoy them!)

October 24, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Remodel

Thinking about a home energy-efficiency upgrade? Here's a chart with upfront costs and payback times to help you decide what to do.

Germany: Gear Up To Drill Down

Siemens, a leading German engineering firm, rolls out a 60 MW power generator for use in geothermal projects.

Why China's Smart Grid Investment Is Smart

China will invest $45 billion on a smart electric power grid to ease its energy shortages, bring more renewables on-line and become the leader in infrastructure tech.

World Threatened By US Budget Cuts

Many countries will be at increased risk from severe weather events if Congress cuts funding for a new generation of weather satellites.

Let's Not Start A Trade War

Environmentalists urge Congress to shun a bill would allow US airlines to skip paying for their carbon emissions in the EU.

Don't Park That Ark

Although a federal study did not find evidence to link climate change and worse flooding in the northwest and the southeast, links were found in northeast over the last century, while flooding decreased in the southwest.

The Smart Green Edge

Contenders to develop an applied-sciences university campus in New York City hope their green design will give them the leading edge.

Trashing Dirty Diesel

Replacing dirty and expensive diesel fuel with trash-hauling trucks using compressed natural gas splits environmentalists.

October 23, 2011

Practice Doesn't Make Perfect

Although recycling has been the law in New York City for more than 20 years, it's doing worse than ever.

October 21, 2011

Trade Complaint Could Backfire

Will the trade complaint filed by US solar panel makers result in a victory for China?

China: Wind Turbine Maker Seeks Greener Pastures

With prices, sales and profits slumping at home, a Chinese wind turbine maker looks abroad for new markets.

OWS Through A Green Lens

First impressions of the relationship between the OWS message and climate advocacy.

Canada: Don't Call Oil Sands Polluting

Alberta, Canada complains that a pending EU designation of oil sands as highly polluting would violate international trade rules

Colorado: Solar Power House

Mass-marketing of house shingles that generate solar power launches in Colorado.

EPA Rules

In 2014, EPA will propose rules to govern wastewater resulting from hydrofracking for natural gas.

After 20,000 Years, Something New

Overturning a 20,000 year-old Earth record, both the northern and southern hemispheres are warming at the same time.

Read What Krugman Reads

Citing this scholarly article on how economic costs of air pollution outweigh their benefits. Paul Krugman slashes at Republican attacks on environmental protection in the name of job creation. EPA Chief Lisa Jackson reads GOP the riot act

October 20, 2011

South Africa: Aim For Energy Savings

With the support of a German development bank, South Africa creates a $62 million fund to boost energy efficiency in small and mid-sized businesses.

Climate Contrarians Weigh In

Now, even skeptical scientists agree that (with $150,000 from the Koch Brothers!) the Earth is getting hotter. How inconvenient!

States Of Efficiency

Massachusetts bumps California to 2nd place on the 2011 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard while New York retains its #3 slot.

What Becomes A Landfill Most

An old landfill near Atlanta, Georgia is being clothed in solar thin film able to make 1 MW of electric power.

Inherit The Wind

Our failure to make significant progress on halting climate change is a moral failure with consequences for succeeding generations.

Scotland: Carbon Capture Collapse

Officials announce the failure of plans for a private consortium to build a carbon capture and storage facility at a power plant in Fife, Scotland.

October 19, 2011

How To Talk The Talk

Climate scientists grapple with how to explain their latest discoveries to the public and understand the significance of probabilities.

Japan: Wind Lens News

Japanese scientists develop powerful wind-lens turbines, but more research is needed for them to replace traditional power sources.

People Are Strange

When it comes to nudging people towards greater energy efficiency, research encounters a gap between awareness and behavior.

Here's Looking At You, POPS

Help create a map of New York City's POPS - privately owned public spaces.

Gas Industry Sited In State Of Denial

Until the natural gas industry admits that hydrofacking is linked to water pollution and health risks are better understood, the Albany Times Union says no drilling permits should be issued in NY.

Climate Science Digest

What are the highlights of the latest in climate science?

China v Apple

Taiwan media reports on pollution coming from Chinese plants that supply computer parts to Apple while Chinese authorities blame Apple itself for the problems.

UK: Making Efficiency The Law

A new UK law creates a path to make homes more energy efficient and make paying for it easier.

PV Maker Decries Dumping

A domestic solar power equipment maker calls for import duties on foreign-made products.

October 18, 2011

Looking For Venture Capital

Tips from a venture capital investor on what it takes to raise clean tech funding.

Parsing Australia's Climate Politics

Look into the political context of the new Australian climate law.

Sound The Alarm

Incoming data shows that scientists making the more dire climate change predictions could be proved right. Meanwhile, the broader battle over climate science media coverage rages on.

Sunset For Renewables Program

A federal cash grant program supporting solar and other kinds of renewable power installation is at risk of shutdown by the end of the year.

Leading By Example

Federal agency winners of the 30th annual energy and water management awards show how to save natural resources and tax-payer dollars.

UK: Utilities' Insulation Offer

In the wake of soaring electricity bills and government involvement, UK utilities offer free insulation to home owners.

Australia: Solar Power Race

See solar-powered cars in an 1,800 mile race from Darwin to Adelaide Australia

Japan: Weighs Nuclear Options

The future of nuclear power in Japan remains undecided.

No Trustree For Solyndra

The judge in the Solyndra bankruptcy case denies a Justice Department request to appoint a trustee.

October 17, 2011

Climate Change Will Kill

A warmer climate will foster the spread of disease-carrying bugs and will pose a mortal risk to millions.

Learning From Disaster

Book reviews ask: what have we learned about the energy extraction industry from last year's Deepwater Horizon debacle.

Department Store Gold

Department store chain Kohl's will build its new stores to meet pre-certified LEED Gold standards.

Why Australia Can Do What The US Can't

Unlike the US, Australia now has a carbon tax, so what does that tell us?

Milan: The Latest Design News

Fashion capital Milan, Italy is on the cutting edge of vertical greenery.

NY Doesn't Need Nukes

An environmental group reports on how New York can be energy secure if the Indian Point nuclear power plant is closed in 2015.

China: Cutting Through The Smog

Shenyang, a heavy-industry city in China, works to clean up its act and lead the way to environmental improvement.

The Sustainabilty Gap

Delve into the emerging gap between corporate sustainability embracers and the cautious adapters.

Seattle Building Aims For Self-Sufficiency

Now under construction, a Seattle office building aims to be carbon, energy and water neutral by making as much of these resources as it uses.

October 13, 2011

UK: Mutual Society Model

Lowering the cost of energy efficiency improvements may be best achieved by a Green Deal Mutual rather than a Finance Company by giving every Green Deal Household a stake. Follow Ben's logic

Critical Climate Data

New NASA weather satellite is the first mission designed to collect critical data to improve weather forecasts in the short-term and increase understanding of long-term climate change. Take a look under the hood

October 11, 2011

To B Corps Or Not To B Corps

AB 361 signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown enables businesses to pursue a positive environmental impact in addition to maximizing profits. Will Gov. Cuomo sign similar legislation? It's sitting on his desk.

October 04, 2011

Earth: USA Greenlights Climate Remediation Research

Bipartisan Policy Center urges research into direct manipulation of the Earth's climate based panel findings. NYT is taking comments. In August of 2010 SCIAM reported on PNAS research that full-out geo-engineering would not cut the sea-level rise predicted. Back in 2009 the British Royal Society took a stand against geoengineering.

October 03, 2011

Greening Aviation

Google sponsored Green Flight Challenge results are in and the all-electric Taurus G4 Pipestrel takes home 1.3M prize purse from NASA achieving an amazing 403.5 MPGe. A long way from Kitty Hawk.

Same Size Pole Holes

For the first time Arctic and Antarctic ozone layer holes are of similar size — scientists led by Gloria L. Manney of JPL reported their findings in Nature. Arctic hole expands.