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June 30, 2011

UK: Doubts On Smart Meter Savings

While smart electric meters will be good for aggregate savings, they might not save individual consumers much money. Add up?

Dot Earth On Google's Climate

Andy Revkin sends notes from a Google media and the climate conference. What do you need to know?

San Francisco Leads The Green List

San Francisco rates as the greenest city in North America, Vancouver is #2 and NYC comes in third. Siemens index here

AEP v CT: The Silver Lining

Look at the bright side of the Supreme Court decision, AEP v CT, when it comes to upholding EPA's legal climate authority.

Gemany: Nearer To No Nukes

The German Congress (Bundestag) votes to shut down the nation's nuclear power plants by 2022 and replace them with a mix of fossil and renewable energy. Plug in

California Puts Cap and Trade On Hold

California delays the kick-off of its carbon cap and trade program until 2013. Learn more

Keys To Urban Sustainability

How does urban density affect the sustainability of metropolitan development? Fine print

Sydney: Get Out Of Town

Sydney Australia offers residents $7000 to move away. Why is that?

Poll Sees Support For EPA

Poll results find opposition across the political spectrum to Presidential-hopeful Bachmann's proposal to do away with the EPA. Do the numbers

June 29, 2011

The Newest Normal

NOAA reports that the average US temperature for 1981-2010 is .5 degrees F warmer than the preceding 30 years. What's normal?

Google Has A Little List

Missed Google's green energy wish list yesterday? Get Grist's summary today.

Berlin And Beijing Ink Green Deal

The world's largest exporters, Germany and China, agree to cooperate on research and financing clean technology. Stay tuned

US Roofs Attract German PVs

A German PV thin film panel maker looks to do good business on American roof tops. Plug in

In Defense Of A Green Jobs Agenda

This is not an academic exercise. Get to work

Pawlenty Just Says No

Republican Presidential-hopeful Tim Pawlenty puts himself in the climate change denier column when it comes to human causes. There you go

Strategies For Smaller Footprints

The UK has an ambitious goal to cut its carbon footprint, but some of the biggest firms traded on the stock exchange have no carbon-cutting strategies. Rx

Tokyo: Summer 2011

Given its crippled nuclear power fleet and limited electric supply, Tokyo struggles to cope with summer heat. Not chill

June 28, 2011

Down With RGGI

Plaintiffs file a law suit to overturn New York's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, claiming it imposes a tax never approved by the state legislature. Read it here

China: Less Drought More Hydropower

With its drought easing, China generates more hydropower but electric supply stays tight. Plug in

Wind Market Rises

The sale of small wind turbines for home use is increasing, even in tough economic times and Boston crafts turbine friendly rules. Spin in

What Google Wants

Google releases its green energy wish list topped by EVs, energy storage technology for the grid and supportive government policy. Can it get what it needs?

Oily Exxon

Greenpeace charges that Exxon has broken its promise to stop funding climate deniers. Look into it

Australia: Chilly On Carbon Tax

An Australian public opinion poll finds sharply lower support for creating a carbon emission tax. Future is cloudy

Slow Growth Is Not Enough

Although better vehicle fuel standards will slow the growth of oil imports and GHG emissions, they are not enough to reverse rising demand. What's needed now?

June 27, 2011

It's Still The Economy, Stupid

Bill Clinton's Global Climate Initiative meets this week with a 14-point climate and energy-linked agenda. Smart or stupid?

Weirdest Weather Since 1816

The heat, the cold, the rain and the droughts of 2010 are shaping up to be the most chaotic global weather patterns since 1816. What a world!

CA Court OKs Cap/Trade Work

A California appeals court allows the state to develop the nuts and bolts of its carbon cap and trade program.. Learn more

Germany: Power Industry Truns On A Dime

After slamming the Merkel government's commitment to a renewable power future, a major German utility company reverses itself. Hail to the chief

A Surprise Gas Tax Fan

Which conservative commentator confirms his support for a gas tax but not a carbon tax? Look into it

China: Carbon Trades Coming

China plans to have a unified CO2 emission trading mechanism in place by 2015. Stay tuned

Solar Number Crunching

Consider this proposition: the high dollar value of PV not its energy value makes the case for a new electric grid policy. Start here

London Rocker's Green House

A rock guitarist builds a pre-fab German-made green home in London in record time! Roll in

France: Committed To Nuclear Power

Fench President Sarkozy announces a billion euro ($1.5 billion) commitment to domestic nuclear power projects. Plug in

Drill Baby Drill

The Department of Energy awards $11.3 million for leading-edge geothermal energy projects in five states. Tap in

An American Phenomenon

Climate change has become entangled in the US culture wars. Is there any way out?

June 25, 2011

Location, Location, Location

A city park is no place for an urban farm. Get uprooted

June 24, 2011

Dam Dangers

Around the world, dams created for generating hydropower are decades old and some newer ones are in earthquake zones. Dive in

Germany: Mosque With Wind Power

A mosque in Nordenstedt, Germany installs a wind turbine in its minaret. Learn more

EPA To Test Fracking

The EPA will test the drinking water impact of hydrofracking used in natural gas extraction at seven sites, including the Marcellus Shale. Drill down

Japan: It Takes Nine Months

A 'device' jammed into the inner core of a Japanese nuclear reactor is dislodged after nine months. Whew!

What Makes Rick Perry Run

For Texas Governor and Presidential-hopeful Rick Perry, one reason to enter the race is to beat Mitt Romney who's not a climate science denier like him. Clear enough?

Clearing Up The Climate Debate

In this second installment, the media strategy of Australian climate skeptics is dissected. What, no worries!

On The Governor's Desk

A bill to protect New York's natural resources by requiring permits to pump water from its rivers, lakes and streams awaits Governor Cuomo's signature. Stay tuned

Pedal Power

Bike-sharing gains momentum in US cities. Learn more

Reclaim The Past

Industrial sites of earlier times are ideal locations for locating renewable energy installations. Here's why & how

June 23, 2011

UK: Sets Sights On N-Plant Sites

The UK identifies eight sites for the construction of new nuclear power plants by 2025. Fourteen years to go

Here's To You Cleveland

Grist has a little list of the most and least climate resilient cities in the US. Where is your city?

Revkin And Romm On Gore v Obama

Andy Revkin and Joe Romm weigh in about Al Gore's slam of President Obama's climate efforts and the media's methods.

Tokyo Today

What is life like in Tokyo three months after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. Bird's eye tour

Carbon Diplomacy

An Australian newspaper quotes an American diplomat's assurance that the US will meet its carbon cutting goals of 17x20. Well ok!

June 22, 2011

No Budget, No Action

The biggest obstacle to undertaking energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings is the lack of a budget to do such work. Ring a bell?

X Marks The Spot

After lapsing eight years ago, New York is set to get an updated law that covers the siting of new power plants. Article X returns

Germany: Green City Index

74% of Germans are urban dwellers. How do their cities rank on nationwide green index? Find out

American Exceptionalism

The US demands that EU rules on CO2 emissions from the aviation sector not apply to its airlines. Learn more

Indian Point: Relicensing Update

If New York State has missed a a procedural deadline, will the Indian Point nuclear power plant get its operating license renewed by the federal government? Devils and details

UK: Tories For Climate Action

Conservative UK Prime Minister Cameron stands up for ambitious EU climate rules. UK is no US

Gore Gores Bam On Climate

Al Gore takes President Obama to task for his failures to act on climate change. Anybody listening?

June 21, 2011

The Next Big Thing - Or Not

While the technology isn't new, using small, modular nuclear reactors as conventional power plants is. Get acquainted

Bearing Witness

The account of one man's conversion from climate skeptic to action advocate. Make it personal

Japan: Opportunities in Energy Efficiency

Japan's campaign to slash energy use in the wake of its lost nuclear power plant output offers openings for efficient products. Make lemonade

Biofuels Take Flight

Planes using biofuels are the stars of the Paris Air Show, but will they become the aviation industry norm? ETA

Costs Could Czech-Mate Nuclear Plan

Construction costs could be the downfall of the Czech Republic's plan to build new nuclear power plants. Who's bidding?

Cut In DC, Pain At Home

Republican-sponsored cuts to the EPA 2011 budget are causing pain at the state level. Learn more

Sun Rise Late At White House

The White House misses its deadline for installing PV panels. Watt's up?

Hacking The Grid

Basic infrastructure, including the electric power gird, is vulnerable to hack attacks. Watch out

Re: Fracking Disclsure Laws

Five states now require disclosure of the chemical content of hydrofracking fluids, but are they good enough? Find out

June 20, 2011

A Sinking Feeling

Dangerous declines in ocean quality and marine life are taking place at an unprecedented pace and life on Earth could be at risk. Gulp!

On The Clean Energy Front

Green energy companies and trade groups companies unite to advance legislation on President Obama's clean energy standard. Plug in

The Javits Center Do Over

Tour the hopes and realities of a green retrofit initiative at the NYC Javits Convention Center. Enter here

Climate Change Not A Nusiance For SCOTUS

The Supreme Court votes 8-0 to deny states the right to bring climate law suits on the basis of public nuisance. Court decision here

PV Prices Plunge

Prices along the entire PV value chain reach record lows and put the cost of solar power in fossil fuel range. Plug in

Lab Meat

Scientists foresee the ability to grow meat in labs as a way to cut heat-trapping animal methane emissions. Really?

Google Underwater

Seeking to its cool giant computer servers while saving energy, Google will use sea water from the Bay of Finland. Dive in

Reviving Geo-Engineering

Based on a leaked document, it looks like the IPPC will re-open consideration of geo-engineering measures to cool the climate. Stay tuned

Consumer Education Breezes In

A Danish wind turbine maker proposes a new label for consumer goods made with at least 25% wind power. Whoosh

Albany & Austin Turn Off The Tap

Governor Cuomo is expected to sign a bill that requires large-volume water uses, like hydrofrackers, to get a New York State permit and Governor Perry signs a fracking fluid content disclosure law in Texas.

Seeing Spots

Ever wonder if the frequency of sunspots has an impact on the Earth's climate? Admit it and learn more

EU: Energy Policy At The Microlevel

A survey of 5,000 households in eleven countries finds a wide variety of responses to a uniform energy efficiency policy. Fine print

June 18, 2011

Predicting Our Energy Future

Industry experts offer their views on what's in store for the US energy sector. Other experts peer ahead here

June 17, 2011

Oil Supply Hits Peak

The US oil supply hits a 31-year high amid declining gasoline demand. Drill down

Mideast: Joined By The Wind

Israelis and Palestinians work together on wind power projects. Learn more

Carbon Funding Slumps

Investing in carbon-cutting projects in developing countries through the Kyoto Clean Development Mechanism sinks sharply. What's next?

The Volt Market

Wonder who's buying electric hybrid Volt cars and if they are pleased? GM's happy

What's Historic Can Be Green

Start with green building preservation and connect to making sustainable cities. Think about it

City Hall Power Pick

City Hall elects a natural gas-fired fuel cell rather than solar panels to keep its lights on. Plug in

June 16, 2011

Germany: Solar Subsidy Reprieve

Facing an installation shortfall, Germany extends its PV incentives for now. Learn more

Save The Planet Sink-By-Sink

Biogas, obtained from food waste that goes down the sink drain, is a resource for helping to save the planet. Waste not

Article X Opinion

Since 2003, New York has made do without a law to regulate the siting of power plants. Do we need a new law?

Australian Industry: Anti-Climate Campaign

The Australian power industry gears up its campaign against the government proposed carbon-cutting policy. Sound familiar?

Poll: Green OK, Cheap Better

A US public opinion poll finds support for renewable energy if it adds less than $10 to monthly bills. Meanwhile, PV installations soar before incentive program ends.

Only In London

An analyst of London's road-tested congestion pricing scheme does not expect to see it adopted in US cities. Why is that?

Sunny Side Up

New York City releases its interactive solar map and foresees great 'peak demand' potential.

LEED Not Legislate

Is there an argument for keeping LEED out of municipal building codes? Look into it

China: A Greener Building Boom

China considers ways to encourage greener municipal building codes and increase the energy efficiency and clean power capacity of its booming building sector and . Learn more

June 15, 2011

Concentrating On Solar Power

The Energy Department puts up $2 billion for concentrated solar power projects in California. Catch the rays

Some Call It A 'Death Hug'

Al Gore praises Mitt Romney's acknowledgment of climate change, but will it be an RIP in the Republican presidential primary? Dig in

Australia: The Climate Conversation Continues

Here's Part 2 of the Climate Conversation by Australian scientists.

Open Climate Science Source

California provides open-access to climate science research done at its universities and research centers. Learn lots

EV Maker Lightens Up

To replace heavy steel, BMW will build a carbon fiber factory and reduce the weight of its EVs. Roll over Mercedes

Scotland: End Energy Poverty

In the wake of rising bills, a Scots power utility seeks to support energy efficiency and ease fuel poverty. Nifty & thrifty

Green Building: Good For Bottom Lines

New research makes the business and economic growth case for investing in high performance building. Learn more

Article X Action

The New York State Business Council urges passage of a bill governing the siting of power plants while NY Environmental Advocates opposes a new Article X.

Businesss Remakes The Grid

Innovators find ways to integrate renewable energy into the power grid. Plug in

Take The Gowanus Expressway

Reimagining and redesigning Brooklyn's Gowanus Expressway illustrates the potential power of rebuilding urban roadway infrastructure. Look infra

June 14, 2011

California Climate Do-Over

California releases a court-ordered re-analysis of its menu of climate action strategies. And the winner is...

Solar Forecast: Partly Sunny

Revkin comments on Romm's comments on solar power. Look here

June 13, 2011

Seeing Through Denial

Australian scientists lauch a two-week series to demystify the M.O. of climate deniers. Start here

Philadephia: The New Underground

Philadelphia subways will be equipped with batteries to store electricity generated by train car kinetics. Watt a concept!

Number Crunching For Green Buildings

Here's how policies that support energy efficient building upgrades will benefit the environment and the economy. It adds up

UK: Promises, Promises

David Cameron, the UK Conservative Prime Minister, dashes green hopes. Learn more

West Should Follow The Leader

China is leading the new industrial revolution with plans based on cutting GHG emissions. Will western nations fall behind? Consider this

Update On Smart Grid Investments

Building a smart US electric power grid will cost money, so who's investing? Look into it

Tokyo: Save Energy With Vegetables

Tokyo residents could save energy this summer by growing goya plants in their windows to provide shade. Necessity & invention

Consider Salinity

A new satellite that measures changes in the salinity of sea-water will provide more clues about global warming. Fine print

Carbon Market Shrivels

Two-thirds of the carbon emissions at the latest RGGI auction found no buyers. Does it matter?

Italy: What's Old Is Nuke

A Berulsconi-backed voter referendum on restarting Italy's nuclear power program seems headed for defeat. UPDATE Referendum defeated

Tide Power Coming In

The long-awaited East River tide power project nears federal approval. Plug in

June 12, 2011

Laurie Kerr Honored

Laurie Kerr, senior staffer in the NYC Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability, wins the American Institute of Architects-NY 2011 Public Architect award.

June 10, 2011

Antwerp: Solar Station

Solar panels on a Paris-Amsterdam rail tunnel will help run Antwerp's railway station, and that's not all. Get moving

Germany: Post-Nuclear Opportunities

German business sees opportunities in the shutdown of the nation's nuclear power plants. Look into it

High Speed Rail For Chicago

Illinois studies the idea of a high-speed rail link between Chicago and Champaign-Urbana with possible extensions to Indiana and Missouri. Get on board

PV: Graphic Progress

Solar power prices plunge and installation times can't be beat. Catch some rays

Special Solar Students

Give special education high school students to a solar power project and find out what happens. Good news!

June 09, 2011

UK Slashes Solar Subsidies

Britain curtails access to the feed-in tariff that offers financial incentive to install solar power panels. Plug in

Wikileaks On Nuclear Hopefuls

Wikileaks contain a trove of information and speculation about countries with an appetite for nuclear power. Fission frisson

Scaling Up Super-Green Buildings

How to scale-up development of net zero-energy buildings is the topic of this New York Academy of Sciences e-Briefing.

PV: The Price Is Getting Right

PV makers expect energy cost parity with fossil-fuel generated power in three years in sunny parts of he US. Learn more

CT Gets A Green Bank

A new law creates a Connecticut bank to finance green projects, including loans for home energy efficiency upgrades that avoid the PACE bond problem. Spend some time

China-US: Clean Tech Opportunities

A two-way street for China-US clean-tech business development is being paved now. Come this way

Ethanol Subsidy Loses Its Mojo

The need in Iowa Republican politics to promise unwavering support for ethanol subsidies is gone. What happened?

Green Tide Trickles In

The story of a British-owned energy efficiency business opening shop in the US says a lot about the link between public policy, innovation and job growth. Don't miss it

Upbeat On Infrastructure Bank

John Kerry is optimistic about Senate passage of a bill creating a federal infrastructure bank to finance energy, transportation and water projects. Stay tuned

June 08, 2011

Climate Attitudes 2008-2011

A May 2011 survey of American attitudes about climate change and climate science shows what's changed since November 2008. Draw your own conclusions

Nullius In Verba

An analysis of evidence for the science of rising CO2 levels and hotly combative readers comments. Fine print

Green M & A Magnets

China, India and the US could be to be the top magnets for clean energy mergers and acquisitions in 2011. Follow the money


From do-it-yourself bike lanes and street seating to basic questions about citizen involvement in urban sustainabiiity, wikis could become a new force. Think about it

On The Rise Of Natural Gas

Review the IEA scenario of a world energy system that will be dominated by natural gas. Start here

Cull A Camel For Carbon

Australia plans to issue carbon credits for killing camels. What?

A Nuclear-Free Japan

Community safety concerns could shut down of Japan's entire nuclear generator fleet next year Says who?

Dawn of Solar EVs

Solar-assisted electric vehicle recharging stations are installed in Tennessee. Stay tuned

Climate Denial

Tom Friedman reminds us that Anthony Weiner's not the only one in denial. Face facts

Obama Fails On Green

Democrat Bruce Babbitt urges President Obama to stop backing down on Republican attacks on environmental protection. Noted

Underwater Alert

Scientists research the link between oceanic dead zones and increased heat and GHG levels. Dive in

June 07, 2011

Too Much Gas

The world's climate is in peril from the ample availability of cheap natural gas, cautions the IEA. Here's why

London Tests Thames Power

A tide power project using London's Thames River flows gets its first test. Dive in

GE Talks Turkey

A new GE turbine that runs on renewable fuels and natural gas is purchased by a Turkish utility. Flex that power

US To China: End Wind Subsidy

China agrees to a US demand to end its wind power subsidy under provisions of World Trade Organization. rules. Plug in

What The REC

Here's how to tell a good REC (renewable energy credit) from a dud. Spend some time

Japan: The Truth Leaks Out

Japan admits that radiation levels from the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plants, which stored spent fuel rods on site, were double the number reported.


C40 and ICLEI develop a second-generation tool that identifies and quantifies sources of urban greenhouse gas emissions in order to target the right solutions. Measure up!

June 06, 2011

Buildings Are People Too

David Hsu explains just how to measure building performance in order to manage it right. Learn about latent categories

Homeland Insecurity

The House votes to bar participation by the Department of Homeland Security in the Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force. Really?

Emerging Economies/Carbon Incubators

The World Bank sees emerging economies as potential incubators for new carbon emissions trading schemes. Look into it

It's Back

The pattern of spiraling global levels of CO2 emissions has returned. Really bad news in depth

Food For A Hotter World

Since more atmospheric CO2 won't save global food production, what's Plan B? Dig in

Romney Or Omney?

Is Republic candidate Mitt Romney really saying he believes in human-induced climate change? LOL

Death Threats For Climate Scientists

Australian climate scientists receive death threats. Universities seek added protections. Learn more

Summer Arctic Ice Watch

What's the current status of Arctic ice and what is in store for the summer of 2011? Stay tuned

UN: Time's Up For Climate Pact

Time has run out for meeting a 2012 post-Kyoto climate agreement deadline. Tick tock

Germany: Latest Post-Nuclear News

Germany's cabinet approves plans to shut all nuclear power plants by 2022. Plug in

June 02, 2011

Forecasting Extreme Weather

Tornado Alley residents in Joplin, Mo. had 24 minutes to prepare. What about the folks in Springfield, Mass. — no one was expecting a tornado. What to do

June 01, 2011

NY Sues Feds Over Fracking

AG Eric Schneiderman makes good on pledge to sue the feds for not committing to conduct a full environmental review of proposed regs that would allow fracking. DRBC urged to avoid lawsuit and just do it!

Salarymen Jettison Suits

Japanese Environment Minister, Ryu Matsumoto, anounces Super Cool Biz campaign to conserve energy and save the planet by dressing down a notch. France 24 wieghs in on fashion implications.

German Nukes Spin Out

Plant by plant breakdown in English from Spiegel Online International with an earthquake zone overlay. Interact »